NEVVS FROM The Jews, Or a True RELATION OF A Great Prophet, In the Southern parts of TARTARIA, pretending himself to be sent to gather toge­ther the JEWS from all parts: as well the Ten Tribes that have so long absconded themselves from the World; as the known Tribes of Judah and Benjamin: promising to them the Restoration of the Land of Canaan, and all that they formerly enjoyed in the time of King SOLOMON. As it was communicated to Rabbi Josuah ben Eleazar, Merchant in Amsterdam, by a Letter from Adrianople.

Faithfully translated into English, By Josephus Philo-Judaeus, Gent.


LONDON, Printed for A. G. Anno [...], 1671.

To Rabbi Josuah ben Eleazar, and the rest of our Brethren the JEWS in Amsterdam, GREETING:

THat which we shall now write to you, (my beloved Brethren) is concerning the hope of the Seed of Jacob, which for many Years hath been looked for, and expect­ed by us all; but now is the time near at hand, for the Great JEHOVA hath raised up a Great Prophet, one Shilo Sabathi, a man whose birth and education hath been hitherto unknown to the Jews. But for your further satisfaction I have here sent you the Copy of the Two Let­ters I received from Aleppo concerning him.

The First Letter to Rabbi Corion ben Syrach, at Adrianople.

WE have a great rumor concerning a Prophet lately discovering himself in South Tartary at the head of a considerable number of People unarmed, whose manners, habits and language, differs from the people inhabiting in or near those parts; the name of this Prophet or Leader is Shilo Sabathi, he is of a very tall stature, of a comely and majestick coun­tenance, the hair of his head is as white as snow, and long, reaching down to his wast, and parted on the crown after the manner of the Nazarites; his beard of [Page 2] the same colour covering all his breast; he wears a pur­ple loose Garment, a Coronet wreathed with boughs of trees upon his head, and carries a white wand in his hand: in fine he is adorned with all that comeliness, as due color, order and proportion of parts can make, that his body might be a fit Palace for his divine soul. When an Army of the Tartars came to oppose them as inva­ders of their Land, his majestick countenance did strike such a terror into their hearts, that they immedi [...]tely threw away their weapons, and fell down at his feet, crying out Jeru, Jeru Tartari▪ which in their language signifies O Jerusalem, the Remnant of Jerusalem! Then Rabbi Shilo held up his stick towards them, and com­manded them to rise: saying, My Brethren, you are of the seed of Jacob as well as we; and though the Great JEHOVAH hath dispersed us throughout almost all parts of the habitable World, because our Fathers dis­obeyed his Commandments, and worshipped other Gods: yet that you may be assured that his anger will not last for ever, he hath sent me, Shilo Sabathi, to be your Captain or Leader to conduct you to the Land of promise, where you shall enjoy all those mercies and priviledges as was enjoyed by our Nation in the Reign of King Solomon. For I am that Shilo you so long ex­pected, and now is the fulness of time come, that I should appear to you, be therefore of good courage & follow me, and I will bring you to the Land of your Fathers, I will lay the Foundations, of Jerusalem, and raise the Walls thereof, rebuild the Temple of the Lord and make it more glorious then that of Solomons, which was but a type or shadow of mine. Fear not your ene­mies; none shall oppose you. He told them likewise that about seven years since he had sent one Saba Sabathi to prepare his way, but he was inhumanely murthered [Page 3] by the Turks; for which they must expect some severe Judgments to fall upon that Nation. He travels very slowly, but he daily encreaseth his Company; and suf­fers none to wear any offensive weapon proclaiming to them nothing but Love and Peace.

What the product of this will be we cannot tell, but hope for the best. Communicate this News onely to those of our own Tribes, and not to the Gentiles least they deride and mock at us.

I am your Friend and Brother. Moses ben Manasseh.

The Second Letter. To Rabbi Gorion ben Sy­rach at Adrianople.

