A Hue-and-Cry after Morgan Hews Post-man in Southwa [...]k: Or, a Full and True ACCOUNT Of his Breaking open a Letter, supposing ther had been Chequer bills for money, and it proved a bond to be put in sut.
As also of his borrowing a considerable sum of mony of several People.

Licensed according to Order.

IN all past Ages, none has, nor does Produce more wicked­ness, than this we now live in, and wherein the Delusion of the Devil has greater Power than ever as is made, not on­ly appearent in self murther, but in tempting men to act those Villanis, that proves their utter Overthrow.

On Wednesday the 17th. of June l [...]st 1 [...]99 One Morgan Hews Post-man in Southwark who lived well, and in Crediet among his B [...]ethren, who was so well opinionated [...], that he was more than ordinarily intrusted by them; but in the conclusion, finding one Letter in his Packet more weighty than any of th [...] rest, attempted to break i [...] open, in hopes of a Booty, but finding it not answering his Expectation, was so concerned at the Fact, that he immediately Contrives how he might make provision for a Subsistance for his F [...]mi [...]y; concluding he should be turn'd out of his Place, wherein he got a sufficient Competency: Whereupon he takes a Cellar and fitted it up, (as he reported to Sell Crabs; whereupon he was resolv'd to try his Crediet among his friends, and Acquaintance, before the Fact came out, or was discove [...]'d: And First she goes to a Coale-Marchant and gets Twenty Chalder of Coals upon Crediet, and afterwards borrows Mony of several Pelsons upon the same Account, to a Considerable Sum; and where he borrowed a Shilling he might have had Twenty his Crediet was so great, and he so well belov'd: For several that had but Twenty Shil­lings, would let him have Te [...]n of them.

This was the Sheep in Wolfes Clothing, as there is among all Sects; he has made the Old Preverb true, or he did at least belive, that a Hot Sumer produceth a Cold Winter: So he resolv'd his Family should not want firing, in the Conclu­sion, having by his cuning Insuared Grasp'd all he could, he is gon off leaving his Creditors to look Apa [...]master, and the twenty Chalder of Coals with his Wife, for Antidote against a Cold Winter.

London, Printed for J. Smith, on London-Bridge, 1699.

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