[Page] [Page] A GLASS For the People of New-England, IN WHICH They may see themselves and Spirits, and if not too late, Repent and Turn from their Abominable Ways and Cursed Contrivances:

That so the Lord God may turn away his Wrath, which he will bring upon them (if they Repent not) for their Blasphemies against himself, and for all the Mur­ders and Cruelties done to his tender People, ever since they usurped Authority to Banish, Hang, Whip, and Cut Off Ears, and Spoil the Goods of Dissenters from them in Religious Matters, while themselves disown Infallibility in those things.

By S. G.

Man in the Pride of his Heart, will not seek after God; but when his Pride is sta [...]ned, and his Lofty Look and Mind brought low, then may be he will, though many times it proves too late.

Printed in the Year, 1676.

A GLASS For the People of New-England, In which they may see themselves and Spirits, and if not too late Repent and Turn from their Abomi­nable Wayes and Cursed Contrivances.

THey may remember, that themselves were here ac­counted Dissenters from the Episcopal Worship­pers; and may be, many of them, in that Day could not in Conscience Comply with the Prelate then in pow­er; so took their Flight in that Day, in which they were cal­led to bear a Testimony against that they saw to be Evil in that Day and Time.

But when they came to New-England, they (I mean the worst and basest-spirited of them, which indeed were most in Number) fell to Bani [...]h their Fellows, which could not bow to their gilded Calf of Will-worship, which in short time grew a great Bull, with Horns to push and gore, even to the Gallows, those that could not worship the Beast; notwithstanding the Lord raised up a Testimony in many of their Neighbours and Inhabitants of the same Country, who witnessed for the God of Heaven, against their Wayes, Doctrines and Worships, some of which they banished in a barbarous manner; others they evilly intreated and accused them of Heresie, Conspira­cy, Muteny, Faction, and what n [...]t, to hide their Deceit and cover their Persecution withal. And to the end they may come [Page 4] to a Sight and Sense of their Abominations, I am willing to set a few things in order before them, and not only before them, but also that all others may hear, and learn, and fear, and do no more so wickedly, lest the Anger of the just God break forth as a Flame, as it is now happened among that persecuting Gene­ration in New-England. So that all may see against whom and what they have set themselves, and vaunted themselves at all times, even against the Appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ, that he should not appear to stain their Pride, in which they prided themselves above all Humanity or Tenderness, either to Learned or Unlearned, Male or Female, Old or Young (if any questioned what their Hireling Priests and Smiting Pro­phets said) they must be banished, slandered and named with reproachful Names at best; but how much worse used, many can witness, and their own Cruelty manifest.

Many were the Abuses committed by them, on those that went over on the same Account as themselves did, and had as good a Right to live there as any amongst them, although they banished them, by what Power, they best know that have seen their Patent; but I'le leave that a while, and come to their proceeding against John Wheelwright, one of the Ministers of the Country, whom they charged with False D [...]ctrine, and a Mover of Sedition, and what not, as you may see at large in a Book in Manuscript, in which is all their Proceeding, too much here to insert, I'le only give the Reader some Passages, by which it may be easily understood, against what they set them­selves, and opposed.

But I may first give a hint at the manner of their Work; J [...]hn Wheelwright preached of a Light in man, and of a Spi­rit in man, at which New-England was in an Uproar, and much troubled (as Herod and all Judea was when they heard of Christ Jesus (who is the [...]ight) coming into the World. So a Jezebel's Fast, as you shall see anon was proclaimed, under pretence to seek God in this Day of Trouble; the Fast was kept [...]n the 16th Day of the 11th Moneth, 1636. and this Pestilent Man (as they deemed him) John Wheelwright, must preach at B [...]ston, before the Wolves in Sheeps Clothing; and [Page 5] indeed, however it hath been or may be with him since, the man then spoke and preached many sound Truths; I'le here insert some of his Sermon, and let the Reader judge.

He exhorted the Brethren and Sisters, To get Christ into their Hearts, that they may be happy; and exhorts his Brethren and Sisters in the Name of God, To endeavour to bring Christ into the Hearts of People, and then (saith he) you shall make the Church and your selves happy.

And also said, That as soon as Christ cometh into the Soul, he makes the Creature nothing; and (said he) in the Gospel Works of Sanctification must be pressed no other way, but as they grow from the Root, Christ Jesus; for it is he that worketh in you both to will and to do, of his own good Pleasure: and (said he) this is the Covenant of Grace, I will forgive their Sins, and write my Law in their Hearts and Inward Parts, and that is the Gospel in which the Spirit of God is conveyed, &c.

And saith he, We must be Meck and Lowly, as Christ was lowly, and content to receive all from the Father, even so must we be meek and lowly, and content to receive all from Christ: If Duties be pressed any other way, they will be Burdens, that nei­ther we nor our Fathers were or will be able to bear; therefore, saith he, if we mean to keep Jesus Christ, we must keep open this Fountain, and held forth this Light.

And told them in that S [...]rmon, That the Spirit of Christ was no Smiting Spirit (and so far John Wheelwright in this place) with much more, honest & true things, that were then given him to declare, and which indeed he then even in the midst of Woolflsh Professors did boldly and valiantly declare, and as honestly and nobly stood unto in your Court, when and where you Arraigned him, Judged him and Condemned him, but could not disprove his Doctrine, though he and others of­ten challenged both Priests and Professors, from highest to low­est; and all or most you had to say, was, That it was contrary to the rest of the Ministers, and therefore was Seditious and Mutinous.

But because I would be fair, and not wrest their words nor meanings, I'le rehearse some of their own Sayings in open Court [Page 6] against Wheelwright's Doctrine, exactly as I read in a Book, as aforesaid, and having also some Knowledge of things done in that Place of N [...]w-England. At a Court at Boston, 1636. consisting of Henry Vane Governour, Twelve Magistrates, Twelve Priests & Thirty Three Deputies; John Wheelwright was brought into the Court, and accused for preaching on the Fast Day a Heretical and Seditious Sermon, tending to Mutiny and Disturbance. Wheelwright bids them prove it by Scripture, and so did the Governour and many others, who saw their Wickedness, and abhorred and declared against their Procee­dings; and many Members in the Court gave in their Testi­mony, That his Doctrine was true, and according to God and Scriptures; and so said John Cotton, one of the Twelve Judges of the Matter, and a chief man for Learning, as they accoun­ted him. But so mad was the greatest part of them, that they would proceed against Wheelwright and his Doctrine, right or wrong; but he would not answer to their ensnaring Questions, but still offered them to prove his Doctrine by Scriptures.

And now, to make good my word, I'le give the Reader their own words in Court.

And first let's hear Collicott, one of the Witnesses against him in Court (saith Collicott) His Ʋse in his Sermon was, to put a Difference between a Covenant of Works, and a Covenant of Grace, and I do conceive, that he did drive against the things now in question. And for the Light that is revealed by the Spi­rit, he did plainly and punctually say, That in that Case there was nothing to be seen but the Glorious Light of the Spirit break­ing in upon the Soul in an absolute Promise. So far Collicott.

But let's hear Spencer, that great Orator, and New-England Church Member; may be hee'l be more to the Purpose then his Brother Collicott: Well, come on, Spencer; let's hear what thou canst say against John Wheelwright.

Spencer: Wheelwright teaches, that the Knowledge of our Sanctification, as well as our Justification, is only by Faith in Christ; and that in the [...]ovenant of Grace nothing is revealed but Jesus Christ, and his Righteousness freely given to the Soul, and the Knowledge of it comes by Faith: And this, saith Spen­cer, [Page 7] is contrary to the Doctrine preacht in New-England; for, saith Spencer, it is commonly taught in New-England, That a man may prove his Justificaiion by his Sanctification. And so far Spencer in this place.

Well, hear John Endicott: This is concluded a False Do­ctrine, because it is a Doctrine against all the Ministers of the Country. But here John Endicott told a Notorious Lye in o­pen Court; for sure he owned that John Cotton was a Mini­ster, and if so, hear what he declared in open Court.

Cotton: Brother Wheelwright's Doctrine was according to God, in the Poin [...]s Controverted, and wholely, and altogether; and nothing did I hear alledged against the Doctrine proved by the Word of God. And so far John Cotton, with much more, which he then spake to allay the Heat of their Raging Spirits, but all would not do; for when they were so much Challenged to prove by Scripture the Doctrine False, which Wheelwright had del [...]vered, or else to acquit him, they found out another way to bring their Wicked Ends to pass.

And said Spencer: The Matter in hand is not th [...] Doctrine, whether it be true or false; but the Question is, Whether or not Mr. Wheelwright hath stirred up Mutiny in the Country, and cast Aspersion upon the Ministers? And the Ministers, I mean eleven or twelve, were as mad as who was madest, and as violent as any in this Matter; for which, and such like Cau­ses and Out-rages, committed by them, both in New-Eng­land, and also here in England, the Lord, by sundry Wayes and in divers Manners, hath pleaded with some of them, and some are hardned against a Day of Judgment, which certainly will overtake them in this Life, or in the Life and Judgment that is to come.

