AN HUMBLE ADVICE TO His Sacred Majesty, Anent the Drawing of LONDONS CHARTER.

DRead SIR, You still was Good, but now most Great;
Ye now do Reign in Majestie and State:
Your unsheath'd Sword of Justice hath done more,
Than all the Kings of England did before,
By Strength, and force of Armes; Yea, it is strange,
There's not a drop of Blood spilt in this Change:
A Wonder SIR, like to Your coming Home,
To see R [...]bellion Buried in it's Tomb;
VVhich lately Roar'd and Rag'd in every Bench,
In Street, in Coffee-house: then let the French,
And other Monarchs, Vail their Capes to Thee,
VVho Rules by Laws, and not by Tirranie:
But since they thus, are at YOUR Royal Feet,
Crying Peccavi, and humblie do Intreat
Your Grace and Favour, Pray You take Advice,
Compose their CHARTER, as the Heavens do Ice,
To last no longer then it is Your Pleasure.
Clip YOU their Wings, not they the VVings of Caesar:
And left that they, and their Pesteritie,
Turn wanton, and abuse YOUR Clemencie;
Let that their CHARTER, bear this special Clause,
That these who slight Authoritie, or Laws;
Or vent Seditious words, may breed mischief,
Shall never taste Bag-pudden, nor Rost-bief,
Nor Pig, nor Pork, nor Powthered-bief and Cabbage,
But Brownest-bread, Boyl'd-beans, and such like Baggage
And that but once a Day, to save their Life;
Conform to Hen 8. Statute.
This is the way to keep them free of Strife:
And since their Patience was Impertinent,
Let Patience be their sole Medicament.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Sa cred Majesty, Anno DOM 1683.

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