Unto all that wait in Sion, for the Conso­lation of Christ Jesus, is the Word of Peace and Comfort declared and sent in this trying day; that all may be comfor­ted, and in God may rejoyce, and be glad, who lives for ever and ever.

Containing Three Letters, Written at three sundry times unto the gathered of God, into the Cove­nant of endless life, &c. By William Green.

OH ye chosen of God, and gathered of him out of the world into the Covenant of Life, and endless Peace! This is the day wherein God hath brought, and is bringing the Faith of his children to Tryal: Where­fore now let us lift up our heads in God, and stand in his Al­mighty Power, that by him we may be preserved in faithful Obedience unto the end, that every one may have cause, in themselves, to say, This is the good and blessed day of God; and that all our trials we meet with here, may be a Cause to drive us nearer and nearer unto the Lord, from whom we re­ceive Life, Comfort, and daily Refreshings, who is a present Helper in time of great Need, and as a Rock to flee unto for relief, succour and shelter: Yea, he is the fountain and well­spring of Life, and in him is our Hope, for preservation and deliverance from and out of the hands of our Enemies; there­fore [Page 2] blessed are those that put their trust and confidence in him, ye shall have cause of great Comfort in the midst of Afflictions, remaining in each particular: Wherefore now arise, and shake off all fear, distrust, and unbelief, and look up unto the Lord, who hath begun the good work in our hearts; and although he suffers many to be tried, and deeply afflicted on every hand, yet hath he regard unto the upright in heart, and is not slack in his promises that he made unto us in the days that we cried, and earnestly brea­thed to feel of that Life, and to be made heirs or parta­kers of that durable substance that never will fade away; for largely have we tasted, and abundantly felt of the great love of God unto our immortal Souls; in the feeling where­of, we have been made oftentimes to say, Surely, good is the Lord, and greatly to be feared, and had in esteem for his manifold mercies that have been extended unto us; so that we can read back again, and take a full view of what God hath done for us since the day we knew him; for he hath rebuked the raging Sea, and caused the swelling waters thereof, with the Billows that have mounted very high, to sink and to fall; and he hath made our way plain, and the path smooth in which he hath set our feet to walk; so this is that which remains as the Duty of every particular to do, even to wait upon the Lord, and to walk before him in the beauty of holiness, in the Land of the Living. O verily Friends, the very consideration of what God hath done, and is doing, and will do for the upright in heart, hath been as a great weight upon me for the space of several days, which hath often times filled me with spiritual comfort, and in­ward refreshings; and this hath oftentimes been the cry, or the voice that hath sounded through me, saying, Lord, thou art our strength, and we have none but thee to put con­fidence or trust in, in all states and conditions whatsoever, that we are brought into, for the tryal of our Faith, and the [Page 3] exercise of our Patience: For this is a certain Truth, and will stand for a Truth for ever, that God will never fail them that wholly depend upon him, although deeply tried, yet he will preserve all, who look with the eye of Faith unto him, even as he preserved and delivered his Servants and People in the days of old; yea, when the flood came Noah entered into the Ark, and the rest that were with him, and they were preserved from the Deluge of water that drown­ed the wicked world, who despised the servants of the Lord, and