The FEMALE Ramblers· OR, The Three Buxome Lasses of Northampton-shire,

Containing their pleasant Pastime at the Naggs Head, together with many Intriegues that lowed thereupon.

Tune is, Let Cesar live long.

Licensed according to Order.



You young Men and Lasses I'd have ye take care,
When you are returning from Market or fair;
For fear you should stay at the Naggs-Head all night,
To reap the fond pleasures of wanton delight,
And then send the Maids to the Doctors with speed,
For Physick, lest any by sporting should breed.
These Lasses were buxome and beautiful too,
So long as they staid with the Rebelling Crew;
But yet after this upon All-Holland-Day,
Poor Lasses they purg'd their sweet Beauties away;
So that they lamented to see their sad fate,
And thus they repented a little too late.
On last Christmas-Day as I here do profess
One of these young Maids in a delicate Dress.
Came to a young Man and she gave him a smile,
Now when she had been in his presence a while,
She said, you may see I am delicate fine,
Come kiss now, and hug me, I wish I was thine.
This Damsel one day to the Town she would go,
That her loving Gallant some kindness might show;
She sought him a while, but he could not be found,
Yet still she kept hunting and searching all round,
And said with a sigh and a sorrowful tear,
If thou dost not come, I have no comfort here.
Another young Damsel of this very Race,
Did happen to be in pittiful case,
Her brawny Posteriors she chanc'd to set flye,
Which run down her Stockings, and caus'd her to cry,
Had ever poor Creature such fortune before,
This woful disaster doth trouble me sore.
At length some reflections by chance being spread,
Concerning the wanton lewd lives they had led,
To Northampton straight in a passion they go.
To take forth a Warrant, in order to know
Which was the most honest true Maid of the three.
This was to be try'd by a Justice Decree.
Young Sarah was then in a passionate rage,
And swore by her Maiden-head she would engage
An honest Mans courage in short to pull down,
And have all his Land for to buy her a Gown;
But straight he said to this young passionate Lass,
He'd keep it when she had no Smock to her Arse.
Fine delicate Mantua's these Damsels adore,
With gay yellow Girdles, and twenty things more;
To make their sweet beauty most splendid appear,
And yet these poor Lasses are never the near;
Alone without Husbands they'r forced to lye,
Which makes them right glad of a Couch by the By.
Young Lasses if you would your Credit maintain,
Such idle loose Company strive to refrain;
'Tis true, I wou'd have ye be merry and wise,
Lest you should your Maiden-heads lose by surprize:
For if that sweet Jewel should chance to be lost,
You cannot regain it by infinite cost.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J, Blare, J. Back

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