But that which is most to be lamented, that those which once had a Good Testimony in their Hearts and Mouthes for God and his Light and spiritual Appearance; and they not be­ing faithful and constant to that which was made manifest and committed to them, its even happened to them according to the Saying of the Lord God, by the Mouth of his Prophet, That in the Day in which a Righteous Man turns from his Righ­teousness, [Page 8] and doth wickedly, all the Righteousness that he hath done shall be forgotten, and in the Sin which he doth he shall sure­ly dye the Death.

And so I'le leave John Cotton and John Wheel wright and o­thers to that of God in their Consciences, if any of them be in the Body, as for them that are out of the Body, they are gone to their long Home.

And so you Professors of New-England, who are not yet wholely blind, may see what your Priests, Rulers and Church-members have banded themselves against for this Thirty or Forty Years.

Even against God, who is a Spirit, and who is Light in all his Appearances, in either Son or Daughter, before ever a Quaker came amongst you: So the God of Heaven and Earth is clear of all your Blood, having raised up Testimony after Testimony, even ever since you set up your Inventions, and denyed the Light.

The next Piece of Wickedness I am to mind you of, is your barbarous Action committed against Ann Hutchinson, whom you first imprisoned, then banished and so exposed her to that desolate Condition, that she fell into the Hands of the Indians who murdered her with her Family except one Child, and af­ter that made a notorious Lye on the destroyed Woman, the which one of their Priests put in Print, and another of that Tribe, Samu [...]l Clark Priest of London, taking the Lye out of his Brother Wells his short Story, and must needs put it into his Book called, God's Judgments against Heresie, in which he also scandalized Mary Dyer and Midwife Hawkins, all which were known to be Women of honest Lives and Conversations, only protested against their false Church and Worships, for which they suffered in their Names and Estates, and some lost their Lives for their Testimony sake: For Mary Dyer they banished and hanged at Boston, for her Testimony a­gainst them, which she was moved of the Lord to bear a­mongst them.

But because you Professors have banished, and so been a means of destroying a Woman and her Family, as before, and [Page 9] have covered your selves by saying, she held about Thirty Monstrous Heretical Opinions, but have not that I can find laid down so much as One of them, for Indifferent Persons to judge.

So I may do a little of that Work for you and others, by which it may be seen what the Ground of your Quarrel was; and I will do it in short, and honestly, as I found it in her Let­ter, to one Mr. Leveret as she writ him in her Answer to his 1st. Moneth 1646.

It seems by that Letter which Leveret sent to Ann Hutchin­son he termed her Haughty Jezebel, and said she was a Rail­er and Reviler, and such like Terms and Names, and yet in the same Letter asked her what was become of the Light, she once shined in, in their Parts?

And now Ann Hutchinson, to that Letter of Leveret's, If it were the True Light, in which you say I did once shine in, I am sure the Author thereof, and the Maintainer of it is God, and it shall break forth more and more unto the perfect Day, and when I was with you it discovered the best Light in your self to be Darkness, as your self confessed to me in your own Parlour.

And whereas you say I speak great swelling Words of Vani­ty, that Scripture is fulfilled in your false Teachers, who fol­low the Way of Balaam and Bozer, And that Water holds out the Spirit, John 7. 38, 39. And Christ Jesus came by this Wa­ter or Spirit, Mat. 1. 18. And hereby we shall know the Spi­rit of Antichrist, because he confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the Flesh. And as to that in Rev. 12. which you say must be meant of Constantine, and not of Christ, being brought forth in the Gentile Church, then the Woman that brought forth Constantine must be crowned with Twelve Stars.

But your Church standing in the City Order, by your own Confession must needs be one of those Cities of the Nations, which the L [...]rd hath said should fall, Rev. 16. 19. And if what you called Railing or Reviling, were a Truth of God, acted by him through me, then you have called the Spirit of God a Railer and Reviler. And so far Ann Hutchinson, with much more in her [Page 10] Answer to Leveret's Letter of the 1st. Moneth 1646. after they had imprisoned her, and banished her.

So Reader if thou hast an Understanding of what the Woman held forth, thou may soon conclude what the Thirty Heretical Opinions were, that so much enraged New-England Professors to imprison, banish, and so (in a Sense) murther her and her Family by the wicked Hands of the Indians.

But how shall these People hide their Wickedness from the simple-hearted, that they should not see their Wickedness, and cry out against their Cruelty? well, I'le shew thee honest In­quirer, how they hide themselves and the Innocent Blood.

The Woman before mentioned having been imprisoned and there by the Priests and Professors pumpt and sifted to get something against her▪ laying their Snares to entrap her, and having so done take their Opportunity when her Husband & Friends were absent, as it is said, and examined her in the fore-part of the Day, and banished her in the after-part.

Notable quick Work! so she goes by Water with many o­thers that perceived they must go to Pot next, and providen­tially fell with Road-Island, and there they made a Cave or Caves, and in them lived until the cold Winter was past, in which time it was known to the Professors, where they were, and that they had bought the Island of the Indians; and the Professors began to stir and endeavour to bring the Island with­in the Compass of their Patent, so the poor molested Woman, it's like let in Fear, and thought she would go far enough from their Reach, so going Southward to seek a Place to settle upon, where she and her Family might live in Quietness, fell upon a Piece of Land that was in Controversie between the Dutch and the Natives, and the Natives being in a Heat came upon them, and were the Executioners of what the New-England Priests, Magistrates and Church-Members were an Occasion of, through their wicked and cruel proceeding, in forcing them to flee from their Rage and Fury.

And because I promised thee to tell thee honest Inquirer, how they hide and cover their Wickedness, I'le do it by rehearsing [Page 11] what Priest Wells a chief Actor in this matter, printed in his Book entitled W [...]lls's short Story (page 44.) as Samuel Clark in his lying Book quotes his Brother W [...]lls for his Author, of this and such like most Notorious Lyes, of which he prints thus, Ann Hutchinson, Mary Dyer and Midwife Hawkins, see Clark's Examples page 249. and they have been known to be honest Women, and such as were of good Report, and nev [...]r accounted either Witches or such Persons, as these two Priests and Brethren in Wickedness would have People be­lieve, that so their Wickedness might be undiscovered.

Now here Priest Clark after he had writ and printed a most cursed Lye of Mary Dyer, whom they banished and afterward hanged at Boston, as also of Midwife Hawkins: Saith he, About the same time, and in the same place, One Mrs. Hutchinson, who held about Thirty Monstrous & Heretical Opinions, whereof you have a Catalogue set down by the same Author, page 59. And growing big with Child, and towards the Time of her Labour, at last broughtforth Thirty Monstrous Births, or thereabouts, some bigger and some lesser, some of one Shape and some of ano­ther, few of any perfect Shape, none of all of humane Shape: This Mrs. Hutchinson was first vanish [...]d by the Magistrates of New-England, into Rhoad Island for her Heresies, out not staying long there, she removed with all her Family, her Daughter and her Children into the Dutch Plantation to a Place called Hell Gate, where the Indians set upon them, and slew her and her Family, her Daughter and her Daughter's Husband, with all their Chil­dren save only one that escaped.

So here is the Priests and Professors Cover, and they wipe their Mouths, and I warrant they would by saying the Indians committed this Murder be thought clear of this Innocent Blood.

So Reader thou mayest see the Rage and Envy of this pro­fessing Generation, for they banished, imprisoned this ten­derly bred Woman in or towards Winter, and what with Fears and Tessings to and fro the Woman miscaried, upon which they grounded their abominable Untruth; many Wit­nesses might be produced to prove this, and to disprove their [Page 12] abominable frequently told Slanders, and also printed by Priests and New-England Professors, and their Consederates here in England.

I might i [...]sert that other Story which the same Lye makers made of Mary Dyer, and Midwife Hawkins, but it's not worth while, as to his Description of a horrid Monster, where­in their Lyes were apparent to many sober People.

And now let me mind you of your abominable Wickedness committed by whipping Obadi [...]h Holems the Baptist with forty Stripes save one, it seems the old Father of all Whippers about Religion, loads his whipping Children in one Way, and sets them their deceitful Bounds, and may be he and they his Children may bring Scripture and Example for Forty Stripes save one.

But why would you not dispute the Point with Obadiah, when he so fairly offered it at your torturing Place, and the man you may remember brought his Bible to your Whip­ping Post to prove his Principle and Practice by Scripture, and disprove your Principles and Practices by the same; but your Godly Magistrate, as you called him, told him that was no Place to dispute in, or Words to that purpose, and so you whipt him in cruel manner forty Stripes save one: And his Fellow that was with him an aged honest man, you whipt al­so in cruel manner, and would have whipt Clark as you said, had you not had Money given you: But where did you learn in Law or Gospel to take Money for not whipping them that deserved Whipping? Behold your base Dunghil Spirits in which you act!

