THE PASSION OF OUR Blessed Lord AND SAVIOUR▪ Jesus Christ: OR, CRIES of the SON of GOD.

Digested from the Works of the late Reve­rend Dr. Horneck.

Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order.

London: Printed for S. Bates in Gilt-spur­street.


The Love of a dying SAVIOUR

WHAT makes this dreadful Sound, Eli,
Eli, Lamasabachthani?
What is it makes the Earth to shake?
Who is it makes the Earth to quake?
Jesus.) 'Tis I, poor Soul, that's lifted up
To drink my Father's litter Cup:
'Tis I must die the Death o'th' Slave,
From Sin and Hell thy Soul to save,
Look, see how I am Crucify'd.
Behold Im pierced thro' the side!
My tender Head with Thorns is Crown'd,
And with the Jews encompass'd round.
Whilst dryed with Grief's my tender Throat,
And Soldiers for my seemless Coat
Cast Lots.—Father, thy Will be done,
Forsak'st thou, Why thine only Son?
See, Sinner, see my Hands are Nail'd,
My trickling Side, and Legs, exhal'd
From Natures length! Can'st thou believe?
Do and thou shalt Mercy receive.
Soul) Ah, Lord my trembling So [...]l relents,
And with each Faculty Repents:
Lord, I believe, my Unbelief
Help thou, and with the blessed Thief,
Afford me Mercy, Lord, that I,
May dwell with thee Eternally.
And since 'tis so, to thee I'll bring
Whole Hecatombs of Praise Off'ring.
[Page] My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

The Passion of our most blessed Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST: Or, Cries of the Son of God.

OH my Soul, what anxious Thoughts disturb thy Peace! Why art thou cast down, and why art thou so disquieted within me! Is there no Ground of Hope left to cast the Anchor of thy Faith upon? Drop on holy Jesus, who will uphold and sustain thee. Nay tho' I have search'd all the City thro', yet I can hear no Tidings of him.

Arise, O my Soul, come let's up once more, make enquiry, perhaps he hath lain him down to sleep,The contrite Heart of an humble Soul falls in Love with the Excellency of Jesus, and thirsteth after him. till the Morning break. Watchmen, Watch­men, did you see my Be­loved go this way; Tell me, tell me quickly, for my Soul hath long desired to speak with him, and my Heart thirsts after my Love, my Dove, and undefiled One.

[Page] Who is your beloved; that we cannot but take notice of him,The Answer of All. I pray now, What is your Beloved more than another; Oh, my beloved is a Bundle of Myrrh, like a Cluster of Camphire in the Valley of Engiddi! my beloved is fair, having Dove's Eyes, and is the chiefest of ten Thousands. O that I had my Beloved, I would not let him go, but he should lye all night betwixt my Breasts. O therefore, tell me quickly, good Watchmen, that I may find him whom my Soul longs for, Why truly, you seem to be much trou­bled, and we pity thee; we must confess; a Rude Multiude ran this way with Staves, Clubs, and Halberts, and a Candle and Lantern, whispering as they went, but know not what they said or meant, but this we heard them say, He's in the Garden of Gethsemane. Aye, and are ye sure they said so? Then my beloved is there, I will follow hard after him, lest the Rabbles find him whom my soul loves. Hark, hark my soul, methinks I hear his Voice most bitterly crying out Lord, where art thou; What are they a doing to thee; O my Soul run to his Relief, aye, but whether; 'Tis dark, and the Voice comes from far, and I know not the way. O good Watchmen, pray now lend me, tell me, or shew me the way. We can't go from our Rounds, nor will we, to seek out we know not who, but keep on this Road which leads to the Garden of Gethsemane, and you'll find him, we be­lieve. Well, I will haste away as fast as I can.

