THE EFFICACY Of the true BALME BEING A true Relation of Mrs. Rose Warnes carriage, Confession of her Sins, and profession of her hope in the mercy of God, so far as it was known to an Eye and Ear witness of much of it after she was apprehen­ded, and to the time of her death, to which she was adjudged April 1667. At Lin Regis in the County of Norfolke, upon strong presump­tion of her murther of her infant, and suffered April 14. With some means used for her help in her imprisonment.

As also an inperfect yet pretty full Relation of what she spake to the People at her execution.

Published by John Horn of Lin Regis with his Epistle and some verses on her.

Printed for T. Passenger at the three Bibles on London Bridge 166 [...].


HAving lately put to the Press, a discourse upon the Parable of the Pro­digal, cheifly the two last ver­ses of it, and therein treats much of the merciful compassion of God toward sinners, and ready­ness to receive the cheif of them, upon their return to him: yea to give by Jesus Christ repentance and remission: I have thought it very agreable with that discourse [Page]to make publick also this ensu­ing Relation of God's gracions dealing with a woman in our town of Lin; a woman of good parentage, and that sometime li­ved in good fashion but (through decay and poverty) partly fell into temptation and so into sin, [...]ter she had some understanding of the truth and goodness of God, and had made thereof som­time some profession, and surely as sins against knowledg, and af­ter mercy extended, are very provoking of God's displeasure, so it was a token of his displea­sure against her so sinning to permit her (after many convince­ments, warnings and reproofs given her, and still sinned against [Page]by her) to fall into so gross sin, as to pull upon her open shame, and punishment in the veiw of men, falling with child adulte­rously, and being delivered in se­cret, she caused it to be cast forth which God (in severity against her so hainious sinning, yet in mercy to her soul) would have come to light and there by her brought to shame and suffering. during the time of whose impri­sonment he yet magnifyed his grace and mercy toward her in giving her repentance and filling her with good & lively hope, of her salvation, as ensuing this Re­lation will inform thee, being the summe of diverse passages and observations noted by a relation [Page]to her by Marriage. viz. Tho­mas Moor junior, (since that a­lass deceased and now with God) and for the use of Friends written by him: who as he was indued with great understand­ing and wisdome in the know­ledge of the holy Scriptures, and of the grace of God, and there­through made a very skilful, able and expert spiritual Physitian, to poor sinful and aflicted souls, so was it her mercy to have much converse with him, and helpful­nesse from him in the time of her imprisonment, whose endea­vours for her, as his abundant charity through the grace of God led him to undertake them, so through the blessing of God, [Page]were a very good means of her repentance, and of the comforts & encouragements that her soul met with, she was it seems much exercised about the Parable of the Prodigal: and I was much ex­ercised about what I have there­upon published, by occasion of her, with whom I also conver­sed in the time of her restraint, though she speaking to me but once about it, I knew not that she was so much exercised in it, till I had neer finished what I thereon writ, but when I under­stood it, it made me the willing­er to publish it. And the pub­lishing of that moved me also to publish this, being an instance of mercy so agreable to it. I had [Page]noted something my self about her and of her speech at her suf­fering, but finding those passages of my Friends and Brothers, more large and full then mine own (mine own also as to the main of them, being inserted in­to the Treatise or discourse be­fore mentioned as to what might be without mention of her name) her speech being also here re­membred, and set down much fuller then my memory retained thereof or was related by me. I chose rather to publish this of he [...] then any thing of my own: this also being full of very use­ful observations profitable to be known, which [...]udged great pi­ty should be wrapt up in a napkin [Page]and be only in the hands of some fewer Persons. I have only ad­ed some brief answers to some things objected by some against her: with a few homely verses, and now it is publick do thou read and make good use of it, and the Lord give his blessing with it.

Thine to serve thee in the Gospel of Christ. J. H.

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The Efficacy of the true Balm or Medicine for Restoring and healing the Soul.
A true Relation of Mistriss Rose Warnes Carriage Confessian of her sins, and Profession of hope in the mer­cy of God; so far as it was known to an eye and ear witness of much of it after she was apprehended, and to the time of her death, with sou [...]e mention by the way of the means used for her help.

AFter the Justices had been with her and taken her examination I went with my wife to see her and found some women with her, and her self full of sorrow, and shame. I told her whatever she had done and how­ever grievously she had sinned against the Lord and against her own soul, and against his name and people of which (though I knew nothing par­ticularly [Page 2]of what procured this shame and sorrow to her, nor desi­red at this time any perticular con­fession from her yet) I doubted not but there was somewhat of shameful iniquity, and long stubbornness in hiding it, that procured this shame and sharp correction. And that which made made me so judge was the in­finite mercy of God and his slowness to anger, who is not easily provoked to such severity and sharpness in re­bukes; yet whatever it was, I desi­red she should not adde this to all, to say there is no hope; But know there was yet forgiveness, and mercy with him, that he might be feared, and hoped in by her, for still this saying remains faithful and true, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, even such lawless and disobe­dient sinners. And God hath exalted him a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance and forgiveness of sins even to rebellious, and back­sliding sinners. And he was now u­sing those means to save and redeem her from her iniquities, because mil­der [Page 3]ones would not effect his end. And therefore not to be angry or frown against him for judging thus, for which we make it our work to hide our sin he is ingaged in love and faithfulness to us to make it his work to discover and make us take shame, and if we would timely judge our selves we should not be judged with such sharpness and when we have provoked him to use sharpness, still he judgeth us in this world that he may not conde [...]n us with the world; Therefore now at last, Humble your self under the mighty hand of God and to day, if yet you wilt, hear his voyce harden not your heart, for still its to day, which he is sparing you, and hath not cut you off in your iniquity, and is still by any means calling you, that you may escape the damnation of hell. Therefore now let us take shame and judge our selves. Truly I must take shame to my self for my unfaithfulness to you, that I have not been more watchful nor more laid to heart what I have observed and heard.

I have observed that you have been of latter times very seldom in the Company of your faithful friends and negligent when you have been with them, of minding and giving earnest heed to that which might and would have kept you from this.

I thought it might be occasioned through the troubles and cares of of this world coming on you by your necessity and stra [...], and having your children like to be cast on you and desolate, and therefore sought to help it by seeking to make your life more comfortable, by engaging for you to put you into a way for your help, and the help and relief of your children with bread. I heard also of your being oft in evil vain and wanton company, and having fel­lowship with them in such vanity fi [...]thyness and foolish talking as is not convenient. But partly hoped it was not so, because it was hid from me, and though not without some fears of some truths in such reports, yet was ready to excuse it, as an issue of the temptation of the fear of want, [Page 5]and hoping of getting some advan­tage, or relief by such friendship, which though very evil, yet I was the less severe in judgeing because of your poor condition, and thought rather first to seek to take away the occasion by such means as aforesaid.

But did now see cause to blame my self, and therefore could the more pitty her, and earnestly pro­fessed that she and we all might now take notice, that God would by no means allow, or suffer it in those that make mention of his name; and keep company with those that call upon him in truth, To have fellowship with others in their unfruitful works of dark­ness. And in their merry meetings, and revellings (in which also it is a shame to speak of those things that are done of them in secret) but would more severely correct it in them then in others that know not God.

I desired her to acknowledge to Gods glory whether she had not been more a frequenter of such pri­vate meetings that are indeed un­lawful, [Page 6]lawful, wicked and lascivious then a compan [...]on of those that truly fear him; Amongst wh [...]m I told her, I had very [...]eldome seen her of late times.

Upon this she freely confessed, that she had been so formerly until ini­quity had got dominion over her. But since that she feared her being with childe, and was also made sen­sible of the pitty and kindness of her friends, who knew not what she had done; she was filled with shame fear and horrour, and had not frequen­ted such evil company. But earnest­ly begged of the Lord, to forgive and hide her sin, and cover her shame, and not make her a reproach to the foolish, which also she was perswaded, he would have done for her had the at last obeyed his voice, speaking to her when alone, and by his servants when she was sometime in their company, Admonishing and moving powerfully no longer to hide her sin but to declare her ways to some faithful friends that might pitty and pray for her, and seek her [Page 7]help and healing. And she many times was resolved to do it, and yet could not when she had opportunity they that she thought she could most freely have opened her self too, not first finding her out, nor being jea­lous of any such thing; she knew not how to break the Ice, but still full of shame and guilt came seldom among them, and when she did, met with such powerful reproofs as made her afraid and ashamed of them, as if they had known all that was in her heart, and seen all her ways; which reproofs of instruction had she sub­mitted too, and been willing to take shame with her faithful friends she knew she should have met with help and healing, and might have pre­vented this that was now come upon her, but she refused to take shame, and now the Lord had shewed him­self above her in the thing in which she dealt stubbornly and proudly, and now he had made her willing to accept of this shame as a just and gra­cious punishment of her iniquity, & she now saw that all this was needful [Page 8]to bring down her heart. And yet could not but hope in his mercy, that by his thus judging her in this world, he would save and redeem her from her iniquities, and deliver her soul from going down into the pit of de­struction.