And you may remember, that when one of your own Mem­bers or Brethren, though not in Cruelty, namely John Spur, beheld your Barbarous proceedings, and the man's then Chri­stian like Deportment under the Tyranny of your Tormenter, who in violent manner in the Face of the People, after your Jezabel. Lecture at Boston, gave him Forty Stripes save one upon his naked Body, the which John Spur beholding, was moved with Pity, and in the Brokenness and Tenderness of his Heart could do no less then take the man by the Hand, and gave thanks in the Man's behalf to God, who had carried him [Page 13] through so great an Exercise, with so much Joy and Patience, for which John Spur was sent for to your Seat of the Whore and Beast at Boston, and there was sined for giving Thanks to God, as aforesaid, the Sum of Forty Shillings; and this was for taking the Man by the Hand, and giving Thanks to God, after he had been whipt Forty Stripes save one.

So all People may see what blind Zeal will hurry Professors on to do, drink Blood, and desire to drink more and more, and thirst more and more after Blood, as will in time be ma­nifest to all sober People. Oh drunken Professors and Talkers of God Christ and Ordinances! but possess nothing but Cruel­ty and Deceit. How are you made drunk with the Cup of Abomination? What more abominable, then for men to rent and tear the Flesh off the Backs of Men and Women like Dogs, and all about Religion, and yet say no infallible [...]pirit to be known now adays, so then they themselves may be wrong as well as any.

Oh how have these Professors like Dragons smote with Head and Tail (the false Hireling Priests, the Head, and the Earthly Power the Tail) at all Appearances of God ever since they usurped Authority, never given nor granted them by God nor man, witness their Pattent given them by the King; re­pugnant to such Cruel Proceedings against tender Conscien­ces And how have you vented your Folly, and made your Mad­ness manifest, by your base reproachful Language, commonly vented like Floods after them that could not submit to your Bundle of will-Worship, calling that good Island which took up, as I may say, your Banished, and yielded to them through the Blessing of God its Increase, which you commonly would call it, Rogues Island, and in my Hearing some of your Members commonly would say that none but Whores and Rogues went thither; A base envious Term and Name, by which the Ran­cor of your Spirits doth appear to all sober People.

Oh the exceeding Cruelty that appears in your Hearts, and because I would have you sensible of your own Iniquity and mourn under it, I may set one thing more before you in order, and that is this.

[Page 14] When, or soon after you had made your Decree, that none should be received to inhabit within your Jurisdict [...]on, but such as should be allowed by some of the Magistrates, thinking thereby to keep up your invented B [...]ilding, and Babylonish Tower of Will worship: And how bountifully hath the Lord handed forth to you, by raising up Testimony after Testimony against all your unequal Proceedings, and I may here rehearse one before named, (viz.) John Wheelwright.

First, Saith he, This Law doth leave these weighty matters of the Commonw [...]alth of receiving or rejecting such as come over to the Approbation of Magistrates, and suspend those things to the Judgement of Man, whereas the Judgement is God's, Deut. 1. 17. This is made a Ground-work of gross Popery, Priests and Magistrates are to judge, but it must be according to God's Law, Deut. 17. 9, 10, 11. That Law which gives that (without Li­mitation) which is proper to God cannot be just.

Secondly, Because here is Liberty given by this Law to expel and reject those which are most Eminent Christians, if they suite not with the Disposition of the Magistrates, whereby it will come to pass, that Christ and his Members will find worse Entertain­ment amongst us, then Abraham and Isaac did amongst the Phi­listines, then Jacob amongst the Sechemites, then L [...]t amongst the Sodomites, then the Israelites amongst the Egyptians; These all gave leave to God's People to sit down amongst them, though (they) could not claim Right as the King's Subjects may now—That Law, the Execution whereof may make us more cru­el and tyrannical over God's Children then Pagans and Sodo­mites, therefore it must needs be most wicked and sinful.

Thirdly, This Law doth cross many Laws of Christ, Christ would have us to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, Mat. 12. 11. but this Law will not give unto the King's Majesty his Right of planting some of his Subjects amongst us except they please them.

Christ bids us not to forget to entertain Strangers, Heb. 13. 2. But by this Law we must not entertain for any continuance of time such Strangers as the Magistrates like not, though they be never so gracious, allowed of by God and Good Men, except we [Page 15] will forfeit them our whole Estates, it may be and much more then our Estates come unto.

Fourthly, Christ commands us to do good unto all, but especially unto them of the Houshold of Faith. Gal. 6. 10. this Law gives Liber­ty to do hurt unto all, especially unto them of the Houshold of Faith. Many other Laws there are of Christ, saith Wheelwright, which this Law dasheth against, and therefore is most wicked and sinful. And so far John Wheelwright in his Testimony against your Law or ungodly Decree, which Sayings of his are come to pass, and you have exceeded Philistines, Egyptians and Sodomites, so it may be truly said who is like unto you, Priests, Magistrates and Pro­fessors of New-England, in Cruelty, Boldness and Presumption?

Oh that you would be stirred up to search what the matter is that the Lord is so displeased with you! it seems to me and many more, he is making you an Example to many Nations, & I hope, and do believe it will be for good to many in these Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Ireland and Holland, with all their Territories, when they shall hear, behold and con­sider what the Lord is doing▪ and suffering to come to pass upon a People that made a great shew, and a great talk of God, Christ and Ordinances, but in the very time of this great talk and profession, brought forth more Oppression then Egypt and Sodom, and have indeed done worse then all the Nations round about, and therefore thou must drink of the Cup of terrible Amazement and Astonishment, poured out by a Just Hand, as from God upon thy Inhabitauts, Oh New-England!

And the Lord God grant for his Mercy sake, that the Inha­bitants of our poor Lands of England, Scotland and Ireland, may be warned, that so they may no longer follow your per­nicious Ways, and bring like punishment upon themselves as you, oh people of New-England have done, by provoking a Longsuffering God, who hath indeed born long your unrigh­teous Ways and Doings.

Oh how hath the Father and Author of all Persecution about Religion, and your deceitful Hearts fitted you for a Day of Slaughter! How are your young, as well as your old men be­come a Scorn and Derision in Cities and Countries! and are [Page 16] not the Fruits of the corrupt Tree found among you? Is not Drunkenness, Gaming, Cheating and Cozening found among you, that it's even become a By Word, There is a New Eng­land Cheat, take heed of a New-England Cheat.

And how ashamed are your prophane and Professors, to hear one tell them of their and your pranks! they cannot en­dure to be told of your Laws; to whip, banish, cut off Ears, spoil Goods and hang at last, Dissenters from them in Religi­on, while themselves say it's a great and damnable Heresie to hold Infallibility in the things of God, and that a man must prove his Just [...]fication by his Sanct [...]fication, and that there are Delu­sions in the Witness of the Spirit, and Sanctification must be the Judge of the Witness of the Spirit; and that the Seal of the spirit is not the holy Ghost in us, and the Witness of the spirit is only mediate, and not immediate; and to say that Christ is our san­ctification, is a damnable Doctrine.

And do you not say, that God b [...]und himself in an everla­sting Covenant of Grace to the legi [...]timate Seed of them that be in Church-covenant, and that Children are left under an ever­lasting Covenant, by leaving them under Church covenant; and that there is a running over of Grace from the Father to the Chil­dren in the Way of Church covenant; and that Children by Church covenant, are born in an Eternal Covenant. See the Elders Tenent in the Bay, with much more confused Stuff too long to write o [...] read unless it were better.

But admit all this were as true, as it is false and blasphemous, would any sober Man or Woman think this to belong or ap­pertain to that whipping Church, and Church-members of New-England?

Let them lay aside their long Prayers, and then tell me what is left among them, that will either enchant the Eye or Ear of any sober Man? for are they not as Earthly minded, as Proud spirited as any, as Envious as any, and yet would be accounted the Members of the Church of Christ.

Oh how are you yet pulling down as with a Cart▪Rope the Judgement begun in your Land and Country! witness your new-found ways to torture and tear like Dogs the Flesh of the [Page 17] Conscientious, who are clear of your Calamities, in the Sight of God, though it may be some of their Earthly Houses may fall, by the Hands of the barbarous Indians, as many have fal­len by the Hands of barbarous Professors; but I say, they are clear of those Calamities, and not at all engaged in your Quarrels which you have brought upon your selves, through your Pride and unequal Dealing with Dissenters in matters of Religion, and by your treacherous Practices toward the Indi­ans, all which crieth very loud for Vengeance, however you may think to hide your selves with Flattering Printed Papers, yet your Filthiness doth appear and cannot be hid.