[Page] What, Lord have I found thee overflow'd with bloody, sweat, pleeding with thy Father,The Soul finde its Saviour praying and sweating in the Garden. Doth the heavy Loads of Grief overwhelm thy Heart; Can'st not speak my dear Lord? Why so sad, O holy Jesus. Who has in­jured my Love; What no comfort yet? Speak Lord, I pray thee, lest I faint for want of one Word proceeding from thy precious Lips to my poor drooping Soul.

Behold, Sinners, see what I am now doing for thee. Behold, every Faculty and Power of my Body and Soul is almost spent, in wrestling with my Father for thy Salvation! But his Wrath is great, and be my Passion never so great, yet there is nothing will do; nothing can make Attonement but my Life. The Cup must not pass from me, my Father's Will must be doue; and I am very ready it should be so; Nay, I the Lord of Life, am willing to stoop to Death, Hell, and the Grave, to free thee from the just Wrath of an angry God.

Look, Sirs, Behold the Hour is come, wherein I must be betrayed? Gentlemen, Who do ye want? My Name's Jesus of Nazareth; D'ye seek me? Hark ye, you have a sign whereby you know the Person you want. Come Kiss. me: Judas, for lo, I long till all be fulfilled. [Page] O my dear God, what shall I do? I'll go along with thee, O Lord, where ever thou art, there let me be also. O wicked Soldiers forbear; what draw their Swords! Lord, I fear they'll kill thee. What Judas hast thou no remorse of Con­science at the betraying of thine own Lord and Master, who suffered thee to eat and drink with him at his sacred Table; Thou wantedst not Money, for thou hadst thy Master's Purse and all at dispose, therefore why didst thou s [...]ll him? O covetous Judas, for the lucre of Money, thou hadst sold thy ever blessed Jesus, and thy own Salvation too? Better had it been if thou hadst never been born. And then Malchus, can'st thou not believe it is the Lord of Life, the King of Isreal, the King of Glory, since thy Ear is healed, but at the stretching out of his Hand? O Lord, stretch forth thy Hand, and put the Fin­ger of Mercy into my Soul, thro' the Key-hole of my Heart, that I may be healed of all my Sins and Infirmities? Lord, if thou wilt thou can'st make me clean. Ah, Soldiers, where are you hailing Jesus? Peter wilt thou not go along with thy Master? What stand off, to deny him; O come, and let us follow hard after him? perhaps with our earnest Cries and Entreaties we may persuade him to let him go. Well Peter if thou wilt not go, I'l [...] go by my self. O blessed Jesus, what art thou led as a Lamb to the Slaughter! (Not by the way. That Soul which would enjoy the Blessings of a Christ, must be contented to bear his Cross. Sure thou never didst offend or injure them in the least, [Page] for thou wert all Meakness, when reviled, re­viled not again. But my dear Lord, where are we now? What, vile Rebels, smite your Saviour, and spit i [...] [...]is Face like Bruits! O Lord, why dost thou not cut them off.

Peace, silly Soul, (saith Christ) Know ye not that I have a Baptism to be baptiz'd with! And Lo, how I long till it is accomplished! Thinkest thou not, if I would resist, I would Pray to my Father, and he would give me more than Twelve Legions of Angels to rescue me! But how then shall the Scriptures be fulfilled, and his Will be done! All this is nothing to what I must undergo for thy Salvation. Ah, my dear God, my blessed Jesus, let me par­ticipate of thy Afflictions, let me resign up all to thee who art King over all, blessed for ever.