derided him for doing the thing that he was commanded of God to do. Yea, him that brought Lot out of Sodom, and delivered Mordecai, Hester, and the Jews, and David out of his many troubles, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, he upheld in the midst of the flames, and brought forth Daniel out of the Lyons Den; who also preserved Paul in his dangerous Voyages at Sea; who also made known unto John, when he was become as an Exile in the Isle called Patmos, for the Word of God, and for the Testimony of Christ Jesus, the things that should come to pass in the last days: he is still the same that ever he was, and never changes, therefore are we alive at this day; for ye know right-well, that many in the dayes that are past, sought to work our overthrough, and to bring ruine and desolation upon us, yet never could do it, because God was on our side; but they themselves by so doing, were overthrown, ruinated and made desolate, because they re­garded not God, his Truth and People, but set themselves in the bitterness of their spirits, against him and his people; and although the wicked do, and may flourish for a time, as the green Bay-tree, yet they shall wither and pine away, and their memorial shall rot and perish for ever; and no more shall they do unto the least that put their trust in the Lord, then shall make for their good, for the furtherance of his Work unto which he hath called us, and for the glory [Page 4] of his Name for ever: and although the proud are called happy, and those that work wickedness are set up, and them that tempt the Lord, and oppress you his People, are yet unrewarded for the evil of their doing, which they shall be sure to have when they have done their work; Yet let us wait upon the Lord, in the measure of his life, communicated unto us in the everlasting riches of his love; alwayes watching unto Prayer, pouring forth our Supplica­tions, that by him we may be preserved, and kept unto the end of these trying dayes: for although the Devil is let loose, and rages exceedingly, because the followers of the Lamb will not give their Power, or be subjected unto him, Oh! of this be ye assured, the Lamb and his followers shall have the Victory, and God who hears the cry of the poor, and the sighs of the needy, who make their redress unto him, yea, he that takes an account of the injuries and wrongs done unto his People, whereby their hearts are made sad, and they weep in secret before him, having none else to cry unto, Yea, he I say will bind Satan hand and foot, and chain Le­viathon at his pleasure: So be not discouraged, nor in the least dismayed, because of the hard sentences of unreaso­nable men, pronounced upon those whom God hath acquit­ted, and their innocency will clear for ever: and if many of us should seal our Testimonies, by laying down our lives, in this our native Land, in Prison, upon the Seas, or in other Na­tions, for the holy blessed Testimony, by Gods Eternal Spirit given unto us, to bear forth amongst this peevish and perverse Generation of People, O it will gain more to the Lord, then if we should live the dayes of Methuselah to bear forth our Testimony in words. Therefore all my dear Friends, unto the Word of Gods Power, that lives and will abide and indure the hottest tryal, with patience and content, that ever may or shall come, do I commit my self, you, and all that love his appearance, who cannot deny the many refreshings that we [Page 5] have received by him, although we suffer deeply for the same; assuring you that all is and will be well unto the sincere and upright before God. So live in the light, and dwell in the Power that was before wicked men, and unjust Laws, Sta­tutes or Decrees, and will remain when they and the Actors by them shall come to nought.