And you have now found out a new way to torture the Con­scientious People (viz.) your Gantelop and Whip, with which you whip an Hundred Stripes. Oh how are you grown in Cruelty! from forty Stripes save one, and two Pounds Fine, to an hun­dred Stripes, and five Pounds Fine, and this with your old Laws new revived, you have got up at Boston to torture those that are no ways engaged in your Quarrel (as I said before) and punishmen [...]s which God hath certainly brought upon you, for all your Abominations.

But through and over all the Cruelty of your Gantelop the Lord hath born a little one, and though you had Power to hale this mortal Body through your many whipping professors and prophane, yet the Testimony lives [...]ver all, and is a sweet Savour unto God, to whom be praises forever, and evermore,

And I hope all that fear the Lord, both small and great will be found in the same Testimony, and to it stand to the praise and glory of God, who is now requiring at your Hands the Blood of his innocent Servants and Martyrs, slain by that mur­dering [...]pirit, which in Persecutors hath lived, reigned and acted, from the Day of righteous Abel, unto this Day.

And now you would pick a new Quarrel with the Quaker [...], and say, They set their Posts by God's Posts, and their Thres: holds to God's Thresholds, and you are troubled that man should joyn his Posts to God's Posts, and his Thresholds to God's Thres­holds, and that in the open Meetings of the Quakers, whose damnable Dectrines and Blasphemies provoke divine Jealousie.

[Page 18] But you have not t [...]ld us what those pernicious Tenents are that are preached in the Quakers Meetings, no more then you did of Ann Hutchinson whom you banish'd for her Testimony, as hath been hinted.

But to whom should man joyn his Posts and Thresholds, if he have any to joyn, as you say ye have? I hope none will be so blind and ignorant as to set their Posts or Threshold to the Devil's Post, and the Professors of New-England's Posts, viz. their whipping Post or Gallows Posts, no nor yet joyn their Threshold to t [...]eir Goal Thresholds, nor their Bridwel. Threshold, devilish slaughter house Thresholds, over which, and in which, Professors and Talkers of God and Christ do and have haled over Lambs and Followers of Christ, and in which they crop their Ears, and out of which they bring them in their Wills and Madness, and banish, whip and hang them in their blind Zeal.

And you can take God's Posts which he through the Ope­ration of his Everlasting and Eternal Spirit hath fitted and pre­pared for his holy Building, and hang them upon the Devil's Posts (viz.) your Gallows posts, and set them to your whip­ping-posts, and sport your selves with tearing and rending their naked Backs, and Arms, and tender Breasts of Men and Women with forty Stripes save one, and sometimes an hun­dred. Oh bloody Butchers of Professors! how do you stinck of Blood, of Innocent Blood. And now after, and for all these Abominations which you have committed against the Lord God, and his Appearance in his Sons and Daughters, Servants and Handmaids, upon whom he hath in these later Dayes poured out of his Spirit, according to the Scriptures and the Promise of God, and that upon some amongst your selves, which called to you to mind the Light and [...]pirit, and its Teaching, and also cried out against your Idolatrous Practi­ces, and confused Principles; and against your smiting Spi­rits, and that before that reproachful Name of Quaker got up, all which you have evilly intreated, banishing some, and whip­ping others, before the Quakers were sent from God to call you to Repentance, and Amendment of Life, that you might [Page 19] not dye in your Sins, but these you most Evilly Intreated.

And now the Lord for his own Elect's Sake is risen to take Vengeance, and make Inquiry after Innocent Blood, which your proud and earthly Hearts have drunk in, and was hid through Deceit.

And the Lord God is making you, as I may say, as a Sign to many Nations, that shall coolly, and seriously hear and consider what you have professed, and what brought forth; and now you would fain hide your selves a little longer, and say, The Quaker is the chief Cause of our Misery, and he joyns his Thresholds to G [...]d's Thresholds, and his Posts to God's Posts, and that in the open Meetings of the Quakers, whose blasphemous Principles, &c.

But ye have not printed their Principles that ye call so provo­king Divine Jealousie, no more then you printed Williams his Principles whom you banished, nor yet John Wheelwright's Principles, which set the Priests and Professors in New-Eng­land in an Uproar in the Year One Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Six.

But John Wheelwright spoke many things which are now come to pass; and also bore Testimony to the Light. Read part of his Sermon preached at Boston, which provoked Jea­lousie, but not Divine, but Devilish Jealousie.

And in his third Use in that [...]ermon, did he n [...]t say, The second Sort of People that were to be condemned, are all such, as do set themselves against the Lord Jesus Christ, such are the greatest Enemies to the State as can be, if they can have their Wills, you see what a lamentable State, both Church and Com­monwealth will be in, then we shall have need of mourning, the Lord cannot endure these that are Enemies to himself, and King­dom, and People, and unto the Good of his Church; such shall never be able to prevail against the Lord. What will be the End and Is­sue think you, if People do set themselves against the Way of Grace and the Lord Jesus Christ? This will be the Issue of it, those that oppose the Ways of Grace, and resist the Truth, they shall wax worse and worse, 2 Tim. 3. 8. they may happily proceed a great Way, but the time shall come that they shall go no further, and by [Page 20] Reason of the Agitation of things it will come to pass, that the Church will be cleared, and your Folly manifested unto all men, so saith the Apostle, It is a hard thing to kick against the Pricks, Acts 9. 5. Who ever strove against God and prospered? If men or women fall upon the Lord Jesus Christ they break, but if the Lord Jesus Christ fall on them he will grind them to Powder: If any fall upon Christ, and will not let Christ alone, but fall upon them which hold him, and will abuse them, and be buffeting the Lord Jesus Christ, there is never a Stroke they give, but makes Wounds in their Consciences, but if they will be heaving out Christ, they shall find it the heaviest Stone that ever was; it will fall and grind them to Powder, if People set themselves a­gainst the Lord, and the Ways of Grace, and his Truth this will be the Issue of it on their Part; either those that set themselves against the Ways of God, they will be put to silence by the Light that cometh from Christ; for such Truths come with such Light and Power that they shall be so convinced, as that they shall not be able to speak any more in the Case, as Christ put down those that came against him, so that they durst ask him no more Que­stions; and so there cometh such a Power from the Word held forth by the Saints of God, that it will strick a Fear into their Hearts that oppose it: What ailest thou O Jordan that the Floods go back! Tremble thou Earth at the Presence of the Lord. They that came to Christ fell back, there cometh a divine Power from the Lord that turneth them all back; the Lord will strick with Trembling those that come against Jerusalem; or if they be not put to silence, it will come to pass in time, they will fall i [...]to a wonderful Strong Passion, and will quarrel with the Saints of God. It was the Case of Zedekiah with Michaiah, the Que­stion was, which of them had the Spirit of God, and he comes and smites the Prophet Michaiah on the Cheek, but the Spirit of God is not a smiting Spirit. Stephen convinced the Jews, and did by the Power of the holy Ghost Evidence his Cause to be the Cause of God, and they were not able to resist the Spirit by which he spake and they came and run upon him, why do ye resist the holy Ghost (saith he) what maketh the Sin against the holy Ghost, but En­lightning, and setting themselves against the way of Truth, and [Page 21] persecuting it in Malice and Wrath. It is a fearfull thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God. Heb. 10. 31. For our God is a consuming Fire, Let every one (in the Fear of God) have a Care how they set themselves against the Truth, and Ways of God, and the Ways of Jesus Christ; for we must all appear be­fore the Judgement Seat of Christ, 2 Cor. 5. 10.

Thus much of the Sermon preached by John Wheelwright, in the Year 1636.

By which you Professors of New England may see how prophetical he spake of what is come to pass and fulfilled on you, as he said, If People did set themselves to Oppose and Re­sist the Grace of God, and his Way and Truth (as you have done) such shall wax worse and worse. And are you not more and more enraged, and crying out Blasphemy and Heresie? but have not given Account what those Blasphemous and Here­tical Principles are, against which you have set your selves this Thirty or Forty Years. And why did you not print Obadiah Horne's Principles, to whom you gave Forty Stripes save one, and his Fellow-Sufferer's Principles, whom you also whipped in a Cruel Manner? So it seems all must fare alike that sute not with your Will-worship. But now of late you have printed against the Quakers, but give no Account either what they say, do or hold, which seems to me to be very brutish, and below common Civility or Manhood: You see, I do not so by you; but plainly tell, what you say, do and hold, and may en­large upon all, if I have been too scant in my Account, nei­ther indeed would I be willing to be otherwise dealt with in such a Case.

What! are you so Mad-drunk with Blood, that ye care not either what you do, say, or print? You have no need to make your selves more naked.

Could not your Secretary Rawsen, which hath partaken with you in your Wickedness and Folly, and has had a large scope of Blood with you, advised you better then to put in print such a piece of Folly? Why did you not set him to work, and print the Quakers Abominable bl [...]sphemies and Idolatries, as you call them, that so all People might have judged of the [Page 22] Matters, or else kept his printed Piece in New-England? for People here in England, even many Prophane Ones, and much more sober Men and Women, know the Quakers Principles and Conversation also, and are not willing to close their Eyes, as Professors in New-England have, and here in England l [...]kewise many Professors do.