But, my bless [...]d Jesus, What Hall is this we are in! What the Judgment-Hall! Surely Lord, their Feet are swift to shed innocent Blood, and their Hearts thirst after Destructi­on. O Annas, thou High Prist, what take Counsel again Jesus of Nazareth, and deli­ver out of the Treasury thirty Pieces of Sil­ver to cursed Judas, to betray his Master! better hadst thou delivered out of the Trea­sury of thy Heart, all thy evil Corruptions, and implore Mercy at his Feet. And now my Soul attend to their Proceedings against thy Lord, and see how unmercifully they are [Page] with him. First they carried him to Annas, in order to get Counsel against him; but he finding the Witnesses were not fully agreed, (for one said this thing, another that, and a third quite con­trary) gave them longer time to confer about it, that they might One and All, bring in an Accusa­tion to the Purpose. And the better to Effect this he sends them to Caiaphas the High Priest. But he, upon Examination, finding them Confus'd in their Evidence was willing to release him. Up­on this rusht into the Assembly many false Wit­nesses, but they Contradicting one another also, made a very tumultuous Uproar among them. At last came in some few who affirmed, That he raised Lazarus from the Grave after he had been four Days dead and began to stink, which Miracle drew many of the Jews to believe on him, and this said they, we do not affirm only as a Report, but matter of Fact; for some of us not only heard him say at the Grave's mouth, Lazarus, come forth bound Hand and Feet, with grave Cloaths about him, and a Napkin on his Head. Lo, this we have both seen and heard, with many other things be­sides.

O my dear Lord, What is it they witness a­gainst thee? Do they affirm thou raised Lazarus from the Grave? What then, ye faithless and per­verse Generation, is it not lawful to do good rather than Evil? Verily, your Hearts are seared, otherwise they would not act contrary to Law and [Page] Reason. And O holy Jesus, who raised up Lazarus to Life, raise thou my Soul out of the Grave of Sin, to live the Life of Righteousness.

Then the Chief Priests and Elders with the Scribes and Pharisees, farther consulted and said, What do we? This Man doth many Miracles, and if we let him alone, all Men will believe on him, and the Romans will come and take away our Place and Nation. Miserble Jews how fearful are you lest any should venture on him, and Believe, seeing his Miracles! Lord, I will freely part with all for thy Sake, Yea, let who will come and pos­sess this earthly Substance, I am content, so I may enjoy the Influence of thy blessed Spirit, which none can rob me of. But Caiaphas said unto them, Ye know nothing at all, nor consider that it is Expedient for us, that no Man should die for the People, and that the Nation perish not. And this he spake not of himself, but God order­ed it so, that the Prophecy should come out of his own Mouth, to condemn him at the last Day. And from that time forward, they took counsel to put him to Death. Hitherto all they did, could not accomplish their wicked Designs. At last mad at Heart, they, with a detestable and wicked Re­solution, contrived to hire two impudent Sol­diers to Swear against him in the High Priest's Hall. Accordingly the Wretches came, and with loud Voices and open Mouths, Cryed, saying, This Fellow said, I am able to destroy the [Page] Temple of God and raise it in three Days. And so indeed he was; for he sp [...]ke nothing but the Truth, (meaning his Body as the Apostle Paul s [...]ys, our Bodies are the Temple of the Holy Ghost) and that in three Days he sh [...]ld raise it [...]m the Grave. But neither these Fellows, nor his Judges had as yet known the Scriptures, [...]or Power of G [...]d. Then said the High Priest. It is true what these t [...]o witness against thee▪ [...]ut Jesus h [...]ld his Peace. Then said the High Priest, I con [...]ure the [...] by the [...]iv­ing G [...]d to tell us whether thou art Christ the S [...]n [...] the living God. And Jesus, when it was put [...] to him in these three great Truths, Art thou Chr [...] the Son of the living God! Answered I am Then the High Priest rent his Cloaths and said, What need we any farther Witness against him; Ye have all heard how he hath blasphemed; what think ye; And they all with one consenting Voi [...]e, c [...]ndemn'd him to be guilty of Death.

Then they began to Spit on him, and to buffet him, and strike him with the Palms of their Hands, reviling him as a seditous Fellow, blind­folding and smiting him on the Face, saying, Prophecy now unto us, thou, Christ, who is it that smote th [...]e. At last, finding they could not agree together, as to putting him to Death, and to pass Sentence on him, (for they all agreed in the just Merits of his Condemnation) yet he must first be sent to Pontius Pilate their chief Governor.