WE have further confirmation of the Story concerning Rabbi Shilo; he hath put out a Declaration, wherein he gives the world an account of h [...]s, Birth, Educa­tion, and the several passages of his Life, which, I suppose will come shortly to my hands, and then you shall be sure to have a Copy of it by the next post; In the mean time take this short account of it, as I had it from a very good hand. He tells the world, that his Birth was about the year of the world, 5547. And that as soon as he came of age to travel, he wandred about all the habitable world, seeking and in­spiring after the Twelve Tribes, that were carried into Captivity by Salmanasar but could not find them, till such time as it was revealed to him in a Vision▪ how he should come to the knowledge of them, and that he should conduct them to Jerusalem. The manner of it was as followeth. Rabbi Shilo wearied with his tedious and unsuccessful travels, being in the Desarts of Arabia, resolved now to live an obscure and holy Life, and not to converse any [Page 4] longer with Men, but with God and Angels, and to this end sought out some convenient place to inhabit, which Di­vine providence soon favoured him with, for he had not gone far before he spi'd a a very handsome Cave, paved with Stone, and arched with curious Workmanship: Into this place he entred, fell asleep, and saw a Vision; An Angel stood before him, whose countenance was brighter than the Sun; and said unto him, Rabbi Shilo, Beloved of Jehovah, Arise and follow me; and immediately smote him with a white Wand; at which Rabbi Shilo awaked, and followed this celestial Messenger, who led him through many Countries, and at last brought him to the side of a hill, where was a Cave, whose mouth was stopped with Stones of a very large size, cemented together so fast, that one might more easily have entred a Rock than the Cave: But the Angel gave him a white Wand, and bid him strike the stones with it, which he did, and immediatly the stones tumbled down, then they both entered the Cave, and in the midst of it they found a marble Chest, the Angel bids Rabbi Shilo strike the top of the Chest with his Wand, at which it immediatly flew open; then the Angel bid him peruse the Writing he found in the Chest, and so left him. Rabbi Shilo being troubled at the Angels so suddain departure, sate musing, considering what to do; but recalling himself, and remembring the words of the Angel, read the Writings. He looked into the Chest, and there found a Book, a large roule of very ancient Vellom, and two Tables of Stone; the Book was the Cabal that was given to Moses, by which he was informed of all things done from the Creation till his time; and by it he writ the Penteteuch, but it was again lost, and brought again to Esdras, and then lost again, being conveyed into this place, where it remained till this time: The roul of Parchment contained the Genealogy and Succession of the Tribes to this present time, and in what Countries they are, and how they [Page 5] are dispersed and mixed with the Gentiles. The Tables of Stone were the same that Moses brought down from the Mount: After he had perused these Writings, accor­ding to the Angels command, the Angel again appear­ed to him; and told him that now he had seen the Cabal, he might write a true History of all things done since the Crea­tion: And by the roul of Vellom he might write the Genea­logy of all the Twelve Tribes of Israel; and bid him go and gather together the Tribes of Israel from the four Corners of the Earth, and bring them to the Land of their Fathers; He told him that none should resist them, but they should have free passage to the Holy Land, and King's should be assistant to them in their Journeys, and contribute largely to the rebuilding of Jerusalem, and the Temple of the Lord. Having said this, the Angel again left him. This is what I have hitherto heard of his Declaration, Be of good chear, we hope to see a jeyful time; In the mean while, I am,

Your Friend and Brother, Moses Ben Manasseh.

BY these Two Letters confirming the Sto­ry, I cannot but really believe the truth of it. We do in our Synagogues here put up publick Prayers to God in behalf of the Prophet, that he would be pleased to assist him with a mighty Arm in this great Work; and that he would hasten the gathering toge­ther of his ancient People the Jews, that we may again sit under our own Vines and Fig-trees. [Page] We hope you will not be wanting in your Synagogues in Amsterdam, to pray for his success; and we desire likewise that you will communicate this joyful News to all the Jews that inhabit in the countries about you, giving them charge to keep it to themselves, and not reveal it to the Gentiles. But all prepare to meet this Prophet, who will in a short time lay the Foundations of Jerusalem, raise the Walls of the Temple: so shall we enjoy our ancient Liberties, and be no longer in Bondage and Captivity amongst the Gentiles, but shall be a free People; and all people shall come to our City to worship. Our Love to all our Brethren. I remain

Your Loving Friend and Brother, Gorion ben Syrach.

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