THE LAVVFVLNES AND VNLAVVFVLNES OF AN OATH OR COVENANT Set downe in short Propositions agree­able to the Law of God and man, and may serve to rectifie the conscience of any reasonable man: very fitting for every man to take into serious consideration in these undutifull times, whether he hath sworne or not sworne to any late or new Oath or Covenant made by any subordinate Au­thority whatsoever.

Printed at Oxford by Leonard Lichfield. 1643.


May it please your Matie,

AS one, whose heart (amongst many thou­sands) bleeds with the sad thoughts of the wofull Divisions of our deare Fellow-Subjects; and unfainedly pitties the mis-guidance of those poore well-mea­ning soules amongst them, whose credulity hath heedlesly betray'd them into a zealous errour; I have let fall [Page] these few Propositions; which I have presumed to set downe, not as in the way of a Challenger; for, most (if not all) of them are such, as be not ca­pable of Contradiction; but rather of a faithfull Remembrancer to my dear Brethren, of those Points which they cannot but know, and yeeld: as well supposing, that nothing but meer want of consideration can be guilty of this perillous distraction, in them, who pro­fesse to love their King, and the Truth.

Now the good God of heaven open the eyes and hearts of us all, that we may both see, and be sensible of the invaluable blessing of our peace, and the happy freedome of his Gospel, which we doe comfortably enjoy under Your MAIESTIES sweet and reli­gious Government, to the wonder, and [Page] envie of all other Nations; and com­pose the hearts of all your Native Subjects to meet Your MAIESTIES most gracious indulgence, with all humble thankefulnesse.

And the same God forbid that any of us should be weary of our happiness: and be drawne to doe any act that may (before all the world) poure shame upon our holy profession; whose chiefe glory it hath alwayes hitherto beene to render us still loyall and obedient, and in this very regard, to triumph over the false religion of our opposites. Such shall be ever the prayers of

Your Maties most humble, and faithfull Subject, and ancientest Chaplain, JOS: EXON.

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