[Page] And now, O my Soul, didst thou ever hear such Arrogance, Malice, and Envy before! Could any imagine their Hearts should be so hardened, who void of any Pity and Compassion, hunted and worried the Lord of Hosts from one Place to another. Well might he say, Foxes have Holes, and Birds of the Air have Nests, but the Son of Man have no where to lay his Head. O my Soul, doth it not make thee tremble to see Christ, thy God, King, and Redeemer, haled by rude Sol­diers to Condemnation. Ah, my dear Jesus, what made thee descend from Heaven to Earth, become Man, and be born in an open Stable, in such Poverty and Misery, but Love, celestial Love, to make Satisfaction to thy Father, for all my heinous Sins committed against thy ever bles­sed Majesty. O dear and wonderful Lord, how shall I require thy Love! O let me never fall away from Thee, nor thy Faith, but be stedfast to the End; and happy are all they that after they have denied with Peter their Redeemer, find a Door of Mercy open to receive them again. O Peter, dost thou not remember thy Master's Words now! What curse and swear you know him not, when but a little before you said, Though I should Dye with thee, yet will I not deny thee! How hast thou forgotten thy own Promise and Ingagement made to thy departing and dying Saviour! Now Peter art thou in the Gall of Bitterness, and in the Blood of iniquity [Page] Doth not the Arrows of the Almighty wound thy Soul, now thou seest thou art fallen? O let him that standeth, be cautious lest he fail in the same manner as thou hast done!

And now, my Soul, hark, what are they going to do? O dear Lord God, precious Jesus, what will nothing appease the Tumult, but thy Death? O Pilate, proceed not to condemn thy Redeemer, but rather suffer thy Body to be torn in Pieces by the Multitude.

And Pilate, seeing nothing would avail, nor would they suffer him to be released, after he was scourged, buffetted, smitten, spit upon, reviled, mocked, and hist at, with his Head crowned with sharp Thorns, which like Needles pierced his ten­der Brain; and his Body is scorn cloathed with a Purple Robe. Thus dealt with, they admitted no Plea for him, but cryed out, Release unto us Barabbas, and crucify this seditious Fellow Jesus; away with him, away with him. Pilate seeing this, and that the Uproar was great, called for Water, and washing his Hands, said, I am innocent of the Blood of this just Person, see you to it. Then answered all the People, His Blood—Nay, hold Gentlemen, (saith Pilate) here your King stands, I have ex­amined him, and endeavoured to trap him in his Replies, and lo! I find no fault at all in him. But they cried out the more outragiously, Crucify him, Crucify him: his Blood be upon us, and on our Children. Then released he Barabbas, and scourg­ing Jesus delivered him to be Crucified.

[Page] Ah, cruel Pilate, who hast thou Condemned? The Lord of Glory, the Son of God, and redeem­er of the World. See yonder, how He's haled a­way from thee, stooping under the Burden of his Cross, and his feeble Legs trembling by Reason of its Weight; so that with the Dust, Dirt, Crowd, Sweat, Blood, and want of Sustenance, to revive his fatigued drooping Spirits, the blessed Jesus is ready to sink. Can'st thou look after him, Pilate, and see all this, and thy Heart and Soul not faint and bleed? O Lord, let me with the happy Cyre­nian, help to bear thy Cross.

And, after they had abused him, and put many Indignities upon him, they led him towards Gol­gotha to crucify him? where they gave him Vinegar and Gall to drink, and when he had tasted there­of, he would not drink.

And now, O blessed Jesus, what Eye can en­dure to see or behold thee? How with rude, brawny Fists, and sear'd Hearts, they force, twist, pull, hale, and extend thy sacred Hands, which were always doing Good, and Healing Diseases, now Nailing to the Cross? What Heart cannot but Mourn, and Lament bitterly, as not being able to behold thee? Surely, our very Souls must be pricked, and our Hearts break within us, to see thy ever blessed Side pierced, springing out Streams of Blood.