Afterward my wife and I being with her alone; she declared some­thing of her ways of iniquity, and deeds of darkness more particularly, but (as I feared, and told her) with too much extenuating, hiding, and excusing, and so much she confessed the next time I was with her. Alass said she, I have yet sought to hide my sin, and to excuse it and put off as much as I could of the blame and shame of it from my self even in my confessions of it to you. But God hath found me out, and made you an instrument of showing me the dark corners of my heart. I think you know me, better then I do my self, I confess you have discovered the root of all this evil, and of mine iniquities getting such dominion over me. The Idolatrous esteem I had of [Page 9]having a self sufficiency in my own hand of those things, God was rend­ing from us, this love of money made me unwilling to submit to Gods cha­stisements of that nature, and laid me open to such temptations, as be­ing yeilded too promised help in the things my soul lusted after; and though still God crossed me in all yet my purpose being not broken, but my heart inclined to its covetous­ness. I went on frowardly, and stub­bornly after the way of mine own heart, &c.

I believe and am verily perswaded she then hid nothing, but by degrees as she could and had opportunity, did declare her ways, and backslid— ings wherein she had transgressed against the Lord, and his people even from the first to the last of these her wandrings that had brought her to this shame; and did very much take the shame of all to her self, yet still always said that such iniquities of fil­thyness and uncleanness of the flesh, as were now become hers, were not so formerly, nor had she such natu­ral [Page 10]promptness, that way for temp­tations to work upon, but did al­ways detest and abhor it all her young time both single and married, and therefere her iniquity was the great­er, in yeilding, and suffering her self to be over come as she had done; but having once given way to and dalli­ed with temptations, thinking her self strong enough to resist them, when she would, sin got dominion over her, and it became more then her own iniquity, and then still de­sirous to keep a name Among her friends, was unwilling to reveal her temptations, snares and weaknesses to them, and so got no deliverance. Yea though many times filled with horrour? yet was there a secret de­sire cherished to hide and hold fast deceite, a refusing to return. There­fore that God was righteous in all, and gracious in thus judging she oft fully abundantly, and freely acknow­ledged, and did very much abhor her self, as more vile then we could im­magine; and did willingly accept of the punishment of her iniquity in the [Page 11]shame brought upon her, and that because she saw by faith, that there was yet help for her in the name of the Lord, though she had destroyed her self. And indeed she was much helped by it, and being through a deep fence of her need engaged to a more earnest giving heed to the things she had heard, and that she might now know them as she ought to know them, more seriously then ever giving attention to reading, to exhortation and doctrine she profi­ted much in the time of her impri­sonment, and grew to a more clear and right understanding of the Go­spel of Christ: and of the great things therein belonging to her peace; and God did create the fruit of his lips in that gracious word peace to her, which led her with great desire and delight to exercise her self therein day and right, she much longed after the company of her faithful friends, and bewailed her neglect and slighting such op­portunities, as now her soul thirsted after.

She was much conversant in a little Book lent her (Intituled Instructions to the Living from the consideration of the future state of the Dead) in which Gods imputing righteousness with out works; and justifying the un­godly, and things pertaining thereto is treated of, so that it became her own in reading, and searching the Scripturns, whether those things were so; and was much affected with it, and appeared to have met with much help to her understanding, increase and strengthening to her faith and hope, through so weak a means, which yet to her was not weak, she could not but commend it to others, and desire them to read it. After which I gave her my Papers that are now made publick (Intituled Forni­cation Cendemned) which she oft red, and seriously pondred both in the Manuscript, and after they came out in Print, and desired many others to read, and consider the same as that in whith she met with great help, and mercy, and others might in read­ing be helped with that which would [Page 13]preserve and deliver them from such sins, and snares as she had fallen in­to.

She was much exercised in read­ing the Parable of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel, and seemed to have much right understanding in it, and help by it, and met with such refresh­ing from the consideration of his Fa­thers receiving him with so great joy, and in such manner as is there expressed as would not let go, but pleaded for, and stil rejoyced in though she met with some repulses: something like the woman of Cana­an.

There was in her whole carriage a mixture of passionate sorrow, and tears in the remembrance of her sinnes, and consideration of the shame brought on herself and frinds, and occasion given to the adversary, to blaspheme that worthy name cal­led upon her, yet never with­out hope in the mercy of God through Jesus Christ: which indeed truly melted and broke her heart. A mixture of this I say with chearful­ness [Page 14]of spirit and face, in which though she had more true rejoyceing in the Lord then it may be many did think, or then some (more pure then their maker) could brook that such a sinner should so soon have, in the joy of his salvation restored, yet there was also a mixture no doubt of flesh (as also to her sorrowings I say a mixture of flesh appearing in too much lightness of spirit by fits, unbe­seeming her condition, but it was her natural infirmity augmented by evil communications and customes, some remainders of which were yet to be seen upon her to the last, and oft be­wailed by her, and though some were offended, and straightned towards her on sight of it sometimes, yet without good reason, for was she not even a brand pluck [...]t out of the fire, and i [...] it strange to see the smell and blemishes of the smoak and fire still to remain on such a brand? And are not we also our selves compassed about with infirmity, and liable to remptations; yea have we not sin dwelling lusting and warring in us.

And can we not then have pi [...] bowels and compassion even to­wards the ignorant, and them that are out of the way. Yea on our poor broken Brethren, and seek to restore and heal such with the spirit of meek­ness, considering our selves, least we also be tempted; Oh how short are we of like mindedness to that ser­vant of the Lord, who is Lord of all, that seeing many things that might provoke and straighten his hand and heart towards us, yet doth not so observe them against us; who blind as the Lords servant, See Isa. 42.19.

She had some injury, by being put in hopes of saveing this life by some that it may be might have done more then they did (had they had a fa­vour for her) in order to the save­ing it, yet the most that I perceived her cherishing such a hope, was from a mistake of her own through which she perceived that which was right; I had it from her self.

I cannot (said she) be without hope of Gods mercy in delivering [Page 16]me from this further judgement that I have deserved at his hand and spa­ring this life to me a little longer, that I may recover more strength be­fore I go hence, to know him, and glorify him, as I have dishonoured him; and to endeavour the bringing up my children: and the reason of my hope is only in the mercy of God, that is so exceeding and a­bundant. And hath so abounded to­wards me a vile wretch, which en­courages me to hope for more.

I answered, that did give her ground of encouragement still to look for his mercy unto eternal life, and for whatever in his wisdome might most conduce to that end; but whether the saveing, or destroy­ing this present life might most con­duce to that end, or might most tend to his praise, that was a secret reser­ved in his own breast; and not so re­vealed that we might know, till we fee it in the issue, and then our faith strenthens to believe that best, and most tending to that end, which he doth. He only knows how, in what [Page 17]manner, and by what means to de­liver the godly in and out of temp­tation, and to reserve the unjust un­to the day of judgement to be puni­shed. And [...]s infinite mer [...] that such sinners, and back sliders may yet in turning to him t [...]at smiteth them, and appro [...]ching to him by Je­sus Christ through that new and li­ving way opened by his blood, be re­puted as godly, accepted as true worshippers, and be washed in the blood of the Lamb, and have their names changed in Heaven, and be counted much to partake of the in­heritance with the Saints in light, behold what manner of love is this, that we such sinners, that have justly deserved to be called by other names here, should have our sins forgiven in Heaven, and be called by a new name there; Even sons of God, heires with Christ, of the inhereritance of ilfe. let this at all times satisfie; and that he also knoweth how to deliver, even to deliver us from all our transgres­sions, and out of all our temptations, whether by life or death, leave that to him; and make not hast to kindle [Page 18]sparks, or to appoint him his way, which way he must shew us that mercy, he hath given us encourage­ment by his blood, to hope for unto eternal life.

