THE HUMBLE PETITION OF DIVERS BARRONETS, KNIGHTS, Esquires, Gentlemen, Ministers, Freeholders, and others of the County of Derbie, to the number of seven thousand seventy and seven. PRESENTED, TO THE HONOURABLE, THE Knights, Citisens, and Burgesses of the House of Commons, by Gods goodnesse assembled, and his gracious good providence hitherto preser­ved in PARLIAMENT.

As it was presented by Sir John Curzon, Knight, and Barronet, who serves for that County.

March 14, 1642.

Hen. Elseing, Cler. Parl. D. Com.

LONDON, Printed by Barnard Alsop, 1642.

THE HUMBLE PETITION OF Divers Barronets, Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, Ministers, Freeholders, and o­thers of the County of Derby, to the num­ber of seven thousand seventy and seven.

Humbly Sheweth,

THat when we have seriously con­sidered that unexpressible danger, this Kingdome was in, at the time of your election, to that great and ho­nourable burthen, which for the Glory of God, and good of this Church and Commonwealth, you have now a long time with patience undergone, together [Page] with the manifold Grievances, which then did, and some wherof still do dis­quiet the peace and happinesse of the Kings Majesty, and this Kingdome, and the great opposition, the blessed work of Reformation hath met with, by those who are illaffected to the State, and when we call to mind not withstanding all this emnity the many and great works, which God hath bin pleased already to effect, by the wisedome, pains, and un­wearied dilligence of this Honourable Parliament, God somtimes turning even the plots and practises of the adverse party to the furtherance of his own work; we cannot but give God the glo­ry of his free grace in Christ to this Kingdome, and withal due thankfulnesse commemorate your industrious labors to perfect the great design of this King­doms happinessé, so judiciously begun, and accordingly prosecuted: and which we hope by the continued mercy of God, your accustomed Co-operations, and the willing agreement of your gracious So­vereign, will in Gods due time arise to [Page] a sweet perfection, to the joy of us and our prosperities; and yet al­though wee live far off, wee cannot but hear of those many late obstru­ctions, and malevolent hinderances, with which this good work hath bin opposed, by meanes of the ma­lignant party, who by evill Councels, and other strange and formerly unheard of courses, have indeavored to infringe the lawfull power and liberties of Parlia­ment, to continue Popish Innovations to oppresse our Consciences with, unne­cessary Ceremonies, and to destroy the lawfull Rights of the Subject: All which we conceive are contrary to that happy PROTESTATION, so providently commended unto us by this Honoura­ble House; Besides the cursed Plots that have bin invented, against our be­loved Friends of SCOTLAND, and our poor distressed Brethren in Ireland.

Whose lamentable Condition, our soules bleed within us to remember, [Page] and other sensible Grievances at large declared in your late and faithfull Re­monstrance of the State of this King­dome.

In tender consideration whereof, and for that many thousand, of poor peo­ple amongst us do already feel the heavie pressures of those long delais, in setling the State of this Kingdom, and we do give humble thanks to Almighty God, the Kings most excel­lent Majesty, and this high and ever to be honoured Parliament, both the House of Peers & Commons, for that happy agreement in those good and wholesome Lawes, already Voted by you both, and Enacted, for the welfare of Church and Commonwealth, and especially the late Acts for freeing the Bishops and Clergy from their di­stractions, by temporall affairs, & that hopefull beginning of provision for relief of Ireland; so we do willingly joyn with the many thousands of our Brethren, and fellow petitioners in and about the Honourable Citie of [Page] London, and other severall Counties of this Kingdome, humbly to supplicate this honourable Assembly, still ear­nestly to mediate with his Majesty, and the House of Peers for their con­currance with you (and by the power of Christ) go on cheerfully with what speed you may, to the perfecting of those good endeavors so worthily be­gun, and to find out, prosecute, and pu­nish all notorious Offendors in Church and Commonwealth, That the Popish Lords may all be remo­ved from having votes in Parliament, Papists fully disarmed and confined, Church-papists discovered, and the evill Councells of the Popish and malignant party disappointed, and for the time to come wisely preven­ted, speedily and fully according to your good beginning to succor poor Ireland; and that by a quiet executi­on of your late agreeing. Votes, Eng­land may be armed with a present care of defence, by a posture of War, That all power and places of strength [Page] may under God confide in, that the power and priviledges of Parliament may be confirmed, and for future time predefended, that all Congregations may by your Religious wisedome be provi­ded of fit and able Ministers, and that the Doctrine and Discipline of Christ may be vindicated from all corruptions and by Gods blessing we shal make good our aforesaid Protestation to the utter­most, That England may still continue one of Christs golden Candlesticks, the Ministers stars in his right hand, the whole Kingdome and people in Cove­nant with God, and in the blessed peace of the Gospell, we may sit every man under his own Vine and Figtree, and en­joy a happy peace to us, and prosperity to the worlds end,

Thus shall your Petitioners bee bound daily to pray.

This Petition was presented by Sir Iohn Curzon, Knight and Barronet who serves for that County, and after it was read, was thankfully accepted by the house, and speciall Order given for the recording of it, with the Petitions of severall other Counties.

Hen. Elseing. Cler. Parl. D. Com.

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