TRUTH Lifting up its Head above SLANDER: IN An ANSWER to THOMAS JACKSON, late Priest of Stoke in Sussex, his Lying Paper which he left in the North of England. By FRANCIS HOWGILL.

Whereunto is added something by way of Letter, from another hand, to the said T. J. shewing the Reasons why it is judged meet to publish the same at this time. Namely, because He the said Jackson continueth still his old course of Slandering, and private Back-biting the Innocent, by his devised Fables, notwithstanding he hath been privately admonished, and since more publickly reproved in Print, by E. B. wherein his Scandalous Imputations of Popish Te­nents, falsely cast by him upon others, are deservedly laid upon himself. Likewise, a Brief Rehearsal of some Remarkable Passages, out of E. B. his Book, Called Satan's Design Defeated; In Answer to another Manuscript of the said Priest Jackson's, by way of Pro­phesie, to that remaining part of the Old Parliament then sitting; threatning their destruction, if they took part with such malicious Priests against the Innocent; which since in a great measure the Lord hath ful­filled upon them and him. Which may serve for a Warning to this Present Generation: By a Friend to Truth, and an utter Enemy to Persecution, J. S.

Printed in the Year 1663.

TRUTH Lifting up its Head above SLANDER: IN An ANSWER to THOMAS JACKSON, late Priest of Stoke in Sussex, his lying Paper which he left in the North of England, &c.

THOMAS JACKSON, thy Paper which thou lestest in the North of England, with thy brother Par­son, I have received; wherein I find many devised Fables, which thou hast invented in thy corrupt heart, which thou wouldest fasten upon me as my Doctrine and Princi­ples: And coming to London, I also find most part of the same things spread abroad by thee, and sent to some of the late Parlia­ment; which thou callest, The Tenetns of the Quakers in the North; which thou sayest, thou hast Recited, and also they Main­tained: Thou hast recited for the most part, the deceit of thy own frothy brain; and thou must not think when thou bringest forth thy own Imaginations, who watchest for iniquity, that the Quakers will maintain those things; but if thou assert things of thy self, and from thy dark understanding, which thou hast raked up out of the dungeon of confusion, which thou sayest thou hast waded in, as in thy Letter to thy Honourable Sir, to whom thou writest in feignedness and flattery these things, that thou hast charged us with; thou must stand to thy self; for that which [Page 4] the Quakers do assert, they will stand to and vindicate, against thee and all Opposers. Thou sayest, Thou hast more soul-refresh­ing work than to answer my Letter, which I sent unto thee, with the Queries. Forging up of Lyes, and inventing of Mischief, is no soul-refreshing work, but is the work which is brought by him, who is the Father of Lyes, whose work thou hast been working, which shall be made evident to thee, when the Lord shall arise to plead with thee, for all thy ungodly deeds and hard speeches against the Truth; thou sayest, Thou wast willing to write a few words, that it might appear, whether thou or I were the Lyar; because I said unto thee, in thy own words, what thou declaredst before near twenty people, after I had spoken two or near hand three hours; when I know Truth had power over thee, that thou couldest not open thy mouth against what was spoken that day by me; but after the Meeting, in thy brothers house, thou saidst, That no godly Minister in England would deny what I had spoken then in the Meeting to be Truth: Which words I re­turned unto thee, when I heard that thou backbited when I was gone, and said, I held Popish Tenents, and thou challengedst me to produce one witness that did confess unto the words before mentioned, as, [that no godly Minister would deny what was spoken by me to be Truth:] Now that thou mayest be convinced that thou art the Lyar, and not I; I give thee four Witnesses, whose hands are subscribed for my Testimony against thee, to the aforesaid words; that is to say, William Pearson, James Adamson, John Cay, Jane Pearson, with several others: And so thou must either plead thy forgetfulness, or else thou shewest thy self, in thine own words, to have an Impudent face, that darest deny that which thou spakest before many Witnesses; so there is no way now to acquit thy self, but to confesse and repent of the envy which is in thy heart.

Further, thou saist, That I denyed Imputed Righteousness, which thou sayest, is a Popish Doctrine; thou must reckon that to them, and not to me; for I told thee then, and now again, Whatsoever was Imputed or reckoned to them that did believe, I owned; but for thee and the rest of you Parish-Teachers, Imputing or reckoning that unto your flock who are unconverted, which God reckoneth not nor im­putes to them, is delusion and deceit.

[Page 5] And further thou sayest, that I made the Gifts in the Heathens of the same quality with the Graces in Believers. These are thy own words, and not mine: But that the Light in Unbelievers, and the Light in Believers, is of the same quality or nature; which is evident by its Operations, and by the Testimony of Scriptures; this I shall stand unto. Christ saith, I am come a Light into the World. And the World in the Spirit's account is not taken for Believers, though many of you Parish-Teachers have said so; but the World are such as are unredeemed and unsanctified, and yet Christ is that true Light which is come into the world; and that he is the Light of Believers thou wilt not deny. Now this is one and the self-same Christ, one and the self-same Light; his Nature one, and his Quality one, which is pure, holy and divine: yet the manifestation of this Light is more clear in them that believe, than in them that believe not; yet this altereth not the quality of the Light: for Unbelievers have also some manifestation, and that is it which convinceth of sin, and sheweth them things reprovable; for whatsoever things are reprovable, as it is written, is manifest by the Light; but that the Heathen are reproved, and Unbelievers are re­proved, when they sin against that which is manifest in them, as is clear, Rom. 2. and that which reproveth for impurity is of a pure quality, as that which justifieth Purity and Righteousness. But I see, though a prize be put into the hand of a fool, he regardeth it not; and though I then did declare, and now do, the Wisdom of God, yet thou being in the night perceivest it not.

