A REPLY To a Book set forth By one of the blind Guides of England, who is a Priest at Barwick Hall in LANCASHIRE, Who writes his name, R. Sherlock, Batcheler of Divinity, but he is proved to be a Diviner and deceiver of the People: Which Book is in answer to some Queres set forth to him by them whom he calls QUAKERS.

And herein are Replies given to his Answers, by those whom the world reproachfully calls QUAKERS: But we do dwell in the power of the living God, which makes all the earth to quake and tremble at his presence, who is terrible to the wic­ked, and is laying open and discovering the deceipts of all blind Guides, Hirelings and deceivers, and is making his power mani­fest, and his name known in his people, whom the world calls QUAKERS.

Dreadfull, powerfull God! Praises to thee for ever. Amen. Thy Servant, Richard Hubberthorne.

O England! thy Prophets have se [...]en vain and foolish things for thee, and they have not discovered thine iniquity, to turn away thy captivity, but have seen for thee false burthens and causes of banishment. Lam. 2.14.

And because thou hast hearkened unto them, and not unto me, saith the Lord, therefore woe and misery is coming upon thee and thy Prophets.

LONDON, Printed for Giles Calvert. 1654.

REader, This is the word of the Lord to thee, take heed unto the light Christ hath inlightened thee wi [...]hall, to guide thy mind into the fear of God, to the light of Christ in thy conscience I speak, which if thou hearken unto it, it will lead thee out of pride, and lus [...], aud envie, and will bring condemnation upon that nature thou hast lived and acted in, that is out of the feare of God, and hearkning [...]o this light in thy conscience, it will di [...]ect thy mind to God, and draw thy min [...] and affections out of earthly things, and the pollutions of the world, by which thou art defiled; thy mind and conscience is defiled by lust and uncleannesse, lust­ing after earthly things, and the flesh is defiled by that mind that wallowes in the earth: Now minding this light in thy conscience Christ hath inlightened thee withall, thy understanding will come to be inlightened, to see the deceipts and the blind guides which have led thee from this light in thy conscience which should exercise it, and lead thee to go to fear him, and to be taught of him, and will lead thee from the teachings of man which keeps thee in thy sins, and draw: thee from this light in thy conscience, which convinceth thee of sin, and lets thee see sin and evill, and all ungodlinesse, and will bring thee to deny it, and lead thee to repentance, and so thou wilt come to know Jesus Christ, which gives repe [...]tance and remission of sins, and then thou wilt deny Priest Sherlock, and all that gene­ration of Priests, who saith in the 32. page of his book, that Christ was a person [...]ot capable of faith and repentance. And here I do charge him in the presence of the living God to be a lyer, for he is the author and finisher of faith, and be prea­ched repentance, and gives repentance to his people: And he denies the knowledg and understanding the Apostles had, and yet saith he preaches the same Gospel, pag. 10. and sai [...]h that externall Tongues, Arts and Sciences gives them to under­stand the meaning of the Gospel, pag. 11. and saith that the spirit causeth fleshly fruits, pag. 22. and saith, that to understand the doctrine of God, they must use the light of distinctions, pag. 54. and saith that Religion is the art of arts, pag. 86. and saith, that prayer in all the parts and species thereof is a means to fetch down the holy spirit of God, pag. 144. when as the Saints said the spirit taught them to pray, and that they prayed with the spirit and with understanding. Now to the light in your consciences I speak, which will let you see these lying Priests and blind guides, which have deceived you so long, and kept you blind and igno­rant. So all people cease from them, and wait upon the Lord for teaching.

A lover of the truth, and a witnesse against the deceit and deceivers; and a lover of the souls of all people: and that righteousnesse might be established was I moved to write this. Richard Hubberthorne.

A reply to a book set forth by the Priest of Bar­wick, who writes R. Sherlock, which was an answer to some Queries set forth to him, by them whom he calls Quakers; who writes himself Batcheler of Divinity, and a Divi­ner he is proved.

Quest. 1. WHether your gospel be the same which the Apostles preached, and if it be, why go you to Oxford and Cambridge, when the Apostle saith, the gospel that he preach­ed was not after man, neither was he taught it by man?

Pr. Thy answer is, You preach the same gospel the Apostles preach­ed, but do not attain the knewledge and understanding of this gospel by the same means:

Rep. Here let all people see what wooden stuffe this is: How can you preach the same gospel, and have not the same knowledge and un­derstanding? If it be not by the same knowledge and understanding, it is not the same gospel; for the spirit of understanding is but one, and from this spirit of understanding thou hast cleared thy self.

Pr. And thou sayest, You ought not to depend upon any such imme­diate revelation from heaven as the Apostles had.

Rep. Here again thou h [...]st cleared thy self from the Spirit that gave forth the scriptures, who denies immediate revelation from heaven; and here thou hast denyed thy self to b [...] any Minister of Jesus Christ, for no man knows the Son but the Father, and to whom he is revealed; and thou that denyest immediate Revelation, thou hast denyed the Son of God, and hast shewed that thou hast not life; for he that hath not the Son of God, hath not life: And therefore we deny such schools a [...] [Page 2] Oxford and Cambridge, where the rudiments of the world are invented and abundance of filthy words are in the answer to this Querie, which are not worth mentioning.

Que. 2. Whether you can give another meaning to the scripture [...] then they are? or whether the Apostles did give the meaning to them when they spoke them forth, yea, or nay? and if they did, what need learned men give a meaning to them!

Pr. And in thy answer thou sayest, The sense and meaning of the scri­pture is involved in it.

Rep. Here thou wouldest make people believe, Christ were in the letter, who is the substance that gave it forth, and was in them that spoke it forth; for the scripture doth declare another thing of God and Christ, it doth not declare God and Christ is in the letter, but here it is that fools might appear to be blinde, and such as thou sayest, learn­ed men, must give the meaning to the scripture.

Pr. And thou sayest that Christ took a text, and that Philip took a text.

Rep. O thou enemy and slanderer of Christ and the Apostle! Did they take texts to get money with them, and to lye a quarter of a year, or half a year in a text? Christ came to fulfil the scripture, and the A­postle shewed how Christ fulfilled the scripture, and came to fulfil that, which the prophets spoke: The Scribes and Pharisees were learned men, and they could not open the scriptures; Peter an unlearned man, he o­pened the scriptures.

Pr. And thou speakest of standing up in a pulpet of wood.

R [...]p. In the time of the Law when they read it, there was a pulpet of wood to a particular people, to whom the Law was given; but Christ said, Go preach the gospel to every creature: And Christ cryed woe against them that had the chief [...]st place in the Assemblies: And here thou art one of them that would be under the Law, and would have a pulpet of wood, and pleads for thy learning, that the scribes and Pha­risees were in, which is to no purpose; who saith the ke [...]nel of the Nut is in the shell: and that comparison thou bringest to make people believe that the life is in the scriptures, and so the poor people is groping in the letter to finde life there, when the life was in them that gave it forth.

Pr. Thou speakest of flying to God by prayer.

Rep. Yet thou denyest revelation from heaven, which the saints was to wait for, the revelation of Jesus from heaven; and this makes all you blinde guides to stumble, because you have not the life which gave [Page 3] forth the scriptures, which now is made manifest to the children of God.

Que. 3. Shew me by the scriptures who ever was made a Minister of Jesus Christ, that was called of men, Master.