This or what else was said of this nature, she replyed that indeed is e­nough to satisfie, and did quiet her heart and this life she valued not in comparison of it; but she might tell me of something, that gave her some encouragement to hope for this life also: but she thought I would not approve it, nor was she without fears of her own mistake in the applicati­on of it, and it was this, that scrip­ture was much brought to her mind, and did follow her, I shall not dye but [...]ive, and declare the works of the Lord. Psal. 118.17.

I told her, that was primely spo­ken of Christ, as the whole Psalm, as applyed by our Saviour, and the A­postles shew, and of him.

1. As personally considered, and yet he dyed once, but could not be holden of death; nor hindered by it from declaring the works of the [Page 19]Lord, he it is that liveth and was dead and behold he is alive for evermore. Nor did he dye in death, or fail of his undertaking, and work, but therein and thereby declared the workes of the Lord, the Father glo­rified his Name in his sufferings, and glorified it again in raising him, and giving him glory &c.

2. As mystically considered in his body the Church, who though chastened sore yet are not so given over to death; but that a seed of them is preserved to call upon him, and declare all his wonderful works, and his word that he hath put in his mouth, and in the mouth of his seed, which shall not depart, and in a sub­ordinate and secondary fence, it might be spoken of David; yet he did dye and was buried, and his Se­pulchure saith the Apostle is with us to this day. But, he was not cut off untimely, but preserved to the ser­vice to which he was called, and fit in his generation, and to finish his course with joy. He was yet a little longer spared to declare the works [Page 20]of the Lord. And I would not que­stion: but this scripture might be brought to her mind by the spirit of the Lord, to comfort and encourage her soul with this: that he that was chastened sore and dyed, yet was not given over to death, but was raised and ever liveth to make intercession for her, and to declare the works of the Lord, that she made her self ve­ry much uncapable of declaring to Gods praise, and to declare his works in her, and in delivering from blood guiltiness, that she also might declare there while that she had breath here: and this gives ground of encouragement that she should not dye in dying, but in such wise live (because he lives) as that the works of the Lord might further be declared in and by her; and he know how to magnifie his name in and by her death, as well as by her life, nor did this give any ground to hope for this life.

When I went another time to see her: she told me she expected I would have writ something for her to read [Page 21]and consider for her helpfulnesse in the understanding that Scripture a­foresaid, that she might understand where her mistake was.

I answered I did not think, it had so much impression on her spirit, I mean her mistaken application of it, and truly I did not the less but the more fear her death by the hand of Justice, in that she was so ready to catch at any thing, and to compass herself with sparks, as even to apply that to her self which was spoken of the Son of God, to gather hopes of this present life from, and not more bowed to accept of the punishment of her iniquity: in any thing God should order as to this life for the hopes sake set before her; and spoke something further to the opening it again, then I must let it go, and I thank God it doth not much trouble me to part with it for nothing of my hope as to eternal life goes with it, that which hath quickned me to that, & nourisheth that, is the resurrection of Christ from the dead, who was de­livered for my offences, & the Name [Page 22]of the Lord as declared in him, that name of God and truth in Jesus hath made me free, & given me boldness, and confidence by the faith of him (to such purpose she spake) but I con­fess said she: I had a desire if God see it good, that this life might be spared, partly for my dear childrens sake, and cheifly I think that I might live to know more of that worthy name, that I might honour it, as I have given occasion of great blemish and reproach to it: but, God knows my unfitness, my heart is deceitful, oh let it suffice me if his name may be magnified, whether by my life, or death.

After the Sessions was appointed, and she had notice of it, I went to see her, and she told me how on the first news of it, her strength departed from her, a suddain astonishment and trembling befel her, and she thought of appearing before so many in such a case was terrible to her, but she soon recovered some strength to hope in the mercy of God, that had turned her heart and feet to his te [...] ­monies, [Page 23]and to that rock of which she had been unmindful, that he would stand by her, and perfect what concerned her, so as might be best for her and tend most to his praise, I endeavoured then, and in my seve­ral visits before the Sessions to open and apply that gracious instruction encouragement and warning in Isa. 50.10.11. Both shewing who is the Lords servant there spoken off, whose voice is to be obeyed in all things; and why called Gods servant, what his voice is, and why called the voice of the Lords servant, and how to be obeyed in all things in all it saith, or testifieth, instructeth, reproveth, re­quireth, and how therein God is truly feared and worshipped by us: and likewise that such true fearers and worshippers of God may some­time walk in darkness, and have no light; and in what fence that is to be understood, and lastly that when so yet they are not left wholly comfort­less, or as Orphans, but bave the name of the Lord to trust in: their God to stay upon, to lean and de­pend [Page 24]on, and wait for; though they know not what to pray for as they ought in such cases, not knowing what manner of deliverance may be best for them, and tend most to his praise, nor see any way of escape, looking on the right hand or on the left, or which way deliverance should come, yet he that knows how to deliver doth also make intercessi­on with God according to his will, and hath the tongue of the learned, and so knows how to speak a word in due season to him that is weary, and is made perfect, and infinitely fitted to all his work and office through sufferings; this the rest, this the refreshing. But when we will be in such dayes of darkness, kindling a fire, and compassing our selves a­bout with sparks, we must expect this at the hands of the Lord, to lye down in sorrow from them.

She much rejoyced in the word of the Lord, which as she found she did eat, and it was to her the joy, and rejoycing of her heart; yet was she not without some unsettlement [Page 25]and confusion, or discomposure up­on her spirit between fears and hopes as to this life, being encoura­ged by many to hope for the saving of it, and seek't to pervert the hope and perswasion given her in the mer­cy of God through Christ, to an ex­pectation and looking for it in sa­ving her from this judgement, and on the other hand, by all the instru­ction and encouragement she met withal from the Name of the Lord, and his grace in Christ, led to rest, and rejoyce in that which gave her hope in Death, and therein willingly to resign and give up the hopes and desires of this life, and to leave the matter to him quietly, as accounting the hope of eternal life which God had given her in Christs infinite mer­cy, and enough to sati-fie. The Sessi­ons being past, and she condemned to death, being found Guilty by the Jury, upon little or no certain evi­dence of her guilt of the fact of which they found her guilty, yet without any frowardness, or preju­dice I could perceive against the in­struments [Page 26]she did acquaint herself with the Lord in it; and accepted it as from his hand as a righteous and gracious punishment of her iniquity: and was much more setled, and com­posed in her spirits than before, and so more fit to hear, and re­ceive the encouragements and in­structions of his name, as I found at my first visit of her, immediately on her return from the Sessions when she had received her sentence. When first I applyed my self to some reminding and further opening of the name of the Lord, and particular­ly of that great instruction and en­couragement in it; that through and by the means of his death, by which peace and atonement is made for sin, and he impowered to forgive sins on earth, he hath power to save from wrath, to redeem from all iniquity, to restore and bring back from all their wandrings to God, to receive and make accepted on their turning to him in his gracious drawings; e­ven such as have sold themselves for their iniquities, and for their trans­gressions [Page 27]are put away, from suc [...] nighness, fellowship mercy and good things, as otherwise they might have enjoyed here, and to this purpose be is Annoynted and consecrated for evermore, having on his Ascention on high, received gifts in the man, not only for men as they are sinners in themselves and from their first na­tural root, but from the rebellions also, though rebellion be as the sin of witchcraft, in which men make a new and personal compliance and confe­deracy with Satan, as if the compli­ance made with him in their first na­tural root were not enough: and sell themselves for their iniquities, as if their being carnal and sold to their hand under sin, through the disobe­dience of one were not sufficient, they sin after the similitude of Adams transgression, yet though they have so done, to him belongs mercy & forgive ness even for & towards them, see Dar, 9.8.9 with Isa. 50.1.3. There is help in him for such as have destroyed themselves. Hos. 13.9.

