[royal coat of arms]

At the Court at WHITEHALL the 29th of June 1688.


  • The Kings most Excellent Majesty,
  • Lord Chancellor,
  • Lord President,
  • Lord Privy Seal,
  • Lord Marquess of Powis,
  • Lord Chamberlain,
  • Earl of Huntingdon,
  • Earl of Bathe,
  • Earl of Craven,
  • Earl of Berkeley,
  • Earl of Melfort,
  • Earl of Castlemain,
  • Lord Bellasyse,
  • Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer,
  • Sir Nicholas Butler,
  • Mr. Petre.

WHereas by the late Act of Uniformity, which Establisheth the Liturgy of the Church of England, and Enacts, That no Form or Order of Common Prayer, be openly used, other then what is Prescribed and Appointed to be used in and by the said Book: It is notwithstanding Provided, That in all those Prayers, Litanies, and Collects, which do any way relate to the King, Queen or Royal Progeny, the Names be Altered and Changed from time to time, and fitted to the present Occa­sion, according to the Direction of Lawful Authority. His Majesty was pleased this day in Council to Declare His Royal Will and Pleasure, That in all Prayers for the Royal Fa­mily, the Persons particularly to be Prayed for, be thus named and expressed, Our Gracious Queen Mary, Catherine the Queen Dowager, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and their Royal Highnesses Mary Princess of Orange, and the Princess Anne of Denmark, and all the Royal Family. And His Majesty doth straitly Charge and Command, That no Edition of the Book of Common Prayer be from henceforth Printed with these Amendments, and that in the mean time, till Copies of such Edition may be had, all Parsons, Vicars and Curates within this Realm do (for the prevent­ing of Mistakes) with the Pen Correct and Amend all such Prayers in their Church Books, accord­ing to the foregoing Directions. And for the better Notice hereof, That this Order be forthwith Print­ed and Published, and sent to the several Parishes, and that the Right Reverend the Bishops take care, that Obedience be paid to the same accordingly, within their respective Diocesses.


LONDON, Printed by Charles Bill, Henry Hills, and Thomas Newcomb, Printers to the King's most Excellent Majesty. 1688.

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