And now, dear Jesus, to see how with un­controuled Severity, they pierced thy Hands and [Page] Feet, and penetrate thy Nerves and Sinews, forcing the sacred Blood out of thy tender and delicate Veins upon the Cross, and all for me, and my Sins, dost thou endure this Torment, and shed so many Drops of Blood, crying out in the Bitterness of thy Soul, behold and see if the there be any Sorrows like unto my Sorrow. O


Lord, how am I able to see Th [...]e g [...]ea [...]ing, bleed­ing, and dying for me, and not weep and mourn, and dissolve into Tears and Sorrows? O rather than my spent Eyes should want Tears of Wa­ter, help my Heart, O God, to weep Tears of Blood.

Nailed to the Cross his Arm out-stretch'd,
Thro Ag [...]ny a Sigh he fetch'd;
Whose Voice all Thunders did out-do,
Rending the Temple's Vail in two;
Making the Earth to shake, and those
Who slept in Graves, forthwith arose
And after he aloud had cry'd,
Gave up the Ghost, thus crucify'd
Between two Thieves they did him rear,
Piercing his Body with a Spear,
Whilst Soldiers thro' base Avarice,
Do for his seamless Coat cast Dice.

[Page] How, Lord canst forbear? When I consider every Sigh, every Groan, every Cry and Tear, every drop of Blood, every Pain, every Twitch, Besides G [...]nvulsions and Extortions that thou endurest, are the Products and Effects of my Sin? Lord let not a Minute nor Thought be spent in vain, now thou art dying and bleed­ing on the Cross.

And now, O holy Jesus, help my poor crip­pled Soul thro' the Crowd, to lay it self at the Foot of thy Cross, to receive the drops of Blood, as they come trickling down from thy Wounds upon my defiled Soul that not one drop of thy precious Blood may Spil on the Ground, or the sacred Liquor of eternal Life be wasted or lost.

O Lord, who is able to behold thee longer? O that I could bleed, Dye, and pour out my very Soul with thee. Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy Kingdom! O Lord, O Lamb of God, and Redeemer of the World, hear me! Remember me now thou art giving up thy precious life, and pouring out thy innocent, harmless; and compassionate S [...]ul.

But stay, O blessed Jesus, what is it I per­ceive and see in this black and dismal Hour? Lord, is it thee, in thine Agony and bloody Sweat? It is so dark I can but just see thee. Is it not finish'd yet? What say'st thou Lord, to a poor fainting, dying Soul? Speak, Lord, speak one Word of Comfort to me notwith­standing thine Adversaries and implacable Enemies about thee. Wilt thou speak, Lord, and my Soul shall hear? If thou art so faint [Page] thou can'st not [...]eak, let thy good Prophet speak for thee.

Wherefore when I came, there was no Man to h [...]lp: When I called there was none to hear? Do you think I am past saving you? Tho' you all for­sake me in this Hour of my Crucifixion, yet I do not forsake you, my Children, and my Flock, my poor Lambs, my Redeemed and Purchas'd of my Soul: Is my Hand shortned at all, tho' nailed to the Cross, that I cannot Save, or that I cannot Redeem? Beh [...]ld, at my Rebuke I dry up the Sea: and I, tho' dying at the Cross, this Moment make the Earth to shake; and it would immediately tumble down into the eternal bottomless Pit, but that I bear up the Pillars there­of. Let the Jews have as mean and vile Thoughts of me as they please, yet it is I that makes the Rocks to rent, the Sun to gather Paleness, and the Moon to turn into Blood. But to set at Liberty the Purchas'd of my Soul, I freely give my Back to the Smiters, and my Cheeks to them that pluck off my Hair.

