WHereas Colonell Owen O Neill, coming into this Kingdome, under pretence of serving his Majestie, and his faithfull Subiects the Confederate Catholicks, hath been by the Supreme Councell in Anno one thousand six hundred fourty and two, advanced unto the places of Generall and Governor of the Province of Vlster, and upon receiving of his Pattent of those imployments of great honour, trust & command, solemnely tooke the Oath of Association usually taken by the Confederate Catholicks. And also an Oath to discharge those places with that sincerity to the publicke, and obedience to the Government, as became a person so highly intrusted. Neverthelesse the said Owen O Neill, in breach of the said trust, having proposed unto himselfe by the force of the Army under his command, to destroy the present, and to introduce a new and Tyrannicall Government over the Lives, Estates and Liberties of his Maiesties faithfull Subiects, and to alienate them from their loyalty to the Crowne of England, hath without warrant or authority contrary to the Lawes of the Land, and the establishments of all Assem­blyes of the Confederate Catholicks made and appointed commanders in chiefe, severall Lieutenant Generalls, Colonells, and other inferiour commanders throughout the Kingdome, to raise Horse and Foote; gathered and assembled together, all such as hee thought inclined to his wayes of destruction, to whom for their better encourage­ment hee gave them libertie of plunder, and pillage, who did accordingly, actually pillage, plunder, and rob his Maiesties Subiects in the Provinces of Leinster, Mounster, and Connaght, and possessed himselfe and his party, of their Castles and Holts as by woefull experience these five years past, the inhabitants of the said Provinces have found.

And in pursuance of his wicked, and trayterous designes, and to the end to bring the same to a full period, being there­unto encouraged through the want of due and timely punishment for his past offences and high misdemeanors, hath this present yeare shaked off, all manner of obedience to the Government established among the Confederate Catho­licks; ioyned with Colonell Jones, a Parliamentary, and adverse to his Maiesty, and the said Confederate Catholicks; And in an hostile and rebellious manner marched with his said Army, killing, burning, pillaging, plundering & de­stroying his Maiesties faithfull Subiects, besiged and tooke by force of Armes divers of his Maiesties Castles, Forts, and strong holts, committed and perpetrated all other Acts of hostility and treason. And notwithstanding that all wayes, and meanes possible tending to the safety and quiet of the Kingdome, have been used by the Supreme Coun­cell entrusted with the Goverment for the reducing and reclaiming of the said Owen O Neill, and his complices from those his wicked, mallicious, and trayterous Acts. Yet so farre was hee fixed upon those his resolutions, as hee would not admit any addresse to bee made unto him, as by burning of the Councells letters sent to him and others the said Commanders of his Army, and menaces to hang the messenger if he had come with any more messages to that pur­pose, and other proofes appeareth, much lesse give care or agree to any manner of accommodation, other then such as must of necessity prove destructive to Religion, King, and Countrey, as by an exact accompt given to this Assem­bly by the Supreme Councell of their proceedings, and by the severall other proofes & testimonies, otherwise knowne to this Assembly plainely and manifestly appeareth. Wherefore it is this day ordered, Decreed adiudged & esta­blished by the said Assembly, that the said Owen O Neill is hereby, and shall be from henceforth declared a Traytor, and Rebell, against our Soveraigne Lord the King, the Fundamentall Lawes of the Land, and a common disturber of the peace, tranquillity, and quiet of this Kingdome, and a manifest opposer of the established Government of the Confederate Catholicks, contrary to his said oath. And the said Assembly doth hereby strictly charge and com­mand, all Generalls and Governors of Provinces, Magistrats, High-Sheriffs, Governors of Garrisons or Forts, Holts, and Castles Commanders, and all other officers Civill and Martiall, and all other his Maiesties faithfull Sub­iects aswell within liberties, and Corporat Townes, as without under the command of the Confederate Catholicks, to proceede against and destroy the said Owen O Neill, as an Enemy, and Traytor, on paine of being proceeded with themselves in case of their wilfull neglect herein as culpable of the said Treasons & capitall offences aforesaid.

by the grace of GOD, King of Eng­ [...], Ireland [...] and Scotland, &c.

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