A TRUMPET Sounded out of ZION: AS A Warning to all the Inhabitants of the Earth, but more especially to this Nation of England, which hath for a long time provoked the Lord, by Oppression and Cruelty, in Persecuting his Sons and Daughters.
Which may serve as a Call to them, to turn from their Wickedness, before their Day be past, and their Sun be set, and they shut up in dismal Darkness.

HEar all ye that are Stout-hearted, and give ear ye lofty Ones, who have long provo­ked the Lord, and have strove against his true and faithful Witness that he hath placed in your Hearts, which hath many times let you see the Evil of your Wayes, but it you have not regarded; and the Lord hath also commanded many of his Sons and Daughters to warn you, of the Dreadful, Terrible Day that is coming upon you, but still ye daily provoke the Lord, by laying heavy Burdens grievous to be [Page 2] born, upon his People that fear and dread his holy Name, by adding Afflictions to their Bonds.

Therefore as a Warning unto you, this I send, both high and low, who Persecute and Oppress the People that the Lord hath chosen; the Lord hath beheld you, the Lord hath beheld you, the Work which you are about to do, will be too hard for you; For who ever fought against the Lord and prospered? ye Briers, ye Thorns, the Lord will burn you up and utterly consume you, his Indignation is kindled against you, and in his fierce Wrath he will destroy you▪ Oh vain men! would you limit the Lord, or his good Spirit in his People, that they should not be led thereby? if ye can stop the Sun that it shall not give Light to the world, or stay the Moon from going its Course, or number the Sands on the Sea-shore, then may you fight against the Lord and his People, and prosper. Therefore hearken ye strong Oakes, and give ear ye tall Cedars, to the ter­rible, dreadful Sound, which is as the Sound of a Trum­pet, and as a Warning unto you all, to break off from Wickedness, Oppression, and Cruelty, by turning un­to the Lord before your day be past, and the Sun go down upon you.

Oh! listen ye great Ones of the Earth, and give good heed ye that are of low Degree, yea, all that put afar off the evil day, and cause the seat of Violence to come near, that lie upon Beds of Ivory, that stretch your selves upon your Couches, and eat the Lambs of the Flock, and the Calves out of the midst of the stall; that chaunt to the sound of the Vyal, and invent to your selves Instruments of Musick like David; that drink Wine in Bowls, and annoint your selves with the [Page 3] chief Ointments, but are not grieved at all for the Affliction of the People of God, whose Afflictions are as Joseph's. Oh! the Indignation of the Lord is kindled, and by your Abominations he is highly provoked (for, is not in thee O Nation found the greatest Abominations?) Ezek. 8.16. for you turn your backs on the Temple of the Lord, and you Worship the Sun towards the East; will not the Lord be aven­ged on such a People? yea, he will tread you in his an­ger, and trample you in his fury; for thus faith the Lord by the Prophet, Their Blood shall be sprinkled, upon my Garments, and I will stain all my Rayments; for the Day of Vengeance is in my Heart, for I looked on my People and there was none to help, and I wondred that there was none to uphold: Therefore with mine own Arm will I save them, and by mine Allmightiness I will preserve them, and the Ungodly shall know that I am the Lord that made the Earth by my Power, and established the World by my Wisdom, and stretch­ed out the Heavens by my Understanding; I will lead my People as I did Joseph like a Flock, I will be with them in their greatest straits, but my Fury shall burn as an Oven, and my dreadful Hand shall not spare, but I will be avenged of mine Enemies. Therefore tremble ye careless Ones, and be troubled you that are at ease, cloath your selves with Mourning, and take up a Lamentation ye proud Ones of the Earth; come down from the Mountains of Pride, ye high and lofty Ones, and abhor your selves in Dust and Ashes; Oh! return, return, make hast and speedily repent, before the Door of Mercy be shut, and you be sealed up in Perdition for ever, for the Lord hath long strove [Page 4] with you, but ye have not turned unto him, but have rushed into Iniquity as a Horse into the Battle, and have erred from his pure Spirit, which hath often re­proved you, which would have led you in the Way of Life, and the Path of Peace; and ye have hated the reproof of Instruction, which is the Way of Life, and have chose the Path that leads to the chambers of Death.