Up, O my Soul, or else thou wilt lose the Sight of thy Saviour; Darkness hasten [...] pace. O holy Jesus, is it not thee? Let me wipe and drain my dim and almost spent Eyes, and look again; Lord, it is thee: I still perceive the Tears distilling down thy sacred Face, the Temples boyling out spirituous Blood; and thy sacred Hands and Feet blubbering up and venting from behind the Nails great Blad­ders of Blood and Froth from the expulsive [...]rts of the most exquisite Torments. What from the sixth till almo [...]t the ninth Hour, is [Page] my dear Saviour in the heighth of this vehe­ment Agony, and not over yet? What Sin am I guilty of that is not atton'd yet; that God is so incensed at, that he will not yet pardon? O quickly, quickly help me, O my God, to find it out, that thou may'st no longer be ex­torted and convul [...]'d in these grievous Tor­ments. Look upon me, Jesus; one Glance, sweet Jesus. What dost [...]ook? Lord, that one languishing dying Look has brought all to Remembrance, Lord, humbly resign it all up, that thou mayst be delivered from the T [...]rments and Bondage of Death, that my Soul may be saved thereby. O but hark, hark my Soul! what's that which sounds thus in my Ear? I am sure it is no usual Cry: It can come from none but my tortur'd Redeemer. Silence, hark! what is't? Eli, Eli, Lameae­sabac [...]hani: My God, my God, why hast thou f [...]rsak [...]n me? O God, O Lord, O ever blessed Redeemer, O Saviour, O Son and Lamb of God, Where shall I [...]ide my self from the Wrath and dreadful Displeasure of thy Fa­ther? If thou cry'st out so, what then can I do? If the Son of God cries our so bitterly, what must a poor, vile, wretched, miserable Sinner do? What, still persist, ye incredulous Jews! See, the Lord of Life prays for you, Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Do you begin to have some Remorse? Doth your Conscience smite you, and compel ye to cry out, Surely this is the Son of God! Can't ye find in, [...]our Hearts to take him down bef [...]re [...]is last Breath expires? Behold his Arms [Page] stretcht out along time to embrace Sinners, and now he bows his Head to kiss 'em? Lord, one sweet Kiss before thou givest up the Ghost. And when Jesus cried with a loud Voice, he said, Father into thy Hands I commit my Spirit, And having thus said, he gave up the Ghost.

Ah my Soul, where is thy Redeemer gone? Behold here hangs his Body besmear'd with Blood! With Skin all torn with Knobs and Wheals of Stripes, hanging down his Head, crown'd with a Garland of Thorns, trickling thro' his Skull to the tender Brain, and nailed to the Cross. What so henious a Fault could he do to deserve it? What Judge could be so cruel to put him to it? What Man could have so butcherly a Mind as to deal so out­ragiously with him?

Ah, dear Love, where art thou? Thou art the Comfort of my Heart, the Sola [...]e of my Mind, the true Content and Joy of my Af­flicted Soul, where art thou to be found? Let me but know, and thither speedily will I go; for where thou art, there is all Treasure, true Peace, true Rest and Happiness to be had, How shall I find thee? Ah where shall I find thee, my dear Lord? When shall I requite thy Labour? How shall I be able to requite thy woful Pain and Death for me? Ah how shall I do something acceptable and grateful unto thee? Ah how shall I subsist without my Life, or live without my Love? Thou art my Life and Love; and it is worse than Death to me here to live, and not to live in thee. Ah, Love divine, shew now thy Power, and [Page] carry me beyond my self! O endless Light, illuminate my Understanding, to know what and where thou art! O burning Fire of end­less Flames of Love, consume me quite, and let me hear no more what yet I am, but trans­form me to be somewhat like thy sweet self, that I may live in thee, both here and to all Eternity. Ah thou that excellest all the Chil­dren of Men in Beauty; in whose Lips Grace was shed so plentifully, yea even with God's own Hand, Where is that Beauty of thine? Where is that Grace of thy Lips? I find it not, I see it not; fleshly Eyes con­ceive not such a Mystery; open thou the Eyes of my Mind; b [...]ing thy divine Light ne [...]r [...]o me, and give me Power to look more wisely upon thee.