And thou sayest, that I hold falling away from Grace, which is a Popish Tenent: Then in this the Papists are nearer the Truth than thou; and although a Papist hold it, I must not deny it, be­cause it is true. The Apostle Jude speaks of some, who turned the grace of God into wantonness; or, more truly rendred, from the grace of God into wantonness, and then walk after their own un­godly lusts, being gone from the grace of God which had appea­red unto them, which afterwards they turned their backs up­on, and fell from. And the Grace of God, which brings Salva­tion, hath appeared unto all men, yet all men are not taught by it; my reason is not, because they want a Teacher; neither, because Grace is not given to lead them, and to uphold them in Righte­ousness: [Page 6] but because they love it not, or stand not in his Counsel; and so, falling from his Counsel, fall into ungodliness. And furthermore, the Apostle saith, as concerning Faith and a good Conscience, they had put away and made shipwrack of it: They could not put Faith away which had none, neither make shipwrack of a Ship, that never had one. And furthermore, Christ said unto his Disciples, Except a branch abide in the Vine, it cannot bring forth fruit; no more can you except you abide in me. So that it is evident, that there is a possibility for a branch to be cut off from the Vine, and to wither; and also that there may be a coming unto Christ, and a bringing forth fruit unto God, and yet losing the Power of God, the [...]ight and life thereof, by which they have ability to do the Will of God, may wither and die, and so become unprofitable.

Thou bidst me reade the Jesuites Writings if I had so much understanding. Thou art more conversant with the Jesuites Writings than I desire to be: it may be thou hast waded seven years in the old Popish Colledges, in which there are great store of such, and what thou hast done since, the Light in thy Con­science will let thee see: Yet I see before the Jesuites or their Writings, and need not to search there in such blackness and darkness. And then thou sayest, Tell me who thou art like? I say, I deny them all in the root and in the ground: but as for thee and the rest of the Parish-hirelings, you are a stem sprung from the same root, manifest clearly to thousands in England, by very many of your practices, which have been made evident in publick, and so in that I shall forbear.

Thou sayest in thy rage, I am given over to a mind without Judgment, because I said unto thee, thou knewest not what the Soul was, because thou said and affirmed it was a created thing, which thing I bid thee prove; which thing thou did not then, neither yet hast; and yet most impudently hast set it down as a tenent of mine that I should affirm, when only I desired thy proof: but let the Serpent be blind for me, I shall not feed that which is for destruction; for thou art not one of those which watch for the Soul, to see it brought out of the grave, or out of death, but for thy gain from thy quarter, and for Iniquity. Thou sayest, Do not Souls go to Hell? and, can the Eternal Birth go [Page 7] thither? I'le ask thee a Question, What was it that delivered David from the nethermost Hell, that brought his soul out of the Pit, and delivered his darling from the devouring Lion? And what is it that tormenteth the wicked in Hell? Is it not writ­ten, If I go up into Heaven, thou art there: or, if down into Hell, thou art there. Whither shall I go from thy Presence? or, whither shall I flee from thy Spirit? Art thou fit to be a Leader of a Flock who art ignorant of what Salvation is preached to; or what it is that wants Redemption? I say, thou preachest up the report of Christ, without the knowledge of him; and thou sayest, Blessed are those that believe thy report, unto whom the Arm of the Lord is revealed. Many have heard thy Report, and such Reporters as thou, and yet know not Blessedness, neither is the Arm of the Lord revealed to them, or in them. Thou preachest him in words, but in works deniest him. Thou sayest, What gracious souls can but bleed, to hear how the Offices of Christ are rejected and denied amongst us, yea, his Blood and Sufferings, as to be onely report or signal thing: Signal thing is thy own words; and it is evident who deny the Office of Christ, and who deny his Sufferings: for we say, He suffered once to take away sin: but you say, that the dearest Saint of God cannot be cleansed from sin while upon Earrh. We say, that the Blood of Christ cleanseth from all sin; and there is no remission without blood: and you say, that none is to expect clensing from all sin in this life. We say, Christ is anointed of God to be a Leader to his People, whose lips only are to preserve knowledge, and the Law is to be received at his mouth, who saith, Learn of me; and we say, the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy; and that Christ is to rule as King; and where sin rules, he ruleth not; where sin is acted and brought forth, Christ is not King over them: But you say, the acts of sin, or the reliques or remainders thereof must never be subdued, while upon Earth, or done away wholly. We say, according to Christ's own words, Believe in the Light, and this is an Ordinance of Christ: but this you call delusion, and would make it void. So thou mayest take a view of your Doctrines, and let thy heart bleed when thou comest to consider, how thou rejectest the Office, Ordinances, Blood and Sufferings of Christ; and, in a word, deniest the very End of his Coming, which is, to save his People from their sins. But thou [Page 8] sayest, the Children of the Promise can by Faith glory in him, and rest in him for Eternal Life. There is none knows Eternal Life, but who have the living Faith through which it is revealed; And the Life is the Light of men: but you deny the Light, and so deny the Foundation of Faith, and the Author of it, and live in a life which is carnal, and take up a rest in these things which are invented in the Apostacy by corrupt-minded men; which things are polluted, which all them that come to know Eternal Life must rise out of; for this is not their Rest, but their Rest standeth in him, who subdueth and putteth under that which hath resisted him in all that believe, and then they come to know their Rest. Thou sayest further, What, is it a cankered way to preach Repentance and Faith, and to mortifie the deeds of the body, and to have their conversation in Heaven? I say, Nay; But to make people believe that they have repented, and have Faith, and that they are cleansed, and that they are mortified, and that they have their conversation in Heaven, when they are alive to Deceit and to Unrighteousness, and to the Lusts of the flesh, and converse with the worldly lusts, which make war against the soul: I call this Cankered Doctrine, and it eats as a Canker where it is received in. What art thou out of thy wits? or, hast thou lost thy understanding? Doest thou look that any have their conversation in Heaven, whilst they are here? is it not written, No unclean thing enters into the Kingdom of God? And stands not this as an Article of your Faith, That none is to expect cleansing from all sin here? What, art thou putting people upon impossibilities, as to converse with God, or have their conversation in Heaven? What blindness and ignorance is here!