Oh England, England! the Sins of Sodom, and the Iniquities of Gomorrah are found in thee, Pride and Fulness of Bread; and now you Inhabitants are satisfy­ing the Lusts of the Flesh, Eating, and Drinking, and rising up to Play, glorying in your shame, seeking to your selves honour, and to make all bow before you; building your Towers so strong, as if it should reach to Heaven, that so you might not again be scat­tered, and that you might exalt your own Horn: Ah! how have you forgot the Lord that hath done great things for you, and hath raised you when you were very low; surely it was not that you should dishonour Him, neither that you should have the Supremacy to rule over the Consciences of Peo­ple, which alone is the Lord's right; for Him have we choose (whom ye Persecute) to be our God, even the Lord, the God of Jacob, and to Him we commit our Cause, for he alone is our defence; and this ye may be sure, that we are not of those that fight with Carnal Weapons, or to defend ourselves with them, for we wrestle not against Flesh and Blood, but against spiritual Wickedness that rules in the Hearts of People, and with no other Weapons but those that are spiritual: Therefore hearken all ye [Page 5] that are erred from the Lord in your Hearts, and have forgot your Maker; For all that forget God must be turned into Hell, (Mark) all that forget God: There­fore this is a Warning to you all, and an Invitation of Love that you return to the Lord, that he may have mercy on you, and to the living God, that he may par­don you; for your Sins have reached to Heaven, and your Iniquities are come before Him.

Oh! while you have yet a day return to the Lord before it be over, and time to you be no more, and your perpetual Destruction be sealed, for then you may call to the Mountains, and cry to the Hills to co­ver you, but from them there is no Salvation, for alone in the Lord Jehovah is Everlasting Strength, and Preservation for ever. Therefore be awakened ye that sleep, and arise from the dead, that ye may know Christ to be your Light, to lead you out of Darkness, which you are at this day found in, doing the Works thereof: Ah! the end will be bitter, Sorrow is com­ing upon you, and Pain as a Woman in travel, anguish and trouble of Spirit shall take hold of you, Fear and the Pit shall be your Portion, and everlasting Con­tempt shall come upon those who hate the Light, which the Lord hath given to be a leader, and to be salvati­on to the ends of the Earth; and all you that will not that he should reign in the Hearts of People, are Ene­mies to Him; therefore come unto Him that ye may be broken, for if he fall on you, you will be ground to powder; for it's He that saves from Sin, and ap­peaseth the Fathers Wrath, and reconciles lost man to God, who is come a Light into the World, that all men through Him might believe and be saved; in [Page 6] whom none can believe but they that come to know him to be the Author of their Faith; for he is the Au­thor and the Finisher, the First and the Last, which was dead and is alive, and lives for evermore. Oh! come unto him that you may know him, to blot out your Iniquities, and your Sins out of his remembrance; but if ye persist and go on in Cruelty against the Lord and his People, then he will make a short work with you: Ah! did ever a Nation Sin against the Lord as this Nation? or hath the like Mercies been bestowed upon any People, as the People of this Land? and yet have not returned unto the Lord; the King of Nineveh will rise up in Judgement against you, who came down from his Throne, and humbled himself at the Preaching of Repentance by Jonah, and the Lord did forgive him, and did divert the Judgement that it came not on his People.

Therefore Repent, Repent, this is my Cry, for Woe, Woe and Misery will certainly overtake you; for the Lord hath looked for Mercy, but behold Oppression, for Bowels of Pitty, but behold Hard-heartedness and Cruelty; you multiply your Iniquities, and Cruelty greatly abounds, and Cain's Spirit you are led by; for ye are casting into Holes and Prisons those that fear the Lord, and number them amongst Transgressors; Oh! How is Justice fallen in the Streets, and Equity hath no place? and yet called a Christian Nation; but this be sure, you want a Christian Spirit, your Sacrifice is as Cain's, and your Tears and Prayers as Esau's, and the Lord hath no respect unto them, but will spread them as dung on your faces, for it's Truth the Lord requires, and alone in that is he Worshipped.

[Page 7]Therefore hear all ye that drink New-wine with a Song, ye shall mourn and languish, and the merry in heart shall sigh, the mirth of the Tabret shall cease, the noise of them that rejoice (and not in the Lord) shall end in mourning, and the Joy of the Harper shall be turned into Sorrow; Oh! the Land is full of bloody Cryes, the Cities are full of Violence, the up­right and those that fear the Lord, and dread his ho­ly Name, are daily made a prey upon, and are accoun­ted as Sheep for the slaughter, for no other thing, but as concerning the Law of their God. Oh! for these things will the Lord visit you with Plagues, as he did Pharaoh King of Egypt, yea, Plague after Plague, and perplexity of Spirit shall be upon you, till you let the true Israel go free to Worship the living God.

And this lay upon me, to warn you while you have a day to return to the Lord, before he cut you off in his sore displeasure; and thus far have I cleared my Conscience as concerning you, whether you hear or forbear.

By a Lover of Truth and all that walk therein; called THOMAS GREEN, in scorn a Quaker.

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