In thy answer to this Querie, thou bringest the Prophets and Priests under the Law called Fathers, to oppose Christs doctrine. Thou wouldest compare Oxford and Cambridge to such as the Pro­phets and Apostles; yet thou denyest immediate revelation from heaven: And here thou hast cleared thy self, and Oxford, and Cambridge from the life of the Prophets; for they had immediate revelation, and so thou bringest many names, as Pastors, and Shep­herds, and Ministers, and Apostles, and Evangelists, to oppose Christs doctrine, who saith, Be not you called of men Master. So let all see if they be not under the delusion, who saith Master is a civil honour, and so opposeth Christs doctrine. Here thou hast shewed thou dost not believe; for how can you believe, that seek honour one of another? and shewest that thou lovest it, as the Scribes and Pharisees did, & would not part with it, and art in thy pride and vain glory, as the Scribes and Pharisees were, who saith that is a civil honor and respect, which Christ cryed woe against. And here thou hast brought thy self & all thy company under the woe, and Oxford, and Cambridge, in the state which Christ pro­nounced woe against, and thou art judged with the same life that give forth the scriptures.

Que. 4. Shew me by the scriptures, where ever the Ministers of Christ took Tithes of the people, or Augmentations.

In thy answer thou sayest, The Priests under the Law received Tithes. There was a time that they received Tithes, and they might not neglect them, as denying their Tithes to the first Priest­hood. There was a time after Christ when he was sacrificed up, that he was preached the unchangeable Priesthood, Heb. 7. then the priesthood which received tithes was denyed, therfore the woe is come upon thee and all thy generation which receive tithes, ac­cording to the changeable Priesthood. Here thou hast shewed thy self without judgment & the love of God, & the woe is come upon thee & all thy generation which receive Tithes, and hold up the changeable priesthood, and so denyes Christ come in the flesh. They [...]hat preached the gospel, which lived on the gospel, denyed the changeable Priesthood which received Tithe [...]; but for shame [Page 4] you Ministers of Oxford and Cambridge stop your mouths, for they must be stopt: do not you sue men at the Law, and imprison men for Tithes? and here you shew you do not preach the gos­pel, for it will not maintain you; for them that preached the gospel, lived on the gospel; there thou thief art taken, who hath gotten the Apostles words, who art for judgement.

Que. 5. Shew me by the scriptures, and what scripture have you which speaks of the word Sacrament, which you tell the people of, and deceives the simple.

Pr. And in thy answer to this Querie, thou art confused: First thou sayest there is no scripture for the word Sacrament; and yet thou sayest Christ commands it, and yet thou sayest there is not such a word in scripture.

Rep. Here thou which adds to it, hast brought thy self under the plagues and wo: And here let all who are in the light see if thou art not a deceiver, who deceives thy soul. I charge thee a­gain that thou knowest not Christ, for thou denyest immediate revelation, so thou knowest not his commands, nor doth not o­bey them; for none knows the Son, but to whom he is revealed: and here I charge thee to be a deceiver and a deluder of the soul from the Lord. This is in reply to the answer of the fifth Querie.

Que. 6. Shew me what scripture you have which speaks that the Apostles sprinkled infants.

Thou bringest the scriptures (as Christ saith) Suffer little chil­ren to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God: and this thou bringest to justifie sprinkling infants; for circumcision outwardly, was a type of circumcision inwardly: So thou hast not a word in the scripture to maintain it, but thou ramblest up and down, and perverts many scriptures, in which there is not such a word for it:Acts 33. Rom. 4 11. John 5.3. Jer. 1.5, 6 Luk. 1.66.80. And here I charge thee in the presence of the living God to be a liar; for Christ never commanded sprinkling infants, neither is it any ordinance of Christ, neither is there any example among the holy men of God, that ever it was practised; and the plagues of God is added to thee. Let all people see if there be any word for sprinkling in­fants, and let the scriptures which thou bringest judge thee, Luke 18.15. Jer. 15.6. Luk. 1.66, 80. Acts 10.47. Here I charge thee with all these Scriptures to be a liar, that all these scriptures shal judg thee, [Page 5] which thou hast brought for sprinkling of Infants, let the reader of thy booke examine the Scriptures, and find the a liar, and all thy dirty stuffe which thou hast gaithered from them, is to be troden under foot, with the children of the light, who wittnesse Baptisme, and circumsition and new birth borne againe, and all who are here do see thee to be blind, deafe, and a foole, and there thou maiest read thy selfe, let all people see thee here, who art without the life of the Srripture, who deniest immediate revelation from Heaven, which the Apostles wittnessed, and the Prophets, for without God thou art eternally, I witnesse it.

Que. 7. Shew me what Scripture you have to stand praying in the Sinagogues before Sermon and after, and whether the Apostles did so?

In thy Answer to this querie, thou bringest the Apostles words, (which said pray allwaies) to justifie standing praying in the Sina­gogues, and having the cheifest place in the Assemblies, which Christ cried woe against, and here I charge thee to be a false Pro­phet, who puts no difference betwixt the Apostle and the Pharesies, though he said, the temple which Solomon built him, it was a hous [...] of Prayer, Christ said there should not be one stone of it left upon another when Christ Jesus was witnessed. Stephen for witnessing him was stoned to death; and here thou hast shewed, thou hast no judg­ment, and errs not knowing the Scripture; and as for Christs whip­ping them out of the temple, read thy selfe, to the light in thy con­science I speake, and so all thy praying before thy Sermon and af­ter, as thou callest it, in the Sinagogues, in the chiefest place of the Assemblies, the woe which Christ pronounced against thy Fathers hath light upon the Son, thou who art found in the same place, let Math. 23. judge thee, the life which gave forth these words, the life of these words is upon thee, and so all thy praiers are abomination to the Lord God, in the state thou art in, and the praying of the Saints which was moved by the Spirits, thou hast cleared thy selfe from, for thou deniest immediate revelation from heaven, and how canst thou pray and not with the Spirit? and here let all people judge and see what thy praiers are if thou be not in the st [...]te of the Pharisees, who deny immedi­ate revelation, and to be one that is blind, and the praying with the Spirit is wittnessed among the Saint [...].

Que. 8. Shew me by the Scripture, when the Apostles went into [Page 6] the world, and gave the people of the world Davids Psalmes to be sung in meeter, the things that you practise, answer them by the Scriptures or the Apostles practise, without consequence or imagi­nation.

And in thy answer to this querie, thou perverts the Scripture, as in the Acts, as Paul and Silas sung Psalmes in the prison, with them of the world, they did not go into the world to give them a Psalme to sing, men that were not come to repentance, for saith David, the dead cannot praise God, and there I charge thee to be a lier, and puts no difference betwixt the Saints singing with grace and understanding, and the world which hath gotten the forme where thou art, the Apostle did not speake to such as were in thy condition, to be filled with the Spirit, which is not come to repen­tance, but he spoke to them which were turned from the world, and such sung praises to God, but for such as thee, to go and give to the world Davids Psalms in a meeter, and say, ‘O Lord I am not puft in mind, I have no scornfull eye:’ O you profane ones and scornfull ones! how can you sing th [...]s but lie, who have scornefull [...]yes and to sing all your bones quake, and you tremble, and you water your bed with your teares, and you lie roaring all the night and day, when as you scorne Quakers, and hate them, and speake all manner of evill of them, how can you speake this but lie? But Davids condition and the Saints is wit­nessed, among them which the world scornfully calls Qu [...]kers; which power makes all to tremble, though you scorne it a while, and have gotten the outside the letter, Davids condition in a forme of words, scorning his life, and the power of God where it is made manifest, take warning all you scoff [...]rs and scorners, what came to be the end of all your Fathers that passed before you, but de­struction? your lofty ones feare and tremble before the mighty God, for all your songs must be turned into howling, but singing with the Spirit we owne, the grace which hath appeared to all men, teaches us to deny ungodlinesse and worldly lusts: and here I charge thee again to be b [...]ind, who puts no diffe [...]ence betwixt the worlds singing and the Saints.

Que. 9. Whether a man shall overcome the body of sin while he is upon the earth yea or no?