'Tis a faithful saying and worthy of [Page 28]all acceptation, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners▪ even such sinners as are lawless and disobedi­ent sinners, that will not be reform­ed, or reclaimed by the law of grace, but prophanely go on hideing and holding fast, and allowing themselves in their sins, and are murtherers of Fathers, murtherers of Mothers, Man-slayers, Whore-mongers, A­dulters, Abusers of themselves with mankind, and if there be any thing contrary to sound Doctrine, they are lawless and disobedient in going on in the trade and way of their own iniquities, till the laws of God and men say hold on them, yet such Christ came into the world to save, and not for such only, but for blasphemers of the Name of Christ, and Persecutors of the Ch [...]rch of God which are mentioned by the Apostle there as his sins, and greater then the former as to matter of fect, and as in the sight of God, yet such Christ Jesus Came into the world to save, not to save them in their sins but from them. And God hath exalted him a Prince' [Page 29]and a Saviour for to give repentance and forgiveness of sins to such, He is the propitiation now with God for sins of that nature, that might have been prevented, and might have been kept from, by the Grace of God, and that not only for those to whom he hath given an understanding to know him that is true, and that are in him, but also for the world, for them who yet lye under the power of the wicked one, that judgement may not be speedily executed, but a door of mercy and life may be held open, while yet he is by any means calling them, that in turning their sins, which yet are detain'd in heaven against them, while they continue in them may be bloted out &c through this man therefore is preached to you the forgiveness of your sins, for he came because of that truth to forgive such sins, as men cannot righteouslly forgive, as in that Jer 3.1. &c, And can have compassion where none can have none. And by him all that beleive are justifyed, from all things, from which they [Page 30]could not be justifyed by the law of Moses, even for such sins as that af­forded not a typical justification from; but condemned the sinner to death under the mouth of two or three witnesses, yet by him all that believe through this Name in which repentance and remission of sins is preached to them; are justified from all things, even from all things from which they could not be justified by that law, yea this perfection of the righteousness of God, and plentu­ousness of redemption, even the for­giveness of sins, in and through it is witnessed in the law and Prophets, for to him give all the Prophets wit­ness, that through his name whosoe­ver beleiveth in him whosoever (whatsoever they be or have been yet) now beleiving in him that justifyeth the ungodly, should name­ly through the same name of him, through which they beleive receive the forgiveness of their sins, its to him (not to, or of us) that the Pro­phets gave this testimony; therefore [...] his work and office as through [Page 31]his name, his power which the Fa­ther by means of his death, to blot them out in honour: so through the opening of his Name in which they trust to make them partakers of it in their mind and conscience, by his knowledge, or still in and unto such things, and so by or through the knowledg of himself shall my righte­ous servant justify many.

Here truly me thought she pre­vented with her understanding, and with great refreshing and delight, de­sired further to hear off, express her understanding of this matter; how through his name he gives the remi­ssion of sins, and quickens to, and nourisheth a lively hope by the re­surrection of Christ from the dead, and did her self very aptly oppose that name of the Lord to the fire of mens own kindling &c. And with gladness still more clearly to see wherein she had exceeded, did ac­knowledge her folly, and take shame to her self for her eadiness to ca [...]ch at any thing to kindle a fire to her self and compass her self about with sparks, for a vain hope of this [Page 32]life, when she had such a worthy name to trust in: and the grace in Christ was sufficient for her, & to her to encourage defend and strengthen her in her expectation of the mercy of God unto eternal life, & so in whate­ver might most conduce to that which now she was well assured this should, or else should not have come upon her, but while she was thus with pleasure rejoycing in the name of the Lord, and in the discovery of the vanity of other confidences, and sparks of her own kindling, and with gladness relinquishing them, shem et with some tryal of her faith, by means of some coming in (happily some of them not having well learned the truth as it is in Jesus, and so not e­nough acquainted with such rejoyce­ing in the Lord, and in his name on­ly, or not acquainted with her for­mer exercise in the time of her afli­ction) who urged the necessity of seeking some certain evidence and assurance of the forgiveness of her sins, and thereunto pressed to a parti­cular confession, &c,

To whom she replyed, that grace [Page 33]of God that bringeth salvation to all men, in its appearance powerfully moves to repentance, oh saies she (they were her sayings oft, and with an appearance of deep sence as having felt and proved the truth of what she said) that melts and breaks the heart it turns all the inwards of a man as it were within him, that not only teaches that denying ungodliness, and worldly lusts, we should live soberly righteously and godly in this pre­sent world; but when through for­getfulnesse and departing from it, we have sinned, and sinned grievously, yet it admonisheth and moveth to repentance, and when the heart is turned again to that, oh what sor­row and melting it works in the sight of such infinite grace to be so abused and shame with encouragement to hope that yet God should wait to be gracious to such; she oft repeated, and asserted that it did so work even to all such things in truth as they pressed too, only upon the ac­count of duty, and as a work of the Law; and for knowledge of the truth [Page 34]of her faith, and repentance, with­out declaring any certain ground, that might be as a foundation for it, and move to it, and work it, and told them it had so taught her, though she had sinned against it, and though she was a vile wretched sinner, yet this grace of God was exceeding a­bundant to her with faith and love which was in Christ Jesus, and she could not but desire, oh that all other sinners knew this grace of God, and the gift by grace. For it is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, of whom (said she) I am the cheif, I am the cheif, Howbeit he hath mercy on me, for a pattern to others, this grace is sufficient for me, I have found it s [...]icient, oh it is suf­ficient for you all, oh that all knew it: when some told her of what evi­dences some in her condition had sought and found of the truth of their repentance and graces, and thence, and from other like means got assu­rance of the forgiveness of their sins, she replyed, she knew no other sign [Page 35]or witness; but the sign of the Pro­phet Jonah, even him whom God had given for a witness to the people, nor needed she any other; for to him give all the Prophets witness, that through his name, whosever believeth in him, shall receive the forgiveness of sins, his name through faith in it had healed and made her strong; when others urged she must take heed of re­sting in a false faith, she again reply­ed, 'tis a faithful saying, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, no false faith, 'tis the true grace of God, that bring [...] salvation to all men, and she could not but wish for them, that they all knew it; when again they re­plyed upon her, that it was not o­thers concernment but her own that was now to be minded by her, and that there was something necessary to be found in her faith, and repen­tance more then in all cases was ne­cessary, to evidence the truth of it she pleaded, that there was but one Faith, she knew but one, and that she knew nothing she had to do, but now to believe on him that justifyeth [Page 36]the ungodly that imputes righteous­ness without works; and that it is to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifyeth the ungodly that ceaseth from his own works to believe &c, when to this reply was made, true this was one thing need­ful to be found in her repentance, a ceasing from her own works; (that is said they) from her evil works, but this not all necessary in her case, she again replyed nay from all my own works, for the best of them are dead and unprofitable, and righte­ousness cannot be attained by them, no nor by any of yours said she; the best of you must acknowledge you have sinned, and are sinners, and that in your best righteousness, therefore by the deeds of the law can no flesh be justifyed in the sight of God, but now the righteousness, of God is manifested without the law &c. she earnestly pressed that, that though they had not all sinned as she, whose sins was manifest, yet so unclean was their best works, that if God should enter into judgement with [Page 37]them they could not stand, nor e­scape the wrath of God; it was said that was true according to the old covenant. But now we are conside­ring our selves under another cove­nant (As intimating, that accord­ing to the covenant given us in Christ, men might be accepted, and stand just before God in their own works, not considering that God hath made him that knew no sin, to be sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.) but still in him she glorifyed, nor would be beaten off from it, nor moved to re­joyce in any thing else, nor to seek after any other thing to rejoyce in, but stood fixed like him: God for­bid that I should glory in any thing, save in the cross of Christ; by whom the world is crucyfied unto me and I unto it. This I observed in her reason­ing with divers, that though somtimes she would to commend that grace in Christ, tell them how it had taught her, and had and did work upon her, such humiliation, willingness to take shame &c. And to satisfie them did tell some that she [Page 38]had confessed her sins, and declared her wayes so farre a [...] she knew them to her faithful friends, and they had prayed for her, and God heard them: yet when she was urged to try the truth of her faith and repentance that way, and from the truth of such things, to gather or make to her self a ground and foundation for her faith and [...]ope she would not plead them at all; but relinquisht them, as empty weak and unprofitable to that purpose, and would glory in nothing as the ground of her faith and hope, but the cross of Christ, the grace in him to man ward, who was delivered for our offences, and raised again for our justification, that only through faith in it, had healed and put strength in her soul, and did strengthen her to plead for her hope of eternal life, to good purpose against all that would have moved her from it.

