I Desire that present notice may be given by the Vice-Chancellour, to the severall Heads of all Colled­ges and Halls, and by the Major to the severall Aldermen, and Church-wardens of every Parish, that they publish within their severall limits; That it is His Majesties Pleasure, That a strict account be forthwith taken of the Provisions enjoyned by His Majesties late Orders and Proclamations for eve­ry person for sixe moneths. To which purpose, I have againe recommended it to the Gentlemen that made the former Search, to make another Search: And to begin on Monday the 19th of this instant Ja­nuary. And in respect such persons as upon this se­cond View, shall be wanting of their due proporti­ons, are severally to be proceeded against, without distinction of persons. I thought fit to give them this warning; And therefore pray you not to faile to take all due meanes to make this His Majesties pleasure knowne; And to that end likewise Mr Pye, His Ma­jesties messenger, is to see many of these printed Papers in the severall parts of this Vniversity and City to be set up.

Printed at OXFORD, by LEONARD LICHFIELD, Printer to the Ʋniversitie, 1645.

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