[royal coat of arms]

By the King, A PROCLAMATION For Continuing the Collection of the Customs and Subsidies of Tonnage and Poundage.


WE have upon mature Consideration, thought fit to Call a Parliament, speedily to be Assembled, in which We make no doubt, but Care will be taken for Setling a sufficient Revenue on the Crown for the Support of the Government; The Necessities of which, in maintenance of the Navy for Defence of Our Kingdom, and the Advantages of Trade Re­quiring, That the Customs and Subsidies of Ton­nage and Poundage, and other Sums of Money, payable upon Merchandizes Exported and Imported, Be continued to be Collected, as in the time of Our Dearest Brother lately Deceased. We do therefore by and with the Advice of Our Privy Council Require, And Our Will and Pleasure is, That the said Duties be Collected accordingly, by all and singular the Officers and Collectors Within all and every Our Ports in any of Our Dominions, not doubting of a ready Compliance herein from all Our Loving Subjects.

God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill deceas'd: And by Henry Hills, and Thomas Newcomb, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1684.

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