I perceived also the too usual way that men walk in with sinners to urge repentance, confession and sor­row for sin, and that it i [...] such as doth not bring forth any such fruit in [Page 39]truth it worketh not the righteous­ness of God, it is even such as in which they are teachers of the law, nd know not what they say, nor whereof they affirm, urging Gospel precepts and duties, on the terms of the covenant of works, the man that doth them shall live in them, and cur­sed is every one that comes short, that is, first telling them it is their duty to repent, to believe &c. with­out testifying to them any certain ground of repentance and faith in what Christ hath done, and is become for them, as true for them in Christ, whether they bel [...]ive of no, yea be­fore they dare assure them of any truth in the Gospel declarations for and towards them, and then to pro­voke to it, tell them if once they can find such a frme, and that their gra­ces are true according to such signes as they give, they may thence con­clude God loves them, and Christ dyed for them, &c. In this they un­derstand not what they say, nor where of they affirme, for as without opening a door of repentance, in the [Page 40]redemption wrought and obtained from the curse of the law, and pre­paration of forgiveness of sins in Christ through his blood, and preach­ing it in his name, there could have been no repentance towards God, nor could it have been equally re­quired, and so had been nor mans duty having on [...] sinned, and being sinners they must have been utterly and for ever shut out from God, and from his mercy: so neither is there any arme or power of God put forth to work repentance towards God, and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ, but in the testyfying or preaching the cross of Christ, or in that which is equivalent the discove­ries of Gods goodness, and propiti­ousnesse to sinners, that is in and through our Saviour, so that as the Apostle saith Herein is not love, that we have loved God, but that he hath lo­ved us first, & sent his Son the propri [...]i­ation for our sins: so may I say, herein is not repentance unto life; that men first repent and beleive, before they know weather God hath had love of [Page 41]pitty and compassion towards them in Christ, wheather Christ have by the grace of God tasted death for them or no and then ground their knowledge and assurance of that up­on the truth of their repentance and graces.

What I observed b [...] bring to my mind a former passage that I shall now relate, I went to visit a woman cond [...]mned to death for killing her husband; and met with one in the Prison coming from her, that told me she feared i [...] was in vain, for two godly Ministers had been with her and taken great pains, and could not bring her to any plain confession, nor perceive any such true contrition as mightgive them any hope concern­ing her, and they had given over, yet I desired I might see her, and was permitted, the woman being very [...] on her bed spake frowardly to her that led me in, what said she have you brou [...]ht me in another torm n­ [...]or, to which I replyed, that I came not to judge, or torment or trouble her, nor to ask or require any thing [Page 42]of her, but to tell her good news, the best for her that ever she heard, and it was certain and true, upon whichshe lift up her head, and asked what it was, I told her that Jesus Christ came into the world to save her from her sins, even her by name: for he came into the world to save law­less and disobedient sinners, ungod­ly and prophane sinners, even such as were Murtherers of Fathers, of Mo­thers, Man-slayers, Whore mon­gers, Adulterers, &c. Yea even Bla­sphemers of the name of Christ, and Persecutors of the Church of God; and such as were disobediently and rebelliously against light coming to them, such, such he came to save from their sins, she said that was good news indeed, but could I in­deed shew it her in the word of the Lord, that expresly for such, Iesus Christ came into the world to save them, I told her yea, it was plain and fully there testyfied, and did shew it her in that 1 Tim., comparing the verses, and that with other Scriptures.

I shall not enlarge this discourse, to shew how I did evidence and shew it by that and other Scriptures, and apply the instructions thereof to her, but she called for her Bible, and did consider and ponder on what was said, and then desired the woman that brought me to leave her cham­ber, and when she was gone out, told me I had spoken that which went to her heart, and discovered to her all that she had done, and yet in shew­ing where her help was, and that now she would freely and fully tel [...] me all that was in her heart, that acciden­tally she killed her Husband she be­leived, but not wittingly, intentio­nally, and that was not it that had provoked God to bring her to this judgement, but something else that she had done, & hidden and allowed her self in, which lay much upon her: but now something had touched her heart that made her willing to ac­knowledge it, as perceiving though it was vile there was for giveness, and washing, and therefore she was free to confesse her sins, and declare her [Page 44]wayes to me, and desired me to pray for her; telling me others had been with her urging and pressing her to confess her self guilty of what she knew her self clear off; and because she could not confess what they would have her, judged and conde [...] ­ned her, and left her as hopeless, but as they set nothing before her of a­ny ground, or door of repentance opened for such, so it wrought no­thing upon her, but wrath: but after she was instructed, she repented and sorrowed after a godly sort. even un­to life, to the hope of which she was quickned and strengthned by the re­surrection of Christ, who was deli­vered for our offenses &c.

And retained that hope in him, e­ven unto death, as was discerned, and believed by some that continued with her, to this I adde no more in this place, nor unto this relation of Rose VVarnes but that she me [...] with more such tryals in the two or three dayes time she lived, and was in like man­ner streng [...]hned to resist the tempter in them, and not moved from the [Page 45]faith and hope of the gospel, but wax­ed more strong therein by occasions of tryalls.

Some broken remembrances of Mrs Rose VVarnes speech at her exe­cution, containing the summe of it, with some supplyes of words, where her spirits and strength failed accord­ing to what her self had expressed o [...]t in the Prison, and before many wit­nesses.

You are gathered together a great company to look upon me, I hop [...] none with any joy at my shamefull death, I am perswaded there is none rejoyce at it, but that you do pitty me, sympathize with me, and I pray God make it of good use to you all.

The Lord is righteous in all that is come upon m [...], even unto this shamhful death. I suffer it justly from his hand, for I have sinned against him greivously sinned, and sin brings shame, it must have punishment, yea I may say what profit had I of those things of which I am now ashamed; the end of those things is death, there fore let all take heed, and be warned [Page 46]in time not to dally with sin.

God hath condemned sin in the flesh, in condemning his own Son in the flesh for our sins, he was made the banished One for us, his Fathers wrath lay hard upon him, he was in an Agony, and under the power of darkness, and sweat as it were greae drops of blood and water trickling down to the ground, and was hung on a tree, and all this as our surety, he suffered in the flesh for our sin, sin therefore must still be judged, and condemned in the flesh, and if we sin against him that was hung on a tree for us all, if we sin against his grace, that brings salvation to all men in due time: for he by the grace of God tasted death for every man, he shead his blood for every one of you for every Creature of mankind on the earth; and gave himself a randsome for all, and is the true light, that lighteth every man that comes into the world, a testimony in due time; therefore if we sin against this grace especially those that name the name of Christ, and that have tasted that [Page 47]the Lord is gracious? as I have done, he can by no means in clearing clear the guilty, he will not let sins go un­pun shed, it must be judged in the flesh, and if judgement be not re­ceived and [...]ubmitted to now, that we judge our selves, it must be judg­ed in the flesh for ever, for ever in the wrath to come, where their worm dyeth not, and their fire is not quenched, oh that is a hundred thousand sold worse then this shameful death, this will be over presently, and the sting is taken out of it, by him that was hung on a tree for us, but no end of that, when a thousand times a thousand years are past, its never a white short­ned, its still for ever and ever, there­fore God is gracious as well as right­teous, infinitely gracious in judgeing me thus here, that he may not con­dem me in the world to come: I have all my punishment here, though far lesse, infinitely lesse then my iniquity deserves, yet here I have all, and all this is nothing to the lake of fire the second death, and whatever I could have suffered less then that, had been [Page 46] [...] [Page 47] [...] [Page 48]infinite mercy, yet such his mercy I might have escaped this too, had I received reproof, and judged my self in time, but I heardned my heart a­gainst many reproofs of instruction: the reproofs of this Gospel, they are the way of life, they powerfully re­prove and melt the heart, though I did not turn at them, I was as a Bul­lock unaccustomed to the yoak no­thing less then all this would bring me down; I made mention of the name of the Lord but in late times, not in truth nor in righteousness; I walked with a blessed pretious peo­ple, I tell you they are a blessed peo­ple, think not the worst of them, nor of the way of truth they walk in, or as if the word of the Gospel of the grace of God, that brings salvation to all men were without efficacy; because I so sinned, for I walked close with God and with his people, and hid his word in my heart which I heard among them I had been pre­served from so sinning against him; but it was not heeded by me, I did not hide it in my hart, that I might [Page 49]not sin against him, I went sometime to hear, and of these late years when my iniquities had prevailed over me, I went but seldome, and when I heard I heard overly, overly, overly. I did not in hearing hear. I did not do what it was working in me to will, and to doe; I heardned my heart against the reproofs of instru­ction; and would not take shame, I thought to hide my self as Adam. but with pitiful coverings, when I had greviously sinned against God, in turning aside to another then my Husband, I thought to have conceal­ed it, that I might not take shame; and that brought me to this, in which God is righteous, and if men have done me any wrong, in medling more then they needed, or in not af­fording me what mercy and privi­ledge by the law of the land I might have had in my sad case, the Lord forgive them, and graciously set home convincement upon their hearts of their evil and wrong, I forgive them, I blesse God I have not the least prejudice against any; I take it out of his hand that is righte­ous, [Page 50]and infinitely merciful in punish­ing me with less then Hell fire for e­ver, and be you all warned in time, to flee from sin, as from the Devil; for it will lead you captive to the Devil, flee to Christ for help and strength against it, for sin brings shame: it must be owned and acknowledged, and Gods Judgement submitted too, the sooner and the more voluntary the better, for Whore-mongers and A­dulterers God will judge; Oh that such as have sinned as I have done, would make hast to confess their sins and take shame, turn at his reproofs in time, that you may escape the damnation of Hell, that is infinitely worse then this; Therefore to day, while it is called to day, the Holy Ghost saith harden not your hearts if ye would hear his gracious voice, harden not your hearts against the reproofs of his instruction: to day even to day off that this spectacle may be a warning to you all, and that God would set home to your hearts these broken words of a dying wo­man; oh that they may be laid to heart now in time.

