March 21.
Very joyfull News from Ireland, read in the Honorable House of Commons, and com­manded to be immediately Printed.

Master John Hawkredge:

I Have written by the two last Posts, and now I have gotten a lame hand; but having good News, it shall trot to impart it unto you. The last Saturday the Lord Moore, and Sir Henry Tichbourne sallyed out of the Town, and fell upon the enemies, and drove them out of their Trenches, and rais'd their siege, slew about 350 of their men, and took ma­ny of their chief Officers, and have relived themselves bravely, and tooke 150 of their Muskets, and a field full of Pikes, we having lost, as some affirm, no men. Here are three of our Captains come by Land, so that this News is true. Upon Munday our Forces went out, 4000 Foot, and 500 Horse; they are already within 5 miles of Tredagh: by the way, Lievtenant Colonell Read came in to our men, and submitted; if he had not done it, he could not have fled: he is sent hither, and lodg'd in the Castle. I do believe we shall now get good store of Corn out of the Countrey, which will keep the price from rising. Our men are not expected home this week, pray God keepe them safe. Sir Phelomy ô Neal was in the Battle, but was fain to fly; and that was not like to serve turn, so he hid himselfe in a Furs-Bush.

With my true love, I rest: Your affectionate Friend, Raphael Hunt.

It is this day Ordered, That this Letter be forthwith printed.

Hen. Elsinge, Cleric. Parl. D. Com.

London, Printed for Joseph Hunscott. 1641.

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