Pr. And in thy answer to this 9. querie thou saiest, it is not pos­sible to subdue the body of sin altogether, whilest we are in this [Page 7] world, and thy comparison is, a tree while there is life in it, will bring forth fruit.

Rep. Here I charge thee in the presence of the living God, to be the corrupt tree, for by thy fruit thou art knowne, for a good tree cannot bring forth evill fruit; and here thou art proved to be that corrupt tree, which confesses you doe not attaine to the same know­ledge and understanding the Apostles did, as thou speakest in thy booke, whose harvest is ripe and now is reaping downe.

Pr. And whereas thou saiest, they shall not overcome the body of sin, whilest in this world.

Rep. And here I charge thee againe, for say the Saints, as he is so are we in this present world, and thou saiest nor, there is the lying Spirit, and the Apostle said, they had put off the body of sin, and thou saiest it is not possible; and there thy Spirit is found contra­ry to the Scripture, and the Apostle saith in the 6. Rom. they were made free from sinne, and thou saiest not, it cannot be possible, and here thy Spirit is tried. Let all the children of the light judge thee and that thou speakest to be contrary to the Apostles words in the Romans, and all you that cannot wittnesse these things, that the bo­dy of sin is not put off, wait upon God thorow Christ for it.

Que. 10. Whether the curse be not upon him that preacheth another Gospell then Christ and the Apostles preached, yea, or no?

Pr. And in thy answer to this querie thou speakest of receiv­ing the Gospell from Christ, and the Apostles.

Rep. In this I charge thee to be a lier, as I said to thee before, who denies immediate revelation from Heaven, how canst thou be a preacher of the Gospell, and deny revelation? what a grosse darkenesse people are in that believe thee, for under the curse and woe thou art, that the Scripture speakes of, and he that hath receiv­ed the end of his prophesie, is made free from the curse, but this is without thy understanding and knowledge, thou confessest in thy answer to the fi [...]st querie, you preach the same Gospell, but doe not attaine the same knowledge and understanding. Let all people see who are in the light, if it be not the same knowledge and under­standing, it is not the same Gospell, but another, and there the curse is upon thee.

Qu [...]. 11. Whether any natural man can preach the Gospell yes, or no?

[Page 8] Pr. In thy answer to this 11. querie, thou speakest of understand­ing and of studying; and of the Gospel, and of a natural man, and saiest he cannot preach the Gospell, and thou saiest your under­standing and knowledge is not the same as the Apostles was.

R [...]p. Here le [...] all who are in the light see if it be not natural, then and if thou be not him that study a difinition of thy ovvne braine, and instead of the blessing the curse of God comes upon it, for how many is there that was Preists as you are, that now cries a­gainst you, which is come out of your generation, and sees the curse of God upon all your practices.

Pr. And thou saiest the flesh which is quickened with the spirit of life brings forth some kinde of fleshly f [...]uits or other.

Rep. Here thou hast shewed thy selfe to be death indeed, doth the spirit cause fruits of the flesh, or is the fruits of the spirit the fruits of the flesh? O thou lier and high blasphemer, which thou saiest is cleare from manifold texts of Scripture, all the Scriptures will wittnesse thee to be a lier, and these Scriptures thou brings to maintaine the spirit of life to bring forth some kinde of fleshly fruits,1 King. 8.46. Joh. 14.4. Pro. 20 9. Joh. 18.10. Eccl. 7.22. and the fruits of the spirit to be the fruits of the flesh. Here all who are in the spirit will judge thee, to be a blas­phemer of the holy spirit of God, for the spirit brings forth no fruits of the flesh.

Pr: And thou saiest in thy Answer to the first querie, you do [...]ot go to Oxford and Cambridge to learne the Gospel you preach, but to learne the knowledge of tongues and languages, arts and sciences.

Rep. O for shame stop thy mouth, here thou hast shamed thy selfe and all your Schooles with an external meanes to open the Gospell, people are blind indeed that do follow thee, but thy bot­tle is open and what is within powres out. And the fountaine runs, and thy external stuffe powres out, which hath poisoned many peo­ple which thou saiest thou shouldest open the Gospel withall; All that have the least convincement may see thee to be a seducer, for what is external is natural, and what is natural knowes not the things of God, but the Lord be praised thou hast declaired thy selfe abroad.

Que. 12. Whether that any ministers of God were made mini­sters by the will of man yea or no, shew it me by the Scripture.

[Page 9] Pr. And in thy answer to this querie thou saiest, there is no mi­nister of God made by the will of man only, but by man in subor­dination;

Rep. Here thou crossest the scripture, Paul an Apostle, not of man, nor by man, and here the lying spirit hath shewed it selfe indeed.

Pr. And thou saiest there is no such hope of any such calling as was in the time of the Apostles.

Rep. And here thou hast c [...]st thy selfe and thy fellows, and all thy study to be without the Doctrine & life of the Apostles, for thou concludest there is no such calling, yet thou talkest of laying on hands, there thou and you are making likenesses which is forbidden, and to be confounded, and so we conclude, and all the children of light shall judge, that your hope and your calling, and your Mini­stery made by the will of man, and not only by God, to be without God, and contrary to the Apostles.

Que. 13. Shew mee by the scripture, whether a man shall grow up to that condition, that he need no man teach him but the Lord or no?

Pr. We must not looke for any immediate extraordinary mira­culous teaching by revelation from the Lord, and yet all men are taught of God too.

Rep. What confused stuffe is this, and blasphemy, that comes out of thy bottle? thou wouldest make God not an immediate, doth not God teach immediate? here thou shewest that thou dost not know the living God; for the teaching of God is immediate in the least degree.

Pr. None aimes to such a perfection of knowledge in his gifts as not to need teaching.

Rep. Here I charge thee to be a lier, who speaks contrary to the scripture, and here I charge thee in the presence of the living God to be a slanderer, who speaks of being taught of the Lord Jesu [...] Christ outwardly, by the spirit, what confused stuffe is this? And here againe I charge thee to be a lier; for the words of our Lord Jesus Christ are spirit and life, but such as thou who lookest upon the outward thing cannot receive his words, though you have the letter of the Gospel, as they had the letter of the law.

Que. 14. Whether they be not Antichrist, and disobey Christ, that have the chiefest places in the assemblies, stand praying in the synagouges, which Christ did forbid his disciples to act such things [Page 10] [...]nd c [...]ied woe against those that did act them.

In thy answer to this querie, thou ramblest up and downe, with many words to justifie that which Christ cried woe against, to justi­fie the cheifest place in the Assemblies, and to be called of men Ma­ster; and for standing praying in the Synagouges, which Christ pronounced woe against, and so let all people see if thou and you be not such as are called of men Masters, and stand praying in the Synagouges, w [...]ich the woe was and is upon, Math. 23. and there is neither shelter nor hole for thee to hide thy selfe, for them that walke in the truth will find thee out, and praised be the Lord God of heaven and earth, who hath given us a spirit of discerning, and we are able to judge you who live in deceit, for the Apostle pro­phecied with the spirit of the Lord that such should come, and we see with the same spirit you are come, and with the same spirit you are judged.

Que. 15. Whether they be not Antichrists and of the Devill, and no Ministers of Christ, which do not abide in the Doctrine of Christ?

Pr. They that swerve from the Doctrine of Christ, are of the spirit of Antichrist.

