WHEREAS We have received information, that Connor ô Dee, late of Arglin, in the County of Tipperary yeoman, and Richard Power, late of Barlin­torty in the said County yeoman, have of late com­mitted several Burglaries, Robberies, and stealths (in several Counties in this Kingdom) to the terror and annoyance of his Majesties Loy­al and good subjects, and to the disturbance of the peace of the Kingdom, and having been lately apprehended, and committed to the Goal of Clon­mel in the County of Tipperary, and the said Connor ô Dee being indicted, arraigned, and convicted, and the said Richard Power, being arraigned, convicted and attaint [...]d, have br [...]k [...]n Goal and made their escape, and fled to the woods and mountaines, where they stand upon their keeping, and that since their escape out of the said Gaol, have committed divers Robberies, to the great damage of his Majesties good subjects. Vpon consideration whereof, We think fit hereby to publish and de­clare that the said Connor ô Dee, and Richard Power, be henceforth called, reputed, and taken for notorious Rebells and Traytors, against his Majesty, and ac­cordingly to be prosecuted by all his Majesties Loving and good subjects, in all Hostile manner. And that whatsoever person or persons, shall comfort be­leive or abett them, or either of them, they are, and shall be reputed, deemed, and adjudged Traytors in like degree with the aforenamed Traytors, and Rebells themselves, and be proceeded against according to Law. And We do in his Majesties Name, straightly charge, and Command, all his Majesties Loyal subjects, upon their Duty, and allegiance, to his Majesty, not only to for­bear to receive, or releive, the persons aforesaid, or either of them, but also to make diligent search, and inquiry in what place, or places the said persons shall from time to time lurk, or be releived, and by all means possible to prose­cute apprehend, and take the Bodies of them, and them to bring, or cause to be brought under safe custody, unto the High Sheriff of the respective Counties where either of them shall be apprehended, to be by such Sheriffs kept in strict and safe custody, and conveyed to the Goal of Clonmell, from whence they es­caped to the end they may be proceeded against according to Law. And we do hereby declare that whosoever shall bring unto any Sheriff, the Bodies of the said Connor ô Dee, and Richard Power, or either of them alive, or kill either of them, and bring his Head to the Sheriff of the County, where he shall be killed, to be by such Sheriff set up, in some publick place, in that County, shall have for his reward, for each person so brought in, or his head, twenty pounds, for payment whereof We will give warrant as occasion shall require; And to­wards the speedy effecting of this service, all Commanders of Horse and Foot, & all other his Majesties Officers, and Loving Subjects, are to be aiding, and assisting, as they and every of them will answer the contrary at their perils.

  • Francis Dublin,
  • Massereene.
  • Will.
  • Kildare,
  • Ca. Dillon,
  • Cha. Feilding,
  • Ed: Brabazon,
  • John Keating,
  • He.
  • Hene.
  • John Davys,
  • John Cole,

God Save the King

DƲBLIN Printed by Benjamin Took and John Crook Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty And are to be sold at his Majesties Printing-House on Ormond-Key.

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