[royal English blazon or coat of arms]



WHEREAS by Proclamation Dated the fifth day of May, 1684. We the Lord De­puty and Council, did for the reasons therein express, Restrain the Transportation of all sorts of Corn, Meal and Mault, out of this Kingdom, unto any place what soe her beyond the Seas until Michaelmas next. And where­as we have since received Information from several parts of the Kingdom, that there are great quantities of Corn, remaining of the last Years Harbest, as yet undisposed, more than will be necssary to supply the Occasion of the Subject until next Harbest, which is now near approch­ing so as there can be no apprehension of the fear of any Scarcity or Deatth at this time, We therefore think fit hereby to take off the said Restraint pro­hibiting the Transportation of Corn, Meal and Mault, as aforesaid, until We shall declare Our further pleasure therein. And hereof We require the Commissioners for management of His Majesties Revenue, and all His Majesties Officers in the several and respective Ports in this Kingdom and all others whom it may concern, to take Notice.

Mich: Armach, C [...] Franc. Dublin, Longforde Char. Meredith Wm. Davys Jon. Davys. Rich: Reynell.

God Save the King

DUBLIN, Printed by Benjamin Took, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty and are to be sold by Mary Crooke, at His Majesties Printing-House on Ormonde Key.

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