Rep. There thou art, this is thy owne condition, who deniest im­mediate revelation, and thou that deniest immediate revelation, deniest Christ (for Paul said, the Son was revealed in him) and so all that thou speakest is with the lying spirit, in the wicked gene­ration; and wher [...]a [...] thou slanderest and saiest we raile, that i [...] false; And againe thou speakest of love, because the letter declares it, but the love of God who dwells in it, to such thou art an enemy, and as touching using plainnesse of speech to people, because we do not flatter nor use enticing words of mens wisedom, which thou dost, so thou hast cleared thy selfe from the children of God, and to be in the generation of them that swerve from the doctrine of Christ, who seekest to justifie that which he cried woe against, as Math. 23. And whereas thou accusest us for railing upon people, thou art a lier, for love useth plainnesse of speech, and love and charity is out of deceit, if we should flatter we should hold it up, and should be pleading for thy generation, who talks of God, and confesses that you have not the same knowledge and understanding that the Apostles had. Therefore how can you know God then? And whereas thou speakest of trying the spirits, the fruits of it is love, [Page 11] here with the spirit of love is thy generation tried, for when the servants of the Lord have been moved to come into your Syna­gogues, some hast beene stockt, and wounded and imprisoned and hailed out of your synagogues; And is this the fruits of your spirit.

Que. Whether they be not seducers that draw people from the annointing which is in them, and tell them they must be taught of a man, whereas the anoynting teacheth them, they need no man teach them but as the annointing teacheth them, and the promise is to him that doth abide in it eternally?

Pr. Many false prophets are gone forth.

Rep. Here thou hast proved thy self to be a false prophet, who denies immediate revelation; for whom the Lord sent forth, he spoke to them immediately, which thou deniest, and there thou art one of the false prophets which thou speakest of, and knowes nothing of the annointing, who deceives the simple and ignorant, the world may wonder after such, but who are in the light, and re­ceive any thing immediate, will see thee in the dark, to be a decei­ver; for none in thy generation can witness, that you need no man teach you but the annointing; for who doth, are come out from your teaching and you both. And as touching Sects, them we deny, as thou speakest in thy answer to the fifteenth querie: therefore do we see thee, with that which is no Sect, to be colouring and delu­ding people, telling them thy error is truth, who quotes and misap­plies the Scripture to maintain thy falshood.

Pr. The flesh is quickened with the spirit of life, to bring forth some kind of fleshly fruits, 1 King. 8.46. Ioh [...] 14.4. Prov. 20.9. 1 Ioh. 1.8, 10. Eccles. 7.22.

Rep. Here I charge thee (to be a lier, and a blasphemer) in the presence of the living God, let all people read these scriptures and see, if there be any such thing in them, and whether thou hast not misapplied these scriptures, when the spirit saith, it crucifieth the deeds of the flesh, and walking in the spirit, the lusts of the flesh is not fulfilled, and here I charge thee to be a lier, and of the Devill, who was a lier from the beginning, and in his generation thou art.

Qu. 17. Whether they do not bewitch the people, who withdraw them from the spirit within to observe the ordinances of the world, and tradition [...] of men without, as the Galatians were be­witched? Gal. 3.1.

[Page 12] Pr. I must tell you that there is not only a holy and good spirit within, and that in too few, but there's also an evil and seducing spirit within, and that in too many; even the spirit that doth be­witch men, and draw them aside from the doctrines and commands of the spirit of truth; and to strive by all means to draw the people off from giving heed to seducing spirits; it is not to observe the or­dinances of the world, and traditions of men, as you pervert the text, but to obey the command of Gods true spirit, who foretelling of false prophets, and false spirits, often in the word commands, exhorts, and admonishes to beware of such, not to give heed to such, and not to believe every spirit, but to trie them.

Rep. Here in this answer (thy spirit is tried) which I have given to all people to read with a single eye, that all may see what confu­sion here is in it. First thou sayest that the seducing spirit drawes from the seducing spirit, and in the seducing spirit thou art, and from the spirit of life, with the spirit of life thou art judged to be out of the doctrine of Christ, nor is not guided by the holy spirit.

Que. 18. Whether they be not seducers, which tell people these are the ordinances of God, which God never commanded, as sprink­ling infants, telling people of a sacrament, which there is no scrip­ture for, and draw them from the spirit within to follow your ima­ginations and inventions.

Pr. But for sprinkling infants, I have already given you the grounds of it out of scripture.

Rep. Here again I charge thee in the presence of the living God to be a lyar, there is not such a word in the scripture to bear it out, nor a word of a sacrament, which there is no scripture for; let all read the scripture throughout, and see if they can find such a word in the scripture, so let all people judge thee to be a liar, and a s [...]du­cer, and in the devils invention, which calls that an ordinance of God, which is invention and imagination.

Pr. We are not blind-folded to follow the dictates of the spirit within.

Rep. Here J charge thee in the presence of the Lord to be in the flesh, and to follow the flesh, for who are led by the spirit of God, are the sons of God, and thou that dost not follow the dictates of the spirit, thou dost not follow the commands of God: and what hast thou to do to talk of clearing it by the scripture, when there is no scripture for it, and when the scripture witnesses against the [Page 13] works of the flesh, which thy spirit stirs up.

Qu [...]. Whether you have the same spirit which was in Christ, the Apostles, and Prophets, which gave forth the scripture, seeing you act contrary to the scrip [...]ures, and follow your own inventions and tradition [...], and so erre from them?

Pr. Our ministeriall actions are agreeable to the scripture.

Rep. Here J charge thee to be a lyar, for in thy answer to the former Quere thou sayest, you do not follow the dictates of the spirit within, and art holding up sprinkling infants, which there is no scripture for, and so walk contrary to the scripture, and to them that were led by the spirit, which gave them forth.

Que. 2 [...]. Whether ever Christ and his Apostles did first baptize, and then preach faith and repentance twenty or thirty years afterwards?

Pr. Christ himself wa [...] not capable of faith and repentance.

Rep. Here J charge thee to be a lier and a slanderer, for he was capable of faith and repentance, and the baptisme which the Apo­stles baptized withall, what hast thou to do with it, who art holding up sprinkling infants, which there is no example for, in the scrip­tures, nor in all the Apostles practises? Therefore silence flesh, for thou knowest nothing of the wisdome of God which the Apostle speaks of, but art in the state of Simon Magus, who art buying and selling the letter, worse then he, for he would have bought the spirit which the Apostles denied, so thou art denied with the same spirit, but the saints baptisme we owne, and the beleevers, and the promises which is to the seed, thou hast cleared thy selfe from, who saith Christ was not capable of faith, how could he be above it, and not capable of it? and the life that I live, is by faith of the Son of God, saith the Apostle; which thou hast cleared thy selfe from.

Que. 21. Whether ever Christ and his Apostles received 100. or 200. pounds a yeare for preaching the Gospel?

Pr. Many of the Apostles converts sold their estates, and brought it and laid it downe at the Apostles feet.

Rep. Here J challenge all the Oxford and Cambridge Teachers in England; how many of their converts have sold their estates, and laid it downe at your feet, but you teachers and they are so earthly minded, you are fit to sue them at the law, and imprison them, (as Lancaster, and K [...]ndal [...] goals may wittnesse, where many suffer now because they will not pay tithes,) and so you shew you preach another Gospell, so let Christ and the Apostles judge you [Page 14] all to be without their doctrine, and your convert, as thou callest them, to be without the Apostles and Christ, let their example judge you all, and so you shew that you never sowed spirituall things, but only as a custome and a cloake thou bringest these words, for the Apostle did reape carnal things, where he sowed spirituall things.

Que. 22. What scripture is there to limit God to a place, calling it a Church, when as the Church is in God? 1 Thes. 1.1.

Pr. You cry down all distinctions, as favouring of humane learn­ing, whereby the naked truth might be clearly and distinctly seen, as it is in it self.