And further, thou sayest, There are many Ministers in Eng­land, whom I call Babylons Merchants, which cause both Hell and Rome to shake, and to rage. Alas, what have you done? The Covenant of Death is not yet broken, the Agreement with Hell is not yet disanulled; for many are at union with it in their rage and envy, and would kill and destroy for their worldly maintenance, and to set up and establish those Reliques of Po­pery, and of Rome, which yet are unpurged out, out of the Na­tion; as the Popes wages, Tythes, Masse-houses, sprinkling of In­fants, [Page 9] and many more things which I might enumerate, which the Devil keeps himself alive in, and Rome hath an interest in; and you rage and revile, and draw out your carnal weapons to destroy unmercifully them that bear witness against those things; witness of late the Conspiracy of thy Brethren in Cheshire, Lan­cashire, and divers other places, who laboured to set all on a fire, and to kill and destroy them, who bore witness against Death, Hell and Rome; and so your Preaching is to stir up Se­dition amongst people, for your own Interest, and for the Interest of Hell and Rome, which is yet unpurged out of the Nation. And what tellest thou of the suffering Martyrs in Queen Maries dayes, to whom you are not to be compared; many of them bore witness against many of those things, which you are holding up, and pleading for, as Tythes, Hire, and killing for Religion, and throwing into Holes and Dungeons them that cannot comply with you, to the upholding of these and the like deceits, which God will overthrow and confound. And thou sayest, When I will make it appear either by word or Writing, that I have learned which be the first Principles, the Oracle of God, and do own the Per­son and Offices of Christ, thou wilt answer my Queries. Now I let thee know both by word and writing, that I have learned and know which be they, as Repentance from dead works, and Faith towards God, and the Doctrine of Baptisms, and the laying on of hands, &c. and the Person, Ordinances, and Offices of Christ (as I have proved before) I own: therefore see that thou fail not the second time to answer my Queries. And as for the Dishes thou speakest of, I have left them behind me; I say, they are thy own for the most part (and not mine) which thou hast scat­tered up and down the World to feed the Devil with.

As first, That the Scriptures are neither a Light, nor the Saints Rule, neither is it every ones duty to search them. Two parts of this is thy own forged lye: but yet the Saints Rule, and the Son's Rule, is the Spirit that gave forth the Scriptures.

2. That the Seed of the Woman is in every one; Else what should bruise the Serpents head? or what should destroy the works of the Devil? And, the seed is sown in stony ground, thorny ground, and high-way ground, and good ground: Go, learn what it means.

[Page 10] 3. That the Body which worms eat, shall never rise again. This is thy own forged lye: carry this Dish to the Table of Devils, from whence thou fetcht it.

4. That all who are reconciled unto God, have a measure of that Seed, which was conceived in the Virgins womb by the holy Ghost. Two parts of this is a lye, and thy own words: But all that are reconciled unto God, have Christ the Seed revealed in them.

5. That the Soul is not a part of Man, nor created. This is thy own Assertion, and not mine. The Soul is immortal, and came from God, and is preserved in the hand of the Lord.

6. The Light in every one is a spiritual substance, and a mea­sure of God; Christ that hath enlightned every man, is a spiritual sub­stance; and that which convinceth of sin, is the Spirit of God; and God is a Spirit.

7. That the Talent which was lost, was that which Christ came to save. This thou hast forged up in thy dark mind. But the Sheep that were lost, he came to save; and they that were hid in Prison-houses, he came to redeem; and they that were snared in holes, and were for a prey and for a spoil, these he came to save from the Spoiler. Go learn what it means.

8. That the Clouds in which Christ is said to come, are in Man, and so are the Elements which are said to melt. This thou must see thy self before thou see his appearing; for a Cloud covers him out of thy sight, and therefore thou art gazing and imagining abroad thou knowest not where.