Its well known Rawson hath Envy enough in his Heart to lay open Quakers Faults, if he could find such great ones; but may be he intends to wrap the Lambs in Wolves Skins, like one of their Priests, who was talking of the Quakers, and was asked, Why they should suffer so deeply, or the like, seeing no Evil Thing was proved against them? Why (said the Priest, or words to that purpose) in case you have a Wolf in your Trap, but may be canno [...] prove he killed a Lamb, or the like, but he is a Wolf, and of such a Nature as will do Mischief; so he must not go, and the Quaker must suffer though nothing can be proved a­gainst him o [...] them, but in the Trap he is. And may be that is the Matter that you go aboard S [...]ips, and Rifle the Quakers, and then ca [...]ry them into Prison, and l [...]ck them up, may be when they have been long tossed upon the Sea, and would gladly enjoy a little fresh A [...]r and Victuals.

Well, the Lord God, against whom you have done Evil, above what can be said or written with Tongue or Pen of man, open your Blind Eyes; yea, if you could come to him who is the Light and Life of all Good Men and Women; he, I say, would anoint your Eyes, that the God of this Wicked World, to wit, the Devil, hath blinded, and then would you see as you are seen, and be h [...]mbled before the Lord God of Ever­lasting Pity, which hath no Pleasure in him that dyes, who indeed would have all return and live. A Remnant there is that know, he is a very Pitiful God, and a Gracious God, a Sin-pardoning God, a God that blots out Iniquity as its turn­ed from; therefore turn ye all People to the Light; for God is Light, and his Son is Light; so love the Light, and [...]e love God and his Son, who is come a Light into the World, that whosoever believes in him and follows him, should not abide in Darkness, nor Envy, nor Anger, nor Wrath, nor Malice, [Page 23] but come to Love, which (thinks, muchless) does no Evil to any man; and so, live in God, who is Love: but first they must come out of the Devil, who was, is, and ever will be a Murderer of Mankind, both Soul and Body, without they turn from him, and deny his wicked Spirit; and indeed, the Fruits of his spirit are manifest, which are Anger, Wrath, Whis­perings, Evil-surmisings, &c. which being lived in, grow to Banishings, Whippings, Cutting off Ears, Hanging and Mur­dering about Religion, and what not that is Aboninable; and against such Wickedness there is a Law of God and Man: But the Fruits of God's Holy Spirit are Quietness, Meekness, Lowliness, Temperance, Brotherly-kindness, Merciful as God is Merciful, against such there is no Law; for all Law is for such, I mean, not all mens Laws or Decrees which are made against the Innocent; but all Good, Just and Equal Laws, are not against, but for, all such as truly Fear the Lord, and work Righteousness, and abide in him, who is the Author of all Good, to whom be Praise forever, Amen.

Reader, be not troubled that I use the word Professor so of­ten, for it very often riseth in me so; and I mean, such as pro­fess God, Christ and Scriptures, and Ordinances of the Go­spel, but live in another Spirit, and them are the Professors meant: but such as possess, and then profess, what, and no more then they do possess, such Professors my Soul loves, and the Lord my God loves, and will love for evermore.

[Page 24] ANd now I may set down some Tenents, which I found written in a Book called, The Elders Tenents in the Bay. So if they be your Tenents, ye Elders of New-England, consider of them (for some of them appear very uns [...]und) if they be not, then disown them, and let's have it under your Hands; or if you will own part, then let's know which part, and how many; they are numbred from One to Forty Six: Those of them which I am most dissatisfied in are thus noted ☞ on the Margin.

Tenent 1. The Promises of Grace are Conditio­n [...]d, and no Promise is absolute, but h [...]th Conditions, either expressed or implyed, in the Right of which Condition the Promise is performed, and so by us to be pleaded.

II. There are saving Preparations before Union with Christ.

III. The Law subdues the Will, and we may too much cleave to the Gospel.

IV. Faith is first given to the Soul before Christ.

V. We are Co-Workers with Christ in our first U­nion.

VI. Sanctification is the first Evidence of our Ju­stification.

VII. Faith is alwayes confirmed by Signs and Pro­mises, and not by Spiritual Manifestations.

VIII. Sanct fication is more plain and perspicuous then the Witness of the Spirit.

[Page 25] IX. There are Delusions in the Witness of the Spi­rit.

X. Sanctification must be the Judge of the Witness of the Spirit.

XI. The Witness of the Spirit is only Mediate, and not Immediate.

XII. The Nature of Man is not capable of Imme­diate Vision or Spiritual Manifestation.

XIII. The Seal of the Spirit is not the Holy Ghost in us, but the gracious Operations of the Spirit.

XIV. To say that Christ is our Sanctification, is a Damnable Doctrine.

XV. God hath tyed himself in an Everlasting Co­venant of Grace to the Legitimate Seed of them that be in Church-Covenant, 1 Cor. 7. 14. Acts 2. 39.

XVI. Children are left under an Everlasting Co­venant by leaving them under Church-Covenant.

XVII. Children are left under a Covenant of Faith, by leaving them under a Church-Covenant.

XVIII. Church-covenant reaches to a Thousand Generations.

XIX. Children by Church-covenant are born in an Internal Covenant, 1 Kings 14. 13.

XX John Baptist's Faith was evident by Leap­ing in the Womb, Luke 1. 44.

XXI. Children born of Believing Parents have no Right to the Seals by that Covenant your Parents entered into after their Birth.

XXII. The Legitimate Seed of Israel were cir­cumcised, and none else.

[Page 26] XXIII. There is a running-over of Grace from the Father to the Children in the way of Church-co­venant.

XXIV. The Jailer had right by Church-covenant to the Seals, Acts 16. 33.

XXV. Faith the Cond [...]tion of the Covenant is be­fore Just [...]fication.

XXVI. We are justified with respect to Works.

XXVII. The Spirit of God of it self is not a suf­ficient Witness, although it reveal to the Soul a sure Promise except it reveal the sight of some Graces.

XXVIII. One that hath the Evidence of Faith, if he falls into some Sin, its not a season to look upon his Assurance but his Sin for Recovery.

XXIX. That Faith that justifies my Person, and will serve to believe with, is not sufficient to come to a Sacrament.

XXX. That Church-covenant is the staple com­modity of New-England, saith Mr. Ward of Salem or Ipswich.

XXXI. To dismiss a Member of such a Church as holds forth a Covenant of Grace to be absolute without condition, and the Evidence thereof without respect to condition, is sinful, and the nursing them up in Sin.

XXXII. Errors that are ripe to be prayed and fa­sted against, which tend to the Subversion of the Gospel, are not fit to be named, nor the Persons that hold them.

XXXIII. To question a Ground of Faith to pray and fast against such Errors, that come under a pretence of Justification, to tread down Sanctification; I demand [Page 27] how one should say Amen to a thing doubtful? and to bring those Scriptures, Mat. 2. 7, 1 Cor. 14. 8. 16. Rom. 14. 23. is hideous Blasphemy.

XXXIV. A Member dealt withal for an Offence, which is not convinced of the Offence, nor sufficient Means of Convict on, who was willing to confess so far as Light was manifested, and attend for more Light to conviction, Jesus Christ censured not [...]u [...]h an one for an absolute Sinner.

XXXV. A Member under the Admonition of a Church, if they come to the Sacrament, are to be excom­municated.

XXXVI. Sanctification in the Nature is per­manent, immortal, immutable.

XXXVII. The Image of God in Adam was not created, but infused, and the same way that the Image of God was infused in [...]o Adam, Faith [...] infused.

XXXVIII. If a Woman, being a Member of a Church, and dismissed t [...] another Church be delivered of a Child by the way, that Child is a Member of no Church because born between two Churches.

XXXIX. If upon leave from an Offi [...]er of a Church, a Member may have Liberty to be absent to hear in another Church, yet if he ask leave by a Depu­ty, and depart, he must give Satisfaction for ending a Mess [...]nger, and not coming himself.

XL. To hold Justification is not laid up in my self, but in God's everlasting Love witnessed in an ab [...]olute Promise, is a doctrine of Liberty and Licentiousness, & a way to commit all Sins, and not to be troubl [...]d.

[Page 28] XLI. If a Man see no Christ nor no Faith, if he see himself full of Mortification, he may safely come to the Sacrament upon that Ground.

XLII. What the Minister binds in Church-cen­sure, is bound and loosed in Heaven.

XLIII. That the Covenant God made with A­braham in Gen. 17. 7. was a conditional Covenant.

XLIV. That Faith must go before Justification, as a Means to obtain Justification, Gal. 2. 16.

XLV. That though a man be ungodly before he be called and justified, yet not immediately before he is justified; for he is called before he is justified, Rom. 8. 3.

