FALSE PROPHETS, ANTICRISTS, DECEIVERS, Which are in the World, which Iohn Prophesied of, which hath been long hid and Covered.

But now is unmasked in these last dayes with the Eternal Light which is risen, are they seen and discovered, praises be to the Living God.

And with the Scriptures which they have made a trade of and deceived poor people withall, are they tryed and made manifest to be those which the Scripture speaks of, which with fained words and Covetousnesse makes Mer­chandize of the people, and so betrayes their Soules.

Also a Word to the Heads and Governours of this Nation, who have put forth a Declaration for the keeping of a Day of Humilia­tion for the Persecution (as they say) of the poor Inhabitants in the Valley of Lucerna, Angrona, and others professing the Reformed Religion which hath been transmitted unto them from their Ancestors.

By M. Fell.

And I saw three unclean spirits, like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of the mouth of the Beast, and out of the mouth of the false Prophet,

Rev. 16.13.

But there were false Prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false Teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable he­resies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bringing upon themselves swift destruction,

And many shall follow their pernicious wayes, by reason of whom the way of truth is evil spoken of,

2 Pet. 2.1, 2.

And also Iames Milners Condemnation upon that which erred from the Light.

LONDON, Printed for Giles Calvert, 1655.

Iohn 8. Isa. 42.

I Am the Light of the world, and doth enlighten every one that comes into the world, saith Christ Jesus. I the Lord who hath called thee in Righteousnesse, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a Covenant to the people, and for a light unto the Gentiles. Now all people see where you are; And try your Teachers what they lead you into, which drawes you from the light which Christ Jesus hath enlightened you withall, who saith, He that walks in the Light, shall have the Light of Life: and Iohn saith, in John 1. that In him was life, and the life was the light of men. Now try your Teachers, which drawes you from the light, by the Scriptures, which they take to speak unto you, and (as they say) is their Rule. Let it likewise be your rule to try them with; and search the Scriptures, and examine them honestly, and see whether ye be not Deceived by them which drawes you from the Light, which is and ever was the Saints Teacher, and ever shall be. And Iohn saith, that he was not the light, but he was sent to bear witnesse of that light which was the true Light, that enlightens every man that cometh into the world. Now all people try and see your Teachers, whether all your Priests of England be not witnesses contrary to Iohn. He beares witness to the light, which enlightens every man that cometh in­to the world; and they bear winess against the Light, and saith, he doth not enlighten every one that cometh into the world. And tells people that they must look after them for Meanes and Ordinances, and so blind poor people, and keeps them in Igno­rance and Darkness: But all people who love your own soules, search into the Scriptures, and try them by the Scriptures, which you call the Word and Rule to walk by, and you shall find them the Deceivers and the Antichrists, and the false Prophets, which they tell you so much on, that should come in the latter dayes; Iohn saith, Many false Prophets are gone out into the world. Now try your Teachers by this, and see whether they be not in the world, nor separated from the world, but drawes from the light, which separates from the world, and leads out of the world. But they witness against the light, and pleads for sin and the Kingdom [Page 2] of Antichrist which is of the world: And John saith, This is the Condemnation, that light is come into the world, But men love Dark­ness rather then Light, because their deeds are evil. For every one that doth evil, hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doth truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, whether they be wrought in God. Now all poor people, see whether these be not the false prophets, which are entred into the world, which drawes from the Light, which is the worlds condemnation. And whether these be not Decei­vers and Antichrists, which John speaks on, that are entred into the world, which drawes from the Light, and doth not confesse Christ Jesus come in the flesh; But doth deny the Light, and doth persecute, and call them Deceivers and false Prophets which wit­nesses Christ come in the flesh, and walks in the light which he hath enlightened them withall; these they stock, and prison, and cause to be beat in their Synagogues, as all did that went before them, who ever persecuted the Righteous seed, who denyes the light. The same John which saith, False Prophets, Deceivers and Antichrists are gone into the world; saith, These things have I written unto you, concerning them that seduce you; But the Anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you, but as the same Anointing teacheth you all things, and is truth, and is no lie: and even as it hath taught you, you shall abide in him. Now, all people, see who be the false prophets, whether John and those that witness the Anointing; or your Teachers, which drawes from the Anointing? Christ Jesus saith, I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me shall not abide in dark­nesse. This same Christ saith in the 7. of Matth. Beware of false Prophets which comes to you in sheeps cloathing, but inwardly they are Ravening Wolves; by their fruits ye shall know them. Now try your Teachers by this Scripture, and see whether they have not been cloathed all this while with sheeps cloathing, the Saints cloa­thing, the words and profession of Christ: but now when the sheep comes, who knowes his voyce, and will not follow stran­gers, such as they; now see if they do not appear outwardly to be Ravening Wolves; what they were before inwardly, their fruits doth make them manifest: Therefore let the Scripture try them. The same Christ Jesus saith unto the Disciples who came unto him privately on the Mount of Olives, Matth. 24. And [Page 3] Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you; for many shall come in my Name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many. Now try your Teachers, and see whether they have any thing but a name and a profession of Christ, who drawes from the Light. Whereas Christ Jesus saith, he is the Light: And Christ saith, Then shall they deliver you up, and kill you, and ye shall be hated of all Nations for my Names sake.