9. That we are justified by the sufferings of Christ in us; and that Christ as he is the Seed of the Woman doth suffer, and hath suffered from the foundation of the world.

They that are justified, know him that hath suffered by them, and in them, and do believe his suffering at Jerusalem; and by his Life revealed and manifested in them, they are justified; and by his Righteousness which he hath revealed in them, and which he hath wrought for them, and by receiving of the Gift, Justification comes upon all that do believe. And is this such a strange Doctrine to thee, [that Christ the Seed hath suffered in all ages by unbelievers] and yet thou profess thy self a Minister of Christ? Was he not slain from the foundation of the world? did he not suffer after at Jerusalem? hath he not been slain since [Page 11] in Sodom and Egypt, and now suffers by thee who art an inha­bitant in that City? A terrible day will come upon thee before thou knowest his Life revealed, or him to live in thee; and this thou shalt witness to be true in the Day of the Lord.

Answer my Queries, and do not evade as thou hast done, in forging thy own Imaginations, and then send them to me as my Assertions to prove. Thy things I return back to thee, thy Dishes, that thou mayest carry them back again, to the Table from whence thou hadst them; and be no more a servant to him whose work thou hast been doing, lest misery and perplexity be thy end.

Fra. Howgill.

Something by way of a LETTER, from another hand, to the said THOMAS JACKSON, &c.

FOrasmuch as the Private Admonition contained in the foregoing Letter, sent unto thee in writing by F. H. nor the Publick Reproof by E. B. in his printed Answer to a Manuscript of thine, sent in the year 1659, to a Member of the Old Parliament, then sitting; Nor yet the Word of the Lord, therein prophesying against thee, and them; which hath since in a measure been made good upon thee, and them; hath taken no good effect upon thee to beget a true Repentance in thee;2 Tim. 3. 13. But like evil men and seducers, thou growest worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived, still continuing in thy old course of backbiting, railing, and secret smiting the Innocent: And because the Judgment of God hath reached thee in some measure, according to the Word of the Lord by his Servant afore­said, in his said Answer, even so as thou canst not now vent thy devilish Persecution openly in a Pulpit; yet still, as I have heard, thou takest occasion,2 Tim. 3. 6. by creeping into houses and corners, when thou canst but get together a company of silly women laden with sins, and led away with divers lusts, then thou takest oppor­tunity to vent thy old Lies and Blasphemies afresh against God,Rev. 13. 6. his Name, his Truth, his Tabernacle, and them that dwell in [Page 12] Heaven; calling the Truths of God, Popish Tenents, and they that hold the same, Hereticks; when as it is thou thy self and thy Presbyterian Brethren that do hold such things, and not the innocent People of God called Quakers.

As witness;

1. Your denying the Doctrine of Christ and his Apostles, which they held forth, preached up, pressed after, and attained unto in this life, viz. A freedom from sin; and Perfection; As these Scriptures following do testifie and bear witness unto.

How shall we (saith the Apostle) that are dead to sin, live any longer therein, Rom. 6. 2. knowing this, that our old man [is cru­cified] with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that hence­forth we should not serve sin: for he that is dead [is freed from sin] ver. 6, 7. Being then made [free from sin] ye became the servants of Righteousness; for when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from Righteousness: but now being made [free from sin] and be­come Servants to God, ye have your fruit unto Holiness, and the end everlasting life, ver. 18, 20, 22. What can be more plain?

And then again, He that committeth sin, is of the Devil; for the Devil sinneth from the beginning▪ For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the Devil. Whosoever is born of God [doth not commit sin] for his seed remain­eth in him, [and he cannot sin] because he is born of God, 1 Joh. 3. 8, 9.

And so for Perfection.

Be ye therefore [Perfect] saith Christ, even as your Father which is in Heaven [is Perfect] Mat. 5. 48.

We speak Wisdom among them that [are Perfect] saith the Apo­stle, 1 Cor. 2. 6.

And he gave some, Apostles; and some, Prophets; and some, Evangelists; and some, Pastors, and Teachers▪ (what to do? why mark) [for the Perfecting of the Saints] for the Work of the Ministry; for the Edifying of the Body of Christ: till we all come in the Unity of the Faith, and of the Son of God, unto [a Perfect man] unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ, Ephes. 4. 11, 12, 13.

And this was the end of the Apostles preaching, to present [every man Perfect in Christ Jesus] Col. 1. 28.

[Page 13] And this is the end of all Scripture, even that the Man of God [may be Perfect] thorowly furnished unto all good works, 2 Tim. 3. 16, 17.

For the Law made Nothing [Perfect] but the bringing in of a better hope did (viz. Christ) by the which we draw nigh unto God, Heb. 7. 19. Heb 10. 1 Heb. 9. 9, 11.

For by one Offering he hath [perfected for ever them that are sanctified] Heb. 10. 14. What can be more plain?

And ye are come unto Mount Zion, and unto the City of the living God, and the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable com­pany of Angels; to the General Assembly and Church of the First-born, which are written in Heaven; and to GOD the Jvdge of all; and to the spirits of Just men [made Perfect] Heb. 12. 22, 23.

