To the KING's Most Excellent Majesty.
The Humble Petition of William Lord Howard of Escrick, now Prisoner in the Tower;


THat as it cannot but be matter of great Mortification to him, that his Honour should be blemish'd with the Imputa­tion of so horrid and detestable a Crime, as that is for which he stands committed to this Place; so it is no less matter of Rejoycing and Triumph to him, that it has pleased the Righte­ous God to rescue his Innocency from the Vil­lainous Attempts and Practices of those lewd and infamous Persons, who, by the division of their Tongues, and the apparent contradiction of their Evidence, did render themselves much stronger Witnesses against themselves, than against him, upon whose Life and Honour they have made so impudent and audacious an Assault, as has founded a loud Alarm to all Mankind, and has justly fill'd the whole King­dom with Horrour and Amazement, to hear that Perjury and Subornation should shew its Face upon the Publick Theatre of Justice.

In humble confidence therefore that the Report thereof has, by this time, begot in Your Majesties Royal Breast softer and gentler Thoughts concerning Your Peti­tioner, whose Innocency God has made to shine through that black Cloud with which Malice has sought to darken it, he does in all humility pray, That Your Ma­jesty would be graciously pleas'd to discharge him of this Imprisonment, either with or without Bail, as Your Majesty, in Your great Justice and Wisdom, shall think fit.

LONDON, Printed for Richard Baldwin. 1681.

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