[Page] The Glory of the WEST, Or, The Virgins of Taunton-Dean.
Who ript open their Silk-Petticoats, to make Colours for the late D. of M's Army, when he came before the Town, A SONG.

To the Tune of the Winchester-Wedding.

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R. L. S.
IN Lime began a Rebellion,
for there the Rebells came in,
Rebells almost a Million,
Came there to Proclaim M. King
The News being usher'd about,
The Virgins of Taunton-Dean,
VVith joyful surprizing a croud,
They summon'd up all their men,
And sent them to meet his Grace,
Their Protestant Prince of the West,
While the Girls from each corner did trace,
with Ornaments fit for their Guest.
Round the Market-Cross in the Town,
Their petticoats down did fall,
Without either Blush or frown,
They had like to pull'd up all;
Their petticoats they rip'd open,
some Yellow, some Red, some green,
Tho' ne're a Commandment broken,
Yet all things were there to be seen:
Of these they made Ensigns of war,
Alexander the like never bore,
The Motto Embroidered with Hair,
Such Colours was never before.
Then Notice was given the Army
Was within a Mile of the Gate,
The Maids then came to a parly,
Which should be the Captain in State;
They twenty Seven in Number,
That all in white did appear,
The Collonels Daughter tho' younger
Made Captain, and Colours did bear;
All cover'd in Cambrick and Lawn,
With garlands march'd out of the Town,
Their Skins through their Veils were shown
some tawn [...]y, some white and some brown.
But when they appear'd on the Downs,
Proud Perkin they did surprize,
And all his Country Clowns,
Draw'd Lusture from their bright Eyes,
Then at his most gracious Feet,
they threw down their garlands and Crown
With Colours fit for Field or fleet;
Or School-boys about the Town;
They being upon their knees,
He kindly saluted them round,
With Congies, and touches and squeze,
He took them up from the ground.
Three Vollies of Shot were given,
To wellcome the Maids in the West,
As if they had dropt from Heaven,
And by whom the Army was blest:
Their Captain was first saluted,
By their mighty Monarch o`th`croud,
And Katy did not dispute it,
But Crouched and turned aboutâ–ª
He Carress`d them every one,
As they were drawn up a part,
Both Betty, and Molly, and Jone,
Yet Kate was the Lass had his heart.
Each Officer took his place,
His choice he kindly drew forth,
They all were as free to embrace,
As Maids of meaner worth:
Each couple into their Tent,
They merrily did retire:
Where all the sweet night was spent,
The Virgins had their desire;
They learn`d the Discipline of War,
To exercise Musquet or Pike,
Next morning did freely declare,
They ne`re had so pleasant a night.

LONDON, Printed for James Dean, Book-seller at the Queens Head, between the Royal-Grove and Helmes in Drury-Lane, 1685.

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