UT Causae quare Protestantes hi non possent in publicis con­ventionibus Ecclesiae Anglicanae audire, & sic cum eodem Ministerio adorare.

CVm in secundo Articulo solennis Confaederationis et Compacti per nos accepti ad Gloriam DEI et exaltationem regni Domini nostri et salvatoris Jesu Christi, et alias intentiones pias in eo expressas; Invenimus Nos jurare Quòd absque respectu Personarum, tentabimus extirpationem Papatiae, Praelatiae, id est, Ecclesiasticanae gubernationis per Archi-Epis-chopos, Cancellarios suos, Commissarios, Decanos, Decanos-et-Capitulos, Archi-Decanos, et omnes alios Ecclesiasticos Ministros sub eandem Hierarchiam dependentes;

Nos metipsos tenemus obligatos mundo universo declarare, Protestationem (que) facere, Quòd non audemus ultra communicare cum, aut saltem appropinquare (sed renunciamus et abhorremus) Ministerium Ecclesiae Anglicanae ut adhuc manet stabilitum, & nominatum Parsonae, Vicarii et Curati; vt qui sunt Anti-christiani, et in ordinatione eorum dependent super Hierarchiam, sacer­dotium accepti, unum ejusdem Hierarchiae ordinem: Et ordinati per Pontifices, vt Pontifices, vt simiae deridentes Christum, imitatione vana simulantes dare iis Spiritum Sanctum: Et per juramen­tum Canonicae obedientiae exaltantes Pontifices super Christum, qui declaravit Canones Ecclesiae suae immutabiliter in verbo ipsius. Isto tamen juramento stant obligati obedire Canonibus nunc factis vel postea facturis.

Ut patrocinantes in praxi praeterita Cultum Idolatricum ac voluntarium, Leiturgiae[?] et Cere­moniarum ex diametro contrarium Libertati sanguine Christi acquisitae, et Plurimi adversùs cog­nitionem Conscientiam (que)

Vt magni profanatores Sacro Sancta Dei, non distinguentes inter pretiosos et viles.

Vt rei sanguinum multorum, magnam concelantes partem conciliorum Dei.

Vt viventes judaico, papistico, et extortionali stipendio Decimarum, Oblationum (que)

Vt ij qui si non primam institutionem suam renunciant, grandes divisores inter nos et Scotiam, sunt: Vt qui sunt tam Anti-presbyteriales quàm Anti-Christiani.

Vt ij qui secundùm primitiva et Apostolica exemplaria, suffragiis Ecclesiarum, nunquam voca­bantur.

In visceribus Domini nostri Iesu itaque rogamus & quaesumus omnes illos Ministros Ecclesiae Anglicanae, qui spiritum Christi habent, ut primam vocationem vitam (que) eorum renunciantes; à Deo expectarent vocationem rectam à se et populo ipsius secundùm Christi Testamentum: vt sic iis communicemus in societate Christiana.

Dominus (que) ita benedicat et Ministrum, Populumque.
Subscripta eodem die, per Robertum Fagium juniorem, et Thomam Reignoldum, in presentia Anthonii Luther Armigeri.

Idem etiam Protestantes tunc appellationem faciebant Domo Honorabilissimo Communium Cu­riae Altissimi Parlementi; An compelli debent ad Conventiones Ecclesiae Anglicanae contra Con­scientiam ire.

Super quo, Iusticiarius dedit eis libertatem frui conscientiis, et Appellationem prosequi.


As the causes why the Protesters could not heare in the publike Assemblies of the Church of England, and so joyn in worship with that Ministry.

VVHereas in the second Article of the Solemn League and Covenant, taken by us for the glory of GOD, and the advancement of the Kingdom of our LORD & SAVIOVR JESVS CHRIST, and other the godly Ends there­in expressed; We find that we swear, That we shall without respect of persons, endeavour the extirpation of Popery, Prelacy; that is, Church-government by Arch-Bishops, Bishops, their Chancellours, Commissaries, Deans, Deans and Chapters, Arch-Deacons, and all o­ther Ecclesiasticall Officers depending on that Hierarchy;

We hold our selves bound to declare, and protest, unto the whole World, That wee dare noe longer joyn unto, and communicate with, (but doe renounce and abhor) the Ministry of the Church of England, as it remains yet established, and named Parsons, Vicars, and Curates.

As being Antichristian, and in their Ordination depending upon the Hierarchy, having taken priesthood one of the Orders thereof, and having been ordained by Bishops, as they were Bi­shops, by their apish mockery of Christ, as it were giving unto them the Holy Ghost. And by their Oath of Canonicall obedience; setting up Bishops above CHRIST, who hath declared the Canons of his Church, unalterably in his Word: Yet by that Oath they stand bound to o­bey all Canons now made, or hereafter to be made.

As maintaining in their former practice, an Idolatrous will-worship of the Service and Ce­remonies, directly contrary to the liberty purchased by the bloud of Christ, and many fem[?] against knowledge and conscience.

As great Profaners of the holy things of God, putting no difference between the precious and the vile.

As guilty of the blood of many, concealing a great part of the councel of God.

As living by a Jewish, Popish, and extortionous maintenance of tythes and offerings.

As they, who if they renounce not their former Call, are great dividers between us & Scot­land, being Anti-Presbyteriall, as well as Anti-christian.

As they, who were never called, according to the Primitive and Apostolike examples, by the Churches election.

We do therefore in the Bowels of the Lord Iesus, earnestly intreat, and beseech all those Mi­nisters of the Church of England, that have the Spirit of Christ, that, renouncing their former calling and life, they would wait upon GOD, for a right call from him, and his people, ac­cording to Christs Testament; that so we may communicate with them in Christian Society.

And the LORD so blesse both Minister and people.
Subscribed the same day by ROBERT FAGE, junior, and THOMAS REIGNOLDS: In the presence of ANTHONY LVTHER, Esquire.

And the same PROTESTERS did likewise then appeal to the Honourable House of COMMONS, the High Court of Parliament; whether they ought to be compelled to goe to the Assemblies of England against their Consciences.

Whereupon the Justice gave them liberty to enjoy their Consciences, and to prosecute their Appeale.

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