Rep. Here let all people take notice, whether humane learning can open the naked truth; Here thou wouldest make people be­leeve, that humane learning was before the naked truth; and a­gaine, let all people take notice, and see, if the meeting in a steeple­house in England be a Church, when so many hath beene moved of the Lord to come into meeting places among them, and something hath been revealed to them, and they have spoken, and he that was the pretended teacher, which was in the cheifest place in the Assem­blie, hath cryed out, they disturb mee; and then they have hailed them out to the stocks, or prison, and knockt them, or bruized them; and may be some have laine a quarter of a year in prison or more.

Now let all people take notice, which have a love to God, whe­ther this be the Church which is the pillar and ground of truth, or the [...]age of uncleane birds, which the Scripture speaks of when as the Scripture saith, if any thing be revealed to him that stands by, l [...]t the first hold his peace: and the Church of God we owne, but all such Churches as are fighters, and which do imprison them, who are moved of the Lord to come speake to them, such Churches we deny.

And whereas thou slanderest us, that we cry against the Ministers, all such Ministers are to be cried against, for they are contrary to the scripture.

Que. What scripture is there to have a Clark say Amen, and to have groats apeece of the world for his trade?

Pr. And for the groat he receives yearly of some persons in the world, J conceive it is not so much for saying Amen, but he hath o­ther offices.

[Page 15] Rep. Here thou goest about to justifie the Clarke and his groat, and the custome of saying Amen, which the Apostles practised no such thing, neither had they any Clarke to say Amen, which had a groat for his labour, and let all the practise of the Apostles judg thee, who saith that the Clarke hath other offices then saying Amen, that is, may be to ring the bell to gather carnall people together, to hear such a blind guide as thou art, and for laying you a cushi­on, that you may lie soft, or opening the booke, or giving forth the Psalmes, which all this here is no example for, that the Apostles had any such thing, but it is that you false prophets might utter forth your folly, for to the children of light you are discovered, and seen to be without the Doctrine of Christ, and the Apostles, and all the Scripture shall judge you, and in thy answer, thou dost con­ceive, there thou hast brought thy selfe under that state, which must be scattered, for the Lord will scatter the proud in their vaine [...]ma­ginations and conceivings, and let the Prophets words judge thee.

Que. 24. What Scripture is there, for taking money for bu­rying the dead or to have ten or twelve Shillings for preach­ing a Funerall Sermon, or to take money for marrying man or woman?

Pr. For our paines in labouring in the word and doctrine, the A­postle gives that general rule, th [...] labourer is worthy of his hire And what their wages is, is not of our choosing, but partly the liberali­ty of founders, and benefactors, partly custome among all people, in all Christian countries, hath setled it.

Rep. Here thou usest the Apostles words, which as I have shew­ed thee before, thou art cleared from his life: O thou blind guide, whose mind is in the earth, who art in the customes, and art one of them, that doth hold them up, which all the Ministers of Christ are ashamed on thee, and all thy generation, who art without the life that gave [...]orth the Scriptures, who art one of them that goes in the way of Balaam, who durst not take the gift though he loved it; end as for the Apostles condition, I charge thee and command thee to be silent, and let it alone, who denies immediate revelation from heaven; therefore all that thou speakest is from the earth and be­low: and the word thou knowest not, which was in the beginning, Joh. 1.1. when the letter was not, and th [...]refore in it thou canst not learne, and the Christians that are baptized into Christ, [Page 16] are redeemed put of countries, where yet thou art, with thy cu­stomes and wayes of the Nation, as thou dost confesse, which Christ coms to redeem from; and thou who receivest Balaam [...] wa­ges, art sp [...]ing forth thy venome against the righteous seed, where [...]t is rising.

Que. 27. When did any that was sent of Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel, sue men at the Law?

Pr. Many differences may arise, which cannot well be decided without suit at Law.

Rep. In thy answer to this querie thou dost allow of going to Law, which the Apostle did not, as in the Corinthians; and he was a Minister of Christ: and here thou shewest thou art none; for thou allowest that he did not, and who are come to the doctrine of Christ, which is yea and nay, there is no difference they need no go­ing to Law, there is no contention: and many differences are in thy generation, which is without Christ and his doctrine, which ma­ny of you professed Ministers sue men at the Law, which the Apo­stle forbad; and here openly I charge you all in the presence of the living God, to be no Minister of Christ, but are raced from the do­ctrine of Christ and the Apostles: and thou writest a scripture in Acts 19.38. as concerning the rude multitude that was stirred up when truth was spoken, these were they which were not brought, into the truth, and there thou art among such a company, let all peo­ple see, how Acts 19. will justifie thee for going to Law, who pro­fesses thy self to be a Minister of Jesus Christ, which the Ministers of Christ denied: and here J charge thee again to be a perverter of the scripture, and void of the knowledge of Christ, and the life of the Apostles, and out of their doctrine, and do not call this r [...]iling, which is plainnesse of speech, and love to thy soul.

Pr. And you raile very highly in scripture terms too, whereby you take the garments of Gods holy Spirit, and put them upon the Devils shoulders.

Rep. Here thou dost accuse us for railing speeches, and as we told thee before, that we deny; and here thou callest thy self a Devil, for of him thou art, which thy pretences, therefore woe is thy portion: and whereas thou sayest we revile and accuse the brethren, this is another of thy slanders: we bid thee answer the queries, and thou callest them scrupulous, to thee they are so: and again thou sayest we [...]isapply the scripture, that is false, and the Lord Jesus Christ [Page 17] thou knowest not, who deniest immediate revelation, and what hast thou to do to talk of him, and as throwing the woes which the Scripture speaks of, which is against the deceits which thou livest in, they are thy portion, thou canst not escape them. If we should not give thee thy due and portion, we should flat­ter thee, and it would not be love: and why dost thou talk of understanding and bid us weigh and consider? we have consi­dered thy way, and do know it, and God hath given us an un­derstanding in all things.

Pr. Hebrew and Greek we do truly call the Originall.

Rep. Here I charge thee that thou hast no more originall then Pilate thy father had, Pilate had Hebrew and Greek, which c [...]u­cified Christ, which was the originall: and here I charge thee in the presence of the living God to be a lyar, for the word was in the beginning before any tongue was, and your Hebrew and Greek is naturall, and the naturall man knows not the things of God, and the world by wisdome knowes not God; Pilate was a worldly man, and he had this originall, and the wisdome of the world, and there thou art, and and there the curse is upon thee, so here thou preachest another originall then the Apostles did, they preached Christ the fountain, and [...]hou preachest Hebrew and Greek, that is thy originall, and thy father Pilate had that originall, which crucified Christ, and set it over him, and the scri­pture came not by the will of man: Therefore it is not the knowing of it by Hebrew and Greek, but by the spirit that gave it forth; therefore all people take warning, and cease from such deceivers, and take heed to the light in your conscience, which is the light of Christ, to guide your minds up to God the Father of light, and be not deceived, nor wander not up and down after such, who know not the truth, but put Hebrew and Greek for the originall, which Pilate had, which crucified Christ Jesus, as you may read in Luke 23. All people may see thou art brought no further yet, then thy father Pilate, so all thy prayers we deny, for there is nothing of truth born up in thy understan­ding, who are led with a seducing spirit into delusions, who saith the spirit of life stirs up the flesh to bring forth fruits & thou that art in the flesh, cannot please God; and there thy spirit is tried co be the spirit of error, and a great deal of such stuffe thou hast [Page 18] in thy answers to the queries, which is not worth mentioning: and this thou hast written to publish thy self, that them that have a love to Christ, their hearts may be turned from thee to God, to see how thou hast uttered forth thy folly, though with many faire glosses, thou and such as thou art deceives the simple, but all who are is the light do see thee and comprehend thee.

Something in Reply to the Epistle thou wrotest to the Lady Bindlosse.

TO her thou speakest of the doctrine, and spirit, and the holy Ghost.