Now see whether these Priests of yours be hated and killed, which drawes from the light, or those who witness Christ Jesus; which is the light, which saith, many false Prophet shall arise, which shall deceive many: and try if they be not them which saith, Loe here is Christ, and loe there: But Christs Command is, believe them not; for there shall arise false Christs and false Prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch, that if it were possible, they would deceive the very Elect. But the Elect, who dwells in the light which comes from Jesus they cannot deceive, in it they are seen, and known and tryed, and made manifest to be the deceivers, to be the false Prophets and Antichrists, And with the light which comes from Jesus, they are condemned with the world, and turned from, with all the Children of light▪ therefore poor people who are out of the light, you they do deceive; but those whose minds are turned to the light, and abides in the light, they cannot deceive. And Christ Jesus saith, woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you; for so did their Fathers to the false Prophets. Now try them by the Scripture, and see whether this woe be not upon them, and whether they be not of the false Pro­phets. And Peter saith in 2 Pet. 2. But there were false Prophets among the people. Now try them by that Chapter, and see whether they be not these false Prophets, which denies the light, which comes from Christ Jesus, their Lord that bought them: And through Covetousness shall they through fained words make Merchandize of you; Let that in your Consciences now try and search them by this Scripture. The same Apostle in the Chapter before, saith, We have also a more sure Word of Prophesie, whereunto ye do well, that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, untill the day dawn, and the day-star arise in your hearts: Knowing this first, that no prophecie of the Scripture is of any private Interpre­tation: For the prophecie came not in the time of old, by the will of man, but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. [Page 4] Now see whether Peter and these that draw to the Light, be the false Prophets; or them that denyes the Light, and hates it: Read 2 Tim. 3. and try them by that Scripture, and see if they be not them that the Apostle speaks on there, having a form of Godlinesse, but denying the power: and he saith, from such turn away. And see if they be not of this sort, which creeps into houses, and calls them Churches, (when as the Apostle saith, the Church is in God,) and leads Captive silly women, laden with divers lusts: Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Now see and try your Teachers by these Scriptures, and see what you have learned of them all your dayes that you have followed them; what you can witnesse of God or of Christ, made manifest: Nay, that in your Consciences will confess that you do not know this outward Scripture, which makes them manifest to be the false Prophets & Deceivers, who drawes from the light which gave forth the Scri­ptures; even in the knowledge of the outward letter you are blin­ded by them: Read 2 Pet. 3.3. and see if ye and they be not found those scoffers, walking after your own lust, saying, Where is the promise of his coming? And read Jude, and try them, & see whether they be not found there under the Woe that he speaks on, whether they run not greedily for rewards, & so perish in the Gainsaying of Core. And let that in your Consciences which is of God, which respects no mans person; read and examine those Scriptures, and try them, and see whether they be not erred from the Light, & so drawes others from the Light, which is and ever was the Saints Teacher, and ever shall be; from which all the holy men of God ever spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost: And from which Light all these Scriptures were given forth, which these Deceivers takes in their mouthes, and drawes people from the Light which gave forth the Scriptures, and so betrayes their soules. Therefore all people to the light in your Consciences, which Christ Jesus hath enlightened you withall, turn within keep to it, and go not forth, not look not outward, and it will let you see the deceivers and betrayers of your soules: And if ye be faithful and obedient to it, it will let you see your Saviour. False Prophets is in the world, and Antichrists is in the world, and the Deceivers is of the world, and those that doth not confess Christ Jesus come in the flesh is of the world; But those that dwell in the Light, which Christ Jesus hath enlightened them withall, this leads out of the [Page 5] world, out of the worlds wayes, fashions and Customs, and this makes a separation from the world, and this leads up to God: And this Light is the Condemnation of the world, and the con­demnation of all the deceivers, false prophets, and Antichrists which are in the world: And who is faithful and obedient to the light, witnesses Christ made manifest and come in the flesh; and these are no Antichrists; And these are they that go forth to bear witness against the false Prophets and Antichrists which are in the world; and these are they that are stockt and beat, and Im­prisoned, and persecuted by those which are of the first nature, which is Cain who slew his brother; and this is of the world. And by this Generation all that will live godly in Christ Jesus, must suffer persecution, and it is our joy and rejoycing not only to believe on his Name, but also to suffer for his sake.