XLVI. That Christ stiles his disciples a Faithless Generation, and he must needs mean of them, because he saith, How long shall I be with you, &c? Mark 9. 19.

QUERIES by another Hand for the New-England Priests and Elders to Answer.

1st, VVHether did Christ come to save mens Lives, or to destroy them?

2ly, Whether did not Christ dye for all men, to the Intent that all men through him might have Life, and believe in him, and be saved?

3ly, whether the Gospel is not a Gospel of Salvation?

4ly, Where did ever Christ or the Apostles make any Law, to put any to Death that did blaspheme against them, and would not hear them, but rather left them to the Eternal Judgment and Death, and the Tares and Wheat to grow together till the Harvest?

5ly, Whether have not New-England Priests and Elders brought forth a Monstrous Birth of the Flesh, worse then Ba­laam, worse then Core, worse then Cain, Herod, Pharaoh and Nebuchadaczar; for these never pretended themselves to be Christians, and therefore my Query is, whether ye New-England Priests and Professors, since ye fled out of Old Eng­land into the Wilderness of New▪England, whether you have not brought forth many Monstrous Births, like Bruit Beasts, like Dragons, like Cockatrices, like Roaring Lyons and De­vouring Wolves? Let the Fruits of the Birth that they have brought forth in the Wilderness speak.

For, hath not this Monstrons Birth, or Births, so suddenly brought forth without the Midwise, which hath been begotten by the old Serpent, devoured Widdows Houses, spoiled the Goods of the Innocent People of God, Whipt, Hang'd, Bani­shed, Cut off Ears, Branded with Hot irons?

[Page 30] Now if this be the Birth of the Spirit, let God, and Christ, and the Scriptures, and all Good Christians judge.

6ly, Whether or no, if these be your Principles, that are here laid down, you can make them good by Scriptures? and if you can, in your next give us Chapter and Verse for it.

7ly, Whether is this t [...]e God that you have made in the Wilderness of New-England, and worshipped it? Surely Christ will break it to Powder, and put it into your River to drink, as Moses did Israel's Calf.

And over your Red Sea God's Heavenly Israel shall go dry-shod, and on the Banks above it, they shall stand and praise God, and see you wallowing in your own Red Sea of Blood, who pursue after the Blood of the Righteous, to bring them into your Spiritual House of Bondage: but God will bring your Counsel to nought, as he did your Fore father, Pharaoh and his Host:

For wherein do ye differ from all the Monstrous Births of the World, with your Fleshly Carnal Weapons, against the Birth that is born of the Spirit, and the Womb of the Morn­ing, Jerusalem, which is above, who is free, and her Chil­dren, which is the Mother of us all True Christians. For, the most Monstrous Births, which have been brought forth in ma­ny Ages, in all Nations, are now brought forth in New-England; who out-strip the Turks, and far have out-done the Bishops, from whose Face you fled? And how can you ever any more exclaim against the Cruelty of the Papists? And have not the Christians more Liberty amongst the Turks, then amongst you?

8ly, And whether have not you dishonoured Christianity, more then the Turks, in your Lives and Actions, and the Jews, who crucified Christ without the Gates of Jerusalem? but you, who go under the Name of Christians, persecute and crucifie him in his Members within your Jurisdiction, and eve­ry Appearance of God, as they and all may see, that have ta­ken a Prospect of your Proceedings in New-England.

[Page 31] YOu Professors and Priests of New-England, did the King give you Liberty for your Seditious Conventicle beyond the Seas, and give you a Patent for your Liberty▪ and that none others should have their Liberty in New-England but your selves? And doth your Patent say, That you must Imprison, Banish, Whip, Spoil the Goods of all them that will [...]ot conform to your Will-Worship, and Blind Zeal, and Self Righteousness and Formal [...]ties; and if any do return after that you have bani­shed them, then you are to Hang them, as you have done; and such as come to visit them that you do imp [...]ison, to cut off their Ears, and brand them with a Burning Iron, as you have done, that speak against your Wicked Proceedings? Let us see, if that your Patent and the Scriptures will bear you out for your Pra­ctice, for your Hanging, and Cutting off Ears, and Burning with Hot Irons, and Banishing the King's Subjects, and Im­prisoning, and Spoiling of their Goods, as you have done, to them that would not conform to your Devilish Persecuting Spirit.

And did ever the Bishops Cut off any of your Ears, or Brand you with Hot Irons, and Hang any of you, or Banish any of you, under pain of Death, if that you did Return, and make you pay Five Shillings a Day for not hearing of them, and beat you with pitcht Ropes, and Cut off the Ears of any that came to visit you, when any of you were in Prison in Old England.

And have not you with your cruel, Murderous, Persecuting & Oppressing Spirit, hindred the King's Subjects for Peopling that Place; and you to make wor [...] Laws against the People of God, then ever the Bishops had against you? and thus you have acted contrary to the Scriptures, and contrary to your Patent, and contrary to the Laws of England, and are judged of all, and of God, and the Angels and of all Good Men.

And are not you Priests and Profess [...]rs of New England, like unto those Workers of Iniquity, that David prayed against, as in Psal. 64 when he said, Hide me from the secret C [...]sel of the Wicked, from the Insurr [...]ctions of the Workers of Ini­quity, [Page 32] who whet their Tongues like Swords, and bend their Bows to shoot their Arrows, even with bitter Words, that they may shoot in secret at the Perfect, &c?

But to talk of Perfect and Perfection amongst you, your imperfect Spirit cannot endure to hear: And further, David saith, They encourage themselves in an Evil Matter, they com­mune of laying Snares privily, &c. but God shall shoot at them with an Arrow suddenly, and they shall be wounded; so they shall make their own Tongues to fall upon themselves, and all that see them sh [...]ll [...] away.

And does not [...]olomon say, Th [...] Expect [...]tion of the Wicked shall parish, and th [...]ir Y [...]s shall [...], a [...]d the Cou [...]s [...]ls of the Wicked are Deceit, and their T [...]d [...]r Mercies are cruel, the Belly of the Wicked shall want, the Lamp of the Wicked shall be put out; the Sacrifices of the Wicked are Abo­mination to the Lord; the Way of the Wicked is Abomin [...]tion to the Lord, and the Thoughts of the Wicked are Abomination to the Lord; the Ploughing of the Wicked is Sin, and the House of the Wicked shall be overthrown; the Horns of the Wicked sh [...]ll be cut off, saith David; and the Rod of the Wick [...]d sh [...]ll not rest upon the Back of the Righteous; and the Light of the Wicked shall be put out, saith Job; the Wick [...]d shall fall by his own Wic­kedness, saith Solomon, Prov. 11 5.

And therefore consider your selves, who have persecuted and do persecute the Righteous, whether you m [...]st not eat the Fruits of your own Doings; and whether the L [...]rd is not do­ing so to you, as you did to his People: And are you not as blind as the Jews, that crucified Christ, and called him a Blas­phemer, and said, Let his Blood be upon us and our Children?

Did not Christ Weep over Jerusalem, when he would have gathered them? and did they not cast away all Pity and Ten­derness of the Lord towards themselves? and when he told them what Misery they would come to, which did come to pass in the dayes of Titus, when Jerusalem was Destroyed; and had not they then Blood to drink, who had drunk Blood?

And have not God's people wept, mourn'd, travail'd over you and for you, New▪England Priests and Professors? and still you remain in your Hardness: For, what pleasure is it to [Page 33] the Flesh, or their own Wills, for the Servants of the Lord, both Men and Women, for them to travail some Hundreds, some Thousands of Miles, to warn you, and exhort you to fear God, and leave off your Wickedness and Persecution of people that would be called Christians, which have dishonou­red both Name and Nature, Life and Religion, from whom Repentance is hid from many of your Fyes, and several of you have dyed in your Sins and Wickedness, in the Jews ev [...]l Thoughts, who thought they did God Good Service in Killing [...]is M [...]ss [...]ngers.

Oh! you Professors and Priests of New England, that the Sun should go down upon you, and beset, that you should be so dark, and not see your selves: for the Jews discerned not the Time of the Son's Coming in the Flesh, nor you the Time of his Coming in the Spirit.

And therefore, once more take heed of the Lord God lea­ving you to your [...]elv [...]s, and giving you up to your Hearts Lusts, who have been the De [...]pi [...]e [...]s of the Goodne [...]s and Riches, and Forbearance of the Long-sufferings of the Lord God, which would have led you to Repentance; but after the Hardness and Impenetency of your Hearts, have treasured up Wrath against the Day of Wrath, and Re­velation of the Righteous Judgments of God: And therefore, how can you ex [...]ect but Indignation, Tribulati [...]n and Anguish upon all you that [...]ave done so many Wicked Deeds against the Servants of the Lord and d [...]unk their Blood?

