The humble GRATULATION AND PETITION Of divers His Majesties Faith­full Subjects of the true Protestant Religion, within the County Palatine of Lancaster.

VVith His Majesties Answer thereunto.

YORK: Printed by ROBERT BARKER, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie: And by the Assignes of JOHN BILL. 1642.

To the Sacred Majestie of our most gracious Soveraign Lord, Charles, By the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, &c.
The humble Gratulation and Petition of divers His Majesties Faithfull Subjects of the true Protestant Religion, within the County Palatine of LANCASTER.

Most Gracious Soveraign,

THe most reall and convincing Testimonies of your Princely care for the Advancement of Gods true Religion in your Majesties Realms, and the common Good of all your Subjects, could no lesse then draw from us (who have hitherto in these stirring times sate still) this humble Acknowledgement of our due and ne­cessary Thanks.

WE, with the inmost and choicest thoughts of our Souls, doe esteem and prize your Maje­sties most Righteous Intenti­ons of Governing your Liege people, according to the wholsom Laws of [Page 2] this Kingdom, a thing so often, and with such earnestnesse avowed by your Sacred Majestie, whereunto we yeeld that hearty Credence which is due to so Religious and Righteous a Prince: We do also with all hu­mility and thankfulnesse acknowledge your manifold and evident Manifestations to the world, that you affect not an Arbitary Go­vernment, but the Common Prosperity and Happinesse of all your Loyall Subjects, by your readinesse to joyn with your Parliament in a speedy raising of Forces for a timely suppression of that odious Rebellion in Ire­land; By your late Proclamation, for the put­ting in due execution the Laws against Pa­pists; By your most gracious condescending to the desires of your Great Councell, in signing the Bills, for the Trienniall Parlia­ment; For relinquishing your title of Im­posing upon Merchandise, and power of Pressing Souldiers; For the taking away of the Star-Chamber, and high Commission Courts; For the Regulating of the Councel-Table; As also the Bills for the Forrests and Stannerie Courts; with other most necessary Act. Moreover, we are consident and well [Page 3] assured of your Majesties Zeal for the ad­vancement of the true Protestant Religion, and with inexpressible joy do understand your most Christian and Pious Resoluton for the preservation of those powerfull en­couragements of Industry, Learning, and Pietie, the means and honour of the Mini­stery, for the maintenance and continuance of our Church-Government, and solemn Li­turgie of the Church of long continued, and generall Approbation, of the most Pious and Learned of this Nation, and of other Coun­tries, composed according to the Primitive Pattern, by our blessed Martyrs, and other Religious and Learned men: As also your gracious pleasure, That all Abuses of Church and State shall be Reformed, according to the Modell of Queen Elizabeths dayes, of ever blessed and famous memory; by the one you have weakned the hopes of the Sacrile­gious Devourers of the Churches Patrimo­nie; (if there be any such) And by the other, at once provided against all Popish Impie­ties and Idolatries, and also against the grow­ing danger of Anabaptists, Brownists, and other Novelists; and which Piety, Love, and [Page 4] Justice, we beseech God to return into your Royall Bosom. But yet (most Gracious So­veraign) there is one thing that sads our hearts, and hinders the perfection of our happinesse, which is, The Distance and Mis­understanding between your Majestie and your Parliament; whereby the hearts of your Subjects are filled with Fears and Jealousies, Justice neglected, Sacred Ordinances pro­phaned, and Trading impaired, to the im­poverishing of many of your Liege People. For the Removall whereof, we cannot finde out any lawfull means, without your Maje­sties assistance and direction.

Wherefore, we humbly beseech your most Excellent Majestie, to continue your most Christian and Pious Resolution of Ruling your People according to the Laws of the Land, and maintaining of the same; of be­ing a zealous Defender of the established Doctrine, Liturgie and Government of our Church, from Heresie, Libertinisme, and Prophanesse, an Advancer of Learning, Piety and Religion, an encourager of pain­full Orthodox Preachers; and whatsoever your Parliament shall offer to your Royall [Page 5] view, conducing to this blessed end, the common Good and Tranquility of your Subjects, to be pleased to condescend unto, and graciously to confirme; And withall to declare unto us some expedient way, how we may make a dutifull Addresse unto your Parliament, for the taking away of those Differences and Impediments which stay the happy Proceedings of that most Ho­nourable Assembly, whereof your Majesty is the Head (which once removed, we doubt not but you will speedily be as neer your Parliament in Person, as in Affection; That there may be a blessed Harmony between your Highnesse and that great Councell) and we shall, with all alacritie, observe the same: Humbly tendering our Lives, and Fortunes for the preservation of your Roy­all Person, Crowne, and Dignitie, accord­ing to our bounden Duty, and Allegiance, and heartily praying for your Majesties long and prosperous Reigne over us.


At the Court at York, the sixth of June 1642.
His Majestie hath commanded me to give you this His Answer to your Petition.

That Hee is very glad to finde such reall Acknow­ledgements of those great Graces which he hath bountifully bestowed up­on this His Kingdom of England, in the time of this Parliament, and like­wise it is a great contentment to him to finde so many true Sons of the Church of England, as by your expres­sions in the saw Petition both plainly appear to him; Assuring you, That he shall not yeeld in His Zeal and Con­stancy for the maintenance of the true Protestant Profession, neither to Queen Elizabeth, nor to His Father of [Page 8] ever blessed memory, both against Po­pish Superstition on the one side, and Schismaticall Innovation and Con­fusion on the other. In the last place, as he doth take in very good part your desire of a good Understanding be­tween His Majestie and His two Hou­ses of Parliament, so likewise He cannot but much commend the way that you take therein: And as for your Directions, if you will but seri­ously consider His Majesties Just and Necessary Desires expressed in His Answers and Declarations since His coming to York, your Zeal and Know­ledge will not need more particular Instructions to make such Addresses to both Houses of Parliament, as the times require, and befitting such loyall and true affected Subjects to your King and Countrey, as this Pe­tition expresseth you to be.


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