By the King, A PROCLAMATION For Prohibiting the Transportation of Frames for Knitting and Making of Silk-Stockings, and other Wearing Necessaries.


VVHereas a very useful and profitable Invention was lately found out, for the better and more speédy Making and Knitting of Silk-stockings, and other VVearing Necessaries, in a Frame, whereby great Quantities are Wrought off in a little time, His Majesties Own Dominions abundantly supplied, and the rest Exported into Foreign Nations, to the increase of His Majesties Customs, and the improvement of Trade and Commerce: And whereas Our Dearly beloved Brother, for the better Encouragement of those who use the said Art and Mystery, was Graciously pleased to Incorporate them by His Royal Charter, by the Name of Master, VVardens and Assistants of the Society of Frame-work-knitters of His Majesties Cities of London and Westminster, and of the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales; And upon the Humble Petition of the said Master, VVardens and Assistants, representing to him the great Mischiefs and irreparable Damage which would inevitably fall upon His Subjects by the loss of so great a Trade and Mystery, by reason that several Merchant-Strangers and Foreigners were labouring to Purchase Frames to convey them to some secret places near the Sea-Coast, for their better and more easie Transportation, His said Majesty, by His Royal Pro­clamation, bearing date the Fifteénth day of January in the Seventeénth year of His Reign, did strictly prohibit the Transportation of the said New Invented Frames, or any parcel thereof beyond the Seas; And VVe being informed thereof by the Humble Petition of the said Master, VVardens and Assistants, praying that VVe would be Graciously pleased, for preservation of so Considerable a Trade and Mystery within this Our Kingdom, to issue forth Our Royal Proclamation for the same purposes; VVe, by the Advice of Our Privy Council, have thought fit to declare Our Royal VVill and Pleasure to be, and VVe do hereby streightly Charge and Command all and every of Our Sub­jects, as well Natives as Foreigners, that they presume not to Transport or cause to be Transported any of the said New Invented Frames, or any pieces or parcels of Frames, nor to be Aiding or Assisting to any Person or Persons who shall endeavour to Transport the same, as they will answer the contrary at their utmost Perils. And, for the better hindrance and prevention of the Transportation of such Frames, and pieces or parcels of Frames, VVe do fur­ther hereby streightly Charge and Command, That no Frames or pieces or parcels of Frames, shall be bought, sold, or removed by any Person or Persons whatsoever, from place to place, without information thereof be first given to the Master, VVardens and Assistants of the said Company of Frame-work knitters, or any three of them, or their De­puties, to the intent they may take Cognizance where and in whose hands they be. And, that Our VVill and Pleasure herein declared, may be the better observed and executed, VVe do further streightly Charge and Command all Custo­mers, Comptrollers, Searchers, VVaiters, and other Officers and Ministers whatsoever, attending in any of Our ports, that they do from time to time cause diligent and strict Search and Enquiry to be made for all such Frames, and pieces and parcels of Frames, as shall be endeavoured to be Transported, and the same to seize and detein, un­der pain of forfeiting their respective Places and Imployments, in case they should be found negligent or remiss in the execution of these Our Commands. And VVe do further Charge and Command all Mayors, Sheriffs, Iustices of the Peace, Constables, and all other Officers, Civil and Military whatsoever, that they be Aiding and Assisting from time to time unto the said Master, VVardens, and Assistants, or their Deputies, in the Searching for all such Frames, and pieces and parcels of such Frames, as shall be endeavoured to be Transported, or shall be brought unto any place near the Sea Coasts, with intention to Transport the same, or shall be removed from place to place con­trary to Our Pleasure herein before declared, and in causing the same to be seized and deteined: And that they do from time to time Certifie unto the Lords of Our Privy Council, the Names of all such Persons whom they shall find to be Offenders against this Our Proclamation, to the End that there may be such further Proceédings against them, as shall be agreéable to the utmost Severity of the Law in such Cases.


London, Printed by Charles Bill, Henry Hills, and Thomas Newcomb, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1686.

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