And therefore, you that b [...] sober mind and consider these things, and consider what Jacob said of the Cruelty and [...]ra [...]h of Simeon and Levi, O my Soul, come no thou into their Secret, unto their Assembly, mine Honour be not thou united; for in their Anger they slew a Man, and in their Self w [...]ll they digged down a Wall; and he said, Cursed be their Anger, for it was fierc [...]; and their Wr [...]h, for it was cruel. Now Jacob was the second Birth; but we do know, that you that are born of the Flesh will persecute him that is born of the Spirit; but the Birth of the Flesh is not a True Christian, neither can enter into the Kingdom of God, except ye be born again?

G. F.

The Copy of a Letter which was deli­vered into the Hands of R. Bel­lingham, late Governour of Boston in New-England, for him to read and consider, with his Assistants, & the Inhabitants of the Town of Bo­ston, with the rest of their Brethren where this may come.

THe Powers that are ordained of God, are for the Punishment of Evil doers, and for the Praise of them that do well: But thee, Richard Bellingham, who art accounted Chief Magistrate in this place, hast not acted by this Rule, in what thou hast done against me; but hast laid thy Sword upon the Innocent, for which the Lord God will plea [...] with thee and your Priest whose Name is Increase Madder, who was one with thee in thy Cruelty, and the rest of your Bre­thren, who were present; but the people who came to hear, thou turnedst out of thy Doors, that they might not see your Works of Darkness, although I desi [...]ed thee, that they might see what was done; for Truth is not asham [...]d, nei­ther doth it hide it self in Corners; but Cruelty and Oppressi­on seeks to cover it self, as Iames Oliver would do, who said, I was a Woolf, and you would k [...]ll Wolves; who had no hing a­gainst me, to prove me in that beastly Nature, but I was a Stranger unto you, who are Professors of the Scriptures, which say, You should not forget to Entertain Strangers; but this was the Entertainment I found amongst you, [Page 35] a Constable seized on me and my Goods, and took them from me before I was on your Shore, and brought me before thee Richard Bellingham, who hadst nothing against me, but that I was a Quaker, also asking me, what I came here for, and how long I would stay, and whither I would go? my An [...]wer was, I stood in the Will of the Lord, and did not know how long I should stay, nor whither I should go, but as the Lord orders me. Thou saidst I spake very meekly, and was a sober man, yet thou by Tempting Words soughtst to insnare me, and scof­fingly said, you are free from Sin, are you not? My An [...]wer was, my Faith stands in that Power which cleanseth my Heart from dead Works, to serve the Living God in the New­ness of Life; and the Grace of God which brings Salvation, which hath appeared to all men, was my Teacher, which taught the Saints of old to deny all Ungodliness and Worldly-Lusts, and to live godly and soberly in this World, but your Teacher Increase Ma [...]der, said, There was nothing in him that he hoped to be saved by, and that there was none cleansed from all Sin on this side the Grave, and there was none good; no not One. Unto whom I said, Thou art a dark man, and speak­est ignorantly of th [...] Things of God, at which thou rose up in much Anger, and hadst much to do to keep thy Hands off me, which was not seemly f [...]r a man that sitteth on the Seat to do Justice: And so thou spake to thy Officer to take me away, & wouldst not suffer me to speak in my own Desence, which was not denyed Paul by Foelix, who was counted an Heathen; and so thou gavest Order to [...]eep me close, and let none come at me, where I am kept in a stincking smoaky Hole; and also thou and thy Assistants, I hear have laid a Fine upon the poor man (in whose Ship I came as a Passenger) of an Hundred Pounds, if he send me not away the first Opportunity. Oh ye cruel ridged Professors! the Lord hath opened an Eye that se­eth you, and he will redeem his People from under your Bon­dage, who are exercising your Cruelty upon them; but the Lord will plead with you; and also the Man not willing I should lie in such a nasty Place, desired of you to let me be at his House till he had an Opportunity to send me away, but ye [Page 36] would not, who have nothing worthy of Bonds to lay to my Charge. Oh how hath the God of the World blinded your Eves, and filled your Hearts with Envy against the Appear­ance of God! who are Professors of the Scriptures, and say, They [...]; b [...]t you know them not, nor the Power of God which give them forth, as it was said to them of Old, who were crying, The Templ [...] of the Lord, th [...] Temple of the Lord; and if we [...] to our Fath [...]s Days, we would not [...] the Prophets, who were garnishing their Sepulchers, and painting their Tombs, who slew the Lord of Life, and hung im on a Tree. And may I not say unto you, as Stephen said unto them, Ye [...] necked, and uncircumcised in Heart and Ears, ye always resist the holy Ghost, as your Fathers did, so do ye, but they gnash [...]d upon him with their Teeth, and cast [...] out of their City, and shed his Blood: and do not your Fruits make you manifest, as theirs did? and do not the Scriptures of Truth bear Testimony against you, that you are of the Wolf's Nature i [...] the Sheep's Clothing, which devours the Lambs (indeed) for you do savour of the devouring Spirit, and not of the Meek Spirit of Christ Jesus, who said, I came to save me [...]s Lives, and not to destroy them, who is come and his Reward is with him; who said, It hath been said by them of old time, thou shalt love thy Neighbour, and hate thy Enemy, but I say unto you, Love your Enemies, pray for them that despight­fully use you, and persecute you, Mat. 5. 43, 44. But thee Richard Bellingham a [...]t of another Spirit, the Lord rebuke thee, who said thou thoughtst thou didst God good Service in what thou didst against us: So the Words of Christ Jesus are fulfil­led upon thy Head, which he spake saying, They shall speak all manner of Evil of you, and they will think they do God good Ser­vice, when they kill you. So out of thy own Mouth art thou judged; but as for thy causing thy Jailer to read the thirteenth chapter of Zachary to me, that will not cover thee in the Day of the Lord, for he is come who is the End of the first Co­venant, and hath brought in the better Hope, which destroyes the Devli & his Works, and saves men alive, who rebuked his Disciples, when they would have had Fire come down from [Page 37] Heaven, as Elias had, to destroy them with whom they were offended, but he said unto them, Ye know not what Spirit ye are of; before whom all things are naked and bare, who beholds thy Cruelty, who wouldst have me give thee under my hand, never to come to this Town more, or else in Prison it seems I must lie, till by your Law I am forced to another Land; but unto thy cruel Will herein I dare not bow; for I may come again into this Town, and honest men who fear the Lord may live here, when your Laws are vanished as the Smoak before the Wind, and your false Doctrine come to cease, which your Priest Increase Madder, and some of you held forth, when I was before you; for he is made manifest whom we bear Testimony unto, who is given of God, for a Covenant of Light unto the Gentiles, and for Salvation unto the Ends of the Earth; this is he of whom it was said, Of his Fulness we have received, and by Grace were they saved, & not of themselves, it was the Gift of God, and they had these heavenly Treasures in their Earthen Vessels, as the Scripture saith, Acts 6. 8. Stephen was a man full of Faith, and of Power, and the Saints were filled with the holy Ghost, and spake as the Spirit gave them Utterance, Acts 2. 4. And Christ Jesus said, He that beliveth on me, out of his Belly shall slow Riv [...]rs of Living Water, John 7. 38. Ye know the Spirit of Truth, for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you; and I am in my Father and you in me, and I in you John 14. 17, 20. And the Apostle said, Christ was in them the Hope of Glory. And he to the Corinthians, Christ was in them except they were Reprobates. And these were Mi­nisters of the Spirit, who had these Heavenly Treasures in them; but what a Minister Increase Madder is, let them whose Eyes are open judge, who saith, He hath nothing in him by which he hopes to be saved▪ A dry Tree! and miserable Sheep are they, who have such a Shephe [...]d, and well may it be said, that they that feed and follow such Teachers, give their Money for th [...]t which is not Bread and their Labour for that which satisfi [...]s not their Souls. And Increase Madder saith, There is none clean­sed from all Sin on this side the Grave; but the Scripture saith, As the Tree falls, so it lies; and as Death leaves, Judgement [Page 38] fin [...]s, and there is no Repentance in the Grave. Where must they be cleansed then? I know not, except he believes as the Pope doth, that there is a Purgatory, because he saith, not all their Sins; for in leed the Papists do believe, that their venial Sins (as they call them) shall be purged away there; but the Scripture saith, If we walk in the Light, as he is in the Light, we have Fellowsh pone with another, and the Blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all Sin, 1 John 1. 7. And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free, John 8 32. And there is therefore no Condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the Flesh, but after the Spirit; for the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, hath made me free from the Law of Sin and D [...]ath, Rom. 8 1, 2. And John saith, Herei [...] is our Love made perfe [...]t, that we may have Boldness in the Day of Judgment, because as he is so are we in this World, 1 John 4. 17. and these were Men l [...]ving on this Side the Gra [...]e. But Increase Madder saith, there is none good, no not one: It is very true, that t [...]ose that are out of God's Covenant, and have none of these Heavenly Trea­sures in them but are as Clouds without Water, Heady, High minded men, greedy after filthy Lucre, whose God is their Belly, who mind Earthly things, such we have to con­tend with, for the Truth's sake, as the Apostles had in their Day, who were Enemies to the Cross of Christ then, as you are at this Day: I say in that State there is none good, no, not one; and the most upright of them, is as a Briar, and the justest amongst them as a Thorn-Hedge, I find it so; but bless [...]d be the Lord, who is my Keeper, who hath redeemed me out of their Dwelling-place, and opened mine Eves with many mor [...], and we see where you are, and we know God's Controversie is with your blind Guides (who cause you to err) and you who are led by them, who are covering your selves with a Pro [...]ession, as the Phar [...]see [...] did, but your Hands are full of Cruelty, and your Hearts hardned in Persecution unto Blood, and are ma­king a Mo [...]k of Sin, who in Derision are calling the Innocent Servants of the Living God, Wolves, and say you must kill them. Oh ye wretched men! God will plead with you: was [Page] ever the Flock of Christ Jesus found in your Practice? did ever the Lambs kill Wolves? but they that fear God, and work Righteousness are accepted of him, but always suffered as E­vil-doers, by them who had a Form of Godliness, but resisted the Power, in whose Steps ye are; but such as you sow, such shall you reap, God will not be mocked by you; for the Day of the Lord is come, which burns as an Oven, wherein God will plead with all Flesh for his Seed's Sake, which he hath and is raising up, who hath said unto it live, and it shall live; though our Bodies may be laid in the Dust, yet it shall spring forth in Thousands more: So in vain do ye strive, ye mortal men, the Fruit of your doings will fall on your own Heads, a Weight too heavy for you to bear.