All poor people who are in the dark world, blind, led with the blind, beware and look where you are, lest you both fall into the ditch, and try your Leaders by the Scripture, who is pleading for sin and transgression, and telling you, that ye shall not be free from sin, nor perfect while you are upon earth. Now is that ful­filled which the Apostle speaks on in 2 Tim. 3. And the perillous times are come: and woe unto you if you do not hearken to the warning of the Lord God who calls unto you for Repentance, and to return to the Light of Christ in your Consciences; and to return from that sort which the Apostle speaks on, having a form of godlinesse, denying the power; of this sort are your Teachers which are to be turned away from, which creeps into houses, and leads silly women captive, and so keeps you ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth: And tells you none can be perfect while they are upon earth: And so they plead for sin, and against Christ Jesus, and the Apostles and Prophets, and all the holy men of God: For Christ saith, Be ye perfect as your hea­venly Father is perfect, Matth. 5.48. And again, Christ said to the young man, which asked him what he lacked yet; If thou wilt be perfect, Sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, as in Matth. 19.20, 21. And again, the Apostle saith, We speak wisdome among them that are perfect. And when he parted with the brethren, he bad them, Be perfect, Be of good comfort, be of one mind, 1 Cor. 2.6. 2 Cor. 13.10, 11. And your Teachers tells you, that you must never be perfect, but that you must sin as long as [Page 6] you are upon Earth; And so they are Ministers of Antichrist, and upholders of sin, and the Devils Kingdom; try them by the Scripture, and you shall find them contrary to the doctrine of Christ, and of the Apostles, and not to have received the gifts, which he gave to the Prophets, Apostles, and Evangelists, for the perfecting of the Saints; as you may read in Ephes. 4.11, 12, 13. And the same Apostle went about warning every man in all wis­dome, that he might present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. Now see your Teachers and Leaders, if they have not another spi­rit, then that Christ and the Apostles had, who makes it their trade to plead for sin, and against perfection, which all that ever were sent of God prayed and preached for: As the Apostle did night and day, praying exceedingly, that he might see their faces, and might perfect all which was lacking in their faith, 1 Thess. 3.10. And the Apostle Peter prayed that they might be perfect when they had suffered awhile; And the Apostle said, who was a Mini­ster of Christ, that the Scripture was given forth by Inspiration of God, that the man of God might be perfect. And here your Teach­ers are found to be denyers of the Scriptures, and so are found to be Ministers of Antichrist, and not so much as Ministers of the letter, who pleads against it, and the ends it was given forth for. And they are out of the practice of all that ever taught for God. Noah was a Preacher of Righteousness, and he was a perfect man: Abraham was a friend of God, and God said unto him, Walk thou before me, and be thou perfect: and Lot was a just man, and the Lord delivered him: and Iob was a perfect and a just man: and David saith, Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace, Psal. 37.37. And Solomon saith, that the upright shall dwell in the Land, and the perfect shall remain in it Prov. 2.21. And again he saith, The righteousnesse of the perfect shall direct his way, Prov. 11.5. Now all people search the Scriptures, and try these deceivers, and betrayers of your soules; And let them be witnesses against themselves, that they teach, nor you receive nothing of God from them; for what ever is of God in the least measure is perfect; the first principle that comes from God is perfect; Every perfect gift is from above. And the Apostle said, As many as be perfect, be thus minded, Phil. 3.13. And the Apostle saith, We are glad when we are weak and ye are strong, and this also we wish, even also your perfection. And again he saith, Let [Page 7] us go on to perfection. Now see your blind guides, whether they be not the Ministers of the Mystery of Iniquity, and under the dark powet, who pleads for sin, and against perfection, which all that ever were sent of God preached for, and prayed for, and la­boured for; for the perfecting of the Saints, and for the perfecting of holinesse in the fear of the Lord, 2 Cor. 7.1. Eph. 4.12.

Given forth for the good of poor deceived people by the Spirit of God, as the Scriptures was by the Holy men of God who spoke them forth as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

TO all you who look outward to your Teachers without you, blind guides, which plead for sin, contrary to the Scriptures, and the Apostles, and all the holy men of God: Who were sent of God, were sent to reprove sin, and to direct their minds unto that which leads out of sin up to God who is pure, and cannot behold Iniquity: And contrary to this your Teachers brings those Scriptures, that were spoken to the wicked, and to the world, and so keeps you in sin and blind­ness, and thereby maintains the Kingdom of sin; as some of them have said, Ye must still be sinners, and never be perfect, nor without sin: and for the upholding of this, they bring such Scri­ptures as these, where Solomon is speaking of Drunkards, Mockers, and of the Sluggards, and of those that have divers weights, and divers measures; and he saith to those, Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin. And this they bring to crosse Christ, and the Apostles, and all the holy men of God who ever taught, and laboured, and prayed for holiness and perfecti­on, and purity. And likewise Solomon saith in the same Chapter, The just man walketh in his Integrity. Now all people, try your Teachers by that Chapter, and see who it is that Solomon is spea­king amongst, when he spoke these words, and see how grossely you are deceived by them, and how they betray and murther your soules.

Another Scripture they bring in, Eccles. 7.20. Solomon speak­ing of the things he saw in the daies of his vanity, and of the just [Page 8] and righteous man that perisheth, and of the wicked that prolongeth his life in wickedness; and he saith in the 29. verse, Loe, this onely have I found, that God hath made man upright: but he hath sought out many Inventions. And when he is speaking of these he saith, that there is not a just man upon the earth that doth good, and sinneth not. And this they bring to maintain sin, and speak against that which Christ said, and the Apostles, and all the Holy men of God. And the same Solomon saith, The labour of the righteous tendeth to life; the fruits of the wicked to sin; fooles make a mock of sin, and sin is a reproach to any people. Now try and see whether ye be not bewitched with these Idol Shepherds that prophesies for Baal, and makes merchandize of your soules, and keeps you under their bondage: But Christ is come to redeem you from their mouthes who goes about to devour you.

