The Humble Wishes of a Loyal Subject.

MAY Blood of Innocents no more Disgrace
The Stuart's Name, nor fly in CHARLES's Face;
Let Tyrants wear those Stains whose due they are,
Whilst High Born KINGS the Rod of Justice bear.
May proud Rebellious Faction tumble down,
And haughty Freedom truckle to the Crown.
May stubborn Peers, Pimps to a Common-weal,
(Maugre all Ignoramus Juries,) feel
The Keen-edg'd Ax: May Se and Pn,
And Ch take the Law of Abbington;
May Bl, and such Citt Sh'riffs understand
The jerk of their own Hireling Ketch's Hand.
May Wd Rewarded be by Them he serves,
On the Triangle Tree, as He deserves;
May Moore ne're cease to stand up for the Crown
'Gainst the Presumptuous Rabble of the Town.
May Ignoramus never more Present
It self in Court until a Parliament
Decide the Cause, how Treason justify'd
May be by Ignoramus, thus deny'd.
May Knaves be Banish'd from your Sacred Court,
And thither none but Honest Men resort.
May subtile Two-fac'd Lawyers Chat no more,
Whether Succession be of Right, or Power:
May YORK Return Your Senators to Face,
And justifie his High-born Princely Race.
May Godfrey's Murderers appear on Stage,
To Pin the Scene of this Tumultuous Age:
May Hill and Green ne're cease in Heav'n to Pray,
Till We behold that happy welcom Day.
May all that wish for Change of Government,
To pull down KING, to set up Parliament,
Like Noll and Bradshaw, Scot and Peters, be
Rewarded for their Wicked Policy.
May pure Rogue, Three Names, end his Aged days
In Hempen String, to his Eternal Praise;
And Hang by Quarters o're the City Gates,
With Head on Tower, for his Noble Feats;
Whilst his own Zealous Bigots, passing by,
Behold their Demi-god extoll'd to th'Sky.
May the Great Name of STƲART now become,
Mirrour and Terrour to all Christendom:
Under the Name of CHARLES, may Charlémainé
Be couch'd for Power, for Virtue, Charlébone.

London: Printed for A. Banks, 1681.

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