WHEREAS We are informed that the Price of Corn and all sorts of Grain, Meale, and Malt is grown excessive high in several Parts of this Kingdom, which doth arise as is conceived from the great quantities of Corn which have been of late carried out of this Kingdom, into Forreign Parts. We the Lord Deputy and Council, for a timely and seasonable prevention of that Scarcity which by such Transportation of Corn may be brought upon this Kingdom; Do hereby in his Majesties Name strictly Charge and Command all manner of persons whatsoever, that they do from henceforth untill Michaelmas next, forbear to Ship, Carry or Transport, any Wheat, Barly, Rye, Beare, Oates, Pease, Pulse, Meslin or any Meale or Malt out of this Kingdom, to any other Place whatsoever be­yond the Seas, as they will answer the contrary at their perilis. And We require all his Majesties Officers in the several and respective Ports of this Kingdom: And the Commissioners for manageing of his Majesties Revenue in this Kingdom, that they do Seize all such Grain, Meale or Malt, as they shall find to be Shipt after the Date of this our Proclamation, and before Michaelmas next, with intent to Export the same, contrary to the meaning hereof.

  • Mich. Armah. C.
  • Longford.
  • Granard.
  • Char. Meredith.
  • William Davys.
  • John Keating.
  • He. Hene.
  • Rich. Reynell.
  • John Cole.
  • Rob. Hamilton.
  • Tho. Newcomen.

God Save the King

DƲBLIN Printed by Benjamin Took, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty and are to be sold by Mary Crook, at His Majesties Printing House on Ormonde-Key.

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