Another Scripture they bring in 1 Iohn 1.8. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive our selves, and the truth is not in us. And this Scripture they bring to testifie against Iohns own words in the same Chapter, who saith in the next verse, if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness; and in the sixth verse he saith, If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth; but if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Je­sus his Son cleanseth us from all sin: Now dear people, see how you are besotted and blinded with these Babylons Merchants, which sells your souls for getting money to themselves. Oh go not after them, for they lead you into the dark, and so under the power of the Prince of darkness, and from the light, which all the Saints of God walks in, and so are cleansed from all sin.

Another Scripture they bring to plead for sin, in Rom. 4.5. where the Apostle is speaking of the two Covenants of faith, and of works, where the Apostle saith, To him that worketh not; but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted to him for righteousness: and this Scripture they bring to justifie the wicked and ungodly, and to uphold the Devils Kingdom of sin to crosse the Scriptures, and overthrowe all which Christ and this Apostle and all the Apostles laboured and suffered for: David saith, the ungodly shall not stand in judgement, but the way of the ungodly shall perish. And the Apostle saith in 1 Tim. 1.9. the [Page 9] Law is for the ungodly, and for sinners; and the Apostle saith in Rom. 1.18. For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men. Now all people, let that of God in your consciences examine, and try you how you dare stand in the presence of the living God, when that in the time of that which you call your worship, your teachers Do­ctrine is to uphold the Kingdom of sin, which whosoever com­mits is of the Devil. And another Scripture they bring in, Rev. 8.3. where the Angel that took the golden Scepter, offered up the prayers of the Saints. And this Scripture they bring to up­hold sin, and say, if they had no sin, what need they pray. Now let all the children of light, who have but the least measure of God, behold the abomination of these blasphemers, who saith, that the Saints were sinners, because they prayed, and would bring all the Saints of God too under the sin, and the transgressi­on, and so to be the servants of the Devils, as they are. Iesus Christ saith, he that commits sin is the servant of sin, as in Iohn 8.34. and in Rom. 6.16. he saith, his Servants ye are to whom ye obey, whether of sin unto death, or obedience unto righte­ousness; and read the 20. verse, and the prayers of the wicked is abomination to the Lord. And David saith, if I regard iniquity in my heart, God will not hear my prayer; and yet these de­ceivers pleads for sin, and brings the prayers of the Saints to prove it. And here they would make Christ Iesus the only begot­ten of the Father a sinner, who fell on his face and prayed, Mat. 26. as you may read 3 several times in that Chapter; And again, in Mark 14.35. he fell on the ground, and prayed, and again he went away and prayed; and so ye may read, that he prayed in severall places of Scripture, Iesus Christ who is the everlasting offering and substance of all prayers, he offered up prayers to his Father. And now ye people of Cartmel, come hither and try your teachers Bermelt and Camelford, and all ye people of England, try your teachers, who hath preached to you these scriptures, to uphold the Devils Kingdom of sin, And let them come and try their God, and let the scripture try them what God they serve, seeing that they have brought these Scriptures that are before mentioned, to uphold the Kingdom of darkness, iniquity and sin, And do you who are their hearers that goes after them: see what ye uphold, and what ye can learn of them, that are under the [Page 10] power of the Prince of the Aire, which rules in the Children of disobedience, as their fruits makes them manifest, and labours with all their strength to keep you there with them, who are blind, ignorant people, who are led with them blind guides, and so both falles into the ditch. Therefore a warning to you all, as you will answer it before the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, from whose presence you can never fly, that you turn away from these blasphemers against the truth of God, as you your selves may see, if ye be not wilfully blind. Let the Scripture judge them, and try them, their fruits makes them manifest to be de­ceivers and Antichrists, and no Ministers of Iesus Christ, neither shall you ever learn any thing of them, that ever shall be owned of the living God; for their portion is curst in the earth, as Mal. 2.1.2. And now Oh ye Priests, this Commandement is for you, if ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the Lord of Hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and will curse your blessings, yea I have cursed them alrea­dy. And the Lord saith, cursed be the deceiver, as in Mal. 1.14. So all dear people, as ye love your souls, turn from these cursed deceivers, which are of the Generation of Cain, where sin lies at their doors, and they lie wallowing in it, as you may see by their filthiness, drunkenness, and quarrellings: and minde the light of God in your consciences, which Christ Iesus hath enlightened you withall, which light bears witness, and testifies against all such filthy, unclean practices as they live in; & that which checks you for sin, and showes your sin and thoughts of your hearts, and lets you see how you have spent your time, and lets you see that God is pure, and cannot behold iniquity: to this turn your mindes, and to this hearken and be obedient to it, and turn a­way from these Murtherers of your souls, as you will answer it before the Lord: and remember that ye are warned in your life-time, and called to repentance while it is to day, which shall be an eternall witness and testimony for God, and your eternal condemnation, if you disobey it.