Take heed especially all ye that [Page 51]name the name of Christ depart from iniquity; flee it as from a Serpent, void evil lascivious & wanton company chamring & wantoness provoke lust, lead into further snares, I had thought I had been strong enough to with­stand, dally not with him, take heed of dallying with the temptation, it will get dominion, at last it bites like a Serpent, make no provision for the flesh to fulfil the lusts thereof, for he that soweth to his flesh, shall of it reap corruption, and God will more severely judge them on whom his name is called, that all may know he cannot endure iniquity, he will least of all eudure it in them that come nigh him, he will magnify his name; and will be sanctifyed of all that come near him.

Take heed all of you that none of you harden your harts against him: and his voice by his pretious people because of me, but hear and attend to the Gospel, know them that call on the name of the Lord in truth, God is in and with them of a truth, though I have sinned against God and them, [Page 52]and therefore am thus corrected with the rods of men, and they are permitted to use extremity upon me: I have sinned, the Lord is righteous, let others take heed of despising the grace of God, or hardning their hearts against it, and against the way of truth, because of what I have done for even that Grace of God bring­ing salvation to all men, is the true grace of God, and doth truly teach and powerfully work. It doth in its appearing to us, teach that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present world: it did teach me, but I wanted a Ioseph like spirit to have reasoned from all the Grace appearing in Christ: how then shall I commit so great wickedness and sin against God, oh that I had harkned, but I rebelled and hardned my heart; therefore he was fain to bring down my heart withall this labour, and in all love to my soul; and to warn and admonish others, not to harden their hearts, be not mockers or despisers least your bands [Page 53]be made strong, do not for lying va­nities for sake your own mercies, for there is eternal mercies life & redem­ption in Christ prepared for you whe­ther you beleive it or beleive it not; it is prepared in him for every one of you, & given with him, that you might know and beleive, and [...] made per­taker of it in and with him, [...]he King, the God of glory hath made a mar­riage for his Son, the marriage is made, the feast prepared and ready for you all, the servants are sent to the bidden guests, and they make ex­cuses, some their Farmes, Oxen, Wives, and such things for lying va­nities for sake their own mercies, and some complement themselves out, they say I have sinned and am so vile a sinner, so unclean and so polluted, I am not fit, I must first wash my self, or make my self clean, or be washed by my tears, or works of the law be­fore I may come to him, to eat of his bread and drink of the wine that he hath mingled, take heed of this, let none complement themselves out here, c [...]me as ye are, 'Tis a faithful [Page 54]saying, worthy of all acceptation, that Iesus Christ came into the world to save sinners; sinners as sinners he came to save: but not to save them in their sins, but to save from them, to re­deem us from all iniquity, and unless he save and wash us we cannot be clean; he knew what we were be­fore he called us, and he called and gave himself for us, that he might wash us, and unless he wash us, we can have no part with him, come there­fore in his calls and drawings, come as thou art, he will in no wise cast thee away, how sinful and vile soe­ver, but he will wash thee with the washing of water by his word, for consider how great things he hath done for thee, while thou wast dead in sins and trespasses, and altogether filthy and polluted in thy blood, and while such he calls thee, and such were some of those that are now made accepted in the beloved, even such as I have been, Whoremongers, Adulterers, &c. But they were wash­ed in their coming to him, washed in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the spirit of our God, they did [Page 55]not wash themselves first, or were washed by any other means before they came, oh come therefore to the waters, he that hath no money come ye, and do not complement your selves out, well, but the bidden guests refused, and the King was forced to look for guests where he could, he sent out to the high wayes, and hed­ges, and that once and again to call & draw into the house that the house might be filled, and when many were come in, the King looking among those come into the house, finds one without a wedding garment, and said to him friend, he calls him friend, for Christ had been a real friend, to him But how camest thou in hither not having on a wedding garment, loe he was speechless, he had not that to say for excuse, that there was none pre­pared for him, or he had no way on means offered to come at it he was speechless, nothing to say for himself. There is certainly a wedding gar­ment provided for you all in and by Christ: tis made ready, loe all things are ready, and with him ten­dred [Page 56]a perfect righteousness to co­ver you, and make you acceptable in the sight of God, despise it not, its for every poor sinful wretch in the world, prepared in Christ, given with him, to be put on in coming in­to his house, and so unto him, For he that knew no sin, was made to be sin for us, that we might be made the vighteous­ness of God in him, and to him that work­eth not, but believeth on him that justi­fieth the [...]ngodly, his faith is counted for righteousness, and to him God imputeth righteousness without works. I hope you will excuse my weakness, I had almost forgot what I was saying, the man w [...] speechless, and so the judge­ment following was according to truth (as we are sure it is in all the revelations of his wrath present and eternal against all ungodliness, and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness.) Go take the unprofitable servant, bind him hand and foot, and cast him into ut­ter darknes [...], where there shall be weep­ing wayling, and gnashing of tee [...]h. Go ye cursed into ever lasting fi [...], prepared [Page 57]for the Devil and his Angels, depart from me al [...] ye workers of iniquity. O [...] most dreadful sentence, most dreadful sentence, and yet this the certain doom and judgement of all those that are incensed against him, yea of all that are not found in him whe­ther they have sinned grosly as I have done or no, or whatever righteous­ness according to the law, or other garments they be found in, not being found in this, they cannot be accep­ted with God, and so not stand in that day, nor escape that dreadful sentence, it shall come upon all that [...]anctifie themselves, that purifie themselves behind one tree &c. That feed not on the flesh of Christ, that was given for the li [...]e of the world, but eat swines flesh &c. Oh this that I now suffer is nothing to that dread­ful sentence, which yet is the portion of all the ungodly that dye in their sins, and it is his infinite grace not my deserving, that I did not fall under it for ever, all less that to me is infinite mercy, but that also he should by these means graciously recal me to [Page 58]that resting place from which I had wandered, and heal my backslidings, love me freely, own and call me by a new name in Heaven, sprinkle my heart and conscience with that blood that speaks better things then that of Abel, (more powerfully for mercy and forgiveness, and healing, then that for vengeance,) which he hath done, and doth abundantly. I may truly say, whence is this to me. Be­hold what manner of love is this. And this hath made me willing to accept of the punishment of my iniquity, since my shame was discovered, and heart brought down, she oft said, she never had any temptations since she was apprehended and in Prison, (such the mercy of God which she ac­knowledged in it) to escape, or use any means to get from under it, either by making away her self, or life privately, (as many had charged her with such enterprizes, but there was sufficient evidence to the con­trary) or by getting out; in which she much and often in the Prison magnifyed the mercy of God to her, [Page 59]yea she admired at his mercy in thus judging her. And that by this means she that had so procured these things in her self, and blemished the name of God, should so soon be delivered from all her trangressions, and from the reproach of the foolish: and from that mercy encouraged her friends to hope, that though they must remain to bear the reproach of it longer then she, yet not to be dis­couraged, he that had found out a way to deliver her, such as in which Righteousness and Mercy both was magnifyed, would deliver them, and his name, and magnifie it by that which to outward appearance might seem to blemish i [...], he knows how to bring good out of evil, to make grace abound, where sin hath abounded, but shall we therefore sin, that grace may abound, God forbid, but when he hath magnifyed his grace, in such forgive­ness, and heal [...]ng such sinners, and therein commended his righteous­ness, and glorifyed his name, (oh sure said she) she loved much to whom much was forgiven, she often [Page 60]protested her great peace and joy of spi [...]it, in the veiw of what she was hasting too, and that all sorrow and shame would presently be at an end to her, and God would wipe away all tears for his sons sake, the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the w [...]rld, and yet said, that she was filled with shame, and blushing for her own iniquity there called to re­membrance, but withal with great rejoycing in the Lord, and in him only, by means of whom her sin should be no more remembred, and therefore did relinquish all confi­dence in the flesh in any works of her own according to the law, or in any arguments, or gracious frames of brokenness, sorrow for sin, meetings desires after his name, (which though she doubted not of his gracious ac­ceptance of them, pardoning the ini­quities and mixtures in them through the mediator that lives to present them, and take away those iniquities, and mixtures, and so make them ac­cepted in himself, yet did she not know or allow them at all, in the [Page 61]ground of her hope and rejoy [...]ing in God, nor needed them, having e­nough in the flesh of Christ, that was given for the life of the world, to nourish her to eternal life) nor in particular words of scripture, brought to her mind and applyed by her, to such her needs and conditions as she thought they answered too and though from such things, she had conceived hopes of longer life here, partly, by reason of her desire of it for her childrens sake, and cheifly as she thought that she might live to walk more close with God, and with his people, and glorifie his name, as she had brought dishonour to it. And those hopes were disappointed, yet that did not move her at all from her hope, and rejoycing in the hope of eternal life, because that was be­gotten, [...]d she strengthned and quickned to it through the resur­rection of Christ, that foundation stands sure, and hath this seal for confirming the goodness and sure­ness of it. The Lord knoweth (own­eth, approveth) them that are his, [Page 62](namely that are built and abide on this foundation, yea though they have wandred from Mount to Hill, & forgot their resting place, yet turn again hither, and have their hearts and minds stayed here) and though from all her sparks that she had bin kindling and composing her self withall, she must lye down, yet she had the name of the Lord to trust in, and her God to stay upon, and he was wonderfully a present help to her in the time of trouble, and did through his name and the excellent knowledge of himself, so sprinkle her heart and conscience, and deliver her from blood guiltiness, that her tongue did sing aloud of his righte­ousness, did open her lips shut by her own iniquities, and her mouth did shew forth his praise, she ap­pointed the 25 Psalm, and sung with great joy and composure: and after earnestly praying to God for the peo­ple, and that he would graciously receive her soul, which she freely and cheerfully committed to him, she yeilded her body to the Executioner, [Page 63]to whom she said, alas poor man, come do thy office, shall I go higher or lower, which caused some that stood by to change their minds, for they had said a while before that she lengthned out her discourse to spin out time, because she was loath to come at it, but now observing this free proffer of her self to the Execu­tioner without any hastening her, they on the other hand admired to see her so willing to dye, when the rope was fitted to her neck, she a­gain protested her great peace and joy in the view of the blessedness she was going to, and it was thought by many, the body scarce retained the soul or life after it was turned off, for she was not seen to struggle, nor scarce if at all move in any part, as they said that was neer, blessed be God for his mercy in giving such a proof of the truth and faithfulness of that saying, that Jesus Christ came in­to the world to save sinners,

