I Thought it my bound Duty to return your Lordship Thanks for the great Care you have taken in preserving the Peace and Prosperity of this City, and for your Loy­alty to my late Soveraign Lord the King and His Brother. My Lord, I shall always Admire you, and more especially the late Aldermen your Brethren; And as for Sir John Moors, he shall never be forgotten, for the great Care and Pains he took, and no Magistrate was ever so Abused, yet tho he had Power, he Revenged it not: And as for Sir William Pritchard, he carried himself both Prudent and Wise. And as for the late Sheriffs, I think They were as Worthy Civil Gentlemen as any that could Serve the City. And as for the People, none more inclin'd to Love their own Prince than they, but not willing to be in Subjection to another, and surely that is no Crime; for if it be a Crime, how highly guilty am I, that have always Loved my Soveraign Lord and no other: For how entirely did I Love my late Soveraign? For there was nothing in the World I lov'd above Him, but God. O! That I had Died, that He might have Liv'd, then you would not have been exposed to the Flouts, Mocks, and Derisions of your Adversaries; but it is the Wisdom of God to suffer it to be so, for all our Trials, and I do not doubt but your Loy­alty will remain to the end, that you may obtain the Crown of your Reward: But, my Lord, you know that Loyalty without Piety toward God, will avail nothing in the day of His Anger. Therefore I humbly beseech your Lordship, and the Aldermen your Bre­thren, and all the Loyal Men of this City, that they should be as Zealous for Gods Glory and His Truth, as they have been for the Kings Interest, and then I do not doubt but that God Almighty will accept of your Endeavours, and you may obtain that everlasting Name of being Good Servants to God, and Good Subjects to your Prince; altho the Af­flictions of Joseph be forgotten, and the Loyalty of the Church of England despised, and Her Adversaries Triumphing over Her, saying, Take down Her Hedges, that the Wild Boars of the Forrest may devour Her. O! who would have thought that my Soveraign that I Lov'd so well, and Pleaded His Cause in all Things, and before all Persons, whom I admire above all Princes for His Wisdom and Goodness, should now Expose us! There­fore I'll put no Confidence in Princes, nor in the Sons of Men, but in God alone, who is able to Preserve us; and I shall always pray for my Soveraign Lord, that God would keep and preserve Him from that that is Hurtful to Princes. For I have been Concern'd for the Peace of this Nation above these Twenty Years, and it was Love to God that made me Love the King, and Love to the King that made me Love the People; And when any Pronounc'd any Judgments against this Nation for the Sins of the People, it troubled me, therefore I humbled my self with Fasting, to Implore the Almighty, that the Judgments might be prevented, but I find that many People mocks at his Judgments, and do not for­sake their Sins, as if they delighted to provoke the Most High to destroy them. Indeed when I first undertook the Quarrel, they blam'd me infinitely for it, saying, They were, not worthy of it, but I matter'd it not, for I knew God did not delight in the Destruction of any; and let them be how they would toward me, yet my Love was so toward them, that I did not matter what they said, for I Loved my Soveraign, therefore I was not wil­ling to have His Kingdom destroy'd, or His Throne uneasie; and indeed the Lord hath been very Good to me, for He hath given me Favour before the Eys of all sorts of People; yet not with standing I am very sensible, I have a great many Enemies, that would have de­stroyed me a great while ago, it my Soveraign had not been as an Angel to preserve me, tho I must needs say the Roman Catholicks, hath been very Civil to me, but it is in hopes to make me a Prosilite, but it is a question whether their Love will last any longer than their Hopes; therefore I am very sorry for them, that they should think that none can be Sav'd but what owns Rome, when we all have but one God, one Saviour and one Holy Spirit, and yet that we must be counted Heretical and Damn'd, it must proceed from Ignorance or Malice; yet I am perswaded, there is many Roman Catholicks that Loves me, and I wish them Well; and for many Dissentors, I do not question but they Love me likewise, tho they thought me to be Popishly Inclin'd, but I never was, and I hope in God never shall be; And as for the Church-men, they have a great Reason to Love me, because I could Sa­crifice my Life for them all, for their Good is my Good, and their Unhappiness is my Unhappiness, and I delight greatly in having them Happy. Therefore God requires that should be Just, and then Merciful, and to abound in all Good Works, for Christ says, By this all Men know you are my Disciples, if you keep my Commandments. To Love one another, and to Pray for the King, and to yield Obedience to Him in all Things that is a­greeable to Gods Commands. And if our Dissenting Brethren had done this, there would have been no Contention amongst us; but Offences will come, but Woe to them by whom they come: They have Condemn'd their Brethren for being Fools, I wish that they may not be condemn'd with the same Judgment as they have condemn'd others. And so I rest,

Your Lordships Humble Servant and Souls Well-wisher ELINOR JAMES.

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