From a friend of your souls, and your eternall good, Margaret Fell.

[Page 11]ANd to all you that beat the Servants of God, you fulfill Christs words, who said, They shall beat you in the Synagogues; which ye do now in this Generation; Mark 13. And Paul was haled out of the Temple and beaten, Acts 21. and you now hale out of your Synagogues, and that you call your Temples: and Christ speaketh in Mark 12. of beating the servants of God: and the Apostle was beaten after they were brought before the Chief Priests and Rulers of the people, Acts 14.5. And the people and Governors rose up against the Apostles, and beat them very sore, and cast them into prison; these are the Marks by which ye may know what Generation these are of, that beats and persecutes the Saints of God, and casts into prison: and the Apostle saith, in 2 Cor. 11. thrice was he beaten with rods, and they beat him openly: So now the wicked and sloathfull servant appears, which beats his fellow-servants; who is to be cut asunder, whose portion is with the hypocrites and unbelievers: Luke 12. such as are drunk, and eat and drink with drunkards, And Christ said, Ye shall be hated of all men for my Names sake they shall persecute you in the City, and will scourge you in their Syna­gogues, and will bring you before Governours; but he that endures to the end, shall be saved; the Disciple is not above his Master, nor the servant above his Lord, if they have called the Master of the house Bel­zebub, how much more them of his houshold? And all you that spit at the people of God now, you may read your examples, as them that did not spare to spit at Iob, Iob 30. and you may read your example, when the chief Priests rent his Clothes, how they spit at Christ in his face, and buffetted him, and struck him with rods, and asked him, saying, prophesie unto us O Christ; who smote thee ▪ and here again you may read your example, in Mat. 26. and a­gain you may read another example in Mat. 27. how they spit upon Christ, and took a Reed, and smote him upon the head. And again, you may read another example in Mark, How the high Priests and Scribes condemned Iesus to death, and he said, they should mock him, and spit upon him. And again you may read another example, how some began to spit at Christ, and covered his face, and beat him with their fists, and the Sergeants smote him with rods; for this example you may read, Mark 14. and another example you may read Mark 15. how they smote Iesus [Page 12] on the head with a Reed, and bowed the knee, and mocked him, and began to salute him: and here you mockers, beaters, and that spit at the Children of God, you may read your example in Mat. 15. And again, ye that stone the people of God in the Mar­kets, and high wayes, you may read your selves to be of that Ge­neration that took up stones to stone Christ. And they said, they stoned him for blasphemy, Iohn 10. And the Disciples told Christ, that the Iews sought to stone him, and they said unto him, Wilt thou go thither again? And the High Priests gathered a Councel, & they consulted together to put him to death: And the Apostles was used despitefully, and they stoned them, Acts 14. And Steven who was examined before the chief Priests, he was stoned to death with such as held up the outward Temple, and they gnash­ed upon him with their teeth, as the world do now; And there is your example, Acts 7. and Matth 21.35. how they killed and stoned the servants of the Lord: and the Apostle Paul was stoned and drawn out of the City, supposed to have been dead: and in the 2 Cor. 11. the Apostle speaks there how he was stoned: and another example you may read, Heb. 11. how the people of God was stoned whom the world was not worthy of. So ye that stone the people of God now, here you may read your examples before mentioned; And you are the Generation that stone such as ye are not worthy of.

The 13. day of the 4. Moneth.

