A LETTER to a Member of PARLIAMENT for Settling GUINEAS.


I Have Perused the Paper you sent me, Entituled, Guineas at 21 s. 6d. will make Money Plenty—The People will bear it, &c. And I believe it was Writ by One whose private Interest it is to have them so: He endeavours to answer three Objections.

  • 1. The People will not bear it.
  • 2. It will be carried all away.
  • 3. Not Lent to the KING.

TO the 1st. he says, The People will bear it; and so say I: They must, if compell'd, whether Willing or no: If it will not breed Dis­contentments, and Heart-Burning, 'tis Well. For People to lose so Prodigiously by them 'tis very Hard. The Gentleman says, Not One in a Thousand will be any great Sufferer, throughout the Kingdom: And yet (within three or four Lines afterwards) he says, He much pitys the Tradesmen, Farmers, and Tenants, both in City and Country: Not Con­sidering they make above three Parts of the Whole of the Kingdom. I know People are for a Settlement what they shall go for, but not for such a One. This I know, When News came from the House, that it was carryed in the Committee at 25 s. I never saw so much Joy and Satisfaction among all People, in the City and Suburbs in my Life, before the other News came that it was thrown out again; and then they were as Dejected. I verily believe, That if they were settled thereabouts for some time, to the next Sessions of Parliament, or a Year, &c. the Taxes would be spee­dily and cheerfully Paid, and Trading as quick as for Twenty Years last past: 'Tis not amiss to give the People as much Satisfaction and Ease as Possible, under Great Taxes and Dead Trade: And, if the King take them at 25, or 26, and the Deficiency made up by a Tax next Sessions, or o­therwise, I Humbly Conceive, it would Content the People better than to lose so much now at once.

Secondly, He says, It will not be carried away. I Answer, It will, if In­terest will do it; and 'tis Cheaper to carry it to Holland in Specie, than to Remit it thither by Exchange; [...]nd Guineas too is Cheaper to be carried thither at 24, or 25 s. than to Remit Money.

Thirdly, It will be Lent to the KING. And be better for his Majesty by a fifth Part of all the Supplies given him; and will go a fifth Part farther, I Answer, If it be so, then it is 20 per Cent Gain to to the Go­vernment, and loss to the Subject; 'tis well if People are so Satisfied—

I Submit the Whole to Your Judgment: But 'tis my Opinion there is a Necessity they be Settled now, or else declare by a Vote, You will not this Sessions meddle with them more, then they will go for about 24, or 25 s. but at present all Trade stands still almost; and will do till one of these two be done.

G. H.

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