[royal coat of arms]

By the King A PROCLAMATION, Containing His Majesties Gracious Ample Indemnity.

JAMES the Seventh by the Grace of GOD, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,
&c. To all and sundry Our good Subjects, whom these Presents do, or may concern, Greeting:

We having been graciously pleased, by Our Proclamation for Indulgence, for the better uniting of the Hearts of Our Subjects amongst themselves, and removing of all Discords and Iealousies, which the difference of Religion, and of their several Perswasions did occasion and foment amongst them, To allow to all Our Subjects, of whatsoever Perswasions, the free Exercise of their Religion, upon the Terms, and with the Provisions mentioned in Our Gracious Proclamation for Indulgence: And We still persisting in Our Princely and Fatherly Care of the Peace, Quiet, and Prosperity of all Our Subjects, and that We may at once extinguish all Fears and Iealousies, that any of Our Subjects may have deservedly incurred, by their Crimes and Delinquencies against Our Laws, and convince all Our Subjects, even the most obstinat and irreclaimable, of their Happiness and Security under the Protection and benign Influence of Our most Auspicious and most Clement Government; Therefore, We, of Our unparalelled Clemency and Goodness, do, by vertue of Our Soveraign Authori­ty, Absolute Power and Prerogative Royal, and from the Fulness, and Plenitude of the same, Pardon, Remit, Indemnifie, and for ever Acquit all Our Subjects, of whatsoever Quality, State, or Condition, of all Crimes, of Perduellion, Rebellion, Treason, or concealing of Treason; Harbouring, Reset, Supplying, Corresponding and Intercommuning with Rebels; and all other Species's or Kinds of Laese-Majestie, as well Common, as Statuto­ry; and of all Crimes of Leasing-making, Depraving, or Misconstruing of Our Laws, Misconstructing of Our Proceedings, or Misrepresenting to Vs any of Our Subjects, or Vs to Our Subjects; with all other Crimes, Offences, Delinquencies, or Transgressions of whatsoever Nature, or Quality, committed, acted, or done by any of Our Subjects, by Word, or Writ, or any other Acts of Commission or Omission, preceeding the Date of these Pre­sents, which directly or indirectly, are, or may Import, by any Inference, or Construction, the Contravention of any Law, Act of Parliament, Custom, or Constitution of that Our Ancient Kingdom, or may Infer any Pain or Punishment against any of Our Subjects; to the prejudice of their Lives, For­tunes, Estates, Fame, or Reputations, either ad vindictam publicam vel privatam; Or for Damage and Interest: All which, We, by Vertue of Our Royal Authority, and out of the Plenitude, and Fulness of Our Power, Will, Ordain and Declare to be, and are hereby Pardoned, Acquitted, Indemnified, and put in Perpetual Oblivion, for now and ever. Declaring and Ordaining, that this General Pardon and Indemnity, shall be as Valid and effectual to all Our Subjects for their Exoneration, and Security in the Premisses, as if every particular Crime, Offence, Deliquency, or M [...]emeanor were here­in particularly set down; and as if Remissions were past under Our Great Seal for the same; Wherewith We, for Our Self, and Our Successors, have Dispensed, and hereby do Dispense for ever. Likeas, We do hereby Prohibite and Discharge any of Our Ministers or Iudges, to call in question, any of Our said Subjects, either Criminally or Civilly for the same in any time coming: And do Declare and Ordain, that this Our General Indemnity shall be Interpreted in the most Benign, Favourable and comprehensive Sense, the same can admit of, for the Security of Our Subjects in the Premis­ses. Excepting always forth and from this Our Indemnity, all Forfaultures and Sentences or Dooms thereof, and that as to the Estates only thereby Forefaulted, but without prejudice to the Persons hereby Indemnified, and their Memories and Posterities, against whom the said Sentences or Dooms were given, and pronounced; As likewise, Excepting all Pecuniary Fines or Mulcts already paid or Transacted: And generally, Excepting all Fines exceeding One thousand Merks Scots the Fine, imposed upon Heretors and Liferenters, as to which Fines, nevertheless not paid or Transacted, and yet hereby Excepted: It is Our Royal Will and Pleasure, that all Execution, Personal or Real therefore be Suspended, for the space of one year hereafter; during the which time, We are Resolved to take the same into Our own Gracious Consideration. And further, Excepting forth, and from this Our In­demnity, the Murderers of James late Arch-Bishop of St. Andrews, the Murderers of Mr. [...] Pearson, Minister at Carsfairn, and of Thomas Kennoway, and Duncan Stuart at Swine Abbay; As also, all Murders, Witchcrafts, Assassinations, Depredations, Roberies, Spulȝies, Thefts and Mutilations of private Persons; All which Crimes, and those guilty thereof, are no way to be Comprehended in, or have any Benefit any manner of way, by this Our Pardon and Indemnity: And likewise in particular, Excepting the Persons and Estates of Mr. Robert Ferguson Preacher, Patrick Hume, sometimes called Sir Patrick Hume, of Polwart, Andrew Fletcher, sometime of Saltoun, and Mr. Gilbert Burnet, Doctor of Theologie: As also, Coll Mcdonald and his Associats, who were accessory to the late Opposition made to a Party of Our Forces, under the Command of the Deceast Captain Mckenȝie of Suddy, lately in Lochabor: As also, all false Coyners, and all persons [...]ow in Prison for publick Crimes, from all Benefit of the same; With which Exceptions and Restrictions [...], and no other, We hereby Publish and Declare our Pardon and Indemnity.

And Lastly, To the end all Our Good Subjects may have Notice of this Our Royal Will and Pleasure, We Do hereby Command Our Lyon King at Arms, and his Brethren Heraulds, Macers, Pursevants, and Massengers at Arms, to make timeous Proclamation thereof, at the Mercat Cross of Edinburgh; For all which, these Presents shall be to all persons whatsoever, who may be therein any way concerned, a sufficient Warrant.

GOD Save the KING.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Sacred Majesty: Anno Dom. 1688. And Reprinted at London by John Wallis in White-Fryars, near the Great Gate. 1688.

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