TO all Friends and People every where, where this may come, do I Iames Millner and Elizabeth my Wife, who are of them, whom the world scornfully calls Quakers; we do for the truths sake, and for the clearing of it, and wiping away those reproaches and scandals which have been cast upon it, by the rude wicked world, who lyes in wickedness and uncleanness; and have taken occasion to cast many slanderous reproaches up­on the truth; which was occasioned by some weakness which proceeded from us, when we were young in the truth, about half a year after we were Convinced: We witness the Living power made manifest in us, and the promise of God we did then witness [Page 13] in measure, where it is said in the second of Ioel, Your sons and your daughters shall prophesie: and the testimony of Jesus (which is the spirit of prophesie) we did then witness in measure: but being then young in the truth, and the dark mind being above the prophesie which was in the light, which dark mind could not comprehend and see the prophesie what it was to; so the mind being carnal took the prophesie, and looked out at Carnal things: But now that is born up in our understandings, the Light which comes from Jesus, which comprehends the darknesse; and now we see where we mist, and erred from the light; praises be to the Living God for ever. And therefore do we in the presence of the Living God, own our Condemnation due to that which erred from the Light; and do witness it present upon us, and the Judg­ment of God to be just: And we do also witness the Living truth to be pure and just, which by us hath suffered; though we had perished in that Condition: but glory be unto the Eternal God for ever; who hath turned us from the darkness, unto the light and from the power of Satan unto God: And whereas the ene­mies of God, and of his truth, some of the Priests which took In­formation, from some which took occasion about that time to stumble, and fall back from the truth, and hath put it severall times in print, to make the truth odious, and to cause weak ones to stumble; and to keep others from receiving of the truth: We do here therefore openly declare in the Eternal light, whereby we see and comprehend, and condemn and deny, that which tur­ned from the light, and with the light which never changes do we shut it out, and condemn it too amongst the false Prophets and Antichrists that are in the world; and in the light which is Eternal, do we see that mind that erred from the Light to be one with all the Priests of England. And I Iames Millner, and Eliza­beth my Wife do here joyntly together in the presence of the Li­ving God deny that which led us from the light, and all the Priests of England, and all the professions in the world which is out of the light; with which light we see them and the false prophet which spoke unto us to be one: And therefore do we passe Condemnation on them both; And in the light which ne­ver changes, do we stand witnesses against them for ever: Know­ing them, and seeing them to be deceivers, and no Ministers but of Antichrist: And they are them who takes occasion, by all [Page 14] means they can, to render the truth odious, and to keep the Seed of God in bondage; that so they may make Merchandize of soules, and so betray the simple: But the Lord God of life is lay­ing their Abomination open, and uncovering their filthiness: Therefore thou Priest, Shaw, and all thy partakers, who have made this our errour a cloak for your filthiness, take it to your selves, it is your own, (and stop your mouthes with it) for in the Eternal light which never changes, we deny both it and you, and condemnes you into the pit for ever: And in the Eternall light we do stand witnesses against the blind guides; and for the living truth which never changes, are we witnesses: And this are we ready to seal with our blood: And this are we moved of the Lord to declare to all the world, for the clearing of the truth; and wiping away the reproaches which lyes upon it, and taking away the stumbling blocks: And we do likewise testifie to all the world, and do see it in the eternal light which comes from Jesus Christ the true Prophet which Moses writ of, who said, A Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up like unto me, him shall you hear; which we witness to be come and made manifest in us: Therefore do we know, and see, and to all the world declare, that all the false Prophets that ever prophesied falsly, (who pro­phesies for Baal,) whose minds have turned and erred from the light, as ours was when we looked out from the light which never changes: Therefore do we declare and witness to all the world, That all the false Prophets that ever was and ever shall be, is of that Generation, and of that nature, and one with the Priests of England, and all the Priesthood which is in the world, which is changeable, and erred from the light, which is eternall, and unchangeable, which comes from Jesus Christ, the unchange­able Priest, and end of the Prophets; and this we know, and witness in our measure: whereby we see the deceit they all live in; glory and praises be to the Living God for evermore.

Iames Millner. Elizabeth Millner,

To all you who yet know not the true Ministers of Jesus Christ, from the false Teachers of the world.

1. WHether he be the true Minister of Iesus Christ, that preaches the Word in season, and out of season, at all times and in all places where he comes: or he that observes a set day, time and place, judge ye.

2. Whether he be the true Minister of Iesus Christ, that is content with the Gospel wayes, food and rayment: or he that will have the tenth of mens estates, or a great summe of money yearly for his pains; judge ye.

3. Whether he be the true Minister of Iesus Christ, that is humble, lowly, and meek, willing to be servant to all, that live in the truth; or he who is proud, covetous, and idle, Iudge yee.

4. Whether he be the true Minister of Iesus Christ, that is despised, hated, and persecuted of the world, or he who is set up by the world, called Master, loved of the world; given to pleasures, and who lives in idlenesse, devouring the Creation upon his lust; judge ye.

5. Whether he be the true Minister of Iesus Christ, that speaks the Word of God in power, from the mouth of the Lord, and no more but what he can and dare witnesse to have recei­ved from the Lord; or he who onely trades with the letter, and sells it for Money: speaking of the Saints Conditions, and knowing nothing of it in himself, who onely lives in the form without the power of God; judge ye.


HEre you have a clear distinction betwixtt he Mini­sters of Christ, and the Ministers of the world, who are set up by man,Matth. 23. Mark 12. Isa. 55. Isa. 54.13. which Jesus Christ cryes Woe against; therefore hold not them up any longer, Lay not out your money for that which is not bread, and your labour for that which satisfieth not; but Hearken dili­gently unto me, Rom. 10.6, 7, 8. that your soules may live. For he hath promised to teach all his himself: And he is nigh you, even in your mouth, and in your heart. If you hearken to the true Light of God in your Consciences, it will teach you to deny all ungodlinesse, and to live soberly justly, and righteously in this present evil world, Looking up unto Iesus, Ier. 31.33, 34. who is the author and finisher of your faith. Dear Friends, I know both these sorts of men by experience, and therefore I do utterly deny the one as false Tea­chers, their fruits every way shews it:Heb. 12.1, 2. and the other I do witness to be the Ministers of Jesus Christ; and to preach the Gospel and the Crosse of Christ, which is foolishnesse to them that perish, 1 Cor. 1.17, 18, 19, 20, 21. 2 King. 22.2. but unto us that are saved it is the power of God. Consider of all the false prophets, in the time of the true Prophets; and you shall find them to be of the same Generation now as was then: Read and consider of these places I have given you in the Margent;Ier. 29.8, 9. for it is the love to your Soules, I have freely given you this, as I freely received it from the Lord. Herein I have discharged my self, and you will be left without excuse, when the Lord comes to plead with you. I am your servant in the Lord in a weak measure.