But your denying of this Truth, sheweth you have made a league with Sin, Death and Hell: for as long as you live, you teach others to do so too, telling them they must not look to be free from corruption and sin while they live here. The Conse­quence of which Doctrine of yours must in the end bring in that Popish Tenent of Purgatory: For, if Perfection and freedom from sin, is not attainable unto in this life, as you say on the one hand; Nor no unclean person or thing can enter into Heaven the Kingdom of God in the life to come, as the Scriptures of Truth say on the other hand, Eph. 5. 5. Rev. 21. 27. Then tell me when and where must the time and place of cleansing be? must it not be in a middle place, and a middle time? between Earth and Heaven, and between this life and the life to come, and so equal to the Papists Purgatory? If this be not the Consequence of this your Doctrine, let the wise in heart judge.

Again witness;

2. Your maintaining the lawfulness of Swearing now under the Gospel, against the express words of Christ and his Apostles to the contrary, who saith, But I say unto youThough the words [Swear not at al] be free e­nough from any exception, yet (in regard some of the corrupt sons of Adam say) this was meant in our communication only, that is, say they, in our ordinary discourse; But yet li­berty is left thereby for Swearing before a Magistrate, being thereunto lawfully called. I say, the Apostle James, as one foreseeing these two Cavils or Exceptions, saith (to put the matter out of doubt) neither by any other Oath, and also leaves out the word Communi­cation; so as there is no room left for any Exception at all. Swear not at all, (what [Page 14] more full) neither by Heaven, for it is Gods Throne; nor by the Earth, for it is his Footstool; neither by Jerusalem, for it is the Ci­ty of the great King: Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black: But let your communi­cation, be yea, yea: nay, nay: For whatsoever is more then these, com­eth of evil, Mat. 5. 34, 35, 36, 37. And the Apostle James saith, But above all things, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other Oath; but let your yea, be yea; and your nay, nay; lest you fall into condemnation, Jam. 5. 12. which is plain without all exception.

And whether is not that an Antichristian and Popish Tenent, to put constructions and meanings, upon plain places of Scripture, contrary to the mind of Christ and his Spirit which wrote them; which are so plain, that none that are simple-hearted, can oppose or evade.

Again witness;

3. Your former taking, and now pleading for, and justifying that Popish maintenance of Ministers by Tythes, which in its first Institution, in the time of the Law, when it was in full force, was appointed for the Levite (because he had no part nor Inhe­ritance among his brethren; and therefore he was not to be forsaken nor forgotten) and for the Stranger, and the Father­less, and the Widow, that they might eat and be satisfied, Deut. 14. 27, 28, 29. and so there was no lack among them. But you plead for it now under the Gospel, and that by the same Law, which Law Christ hath since ended, and also changed that Priest-hood, and disanulled that Commandment, by which it was both taken and given, Heb. 7. And the Stranger, and the Fatherless, and the Widow, have little or no benefit by it at all from your hands, neither are our streets free from Beggers; and besides, they are taken by you, who have great Inheritances in the Land, and yearly Revenues besides.

Again, in the first Institution of Tythes, they were all to be brought into one Treasury, into the House of God, year by year, for the ends aforesaid, Neh. 10. but you carry it into your own Barns and Houses, and there use it for your own ends (if not to abuse it, and spend it upon your lusts.)

Again, then the Levites, (whose right the Tythes then were) [Page 15] they were to offer up a Tenth part of all the Tythes, for a [...]eave Of­fering unto the Lord, but you do not do so.

Again, they were not to eat the Tythes by themselves, in their own houses, or within their own gates, but with the Strangers, and Father­less and Widows, in the house, and in the place the Lord had chosen, Deut. 12. 17, 18. But you do carry it into your own barns, and do eat it within your own gates, and do shut out the Strangers, and the Fatherless, and the Widows, so that they have no part nor porti­on in this matter with you.

And thus it was in the time of the Law among the Jewes, a­bout Tythes, when it was in force; which though you will take as by virtue of that Law, yet you will not pactise in all things, no nor in any thing according to that Law, except in the very taking of them.

But now under the Gospel, since Christ, (as I said before) hath put an end to that Priesthood, and changed the Law, and dis­anulled the Commandment thereof; we do not find, that ever Christ Commanded Tythes to be payd, or ever appointed any set maintenance for his Ministers to receive, which he sends forth to preach the Gospel: Neither was any such practice used in the Primitive times; but Christ sent them forth, without gold, without silver, and without brass in their purses, and without a Scrip for their Journey, &c. Mat. 10. 9, 10. And they had as hard a hearted people to deal with then, as any are now; for who more hard-hearted then Jews? (and therefore it is become a by-word amongst us to say, as cruel and as hard-hearted as a Jew) and yet they lacked nothing, Luk. 22. 35.

And Paul, who was an Apostle, not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, &c. Gal. 1. 1. saith, (whom all men are to fol­low, as he followed Christ) he behaved not himself disorderly, nei­ther did he eat any mans bread for nought: but wrought with labour, and travelled night and day, (with our hands, 1 Cor. 4. 12.) that we might not be chargeable to any of you, 2 Thes. 3. 7, 8, 9. And is not then the matter of Tythes, now under the Gospel, a Popish Intrusion, which you stand up to maintain for your Bellies sake?