Here I charge the to be a liar, who knowes nothing of them, who denies immediate revelation, for thou who deniest that, deniest the Father and the Son, as in Math. 11.27. Wherein goest thou about to exhort others, who art in the condition thy selfe, but art as Matthew, that would be serving?

If she do but take heed to the light which Christ hath enligh­tened her withall, she will quickly see thy folly, for the light which Christ hath enlightened her withall, shall be her condem­n [...]tion if she hate it, and if she love it, it will guide her into the way of righteousnesse up to Christ, and there O woman is thy teacher, and this condemnation.

And the work which is brought forth in the North doth ter­ment thee, R. Sherlock, and such as the Lord doth move to ex­hort or to speak, such thou slanderest and dost accuse as tempt­ing; for the slanders and reproaches the woe wil turne upon thee from God, who is the justifier of his children, and with such Preists as thou art, the righteous seed was ever hated, as you may read throughout the Scriptures.

If she that thou callest a Lady, be grounded upon thy doctrine, and be a member with thee of thy body, let her read thy answers to the queries, and the replies to them, to the light in her I speak, which is of Christ, which will witnesse mee and let her see thee; [Page 19] and if her minde be guided by it, it will condemne all her former practises of worship, and let her see thy delusions. And againe thou art flattering the Lady, and tells her of a discourse of the spirit, and these are thy unsavoury words, who art discoursing of the spirit, but denies it, for thou that deniest immediate revelati­on, denies the spirit; [...]n the Corinthians the Apostle said things were revealed to him by the spirit, and all thy doctrines t [...] be de­nied, and all that thou speakest; and thou art seen to be one of the evill beasts and slow bellies, whose mouth must be stopt; and what dost thou tell her of growing up in the knowledg of God, and stop the way for her to passe, who deniest immediate reve­lations, which the Apostle exhorted to? and they Saints was to have the loines of their minds girded up, as in the 1 Peter. 1.13. And what hast thou to do to talk of heaven or happinesse, who art a beast in thy colours? And so this is the intent that I have written this reply to the Ep [...]stle which thou wrote to her thou calls Lady, that she might with the light of Christ in her, see thy folly, for to that I speake which is the light of Christ, which if she hate it, it will be her eternal condemnation.

Somthing in Rebly to thy Introduction.

Pr. NO age hath brought forth more pretenders to the spirit of God, then this wherein we live.

Rep. Let all people take notice, if thou be not he that pre­tends the spirit, who hath not the same understanding and knowledg that the Apostles had, and there thou art in the pre­tence, who art blind, and thy worship as thou calls it, is, thou dost not know what; worse then it was at Samaria, who art in the pride of heart. And as thou saiest the Devill hath sown his crop, and r [...]apt his harvest, and there thou art one of his servants, sowing his seed, and among the delusions as thou calls them, fo [...] that is in thy Generation, which comes one of thy owne bottle, which now showes out, what is within issues forth, this is thy own [Page 20] condition, who seduces the people, the fire is kindling, and the tares are burning; which makes you wicked ones to cry out; and so all impostures and blasphemies are in thy gene­ration: and you are ignorantly worshipping, and your grosse idolatry which thou speakest of is your owne, and thou art a murderer, and understandest not what thou speakest of them, and God thou knowest not, who deniest imm [...]diate revelation from heaven; but onely what thou knowest, thou knowest naturally as a bruit beast, which Iude speaks of, and a great deal of stuffe thou hast in this Introduction, which is not worth mentioning. If the Reader do but read with a single eye, he may see all thy confused stuffe, which is not worth naming, and a great deale of stuffe tho [...] hast written in discourse of the Spirit; and the Holy Ghost, which thou knowest not what thou speakest, and of the Trinity, which there is no Scripture for.

A Reply to an Epistle that thou wro­test to him whom thou callest Sir Ro­bert Bindlosse.

THe Queries being sent to his house from Rich. Hub­berthorne, being his desire that they should be made publike, and we do praise the LORD, that de­ceipt is brought to light. And thou sayest perhaps some satisfaction might be given to those seduced wavering soules a­mongst you: truly I do believe they will, and see your folly, that under his name whom thou callest Sir Rob. Bindlosse, under his name and patronage they may appear, as a covert to veil [...] their imperfections: But they will not vaile your imperfecti­ons: Therefore R. B. to three I say be wise, and feare the Lord, and run not on in the broad way, with such a one, who doth confesse in his answer to the first querie, that he doth not [Page 21] attain the same knowledge and understanding of the Gospell as the Apostles attained; therefore thou R. Sh [...]rlock thy knowledge is bruitish, and thy understanding sottish, as the Scripture saith, for none knowes the Apostles condition and knowledge, but with the same understanding, and in this thou deniest it, and thou art in another knowledge and understanding, and art in another doctrine, and the true Gospel thou dost not know, and thou art to be held accursed, as the scripture saith, Gal. 1. and so here thou hast gi­ven satisfaction to many that stood in doubt, though to all the children of light thou wast known, & all things shal work together for good to them that love God, Rom. 8. therfore R. B. take heed what thou lets forth under thy name, and fathers, for if thou see a thief and consent with him, thou art guilty. And R. Sherlock, the queries that were sent to thee thou callest them scrupulous, and the Letter which was sent to thee as a Libell; why doest thou slander the innocent, and simplicity, but of thy generation we look for no other, whose mouth is full of slanders. Thou slanderer, in thy E­p [...]st [...]e to the Lady thou slanderest privily under a colour, who flat­ters her, where thou art telling her of love, and stirs her up to envy, as in pag. 46. and incensing her, and would stir her up against them wh [...]m th [...]u callest Quake [...]s, so thou mightst as well have incensed her against Moses, who was a judge over all Israel, and quaked, and David who was a King quaked: so all that are vertuous wil own us, who denieth opinions, for them we deny, and there thou art, who livest in opinions, and as thou speakest of some to strike at the root of many infections and errors, which is overspread amongst you; the Lord Iesus Christ hath raised up a light in his children, that they are striking at your root, and laying open the deceits, and bringing forth his own work to his own praise: and thou sayest all men do worship God and Christ with one heart, and one mouth, and after one manner, is not only decryed, but also dismist our Congregati­ons. And since the pale of Ecclesiasticall Discipline is pulled down, by whose coercive lawes all men were kept within the limit of the true faith. Here I charge thee to be a lyar was the true faith main­tained by an outward Law, and the Church, and the worship of God. Thou Traytor, have they pluckt down the true Faith, and the wo [...]sh [...]p of God, or your old Ceremonies? Thou seducer, how art thou tormented by that which hath pluckt down the [Page 22] traditions: Tremble, for the hand and sword of the Lord is against thee, as it was against them, thou dissembler and envious one, the Law was not made for the Church which is the pillar and ground of truth, which worships God in the spirit; but for such envious persons as thou art, who hast clear­ed thy Church and worship here, from the tr [...]e Church and wor­ship of God, to the view of all honest hearts, and thou art tor­mented because the freedome i [...] given for the libertie of tender con­sciences, to worship God his owne way, even in spirit, and in truth, as in Joh. 4.23.24. And thou saiest since under the name and priveledge of [...]iberty of conscience, licentiousnesse of opinion hath got footi [...]g, and this thou seemes to Father upon the Magistrats.

Wee which are in the light of Christ Jesus, which doth excercise our consciences towards God and man, all opinions and licenti­ousn [...]sse we deny. Therefore thy mouth must be stopt, Osl [...]nde­rer, which sowet [...] dissention, for since the Lord hath opened the Magistrates understanding with the light of Christ in them, the same light doth give freedome to the light in others consciences, which worketh into tendernesse of co [...]science, and teacheth to exercise a good conscience towards God and man; and such Magistrates do not make a law over the consciences of me [...], which, thou seducer and bruitish fellow wouldest have a l [...]w up [...]n but the law is against such as thou art, and so thou h [...]st shewed thy selfe to be in the franticke state, and Heresie which th [...]u [...]alks on, and many such speeches as thou hast in thy Epistle to Sir R [...]. Bindl [...]ss, as thou callest him, and whereas thou speakest of your Church and hope, your hope will perish, and your Church, and all who are in the light will be ashamed of your Church.