T. A.

To the Heads and Governours of this Nation, who have put forth a Declaration for the keeping of a day of solemn fasting and Hu­miliation, for the persecution (as they say) on the poor Inhabitants in the Valley of Lucerna Angrona, and others professing the refor­med Religion, which hath been transmitted unto them from their Ancestors.

Answ. PRofessing their reformed Religion, may be transmitted to Generatiōs, & so holden by the tradition, & in that where the profession and tradition is holden, in that is the dayes of humiliation kept, which stands in the will of man, which is not the fast which the Lord requires, to hold down the head like a Bul-rush for a day, and the day following be in the same condition, as you were the day before: To the light of Christ Jesus, in your Consciences do I speak, which testifies for God every day, and witnesseth against all sin and persecution, which measure of God if you beguided by it, doth not limit God to a day, but leads to the fast which the Lord requires, which is to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undoe the heavy bur­thens, and to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoak, Isa. 58.6. this is the Fast the Lord requires, and this stands not in the transmission of times, nor in the tradition of men; but this was before time was, Mark 7.7, 8, 9, 13. Col. 2.8.15. Mat. 3.9. and this leads out of time, and this shall be when time shall be no more. And those that teach for Doctrine, the Comman­dements of men, are they which ever persecuted the life and power when it came.

And a Decree or Edict (as you call it) proceeds from the ground of the Popes Religion and Supremacy, and there stands his ty­ranny and cruelty, acted in that will which is in that nature which exerciseth Lordship over another, as you may read, Mark 10.42. Luke 22.25. as all the Heathen do and ever did, and in the hea­thenish nature is all the tyrany, and persecution exercised, who are out of the obedience of the light of Christ Jesus in the Consci­ence, which is the guider and leader of all who are tender of that of God in the Consciences; and who is not led by this, knoweth not what it is to suffer for Conscience sake.

[Page 18]And whereas you take it into your consideration, the sad per­secution, tyrany and cruelty exercised upon them, whom you call your Brethren, Protestants, and therein do contribute and ad­minister to their wants outwardly: this is good in its place, and we own it, and see it good to administer to the necessities of o­thers, and to do good to all; and we who are sufferers by a Law derived from the Pope, are willing to joyn, and contribute with you to their outward necessities; for the Earth is the Lords, and the fulness thereof, who is good to all, and gracious to all, and willing that all should be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth; but in the mean time while you are doing this, and taking notice of others cruelty, tyrany and persecution: turn your eye into your own bosoms, and see what is doing at home. To the light of Christ Jesus in all your Consciences, which never changes do I speak, which cannot lie, nor cannot erre nor cannot bear false witness: which doth witness for God, and cry for e­quity, and justice, and righteousness to be executed. See what is a doing among them who professeth the Scriptures, as they were given forth by the Saints in light, who dwell in the light, and in the life of them, and them who do now witness the same light in the same life; and the same power which gave forth the Scrip­tures, (which ye profess) them, are persecuted, hailed out of the Synagogues and Markets, beat, stockt, and imprisoned. Now let that of God in your Consciences (which is just, and righteous, and equall) examine and try whether there be any example or presi­dent to exercise this persecution, which now many in this Nati­on suffer under. A people harmless and innocent, walking in o­bedience towards God, and towards man (though it be account­ed heresie) but therein do they exercise themselves to have al­wayes a Conscience void of offence towards God and man, as you may read Acts 24.14.15, 16. not wronging any man, neither gi­ving any just cause of offence, only being obedient to the Com­mands of the Lord, to declare as they are moved by the Holy Ghost, for the testimony of a good conscience, and say the truth of Christ, and lie not: their consciences also bearing them wit­ness, Rom. 9.1. And for this do they suffer under them, who pro­fess the same things for which they suffer. Now see if any age or Generation did ever persecute as this doth, who professeth Christ [Page 19] Jesus who reveals the Father; and persecutes them that witness it so. Who professeth Christ Jesus the light of the world, which en­lighteneth every one that cometh into the world: and persecutes them who bear this witness and testimony. They who professe that the Word is become flesh, and persecutes them who witnesse it so. They which profess, that whosoever confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is an Antichrist: and yet persecute them who doth confess him come in the flesh, and calleth them Anti­christs and Deceivers. They profess that the Kingdom of Christ is come and they persecute them that witness it come. They profess Christ Jesus, who is the Resurrection and the life, and they perse­cute them who witness him to be so.

But you will say, How shall we know that these people who say they witness these things do so or no?