Again witness;

4. Your calling the Popish Mass-Houses, built of material [Page 16] wood and stone, Churches: when as the Church of Christ is in God, 2 Thes. 1. 1. and is built up of living stones, fitly joyned together by him; whereof he himself is the chief Corner Stone, elect and pretious, 1 Pet. 2, 4, 5, 6.

Again witness;

5. Your late fleeing from your Flocks, when you saw the Wolf coming, leaving them to be scattered and catcht by the Wolf in the time of their greatest danger; which proves you to be hire­ling Priests and Idol Shepherds, and not true Shepherds, whose own the sheep are not; for then would you care for the sheep, and lay down your lives for the sheep, and for the Truth, the Pasture of the sheep; and so make good the words of Christ against you, who saith, The good shepherd giveth his Life for the sheep, but he that is a hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not; seeth the Wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fle­eth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scatttreth the sheep; the hire­ling fleeth, because he is a hireling, and careth not for the sheep, Joh. 10. 11, 12, 13.

Yea, and that which is worse; thou Tho. Jackson more especi­ally, hast not onely, contrary to thy duty, left thy flock, and left off preaching the Gospel, for fear of Persecution; and so thereby brought thy self under the woe the Apostle pronounces, 1 Cor. 9. 16. who saith there, that a necessity is laid upon me, yea woe is unto me, if I preach not the Gospel; but also hast, with some others, most treacherously betraied your simple ignorant flocks into the very hands and mouthes of the Wolves; by per­swading them, (poor silly sheep, whose Faiths are too much pin'd upon your sleeves) to go to the publick, to the high places, there to hear the Service Book, &c. and those that Preach there in all the Whores Robes, rather than not go to the publick at all (which some have done to the wounding of their Consciences) and all this lest peradventure, (as you fear) they your Proselytes when they have used themselves to a separation from the publick, may hereafter separate also from you, when the day of your Restau­ration shall come, which you daily hope for; or otherwise, it is to be feared, that if you had not many of you taken the Cove­nant, you would have stooped to and crouched under all the re­licks of Popery that are now publickly in use, rather then to have [Page 17] quit your Livings, which now you cannot some of you, (though too many of your brethren have) and all because if you should, your more discerning hearers would easily discern your Perju­ry, and so decline you for ever.

And now hast not thou hereby betrayed the souls of the Igno­rant, and sold them for bread;Amos 2. 6. ch. 8. 6. and made merchandise of them for a pair of shoes, and will they not be required one day at thy hands? Consider and repent, if it be possible, before it be too late.

But oh! you simple-hearted People who have been long hear­ers of these men, and a long time learning, and not yet come to the knowledge of the Truth; why are ye so blind? and see not that these be the men, most of them, that the Apostle speaks of, that have but a Form of godliness, but deny the Power, from whom you are warned and commanded to turn away from, 2 Tim. 3. 5, 6, 7.

Wherefore, Come forth from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch no unclean thing, and I will recieve you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty, 2 Cor. 6. 17, 18.

Turn your hearts and minds inward, and look within, For the Grace of God which brings Salvation, hath appeared unto all men, teaching us, that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, Read di­ligently and mark these places. Isa. 30. 20, 21. Joh. 2. 20, 27. Luk. 17. 20, 21. 2 Cor. 13. 5. 2 Cor. 6▪ 16. Act. 3. 22, 23. Rom. 10. 6▪ 7, 8. and godly in this present world, Tit. 2. 11. There­fore look not for it without you, but look for it within; your out­ward Teachers are taken away, and removed into corners, that you may look within for a Teacher that cannot be removed into a corner; And the Word of God is within; and the true Teacher which can teach you all things, is within; and the Kingdom of God is within you; and Christ the King of that Kingdom is within you too, except ye be reprobates; and the Temple of God is also within; therefore have no fellowship with the works or workers of darkness, neither without nor within; for what agreement hath the Temple of God with Idols? For ye are the Temple of the living God, as God hath said, I will dwell in them and walk in them, and will be their God, and they shall be my People, 2 Cor. 6. 16. There­fore hear the Call of the Lord, for it may be the last time that some of you may hear it, who Calls out of Babylon; Come out of [Page 18] her my People, saith the Lord, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues; for her sins have reached up to heaven, and God hath remembred her iniquities, Rev. 18. 4, 50 But to return.

Again witness;

6. Your Popish Ordination to the Ministry, which is of man, and by man, and derived either from the Pope, to the Bishop, and from the Bishop to the Presbyter, and so from the Presbyter to You, or from a Congregation of men, in an University or otherwise; and so still of Man and not of God, nor separate by the Spirit, unless by such a spirit as can be bought for mony, at the Univer­sity or elswhere, by being sometime a Student in Arts, Tongues, and Languages, Humane and Natural Sciences; (the Seat of the Whore, Rev. 17. 16.) and for this are you reckoned by men, and do account of your selves, to be set apart for the Mini­stry, and to be superiour to others, thereby to lord it over God's Heritage;Luk. 20. 46, 47. Luk. 11. 43. Mat. 23. 6. 7, 8, 9, 10. to be set in the uppermost seat in the Synago­gues, and at Feasts, and to be greeted in the Market-place, and called of men Master, and (Master of Arts) contrary to the Scriptures; although you must for all this, study hard for a Ser­mon, and having compiled one, you must either con it without Book, and so put it to Sale, by repeating it over again, or read it within Book, to make money of it, yea sometimes you sell them two or three times over;Mich. 3. 11 Ezek. 13. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, &c. and after this manner do you divine for money and preach for hire (and own the Name of Divines) and say, Thus saith the Lord, when the Lord hath nei­ther spoken to you, nor sent you. Therefore read your Portion in Ezek. 13. to the end.