I see it is Jesus the Son of God, the unspot­ted Lamb, without Sin, without Fault, with­out Offences, which took my wickedness up­on him, to the intent that being set free from Sin, might be again brought into God's Fa­vour; rise again from my Fall; return home from Banishment, and that which I deserv'd he suffered, and that which I could never at­tain unto he freely giveth.

Ah, me Redeemer, Deliverer and Saviour, draw me to thee, that being always mindful of thy Death, trusting always in thy Good­ness; And being always thankful for thy un­speakable Be [...]efits, I may be made a Pertaker of so great a Reward, and not seperated from thy Body through my own Unthankfulness, so as thou should'st have been born in vain in [Page] respect of me, and in vain have suffered so many Torments, and most cruel Death, of thine own accord, for my sake.

And now raise up thy Head, my Soul, and look up to Heaven, and behold the Glory of thy Crucified Saviour, f [...]r why should my He [...]t still dwell upon Earth, since the Trea­sure thereof is return'd to Heaven▪ and since my glorify'd Jesus is ascended above, to pre­pare me a Place in his own Kingdom.

O Heaven! to thee I lift up my languish­ing Head, stretching [...]ut my trembling Hands to reach at thy G [...]ories, for so he that was dead, and laid in the Grave low enough to prove himself M [...]n, is risen again, and as­c [...]nded into Heaven, high enough to prove himsel God.

Dr [...]w me, dear Lord, af [...]er thee, and the Odours of thy Sw [...]etness, that I may run with delight th [...]o▪ all the Paths of thy pr [...]cious and pleasant C [...]mmands, and not Crucify thee a­fresh daily in Sinning against thy most sacred Majesty. And, O my dear Jesus, carry me safely through this Word, and when I depart, let thy Angels convey me to thy blissful Throne, to behold thy glorious Fa [...]e, and rejo [...]ce with thee in thy Kingdom to all Eternity.


AND now, my Soul, canst thou forget
That thy whole Life is one long Debt
Of Love to him, which on the Tree
Paid back thee F [...]esh he took for thee.
See how the Streams of precious Blood
Flow from five Wo [...]nds into one Fl [...]od.
With these he washes all thy Stains;
And by thy Ease with his own Pains.
Live, O for ever Live and Reign,
Blest Lamb, whom thy own Love hath slain,
And m [...]y thy lost Sheep live to be
True Followers of thy Cross and thee.


SING Halleluiah to our Lord,
who nobly entertains
His Friends with Bread of Life, and Wine
that issu'd from his Veins.
He gave his Body to be broke,
and unto Death bleed:
That we his sacred Blood may Drink,
and on his Flesh might feed.
A bitter Cup with Terror fill'd
he drank off for our sake,
That we might of these heav'nly Sweets
his Table yields, partake
O save us; Lord to thee we cry,
from whence all Blessings spring;
We on thy Grace alone rely,
alone thy Glory sing.
For 'tis not this alone, nor that,
thou hast bestow'd on me;
[Page] But all I have, and all I hope,
I have and hope from thee.
But more I have, and more I hope,
than I [...]an speak or think;
Thy Blessing first refresh, then fill,
then overflow the brink.
Jesus sweet Jesus is the Name
my Heart shall still adore,
Sweet Jesus is the charming Word
which doth my [...]ife restore.
Live then, O Christ, O Lamb of God,
thy Throne establishd be▪
For ever m [...]y all Hearts and Tongues
[...] P [...]a [...]ses unto thee.
N [...]w Glory to the eternal Lord,
thrice blessed Three in One;
T [...]y Name at all tim [...]s be ador'd,
till Time i [...]self be done.

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