Declaring the Kings Majesties in­tention to go up against Warwick Castle, with his Army, and to oppose all that party that stands for the Parliament.

Also the Lord Brooks his intention to meet his Majesty, and to hazard his life in the just maintenance of the Commands of the High Court of Parliament, against the malignant party of this Kingdome.

Likewise, the Protestation of the Lords and Commons assembled in Par­liament, concerning their intentions for the im­ployment of these forces now raised in this KINGDOME.

Ordered to be printed, Ion. Bron. Cler. Parl.

London, Printed for T. Rider, Aug. 20. 1642.


Horrible Nevves from Warwick-shire.

MAny troubles and di­stractions have the County of Warwick groned under these late dayes, being oc­casioned by those broyles between the Lord Brooks and the Earle of Northampton, the one being Lord Lieutenant of this Shire for the Militia, the other Commissioner for the Array, authorized by his Majesty.

[Page 4] But now their feares are greater than ever, and their distractions oc­casioned by supposition of what might happen, are now moulded into a fearefull assurance of what must happen, if God prove not more mercifull (namely) a bloudy war. For they have received cer­taine intelligence that the King hath set down his resolution to come to VVarwick with his forces, withal, resolving to endeavour by faire meanes to reduce them to their for­mer obedience, if possible, (but if not, as it is not to be expected) they have great cause to feare a more fa­tall event, the Cavaliers being apt to engage themselves in any businesse that may promote a warre between [Page 5] the King and Parliament. VVhich the Lord Brooks knowing, hath so ta­ken order both for the security of the Kingdom and the Castle which was committed to his trust, that he sent private intelligence to the inhabi­tants of that party in the County, withall certifying that his intent was to meet his Majesty, and if occasion should require (the malignant par­ty offering any violence) that he was fully determined to hazard his life in the defence of his Majesty and the Parliament, and the preservation of the Peace of the Kingdom.

VVithall desiring their assistance intimating unto them the great mis­sery that they should undergo, should the malignant party prevaile [Page 6] and get the upper hand, their wives should be subject to rape, their chil­dren to murther, their houses to be burnt, and all to be destined to ruin, and other confusion.

This News being whispered through the county, wrought more with them than if a generall allarme had been beat through the whole County, for each man with speed and privacy armed himselfe and re­paired to Warwick, where they were with joy entertained by the City, who with fearefull hearts expected the issue; for it was expected that the King would have been there on Thursday the 8 of Aug. but his reso­lution altered, and he goes not thi­ther till Saturday the 20 of Aug. what [Page 7] the end will be, God knows, but the generall County is full of feare.

On the 17 day of Aug. to Southam there came in 2 Companies of Voluntiers, who were bil­letted there that night, but on the next day be­tween Lemington & Southam they were met by the Earle of Northampton, who with an 100 & odd Cavaliers opposed them but they joyning both Companies and doubling the front, gave them a sound charge; but wanting experience to levell, their muskets shot so low, that they kil'd more horses than men, by which meanes they tooke ten prisoners, and kild 5, the rest flying as fast as their horses could run, some men they had wounded, but not many, so for that night they marched to East Lemington & were billetted that night, and entertained by Parson L [...]ver, who feasted both Compa­nies at his own charge, being the first good deed that ever he did in his life, & some thinke that it was done more for feare than affection, being a very factious turbulent fellow, and hated of all that part of the Countrey.

This is the chiefe of the Nevvs in this Coun­trey, [Page 8] only we received A Declaration or Pro­testation concerning the intention of the Par­liament, for the imployment of those forces now raised throughout the Kingdom, the full substance was as follows. We the Lords are resolved to expose our lives and fortunes for the defence and maintenance of the true Pro­testant Religion, the Kings Person, Honor and Estate, the Power and Priviledge of Parlia­ment, and the just Right and Liberties of the Subject. And We do require all those who have any sense of Piety, Honor, or Compassi­on, to helpe a distressed State, and to come in unto our aid and assistance, this being the true Cause, for which Cause and in the just de­fence whereof We will live and dye.


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