Now are not these your Tenents, Popish Tenents indeed? and these your Practices, Popish Practices indeed, which are practi­sed by you? Well, I shall leave it to the Judgement of all those that are but a little enlightened in their Consciences, with Christ the true Light,Joh. 1. 9: which lighteth every man that cometh into the world, to determine.

And now, Dost not thou shew thy self a true Son of the Church of Rome in this matter? who whore-like, cryest out whore first, and a right Merchant of Babylon, in crying out Error, Heresie, and Blasphemy; Hereticks, and Schismaticks, Popish Tenents, and [Page 19] Seducers! when thou thy self art found in the self same thing. Well, read thy state in the Second Chapter to the Romans: Read the whole Chapter with a spirit of meekness and patience; and if it were possible I would (or rather the Lord by me) per­swade thee to Repentance, before it be too late; For the Lord is come, and coming (according to the Prophesie of Enoch) in ten thousand of his Saints, to render judgement upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them, of all their ungodly deeds, which they have ungodlily committed; and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against them, Jude 14, 15. Read the whole Epistle with a sensible heart, and weeping eyes, in fear and trembling; and remember and call to mind all thy rayling, lying, slandring, backbiting, and malitious reproaches thou hast cast upon all perswasions differing from thee, in secret and in the dark. Remember what thou hast said against, and how vile­ly thou hast reproached the Author of that Book, called, The Re­tired Man's Meditations, as also the Baptists, and our Friends. Now thou wilt not, nor canst not Preach in Publick, consider what thou art doing in Private: The Lord seeth thee, and a Book of Remembrance is taken of it, and shortly thou must come to account, and what a sad reckoning wilt thou make, and an account give to him that hath said, The reproaches of them that reproached thee, are fallen upon me, Psal. 69. 9. Rom. 15. 3. And, In all their afflictions he is afflicted, Isa. 63. 8, 9. And, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me, Mat. 25. 40. And, Whosoever toucheth them, toucheth the apple of his eye. Therefore repent betimes, else hor­ror and terror, tribulation and anguish will fall upon thee, and torment thee without end.

And know also, that that which Edw. B. did write unto thee from the Lord, in the Year 1659. (when part of the Long Par­liament was sitting) in his Answer to thy Manuscript, is Truth still, and thou, if not [...]eared, mayest both see it, and feel it made good, upon thy self and others at this day, and the rest hastens apace to be fulfilled. A taste of which, by reciting some of the Passages in that Book, to put thee a little in remembrance there­of, thou wilt find at the end hereof.

Now I say, for these Reasons aforesaid, it is judged meet to Print that Letter foregoing, which was sent to thee in Writing [Page 20] so long ago; for the making thy folly more manifest, and if it might be that thou mayest bethink thy self, and that thy poor deluded Proselytes may see, if it may be, what a deceiver thou art; who continuest still to whisper thy lyes and envy about, and seekest darkness for thy cover, as being ashamed of the Light, and all because thy case is naught, and thy deeds be evil; where­as he that doth right, seeks no corners: ‘For every one that doth evil, hateth the light; neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved: but he that doth truth, cometh to the light; that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God,’ Joh. 3. 19, 20, 21.

From an utter Enemy to all manner of Persecution for Conscience sake, but a real Lover of thy Soul, J. S.

Some Passages of E. B. his Book, in Answer unto Tho. Jackson's Paper, written to all the remaining part of the Old Parliament, then sitting; as well as to the said T. J. in 1659.
Which in a great measure is fulfilled already, and the rest is hastning, to be fulfilled in due time; Which may serve also for a Warning to this present Generation.

THomas Jackson, in the Conclusion of his Paper written to W. C. Member of that remaining part of the Old Parlia­ment aforesaid, saith thus, Worthy Sir, It will be your honour to stand in the Gap, to stop the violence of this hellish Torrent (mean­ing those Tenents he falsly chargeth upon the Innocent harm­less People of God, called Quakers) that is so high, that it sounds from Dan to Beersheba, and threatens Judgement to our Israel, &c.

To which E. B. Answers thus, Page 16. and Part of the 17.

Answ. Here is the concluson of thy matter, which is the sum of it; A running to the Powers of the Earth for help. What, [Page 21] have you Ministers lost the Lord to be your strength, that you must fly for help to Men, to defend you from the Spirit of God in his People? Must they make Laws to establish you, and set you up; is not this the Whore that rode upon the Beast, and that the Beast carries? Is not here a description of her, out of the mouth of this Author? Is he crying to you to Persecute the In­nocent? It is true, the Seed of God is risen, the Elect Seed, that is able to make War against the Beast, and against the false Prophets, even with the Word of the Lord, and is he offended that Truth is risen so high? And would he have some Fire and Mark, is he not the same man still? though he be a Sufferer under a pretence of Conscience, yet his Principle nor Na­ture is not changed to this day.Faggots again in Smithfield? and some Persecu­tion and Banishment, acted upon the People of God? Is this the standing in the Gap, and stop­ping Violence, or would ye have it done this way? Yea, Judgements indeed are threatned to your Ge­neration; for if God will not destroy you soon enough, you will destroy your own selves; and Your own Iniquity will be upon you, and the wickedness of the wicked shall slay him. ☞ mark.

