WHEREAS the late Farmers of His Majesties Cu­stoms and other Revenues of this Kingdom, have Co­venanted with His Majesty, that they shall, and will pay, and discharge all Debentures for Re-payment of Customs for Forreign goods made within the time of their Farm, the Customs Inward whereof, shall be paid dureing the said Terme, which at any time af­ter the expiration of the said Term, shall be Re [...]shiped, or carryed out of this Realm; Provided that the said Debentures be brought in, or delivered to them the said Farmers, their Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, or some or one of them, within three Months after the end of the said Farm, And whereas the said Farm expired on the 25th day of December last: We have thought fit hereby to Publish & Declare the effect of the said Covenant, to the end that all Merchants, and other persons concerned therein may take Notice thereof, and may bring into the said late Farmers within the Term aforesaid, all such Debentures for Re-payment of Customs as they pretend to be due unto them, that neither His Majesty nor they may be frustrated of the benefit of that Covenant.

  • Mich, Armach, C.
  • Franc▪ Dublin,
  • Barrymore,
  • Ardglase.
  • Lanesborough.
  • Anth, Midensis,
  • Ca. Dillon▪
  • Char. Meredith,
  • John Keatinge,
  • H. H [...]ne.
  • John Davys,
  • R: Reynell.
  • VVaker Plunket,
  • Tho: Newcomen.
God Save the King.

Dublin Printed by Benjamin Tooke, and John Crooke, Printers to the Kings Most Excellent Majesties, and are to be Sold by Mary Crook, and Andrew Crook, at His Majesties Printing-House 1682.

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