From One that suffers, by you for the Truth's Sake,

John Tyso.

And Richard Bellingham, it is Equity and Justice for thee to return to me the Books thou tookest from me, which are mine, and is Injustice in thee to take them from me; therefore do as thou wouldst be done by, and let thy Moderation be seen, for the Lord is at hand, who is no Respecter of Persons, but gives unto every man according to his Doings; for he hath given of his Good Spirit to instruct man, but many rebel against it; but it hath taught us, who have believed in it, as it did his People of old, To do unto all men as we would they should do un­to us; and gives us Strength and Patience to undergo what Cruel Men may be suffered to inflict upon us; who can say f [...]om our Hearts. If it be thy will, Lord, Forgive them, blessed be his Name forever: and this is from one that hath learned of Christ, and am a Christian, though in Scorn by thee called a Quaker; yet Quaking and T [...]embling I have experience of, [Page 7] as the holy men of old had, and as the Apostle exhorted the Saints, to work out their Salvation with Fear and Trembling; and so they that are true Christians will not wonder and mock at Quaking and Trembling; but God will plead with the Un­circumcised; for crying Lord, Lord, will not save them; for it is the Doers of his Will that are just [...]fi [...]d in his Sight; and Ch [...]ist Jesus said, Except ye cat my Flesh and drink my Blood, ye have no Life in you, John 6. 53 And so consider thy Cru­elty in keeping me here, and thy Goaler William Salli [...]r, who will not suffer a man to bring me work; but as Christ Jesus said, Go learn what that means, I will h [...]ve Mercy, and not Sacrifice.

J. T.

A Copy of this fore going Paper was delivered into the Hands of [...] [...]llingham, Governour of Boston in New-England, the [...] of the 4th Moneth, 1667. but no Answer I received fr [...]m [...] or any of them; but through the Enmity of his persecuting spirit▪ he said, I deserved to be Hanged; and thus Cruelty and Wickedness they act, and would bury it in Darkness with themselves; but it is in my Heart to put it to publick View, that Wickedness and Hypocrisie might be seen and judged, and Righteousness might take place in the Hearts of the Sons and Daughters of men; for the Day is come which discovers your Nakedness, and will consume your Co­vering, your Out-side Profession, and hath and will shatter your old Buildings, and Rase your Foundation to the Ground. Ye Bloody Men, how do ye stink in the Nostrils of the Holy God? and are you not become a Hissing to the Nations? Your Judgment slumbers not, who have been stout against the Lord in his breaking forth in the Hearts of his People: And you whose Hands have been dipt in Blood (yea, in the Blood of the Innocent Servants of the Living God, and no Place of Re­pentance can by you be found) Wo is unto you, your dayes are and shall be cut off in Darkness forever; but the Holy Seed (which you have fought against) which God hath raised [Page 43] and is raising up, and also from amongst you, shall replenish the Earth: For I do believe, there are Sheep which are not yet gathered (which the Lord will gather) from off your Barren Mountains & dry Hills of your Empty, Dark, Rusty, Cankered, eaten Prosessions, to rest with the Lord in the Mountain of his Holiness forever; and for this End is our Travail in Soul and Body, that people might be gathered to God: And the Cry of my Spirit is unto the Lord, Oh! that his Day might more and more dawn, that People might see their Way out of Darkness, and the Chains thereof through the Power of God might be bro­ken, and the Liberty of the Sons of God, which is in Righteous­ness, might be known unto the Sons and Daughters of Men, af­ter this Deluge of Darkness and Night of Apostacy, which hath been over the World. For God Almighty is a fulfilling his Pro­mises, and his Day is come unto many, and the Night is far spent unto Thousands, Glory to God forever, though Multi­tudes yet sit in Darkness, and see it not; for the God of the World hath blinded their Eyes, through the Enmity of the Seed of the Serpent, which bears rule in their Hearts, whereby they despise the Appearance of God, and persecute his Servants, who are sent unto them, as it was said unto the Jews, I will send them Prophets and Apostles, and some of them they shall slay and per­secute, that all the Blood from Righteous Abel unto this day be re­quired at their Hands.

J. T.

Something further, as a Testimony against the Cruelty of the New-England Professors

ANd now you New-England Priests & Professors, you are found in the Steps of that old persecuting spirit, beyond the rest of the Nations in t [...]is Age of the World, in Cruelty and Bloodshed; for you have slain the Prophets of the Lord, and drunk the Blood of the Martyrs of Jesus; whereby the Iniquity of your Fore fathers you have fulfill'd in a large Measure, which will not depart from you Reins, nor be blotted out in Genera­tions to come, no more then the Blood thirsty Chief Priests, Scribes, and Pharisees, and Hard-hearted Jews are; but with them you will be recorded, and bound under the Chain and Seal of Darkness, and numbred with the seed of Cain, who Murdered his Brother, because his Brother's Works were Righ­teous, and his Evil. But notwithstanding the great Sufferings and cruel hard-hearted Dealings we have received from you Rulers, Priests and People of New-England, whose Prisons, S [...]ocks, Whips and Gallows have been our Portion from you, and for no other Cause, but our Testimony for God, who have been moved of the Lord to come amongst you, and in true Love to your Souls: But Christ Jesus, who is our Lord and Master, received such Entertainment amongst the great Pro­fessors in the dayes of his Flesh; and we know, the Servant is not greater then his Lord; and these Sufferings seem small in Comparison of the Eternal Weight of Glory which is alrea­dy revealed, and daily God is manifesting to his People, wherein we have great Cause to Rejoyce; and we seeing the Prosperity of that blessed Work, he hath made us instrumen­tal in (to his Glory, and to the Comfort of many weary and hungry Souls) are daily encouraged in this blessed Work, and to sound an Alarm against your Babylonish Building and Habi­tation of Cruelty, which God eternal hath determined to O­verthrow, notwithstanding you are stout against him; but the [Page 43] Lord will be too hard for you, and your Building must fall, who would limit the Holy One of Israel, as that Generation of Evil-doers did of old, who called Evil Good, and Good Evil, as you do, who say, You think God's Judgments are upon you because you suffer that Erroneous People called Quakers to live amongst you; so desperately are your foolish Hearts dark­ned, that Judgment is turned backward, and Equity cannot enter: But behold! Cruelty and Oppression covers your Dwelling-place. and you grope like Blind Men (in the dark) although God's Day is come, and the Children of it see your Nakedness, and whereby your Notion of Profession is vani­shing, and shall molter away (like a Fogg when the Sun ari­seth in her Strength) and the Mountain of the House of the Lord shall be established on the tops of the Mountains; for Sion shall be built, and Jerusaiem (spiritual) shall be inhabited in Defiance of her Foes: for, God Almighty hath thundred from his Dwelling place, and your Old Heavens must depart as a Scrole; for notwithstanding your Profession of Gospel Ordi­nances, Death reigns over you, and to Moses you are not yet come: But the Desire of my Soul is, That the Lord may open the Eyes and Hearts of them amongst you, who have any Tenderness of Spirit in them, and who have not sinned out the Day of their Visitation, that they would truly turn to the Lord who smites, and then he would truly heal them, who hath done Great Things for us, who have believed in his Name, and waited through the Way of his Judgments, his Mercies we have found; and our desire is, that others might injoy the same; blessed be his Name who lives forever.

From one that desires the Well being of all men, John Tyso.

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