By the Lord Lieutenant AND COUNCIL.


WHereas the Commissioners appointed for ra­ting and assessing the several Subsidies granted to His Majestie by the Parliament, lately sitting in this Kingdom, have in seve­ral Counties neglected to make returnes of the Estreates of the said Subsidies His Majesties Court of Exchequer, accordingly, as by the several Acts for granting the said Subsidies they were required; And where­as also several Collectors of the said Subsi­dies, have likewise failed in finishing their accompts of the said Subsidies and in paying into His Majesties Treasury the several sums of money that have grown due within the limits of their Collection although the time limit­ed for the payment of the last of the said Subsidies be long since elapsed; We have therefore thought fit by this our Proclamation to require the Commissioners appointed for the rating and assessing the said Subsidies in such Counties where there hath been any failer in returning into the Exchequer the Estreates of any of the said Subsidies, that they make returns of such Estreates before the twentieth day of November next; And we do also strictly charge and command all persons who have been at any time employed as High Collectors of any of the said Subsidies within any of the Counties of this Kingdom, that they compleat their accounts of the several sums grown due for any of the said Subsidies within the respective limits of their Collection, and do also pay into His Majesties Treasury such sums of money as upon their respective ac­compts shall appear to be due and owing from them before the third day of December next. And the Barons of His Majesties Court of Exche­quer are hereby required as soon as the said several dayes shall be elapsed, forthwith to issue out the usual process of that Court against such of the said Commissioners and High Collectors as shall be negligent, or shall make default in what is hereby required from them.

  • Ja. Armachanus.
  • Mich. Dublin Canc.
  • Roscomon.
  • Drogheda.
  • Conway and Kilulta.
  • Ranelagh.
  • Dungannon.
  • R. Coote.
  • Jo. Bysse.
  • Paul Davys.
God Save the King.

Dublin, Printed by Benjamin Tooke, Printer to the Kings most Ex­cellent Majesty, and are to be sold by Samuel Dancer Bookseller in Castlestreet.

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