And thou art he who art of the Devil, who dost promote lies [...]nd untruths, which is of thy Fathe [...] the Devill, Joh. 8. [...]4. But God is coming with his mighty power, to chaine up thee, thy Father the Devill, the old Dragon, who is the Father of lies, and thou art one of his servants who blindeth the understandings of the people, which are in the unbeleife, and seeks to poison their affections, with vanities and lying slanders; and in thy conclusion thou wouldest not have him to perish with the blind and giddy, but if he follow such as thou art, he doth follow both, and in the ditch both will perish together.

[Page 25]And thou speaks to him of walking in the paths of the just and righteous: and such thou privily slanders, and their way hateth thou, who walketh in the steps of the wicked, and with those that forget God: and thou must be cut down with the sword of the almighty God, to that in thy Conscience I speak: when thou art in the terror, remember me, for that in thy con­science condemn thee and witness me. And friend, to the light in thy conscience I speak, under whose name this book goes, there is thy Teacher if thou love it, which is the light of Christ if thou love it, it will teach thee as thou goes up and down; and shew thee the way of the just, for it is just, it will con­demn thee if thou hate. And when the book of conscience is opened, thou shalt witnesse what I speak, that its truth to thy soul.

Pr. And whereas thou sayst you do neither pretend to any such sublime and eminent gifts, neither do you, nor ought you to depend upon any such immediate revelation, but do use such ordinary means and helps, which God in his merciful providence hath in all ages afforded his people: viz. by study and industry in the Schools of the Prophets. Schools thou sayest they had at Bethel, 2 King. 2, 3, 5. and Elisha's Colledge was so full that they enlarged it. 2 Kings 6 1. 1 Sam. 14.20. and upon the hill of God, 2 Sam. 10.5.10.

Rep. Here let all these Scriptures witnesse against thee, that thou art no true Prophet, nor Minister of Christ which wit­nessed the end of the Prophets, and were all taught of God, which thou denies, that denieth immediate revelation from heaven. And here I charge thee in the presence of the living God to be a lyar and false Prophet, and that thou art guided by the father of lyes. Where thou tells of Elisha's Colledge, and saith, that it was so full that it was enlarged, and brings in that place of Scripture to colour over thy lyes, 2 Kings 6.1. Let that Scripture be a witnesse against thee, that thou art a lyar, and a perverter of the Scriptures, thou full of all sub­tilties, blush for shame thou lyar, is there any mention of any Colledge there, or is there any mention of the schools of the Prophets where the word of God was studied in those places of Scripture beforementioned, as thou sayest, let them wit­ness [Page 26] thee: All the Prophets where taught of God, and there was no studying for what they spoke at Naioth: see if they did not receive the Spirit of prophecy, and spoke by imme­diate revelation, which thou denies, and knows not their ma­ner of teaching and learning, 1 Sam. 19.20 to the end of the Chap. and the prophecy came not in the old time by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the holy Ghost, and the Scripture is of no private interpretation, 2 Pet. 1.20, 21. Here art thou proved a lyar, and a perverter of the Scripture, wresting it to thy own destruction, 2 Pet. 3.16 and the plagues and wrath is due to thee for so doing, Rev. 22 Now call not truth railing thou dissembler and enemy of all righteousness, the Scripture turns edge against thee, and wit­nesses against thy deceits and filthiness, whereby thou seeks to strangle the truth; but thou art found out to be among the Dogs, Sorcerers and Lyars spoken of in Scripture, and art shut out of the kingdom of God, & art no Minister of Christ, Rev. 22.15, 18, 19. Thou enemy of God, how darest thou say that the Prophets studied the word, when no prophecy came by the will of man, but by the will of God; and no man knoweth the father but the son, neither knoweth any man the son but the father, and he to whom he is revealed, Matth 11.27. And here thou deniest both the Father and the Son, and the Pro­phets and Apostles, that denieth immediate revelation, for they all bear witnesse against thee, and such as thou art: for the Apostle said, Hope to the end, for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ: And all the true Prophets witness that which thou denies. And here I have proved thee a lyar, a false Prophet, and a deceiver, per­verting the Scriptures, and they bear witness with me And thou full of all guile and deceit, the word of the Lord shall rise up in judgement against thee, and such as thou art.

Something in reply to thy discourse of the Spirit, as thou calls it.

FRiend, the Spirit of the living God thou hast not, for thou denies immediate revelation from heaven, who art dis­coursing [Page 27] of the Spirit, and here thou art made manifest but to be in the pretence of the Spirit, and knows nothing that is revealed with the spirit. For thou that denies immediate revelation from heaven, denies the spirit of the living God: The Apostle said, Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither hath it entred into the heart of man, the things that God hath prepared for them that love him, but God hath revealed them to us by his spirit, 1 Cor. 2.9, 10. And here thou that hast de­nyed immediate revelation from heaven, hast denied the Spi­rit of God, and manifested thy self to be in the natu [...]al state: therefore I command thee and charge thee in the presence of the living God to be silent, and to give over deceiving of the people.

2. Thou that denies immediate revelation from heaven, thou denies the grace that was to be brought unto the Saints, whose mindes was to be girded up, which grace was to be brought unto them, at the revelation of Jesus Christ, and this thou hast denied again, as all people may see, 1 Pet. 1.13. and here thou hast denyed Jesus Christ, and this grace, who de­nies immediate revelation, and art in the fashion of the world and a blasphemer.

3. Thou that hast denied immediate revelation from hea­ven, hast denied the Spirit to pray with all, and so all thy prayers is hypocrisie.

4. Thou that hast denied immediate revellation from hea­ven, hast denied the son of God; For none knows the father but ths son, and to whom the son reveals him. Mat. 11.27.

5. And thou that hast denied immediate and miraculous revelation from heaven, hast not denied the son of God on­ly, but the father also: And those that hast not the son of God hath not life.

Pr. The power is originally from God, as the fountain, but conveyed through the ministry of man as the conduit. p. 90.

Rep. Paul an Apostle not of man, nor by man, but by the will of God; and here thou art proved to be a seducer, and thy ministry contrary to his; here thy spirit is tryed. And thou slanders them who hears the voyce of God, and art scorning them, and in a deriding way calls it a deceitful eccho: [Page 28] but we know that God scorns the scornful, and hath them in dirisiin.

Pr. For any man to pretend immediate calling from God, without the Ministry of man, is a new Gospel distinct from Christ and his Apostles, and such can be no other then the dictates of seducing spirirs and doctrine of Devils. page 91

Rep. Here I take all the children of light to record, to prove (and try thy spirit) and Gospel to be of man and whe­ [...]her thy Ministry and Gospel, which thou preaches (which is of man) be of God: for Paul said, that Gospel which he preached was not of man; and here again thou art contra­ry to the Apostle; and thy spirit is tryed to be a seducing spirit, and thy doctrine to be of the Devil, who denies im­mediate revelation.

Pr. For thou sayest, that which is immediately from God, and without the Ministry of man, is the doctrine of the De­vil, and of the seducing spirits.

Rep. [...] Paul, said, the Gospel that he preach­ed received it not of man, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ and here thou art contrary to the Apostle, and thy self in the state thou speaks of. And Paul an Apostle not of man, nor by man, but by God the Father: Thou impudent and enemy of God and blasphemer, wilt thou say his do­ctrine was of the Devil? who denyed man, as Gal. 1.1 who said, Paul an Apostle not of man, nor by man.