Her Speech.

SInners come hither, you to me I call
That you may warned be by this my fall.
Which for your sakes the just Lord or­dered,
To appear so publickly, admonished,
That you thereby might be: and so pre­vent.
Your suffering such like, or worse pu­nishment.
For such like punishments or worse will be
Thi [...] lot that won't henceforth be warn [...]d by me.
Had I been warn'd before by others, I
Had not come hither in this wise to dye,
But since his mercies I therein d [...]d slight
And turned not to him so as I might
In justice he permitted such a fall
Mercy to sh [...]w to me and to you all.
Take heed of sins deceits, the wayès thereto
Take heed how you do venture on to go,
For Sin more sub ile then a Serpent is
Happy the souls that its inchantments m [...]ss.
I thought my self once strong enough to stand.
Against its charms, and that I had com­mand.
So of my self, that I from it could keep
Me safe, but since alas! for grief to weep
It [...]ft hath bronght me, so it will do you
If you by me will not he warned now
The vitious courses which I see possest
The minds of many I did once detest,
I loathed to think to wrong the marriage bed,
Or walk in such bad wayes as thereto led,
But oh, alas! while some smooth company
Pretendi [...]g love and friendship cheerfuly
I entertain'd and sorted with no harm
Thinking in them, their fair pretence did charme
My foolish heart into so pl [...]asing sleep
That under shows of love lust gan to [...]reep.
Slily into my breast, to laugh and play
And jest and sport with them while I gave way.
Such was sins first in windings and the wayes
That sinners used heapes of woes to raise.
Upon my person, while some snares did lay
To catch me, and their mates did me betray
Who being nought themselves did seek that I
Might be so too, as if my company,
In badness would their badness mitti­gate
Or their litentiousness extenuate,
And I, alas! too ready was to close
With sins and their sweet charms, till I did loose▪
Of vertue all the savour, then I felt [...]
The pangs of hell within me, but I dealt,
Deceitfuly and hid my sins, and grew
From worse to worse, which now I sa [...]ly rue
Woe worth such false acquaintance wh [...] pretences
Of love and friendship gave to my offences.
The spring & rise, oh then be warn'd by me
And shun all foolish wanton company
All merry junkettings and gossipings
For much iniquity from such things springs,
Who walkes with wise men wisdome shall attain
But a companion unto persons vaine,
For such vile sinners, who their faults confess
And heartily therein do seek redress,
Had I not mercy now therein ob­ [...]ain'd
Oh how my soul had stain'd been my heart pain'd,
With fears of after woe! sinners be­hold
Take heed of sin, never therewith be bold,
For it will-misery to you procure
Either while here, or that that will in­dure,
Eternally, be warned then by my fall
Let me Rose Warne a warning be to all,
And yet an instance of such mercy to [...]
As may perswade you whatsoere you do
Not to despair of mercy, but submit
To bear Gods chastisement, and turn­ing yet
To hope and seek for pardon of him who
His only son sent that he might un­doe
The devils works, of sin and death for all
Who gave his life, and unto all doth call,
To look to him and saved be, since this
A faithful saying worth acceptance is
That he into the world did come that he
Might Saviour of the cheifest sinners be
And such hath saved, yea since God d [...]th swear
That of the truth of what he saith no fear,
Might us possesse, that he hath no de [...] light
In death of wicked men, but that the right
They rather turne to and their sins forsake
That of life in his love they may par­take.
To sin is bad, but to despair is worse,
For that's the certain way to death and curse
Who sins not shan [...] be tempted to despair
Therefore of sin and its deceits be­ware,
But having sinn'd repent, for God will give
Mercy to those that turne, and they shall live
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, so farewell all
And see ye warned bee by this my fall.
Qui ante non cavet post [...]ol [...]bit.
Who so doth not of sin beware be­fore
His doleful state shall afterward de­plore
Et qui ante dolet post gaudebit.
Who penitently here their sins be­waile
Hereafter shall have joys that nere shall faile.

Upon R. W.

She that was lost we hope is found
Shee that was dead doth live again
She that in lust and sin was drown'd
We hope with Christ doth now remain
Oh pretious blood that washt her so
Free grace that did her so redress
That by the ladder she might go
To endless and eternal bliss.
Lord send us to that fountain too
And throughly wash our souls there­in
Without which all that we can do
Cannot deliver us from sin.
And keep us from such sins and shame
As blurd and shortn'd here her daies
That we may glorifie thy name
And go to heaven by better wayes.

Rofe Warne.

Rose Warne thy name was, oh that thou hadst been,
Rose Warned thou such mischeifs hadst not seen,
But being not Rose Warned by thy fall
Thou art Rose Warne a warning unto all.

SHe left by her speech and demeanour a very great admiration of it, and affectedness with it in the auditory, which was very great and numerous from the Town and Country though the fewer from the Country, because it was not the mar­ket day, who generally (so far as they heard her at least) returned with abun­dance of compunction and seriousness up­on their spirits glorifying God for and in her, diverse saying they never saw any executed that dyed in that manner, and with that cheerfulness and hope in God, and with such good exhortations and in­structions given them, which they said they koped they should never forget, some said they profited by it more then by ma­ny Sermons, and much to that purpose: yet as the elder Brother of the prodigal murmured at his too good and speedy en­tertainment by his Father and servants, so their wanted not some that murmured against her, to the m [...]st of which their murmurings sufficient answer may be found in my discourse about the recepti­on of the Prodigal, yet I shall ad some­thing here with particular reference to her that was not so proper there to be made.

Object. 1. Some thought her not humbled enough judgeing its likely, by their not seeing her weep at the bar or as she went to execution, or the like.