But my Counsel is not only to that particular Member, but to the whole Body of them, that they be wise and take heed what they do; for the Eye of the Lord is over you, and his Hand can dash you in pieces; and if you be Oppressors of the poor People of God,Mark, is not this made good to the full at this day? sand will not relieve the Opres­sed, the Innocent, and break the bonds of Oppressi­on, the Lord will break you in pieces; for this is the Rock that hath broken all before you, [Persecu­ting People for Conscience sake] and if you go on in this way,Yea surely, a Prophet of the Lord hath been among you. your Destruction shall be the most lamen­table of any that was ever yet before you: Do you not yet see the wickedness of this Generation? will you yet contend for them? Surely you might learn wisdom even by their folly; And if you do not shut your eyes, there needs no more discovery than their own present wayes and works.

Wherefore consider the Day of God's Visitation is upon you, make good use of your time, lest the Lord break you down, and never build you up;Mark. and let the Spirit of the Lord have its Li­berty, and limit it not, for if you do, you shall never prosper, [Page 22] nor never be made a blessing unto the People under your charge. ☞Remember you are warned by a lover of your Souls.

And Page 17, 18, 19, 20. E. B. saith,

And this I say unto you in the Name of the Lord, that whilst that Interest (of this false Priesthood I mean) is so much fa­voured ☞and defended, you can never prosper, nor the Nations be ever happy under you; for it is one of the greatest oppressi­ons this day in the Nation, the maintaining and upholding of this Ministry by Tythes and other unrighteous wages; and the very Land groans under the oppression of this Church and Mi­nistry, which lieth as a heavy Burden upon both Persons and Estates, and Consciences of many good People, even of your dearest Friends; And though the Lord doth manifestly (even from Heaven) shew signal Tokens of his Displeasure against them; And the Servants of the Lord they also cease not to warn you concerning them; and their own doings are sufficient Te­stimony of the Malice of their Hearts against you, and all good men in the Nation; yet nevertheless some of you seem to shut your eyes, as if you would see no evil in them, and are crying up your godly Ministers; and some of you despising the man (as not worthy to live) that doth but speak against them: And thus are you blinded, and perceive not where the cause lies of your interruption to bring forth Righteousness. I say, it is the favouring of that Interest which stops the Issues of good things; and while you oppress peoples Persons, and Estates, and Con­sciences, to uphold this Ministry and Priesthood aforesaid, the ☞Lord shall never prosper you, nor make the Nations happy un­der your Charges. And this you shall witness eternally.

Therefore, clear your selves; do not any longer drink the Whores Cup, neither be ye Carriers of her, to execute her wickedness upon the Bodies and Consciences of People; for it is written, the Beast hath carried the Whore, and we see it hath been thus, as John saw it was to come to pass; and so clear your selves from her Tyrannies and Oppressions, and leave this false Church and Ministry to themselves; and if God will not uphold them by his Power, why should you do it? If these Priests have not yet planted Vineyards that will yeeld them [Page 23] fruit, and if their Flock will not yeeld them milk freely, why should you unjustly impose upon Peoples Consciences, and com­pel Tythes and Money from them, for the maintenance of these men? ye ought not to do it; for while ye compel and force People by Violence, contrary to good Conscience, to maintain ☜and uphold this Ministry, and Church, and Worship, you do but cause People to drink the Whores Cup, and you are but them which carry the Whore, viz. the false Church. And this is plain-dealing, to tell you the Truth, whether ye will reject it or receive it: wherefore cast them off, and let them not lurk under your wings, &c. They will cry out Heresie and Error of others, that themselves may seem clear, while as the same lodgeth in their own hearts; wherefore, I say, do not make a false Peace with them, neither do ye flatter with treacherous minds, &c.

I say unto you,Mark. Better were it for you to lay these men aside, ☜and their Flatteries and feigned prayers, and to save your selves from their Flattery, than to perish with them. And one of these will come to pass;Was not this truly prophesi­ed? for it's decreed of the Lord, if you uphold them, and oppress peoples Persons and Estates, and Consci­ences on their behalf, and in their evil cause, for Tythes and Wages to them; ye shall fall with them, and none shall be able to deliver, neither you nor them, &c.

Wherefore, Take heed unto your selves, and be wise, and learn, and do us Justice; or else God will do us Justice upon you; if you will not take off our Burdens, and ease our Oppres­sions, ☜the Lord will ease us of you,Mark. and the Earth shall not be oppressed with you: And if ye will uphold this Priesthood against Equity and good Conscience, the Lord will free good Consciences both from you and them. And this is the Word of the Lord God unto you.

☞The Open Enemy hath not prevailed against you,Let this Gene­ration beware; for there is no resisting the Hand of the Lord. but the secret hand of the Lord will not miss you.


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