Pr. Therefore there is no need of any such qualifications; for the best of us dare not stand to such sublime and emi­nent gifts of the spirit, or to any immediate and extraordina­ry spiritual gifts. p. 93.94.

Rep. Here thou preachest up that which is not qualified, for we doe believe you, that you dare not stand to such emi­nent gifts of the spirit, for we have tryed you, and knows your spirits, how can you have the same gifts which denies the son of God, and immediate miraculous revelation, and sayest there is no need of any such qualifications now, there­fore doth all your Teachers shew forth your railing and slan­ders: but these things we wave, for God will give you, you lyars, your portion, who hath not the same knowledge and [Page 29] understanding that the Apostles had, and here thou hast sha­med thy mother that is, adulterated from the Apostles life.

Pr. Our gifts are from the Spirit of God, though studied for with these means that are outward and moral.

Rep. Here I charge thee to be a Lyar in the presence of God; the gift of God is a free gift, it is not studyed for, nor it is not gotten by Moral, and if it were studied for, and found in outward means, then it were not a free gift: and here thou hast made it manifest, that thou knowst not the gift of God, for it is not him that wills, nor him that runs, but God that shews mercy; so thou blasphemer, for shame blush.

Pr. No man can be wise without the Spirit of wisdom, nor knowing without the Spirit of knowledge, so no man can pray as he ought, without the Spirit of prayer. page 71.

Rep. In thy answer to the first quaere thou sayest, you do not attain the same knowledge and understanding of the Go­spel, as the Apostles did, then if thou have not the same knowledge and understanding it is all deceit: For in thy own words thou sayest, you cannot pray without the Spirit, and knowledge, a [...]d understanding; and thou sayest, you do not attain the same knowledge and understanding the Apostles had, then thou hast not the same Spirit of love to pray with­al, and thou sayst you cannot pray without the Spirit: yet thou goes and tells people of a Gospel, and hath not the same knowledge and understanding the Apostles had; there­fore thy knowledge is bruitish, Jer. 10.14. Psal. 92.6. Psal. 49.8.

Pr. That we may according to the Catholick faith, wor­ship one God in Trinity.

Rep. For these things which thou tells the people of, there is no Scripture as Catholick faith and Trinity, and of three persons.

Pr. The second kind of the holy Spirits impressions on humane souls, page 78.

Rep. There is no Scripture which speaks of humane souls, for the soul thou knows not, who art a murtherer with thy Deity stuff, who would dit up the way from God, but praises be to the living God, who hath given his sons and daughters [Page 30] eyes to see thee, and all your Deity stuff, which you imitate, who are whoredomed from God, but the Saints of the most high God doth sing (over it and you) hallalujah to God, who witnesses their souls redeemed. And there is abundance of stuff in that book which thou calls the discourse of the Spi­rit, which is not worth mentioning, and abundance of lies and slanders, but them we pass, as knowing the Author of lies from whence they come is for destruction.

And in page 95. thou speaks of Timothy studying for his gift. Did he study for his gift, or for the proving of it, and dividing of the word aright (but he did not study for it) for the gift of God is a free gift. And in another place thou speaks of the blessing of God being upon your studies: but I say the curse of God is upon your studies, who hath not the same knowledge and understanding that the Apostles had, and so preaches another Gospel·

Pr. And most blasphemously to profess and boast of an e­quality with God, page 66.

Rep. Thy boasting is excluded without in thy generation: And thou art excluded from the life and mind of the Apo­stle, who said, Let the same mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God, thought it no rob­bery to be equal with God, 2 Phil. 5.6. And this thou calls blasphemy, and so thou hast shewed what spirit thou art of, contrary to the Apostle.

Pr. And for our new Sect of Enthusiasts, had they the Spirit of God as they pretend abiding in them, and speaking in them.

Rep. All pretences and sects is denyed where the spirit of God dwells, though with thy generation such was ever cal­led so: And that is thy own who hath made a discourse of the Spirit: and here thou art clearly from them that the Spirit of God spoke in, and did abide in them; which Spirit of God did ascend into their hearts, which Spirit God hath given to every one to profit withal: and the Spirit of the Father speaketh in you, saith Christ, Math. 10.20. take no thought: and in many plates thou art speaking of a study, and blessing a study, here thou art contrary to Christ (who [Page 31] saith take no thought) and art of the Devil.

And here I charge thee to be one of them that Jeremy speaks of, who speaks a vain divination of thine own heart.

Pr. As here Angels are Spirits, and the souls of men are Spirits, but God is not a Spirit as they are Spirits. pag. 57.

Rep. This is confusion, for Christ saith God is a Spirit, and they that worship him, must worship him in spirit, and there thou art raced out to be without the doctrine of Christ.

Pr. 'Tis the very ground whereupon this last upstart crew of Quakers, build all their resolutions, and strange fa­natick opinions, and heresies, even that which they call the light within us, whereunto we must only give ear. pag. 112.

Rep. O thou impudent, God will make thee an exam­ple, thou lying spirit, Is the Light which Christ hath enlight­ned every one withal that comes into the world (a strange fanatick opinion) which one he loves it, and the other he hates it, and he that hates it, it is condemnation. Here thou art against Christ and the Apostle, for the Apostle did ex­hort the Saints to take heed unto the light within them, un­till the day dawn and the day-star arise in their hearts. O thou Lyar! did the Prophet call the true light a deceit of the heart; or is the light of God a false vision: Christ Je­sus which doth enlighten every one that comes into the world, which is witnessed among the Quakers; and he that walks in the Light shall have the Light of Life, and thou that hates this light speaks a divination of thy own brain, and a lying imagination: and with this light of Christ thou shalt be condemned, thou blasphemer, who calls the light of Christ heresie and fanatick opinions, but here thou doest but fill up the measure of thy Fathers, who calls this light which is Christ in us, Heresie. pag. 113.

To all you Readers of his Book, I speak to the Light of of Christ in you, which if you love it, it will bring you to weigh and comprehend his words, and if you walk in it, you shall have the light of life, and you that hate it, it shall be your Condemnation, when the book of Conscience is open­ed, you shall witness that I speak the truth to every one of your souls.

[Page 32] R. Sherlock, thou bids them beware of false Prophets, and saith the tryal of the spirit is the Word of God.

Rep. By the Word of God thou art tryed, who art in the conceivings.

Again, thou speakest of the High-priests and Pharisees that councelled against Christ to put him to Death.

Rep. So do you now, where he is made manifest, shewing your selves to be in the same generation.

Pr. It was this spirit also that stirred up Demetrius the Silver-smith, with the rest of the Crafts-men, against St. Paul and his companions, because his profit and gain which he got by making silver shrines for Diana was in danger to be lost. pag. 116.

Rep. The same spirit now being made manifest, it cryes against your Trades-men, and Crafts-men, and your Diana, and your two great Schools where you learn your trade, which are puddles of darkness; and the same spirit being stirred up to crye against your profession, it sets you in an uproar now, as in the Synagogues we do witness.

Pr. And the earth opened her mouth and swallowed Co­rah and all his Company: a fair warning for Lay-per­sons. pag. 86.

Rep. The judgment did not come upon Corah because they was Lay-persons, but it was for gainsaying the truth as thou doest. For many of them that gave forth the Scripture was plain men, Paul a Tent-maker, and most of the Apostles Fishermen, Moses a keeper of She [...], thou mayest call these Lay-men which gave forth the Scripture, who make a trade of their words.

And here thou hast shewed that thou hast not the know­ledge and understanding which the Apostles had, which thou confessedst thou hadst not, therefore thou art as a bruit beast, and there I leave thee to be condemned with the light which thou callest Heresie.


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