Answ. To this let it be received what I say of the humbling God approves of, in my said discourse, and what is said in the passages in these papers related of her. Its evident by them, that she did in­geniously acknowledge her guilt and filth with many expressions of loathing her self with great detestation of her self and sins, yea and that in the prison with many years, whereof I my self was a witness: yea she so loathed her self, and saw and confessed her vileness as to take up no hope or confidence for deliverance no where but in the free and rich grace of God, and the precious blood of Iesus, which [...] much and greatly magnifyed, rejecting all other things that could be done by her as much to weak and vile to give her any release from her so great guilt, or any boldness or hope towards God and she willingly and cheerfully yeilded her self to accept and bear the chastise­ment of her iniquity, which is that [Page 75]which God himself gives as the product of an humbled heart, in Levit. 26.41.42. and if God accepted of this (or ra­ther of her) in and through his Son, so as to speak peace to hir, who then may fault her for not being more troubled, seeing if he give peace, who can cause trouble; Job 34, 29. she faid indeed as she went toward the place of execution that she thought God had wiped away all tears from her eyes before she dyed, for she could not then weep as formerly she had done, I might adde the observation and saying of Capt. Stiles a conscientious man so far as I ever heard, who was up­on some jealousies, only upon National accounts all that time and more in the Prison, and lodged in the next chamber to her: who told me and some others that he thought he was the best witness of her penitency, and that he heard her very frequently praying, weeping and [...]ying to God: and that she was seldome alone, but she was so exercised; or in reading some good book, and that he thought her [...] very pen [...]tent woman, and that there wa [...] nothing to be said to her but speak comfortably to her &c.

Object. 2. Put should so great a sinner dye like a Saint.

Answ. That's spoke to in my discourse and there it sheweth both that great sin­ners may through the grace of God be made real Saints, and b [...]ing so made bear their pun [...]shment like Saints: whe­ther it be death as the malefactor on the cross Luc 23, 40, 41, 42, or some other heavy judgement: as David his flight from his son Absolom Psal. 3. And tru­ly there were many things in her of like good appearance, to these things found in them in those their sufferings as what is mentioned before of her due evidence.

1. She rebuked (yet with compassi­on) and admonished one whom she dis­cerned or apprehended, deciding what was spoken by her, and admonished and warned all of sinning, and hardning their hearts against Gods grace.

2. She justified approved and owned Christ in his truth and people.

3. And bear a good testimony to him, and his grace, and the vertue and preci­ousness of his death and sufferings.

4. She confessed her own guilt and de­sert [Page 68]of what was ordered to her, justify­ing God therein, and confessing herself [...]o have deserved ten thousand thousand times worse matters.

5. She prayed for Gods blessing upon, and testifyed love and charity to all the people, and forgave those that had been more busie then they needed against her.

6. She submitted to bear Gods chastise­ment, and the punishment of her iniqui­ty quietly and patiently, &c.

7. Having sought to God much before, she then expressed great hope and confi­dence in Gods mercy, and the blood of Christ shell for her &c. And truly it is [...] to [...]y like a Saint (so as to be one) upon the gallowe [...], then to dye as a wicked man without faith and kope in Christ, the quietest death upon the bed, as ma­ny that dye there doe, better are like that Male factour on the Cross, then as the rich man i [...] Luke 12.19. and 16.22. on his bed, though yet in a sence she dyed not like a Saint, namely as to the rejoce­ing and glorying in the cause of her death as they doe and may do, when they dye for Christ, his truth and righteousness.

Object. 3. Some objected that [Page 78]she dyed like the Kings Judges.

Answ. What the Kings judges m [...]t with from God in their death, God best knowes. But in this she much differed from them, that they many of them justi­fyed the cause of their death, she was much ashamed of the cause of hers and confessed it, such as deserved that and far worse punishment.

Object. 4. Some said she speak good things, but they were but gene­rals.

Answ. [...]. Generall thing best be­come a numerous multitude, for they would reach to them all, so as particulars might not;

2. God and Christ and the holy Ghost, and his Apostles and Prophets speak ge­neral things two, which are not therefore the less but the more useful and profitable as that all have sinned, and are justified freely by Gods grace through the redemp­tion that is in Christ Jefus. Rom. 3.23. That Christ ayed for all, and in the propitiation for the sins of the whole world 2 Cor. 5.14.15. 1 Tim. 2.6 John 22. and its well he did so and is so, else [...] might be worse for the objectors, [Page 79]as well as for others, that all shall dye and rise and be judged, all that believe are justifyed.

3. She spake also many particulars, I wish the objector; may speak as will when they come to dye, as her particular hope for her self in God, as well as of her par­ticular guiltiness and submission to him.

Perhaps some would have [...]ad her commended her self, and spoken of some particular good things in her self, as the ground of her hope, and liked not to hear of so much hope and confidence upon the account of Gods mercifulness to sinners and the pretiousness of the blood of Jesus, who gave himself a ransome for all: if so [...] she did far better then they would have had her, for Gods good­ness and mercy, and the blood o [...] Christ will hold when all particular frames will or may break or crack that's the Pharisees way indeed, God [...] thank thee that I am not as other me [...] not so or so, but doe thus and thus but their leaven is to be taken hee [...] off by us, and yet she also spake o [...] Gods giving her new life and strengt [...] [Page 80]and reviving her spirits when she came from receiving her sentance, as she also gave particular reproof to one, and pittied another, &c. But I shall say no more about her, God grant others may be warned: by her fall, and such as have fallen may be encouraged to look towards Christ, to raise them up again by his mercy to her, that they continue not in sin till they perish, and let us bless God for his goodness to her, and give glo­ry to him, Amen.

THere be some that the truth pro­fess and walk
With those that love it, and of God can talke,
Who are I fear close sinners, some of whom
Who were of my acquaintance wish me dumb
Or dead least I disclose them, and when I
Am gone perhaps will bear them selves more high.
Thinking themselves secure for non [...] beside
They fear that know their fau'ts, but thei'l them hide
But let such now repent and trust not to
Such vain delusions as will them un­doe:
Take heed of hardning still your hearts, had I
Turned at reproofs after I wickedly,
Had once offended surely I had not
Been left of God to incurre such a blo [...].
As now's upon me, nor have come to this
To which i'me justly brought, if you amiss.
Therefore at any time doe act b [...] sure
You persevere not therein but the cure
Thereof seek speedily, to some confess it
That may be faithful, if you can't, re­dress it,
By your endeavours, that is very evil
When sinners keep the counsails of the Devil.
And yet behold Gods mercy unto me
In midst of wrath and judgement you [...]ay see.
At once how bad it is to sin, how vile
Mans nature, and how subtile to be­guile
Sin and the Serpent are, and yet how good
God is who hath a fountain in the blood
Of his dear Son so opened that their­in
Is washing from uncleanness and from sin
For such as Davids house which bloody was
And Jerusalem which in sin did pass
All other Citties, in that blood have I
Fleeing to it and hee [...]ing it, me [...]
Obtained of the Lord, so that I fear
No other punishment but what I here
Do justly suffer. Oh that pretious blood
Of my dear Saviour, which speaks so much good
Will be destroyed Sinners be warned by me
Learn to be sober and all wildness flee
But chiefly O all ye that Christ dore name
[...]ee from all sin for it will wo [...] your shame
That was my great offence that who us'd
Oft times to her what's good, it [...] abus'd
And other company did so affect
Cheifly if but pretending some res­pect
To those and that was good, that for their sake
I quencht good motions, and did ship­wrack make
Of faith and conscience, and my heart made hard
Against reproofs untill I was quite mard
Above all sinners God will least in­dure
Such as do sin against what sin would cure,
That take his name into their mouths in vain
While from iniquity they wont re­frain
By all the motives it presents unto them
But will that practice which will quite undoe them.
God will not such hold guiltless if they still
[...]rsist in sin and take thereof their fill.
[...]hey shall not scape his anger, yea [...]ch he
[...]ill bring to light when others hidden he,
[...]nd fill their souls with wounds, their face with shame
[...]ecause their wickedness bespots his name
[...]ware, beware by me then all that take
Gods name into your mouths and mention make
Of his love and his laws, think not to hide
[...]our secret deeds of darkness, they'r espyed
[...]y his all seeing eye who doth detest
[...]n most in them, by whom his name's profest
[...]am a warning made to you, beware
[...]yet you sin be sure God wont you spare
[...]our Sins doe not your selves, sirs, only wrong
[...]ut doe one God, and all that doth belong
Peculiarly to him his people name
Reflect, and fill his pretious ones with shame
And grief, and therefore your offen­things he,
Will punish if you wont be worn'd b [...] me.

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