One of the three Desperate and incorrigible Traitors, Execute at the Grass­Mercat in Edinburgh, the eleventh day of March, 1681, for disowning His Sacred Majesties Authority; and owning and adhering to these Bloudy and Murdering Principles, contained in that Execrable. Declaration at Sanquhar, Cargils Traiterous Covenant, and Sacrilegious Excommunicat­ing of the KING, by that Arch-Traitor Cargil, and avowing of themselves to be bound in Conscience, and by their Covenant, to Murder the KING, and all that Serve under Him; being Armed (the time they were apprehen­ded) for that purpose.

MEn and Brethren, these are to shew you, that I am come here this day to lay down my Life for owning Christ and his Truths; and in so much as we are Calumniate and Re­proached, by lying upon our Names, and dreadful upbraiding of us, with saying, That we are not led by the Scriptures, and say we have taken other Rules to walk by; I take the Great God to be Witness against all and every one of them, that I take the Word of God to be my Rule, and I never designed any thing but honesty, and faith­fulness to Christ: and for owning of Christ and the Scriptures, this day I am murdered; for adhering to the Born-down-truths, I am Con­demned to dy; and I also leave my Testimony, and bear Witness against all the Apostate Ministers this day, that have taken favour at the Enemies hands: the only thing they take away my Life for, is, Because I disowned all those Bloody Traytors not to be Magistrates, which the Word of God casts off, and we are bound in Conscience and Covenant to God, to disown all such as are Enemies to God, and which they are avowed and open Enemies to Christ; And they have made void my Word, faith the Lord: Say what ye will De­vils, say Wretches say Enemies, say what ye will, we are owning the Truth of Christ, and his written Word; and condemn me in my Judgement who will, I leave my Blood on one and all, that says we are not led by the Scriptures: I leave my Blood upon you again to be a Witness against you, and a Condemnation in the great Day of Judgment. I have no more to say, I think this may mitigat all your Rage and so forth, I leave his Enemies to his Curse, to be punished into Everlasting Wrath, for now and ever, Amen.

Sic subscribitur, WIL. GOGOR.

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