The Humble PETITION of the Widdows and Fatherless Children in the West of England, Presented to this present Convention.

WE, to the Number of a Thousand and more, Widdows and Father­less Children, of the Counties of Dorset, Somerset, and Devon, our dear Husbands and tender Fathers having been so Tyrannously Butchered, and some Transported, our Estates sold from us, and our Inheritance cut off by the severe and harsh Sentence of George Lord Jefferies, now we understand in the Tower of London a Prisoner, who has lately, we hear, endeavoured to ex­cuse himself from those Tyrannical and Illegal Sentences, by laying it on In­formation by some Gentlemen, who are knovvn to us to be good Christi­ans, true Protestants and English-men. We your poor Petititioners, many hundreds of us, on our knees have begg'd Mercy for our dear Husbands and tender Parents, from his Cruel Hands, but his thirst for Blood was so great, and his Barbarism so Cruel, that instead of granting Mercy for some, which were made appear to be Innocent, and Petitioned for by the flower of the Gentry of the said Counties, he immediately Executed; and so barba­rously, that a very good Gentlevvoman at Dorchester, begging on her Knees the Life of one Mr. Bescombe, to Marry him, and make him her Husband, this vile Wretch not having common Civility with him, and laying aside that Honour and Respect due to a Person of her worth, told her, Come, I know your meaning, some part of your Petition I will grant, which shall be that af­ter he is Hanged and Quartered, you shall have that Member you best like when living, and so I will give Orders to the Sheriff: These, with many hundred more Tyrannical Acts are ready to be made appear in the said Counties, by honest and credible Persons, and therefore your Petitioners desire, that the said George Jefferies, late Lord Chancellour, the Vilest of Men, may be brought dovvn to the Counties aforesaid, where we the good Women in the West shall be glad to see him; and give him another manner of Wellcome than he had there three Years since.

And your Petitioners shall ever Pray, &c.


THere will be Publisht in a few Days a Treatise Entituled, The Bloody Assizes: or, Hell in Little, being a compleat History of the Life of GEORGE Lord JEFFERIES, from his Birth to this present time, &c. Wherein (amongst other things) is given a true Account of his un­heard of Cruelties and barbarous Proceedings in his whole Western Circuit; the manner of his com­ing to Dorchester, his Tyrannical Behaviour there, his Affronts to the Sheriffs and chief Gentlemen of Devon-shire, Dorset-shire, Somerset-shire, &c. His barbarous Practices at Exeter, Taunton, and the City of Wells; the Tryals and Condemnation of 947 Persons, with their undaunted Courage at the Barr, and remarkable Circumstances that attended their Executions: Faithfully Collected by several West Countrey Gentlemen, now in London, who were both Eye and Ear-witnesses. Which will be Sold by John Dunton at the Black Raven in the Poultrey, over against the Compter.

☞ A Second Collection of the Dying Speeches, Letters, Prayers, &c. of those who suffer'd in the West will speedily be Publish'd, the first Collection having met with a Candid Reception.

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