The Humble Petition of the Citizens of London, Intended to be Presented to the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Com­mons, in Common-Council Assembled.


THat whilst They were under the Superintendancy of a Vigilant and Careful Su­pream Authority, They could spend Their time in Their several Callings, with­out either troubling this Honourable Court, or themselves with Matters of State; But Their Natural Affection to Their Native Country, together with Their Interest in this Great City, moving Them, and the Universal decay of Trade giving Them too much lea­sure, They cannot in this day of Calamity be silent, without rendring themselves Insensible and Guilty; And therefore They Humbly crave leave to Represent unto this Honourable Court,

That ever since the first Interruption of Government, not only this City, but the whole Nation hath been in a languishing Condition, as to Their Stock and Trade.

That the Incomparable Honour and Renown which this Common-wealth was arrived at in the World (being an admiration and terrour to Their Neighbours round about Them) is by these late Years disturbance of Government, laid in the dust, and Our Nation in great danger of being rendred a Scorn, Reproach, and Prey to Forreigners.

That as Our Parliaments have alwaies been the Peoples safety and security, so it could not but rejoyce Our Hearts, to have the Long Parliament restored to the discharge of the remain­ing part of Their Trust, that being the only Power who can derive Legal Authority of Par­liaments to Posterity, put an end of Usurpation, and lay the Foundation of Successive Parli­aments; And the Army by Their Declaration owning Them to be the Eminent Assertors of the True Good Old Cause, having a special Presence of GOD with Them, and Signally Blessed in the Work.

That through the present varieties of Changes, We are Reduced under the only Legal Administration of Your Lordship, and this Honourable Court.

That whereas GOD's Presence and Blessing hath alwaies gone along with this Nation, whilst They have kept Faith with Their Governours, and His displeasure sufficiently mani­fested when They have done otherwise: That the Peace and Quiet of this Nation depends upon such Foundations as may not be objected against for Usurpation, and may leave as few dormant Titles as may be, for any discontented and unquiet Parties to Head themselves un­der: That the Nations Security, under GOD, is in Parliament; and that at present for want thereof, We of this Nation, and in particular, this City, are under the just Administration of Your Lordship, and this Honourable Court, the City being the Bul-wark of the Nation.

Therefore We most Humbly Pray;That Your Lordship and this Honourable Court would effectually endeavour the Restauration of the Parliament, to the Exercise of their Lawful Authority, That thereby We and Posterity may timely have Lawful Founda­tion of Government laid in Successive Parliaments; And that in the Interim, Your Lordship and this Honourable Court would take speedy Care of the Peace, Quiet, and Safety of this Great City, by the Hands of Persons of Interest, and known Integrity, for the preventing all dangerous Meetings, Insurrections, and Tumults: And We shall assist You with Our Lives, Interests, and Fortunes.

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