Answ. Turn your minds to the light wherewith Christ Jesus hath enlightened you withall, which is one in all; and if you walk in the light you shall know the light of life, and then you will know, and then you will see what you have done, who have persecuted the Lord of glory, in whom is life, and that life is the light of men: and to no other touchstone shall we turn you, but into your own Consciences, and there shall ye find the truth of what we have declared unto you, and of what we bear testimony to: and when the books of Conscience shall be opened, and all judged out of them, then shall you witness us to be of God, and our testimony to be true; though now you may stop your eares, and harden your hearts while it is called to day, but then you shall know what you have done, and whom you have transgressed against; and then you will see that no persecutors in any age or generation that ever went before you, did ever transgress against that light (as some of this age doth) and measure of God made manifest, who persecute the same which themselves pro­fess.

But you will say, That Christ and the Apostles were persecuted in their times.

Answ. The Iews did not know that he was the Christ when he came, though they had the Scriptures which prophesied of him; neither did they believe that he was risen again, when the Apo­stles preached his resurrection. But you say you believe he is [Page 20] come, and you say you believe his resurrection; and yet you per­secute those that witness him come in the flesh: and those that are buried with him in Baptisme, and those that are conformable to his Death, and knoweth the power of his Resurrection ac­cording to the Scriptures; those you persecute, hayl before Magistrates, suffer to be beaten in your Synagogues, whipt and stockt, and shamefully intreated, and into prison cast, and kept, great summes of money fined and laid upon many of them: as many Goales in this Nation (at this day) doth testifie to your faces by a Popish Law.

Therefore honestly consider what is done, whilest you are taking notice of others Cruelties abroad, lest you overlook what is done at home: for there is much difference in many things between the Popish Religion and the Protestant (as they call it) but in this persecution there is no difference; for you will confesse, that the foundation of your Religion is grounded upon the Scriptures; and now some men are perse­cuting the same life as spoke forth the Scriptures, under a pro­fession of the words, thus spoke; and this you shall eternally witness. So you have the profession and the form, and perse­cute the possession and life and power of that form. There­fore know assuredly, that you must come to Judgment: for he is made manifest, which is without form, to whom all Judge­ment is committed.

Therefore to the light of Christ Jesus in your Consciences (which changeth not, which searcheth and tryeth you) turn your minds, and stand still, and wait there to receive the righ­teous Law which acts according to that of God in the Con­science, which is now rising and bearing witness against all un­godliness, and unrighteousness of men. And those whom you persecute is made manifest to that of God in all Consciences, and that of God in all Consciences shall witness for us to be of God, and this you shall eternally witness, whether you will hear or forbear. And our rejoycing is this, the testimony of our Consciences, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdome, but by the grace of God we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-wards.

[Page]And therefore do we bear witness and testifie against the form and profession of it, who persecute the life and power. There­fore to the Eternal light of Christ Jesus which is the searcher and tryer of all hearts, turn your minds, and see what ye are doing, lest you overturn your foundation and bottom whereon you stand, while you are professing the Scriptures; and persecuting the life, light, and power that gave them forth: for the stone cut out of the Mountain without hands, is now striking at the feet of the Image which the profession (that stands in the will of man) hath set up. Now is that made manifest, that all must appear be­fore the Judgment Seat of Christ, that every one may receive the things done in the body, according to that which they have done, whether it be good or bad. Knowing therefore the terrour of the Lord, we perswade men, but we are made manifest unto God; and shall be made manifest in all your Consciences, which you shall eternally witnesse.

The Afflictions and the Sufferings of such that suffereth by the Popish Laws and waies, beyond the Seas, by which Law of Queen Maries that guarded the Jesuite Priests and the Popish waies, doth now the Babes and Children of God, which are in the unlimited power and spirit suffer imprisonment, yea and great fines of mo­ney, and have had both bread and drink kept from them, within your own Nation; therefore consider, that within the Nation they be set free from those Popish laws which the Priests have yet to guard their Church, which guarded the Jesuits and their Ca­tholick Church; (by which Law the Children of God now suffer: therefore consider and break down all the Supremacy of the Po­pish Church, and that which guarded their Priests in your own Nation, that now suffer by that; but let the sword be upon that laid which would limit the Spirit of the Lord God: That with one Consent all dwelling in the light, which comes from Christ who is the way to the Father where the Church is, may relieve their brethren, without any pretence, go relieve others in ano­ther Nation, and leave that Popish law to make others suffer in your own Nation. Therefore that Condemn, the Lord God dread and fear, that him you may know, who doth good to the Just and the unjust, for them we are not against: So be ye mer­cifull even as your heavenly Father is mercifull; therefore we [Page] and many others which have suffered by Queen Maries Law in this Nation, doth send some relief to them who doth suffer by the Papists Wills, Laws and Inventions in other Nations, that the sufferes bowells may be refreshed, and they anointed; though many do suffer by the same Law given forth by the same nature, which causeth them to suffer beyond Sea: and many which ga­thers them relief causeth them to suffer, which all with the light condemned and answered shall be with the light in all Conscien­ces; which light being comed to and obeyed keeps from Idols, and leads to the Church in God, and which brings to do good unto all, especially to the houshold of faith.

Margaret Fell.

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