And thus having signified the love in my heart that is un­to you, who retain your integrity, and keep your first love; testifying unto you, that a day of pain, sorrow and anguish, shall come upon the Deceitful and Hypocrites, and Sinners in Sion shall be afraid, I take my leave of you, being now something eased, having let forth the streams of my love unto you, who truly love, fear, obey and serve the living God, in whom, my Brethren, my Sisters, and near related Friends, whether at Liberty or in Bonds, for the unchange­able Truth, I wish comfort and consolation, and bid you all Farewel.

Who am a Companion unto all that wait in Sion for the dayly refreshing and shouring down of that life that lasts for ever, Your Friend and Brother, W. G.

DEar and well-beloved Friends, and Gathered of God into the Covenant of endless life and mercy, which en­dures for ever in the holy blessed Seed which God hath rai­sed up to bear witness for him amongst this crooked and un­toward Generation, and seed of evil doers: Unto you do I send the Salutation and Greeting of my Life, in the bowels of love and mercy. You have I often remembred, and the uprightness of your hearts towards the Lord and his Truth, am I deeply affected with; and this is the cry of my Life, or the Spirit's Voyce within me: Be Noble, Bold, and Vali­ant; and in the Dominion of the Life of God, Reign over the world, and the worldly Spirit, both within and without, and dwell in the holy Seed that God hath raised up within [Page 6] you, and is comforting and will comfort you for ever, unto all eternity; and bless all those wbo stand wholly and free­ly resigned up into the will of God; committing of your cause unto him alone who will plead it to the uttermost, and pre­serve the single-hearted, who rest in his heavenly Will. O this I say unto you, Keep single unto the Lord; that as the heart of one man, that feeleth of the goodness of him that is living and eternal, which makes it to rejoyce and be glad, ye may rejoyce and be glad, and magnifie his holy Name: So dwell, as a City compact together, whose Builder and Founder is the Lord, and the Gates of Hell shall never pre­vail against you. And although the Wicked do rejoyce, and the Ungodly boast themselves, as if some great Prize was befallen to them; yea, although the Sea rageth, and the winds blow strongly, it's but for the blowing away of the Chaff; the weighty Seed shall remain, and into the Garner will the Lord gather and preserve it for ever. So look up unto the Lord, and trust in the mighty Cod, and the Lord will dayly appear amongst you in his life and hea­venly power, to the comforting your Souls, and astonish­ment of the Heathen that neither know you nor the Lord, nor what is your life, nor by what you are supported: There­fore be of good courage, and be not affrighted in the least, because of the noyse of the many waters, and many va­rious cries that are at this day against God, and you his peo­ple; but be you strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might; Quit your selves like men for ever; and as for your enemies, after they have done their work which they are come up to do, even as a Mill-stone into the Sea shall they sink into confusion, and perpetual sorrow shall their present rejoycing (which is but for a time) be turned into: There­fore in that which lives for ever do ye abide and dwell; and ye that are strong, strengthen the weak; and say unto them that are ready to faint, Be of good courage; for he that [Page 7] hath begun the good work in us, by whom we have been pre­served to this very moment, will perfect it to his everlasting praise: although it is confest these are trying times, and pe­rilous, yet is the Lord the same unto us as he was in the be­ginning, and daily renews his mercies, and continues his wonted favours, and bows down his ear unto the cry of the oppressed, and the sighs of the sufferers, and the groans of the prisoners, for his Name and Truth, he hears and hath regard unto, and he never can forget, nor never will cast off those that make their moan unto him. So, my Friends, in the holy blessed Seed, and Covenant of endless Life, feel the stream of my love, which runneth freely unto you, in the openness of my heart, for the prosperity of Sions Seed: and be ye fruitful, ye lively Plants, who are grafted into the stock of Salvation, and abide in the Vine, and keep to the Fountain, that Life may break forth in you, and through you, to the Glory of God for ever, in whom I heartily wish the encrease of all spiritual comforts, and inward refresh­ings, which flow from the presence of the Father; and in this holy blessed Life, do I reach unto you, and dearly sa­lute you in the Covenant of Life, and endless Peace, and so remain,

Your Friend and Brother in the Truth, as it is in Jesus, William Greene.

DEar and well-beloved Friends, and Heirs of Life and Immortality, and of the Kingdom that never fades a­way:

Lift up your Heads in the Life of God, that by him alone ye may be preserved, and in him live and dwell, who liveth and abideth for evermore. O ye beloved of the Father, and ye comforted by him day after day, O dwell, dwell, and a­bide [Page 8] in the Tents of Jacob, that the beauty and comeliness therein ye may behold, and daily drink at the Well of Sal­vation: For now is the stone rolled away, and the Fountain is opened for all the thirsty ones. O Drink, drink your fill, and keep unto the Fountain and Well-spring of Life con­tinually; so will the blessings of God rest upon you, and his living Presence, Power and Arm, compass you about, and be a Sheild unto you for ever, in the midst of all tryals, streights and afflictions whatsoever; Therefore rejoyce in God, and give all glory and honour to him who is become our life and support in this the day of our tryal, in which God doth manifest himself in a miraculous manner, unto the con­solations of his little ones, whose trust and confidence is in him: such he will never fail in the time of great need, but will be as he hath been, and now is, a Tower of Defence, and a Rock of Refuge to flee unto, in this the day of Battle. So, my Friends, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might live and reign for ever; so will peace be in your ha­bitations, and comfort in your dwelling-places unto all eter­nity; and your borders God will enlarge, and your strength daily renew: therefore be vigilant and faithful to him in all things. Peace be with you all. Amen.

My Love Salutes you all in the Truth. W. G.

Let these be sent abroad, to be read in the Assem­blies of the People of the true and living God, when they are met together in Gods holy fear.

The End.

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