By the King. A PROCLAMATION For the Recalling all His Majesties Subjects from the Service of Foreign Princes in East India.


WHereas We have been Informed by Our East India Company, That several of Our Subjects, in Order to the carrying on of the Interloping Trade, contrary to Our Express Prohibiti­ons, have put themselves into the Service of Foreign Princes and States within the East Indies, and some of them after they had been retained by the said Company, and Transport­ed thither at great Expences, have deserted their Service, and put themselves into the Ser­vice of the said Foreign Princes, to the great endangering of so Beneficial a Trade to Vs and this Our Kingdom, unless timely Remedy be by Vs applyed for preventing the grow­ing Mischiefs which may thereby ensue: And Our said Company having humbly besought Vs by Our Royal Proclamation to Recall all and every of Our said Subjects in the Ser­vice of any Foreign Prince or State within the East Indies, We by the Advice of Our Privy Council, do hereby Pub­lish and Declare Our Pleasure to be, and do hereby strictly Charge and Command all and every of Our Subjects in the Service of the Mogul or great King of Indostan, the King of Syam, the Queen of Atcheen, or of Sumbajee Rajay, or of any other Foreign Prince or State, or of the Dutch East India Company in the East Indies within Six Months after Publication of this Our Royal Proclamation in the East Indies, to leave the Service of all and every Foreign Prince and State in India, and to repair and render themselves to Our General and Council at Bombay, where such as are Merchants shall have liberty to reside and Traffick as Free Merchants, and such as are Sea­men and Soldiers shall be Employed in the Service of the Company at the usual Rate of Wages paid by them to Seamen and Soldiers. And in case any of Our said Subjects shall refuse to Trade and Traffick as afore­said, or to enter into the Service of Our said Company as aforesaid, then We do hereby strictly Charge and Command Our said Subjects to repair into England, and to appear before Our Privy Council in England, with­in One year after Publication of this Our Royal Proclamation in India, upon Pain and Peril that such of Our said Subjects who have deserted the said Companies Service, and shall be Apprehended there after the times limi­ted as aforesaid, shall and may be proceeded against at a Court Martial there for such their Desertion; And up­on Pain and Penalty that such others of Our said Subjects who never were in the said Companies Service, and shall not render themselves within the times aforesaid, whensoever they shall be found or Apprehended in India a­foresaid, or else within this Our Realm, shall and may be proceéded against either in India or in this Our Realm as Contemners of Our Royal Commands, and shall incur such Fines and Forfeitures as by the ut­most Rigour of Law may be Inflicted on them. And We do hereby Require Our General and Council of India residing upon Our Island of Bombay, and Our President and Council of Our City of Madrasse residing in Our Fort of St. George upon the Coast of Cormandel, to cause this Our Royal Proclamation to be Published in all usual Places in India, and to be duly Executed according to the Tenour hereof. And We do further Will and Require all Our Captains and other Officers by Sea or Land in the East Indies, to be Aiding and Assisting in the due Execution hereof.


LONDON, Printed by Charles Bill, Henry Hills, and Thomas Newcomb, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1686.

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