A Testimony and Warning Given forth in the love of Truth, and is for the Governour, Magistrates & People inhabiting on the Island of Barbadoes; which is a Call to turn to the Lord.

O Ye Magistrates and Inhahitants of the Island of Bar­badoes, O consider how often the God of Heaven hath visited you, sending his faithful Servants and Messen­gers amongst you, to call to Repentance and Amend­ment of Life, and to warn you, that so you might have esca­ped the many Judgments which his Hand hath brought upon you divers times both by Fires often, and Pestilence, and Storms, all which happened to your great Dammage in outward things; also many have been taken away by sudden Death, as ye well know, to the Sorrow of some, and amazement for the present, though indeed very soon forgotten again, as many have been Eye-Witnesses thereof: For when the last great Fire was in Town, I being in one House near adjoyning, where were many of the chief Women of the Town, who were there to escape the Dan­ger, and looking on the Fire, and seeing it like to take hold on their Houses, great Terror was then in their Hearts, who then in the Time of Affliction remembred to call upon God, where I heard some of them say, Lord have Mercy, and spare us this time, and surely we will Repent and Amend our Lives: where­as ye knew that ye did lye to God; for ye still went on in the same Excess after, and unto this day; so out of your own Mouthes you will be condemned; for you were then spared a­live, and many of your Houses did escape the Fire. And now you are affraid of Wars; for indeed the Sword it is already furbished for a Slaughter; all Trees that bring not forth Fruit [Page 2] to God must be cut down by the Sword of his Mouth. Neither can any truly say, that God is unrighteous in his dealings towards the Sons of men, because that his Visitations have been many to turn People from the Wayes which are not good, that so he might have Mercy on all, & abundantly pardon those who through true Repentance and Amendment of Life do hearken unto his Reproofs of Instruction, which is the Way of Life, as saith the Scripture. So now consider how his Messengers have been sligh­ted among you, and sent away empty, and some ye Imprison'd, who came from far to seek for Fruits amongst you, Fruits of Mercy, that so God might shew Mercy in the Day of Visitati­on, which surely will come on all that dwell on the Earth. Some also who have been long Inhabitants amongst you, my self and another Woman, we were moved to go to your House of Wor­ship, to call upon you to Repentance, that so amongst God's faithful Ones ye might be made Partakers of like precious Mer­cies in this day of Lovingkindness, which is known to those who are given up with the whole Mind and whole Heart to follow the Lamb whithersoever he goes: And indeed, in the shedding abroad of God's Love in our Hearts it was in which I with the other Friend came among you, but ye know ye made a Mock at it; O therefore take heed that God, who is just in all his Wayes and righteous in all his Judgments, do not laugh at your Calamity, and mock when your Fear cometh, yea, whenas your Fear co­meth like a Whirlwind, that none can stop it, then shall you call, but he will not hear, and cry, but he will not answer: And so though we did not break any Law (for it was not charged against us at your Court) yet were we committed to Prison, and were haled along by the Bell-man of the Town, who at first handled us roughly; but we told him, We should not resist him, nor seek to go from him, seeing he was commanded to carry us: thus hath God's Servants been handled in your Island. Likewise the Oppression of God's People who are Dwellers among you is very great, be­cause that for Conscience sake towards God they cannot send Horses nor go in Arms, their Goods are taken from them, almost to the Ruin of some Families outwardly. So all these things and more the great God both of Heaven and Earth taketh notice of; [Page 3] and surely if there be not a speedy course taken for to ease these heavy Burdens and Oppressions of his People, who are indeed made a Prey upon for turning from Iniquity, and Persecuted for living godly in Christ Jesus: Yea, surely, even God the Lord, who knoweth how to deliver his People, who in all Ages did marvellously appear for those who trusted in him, who is now ri­ding on conquering and to conquer; we know he is God, who changeth not, but is the same this day, yesterday and forever, with whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning: I say, he will not turn away from any who turn unto him, and put their whole trust in him; for he hath said. Mine Ear is not heavy that it cannot hear, neither is mine Hand shortned that it cannot save; nor will he in any wise cast off any who come unto him. So now there are many that can draw near unto the Throne of his Grace, and can come unto him as unto a faithful Creator, who hath pro­mised, That the Rod of the Wicked shall not alwayes rest on the back of the Righteous, lest they turn to Folly: So I say, that God will shew forth more and more of his Mercies unto thousands, who love him and keep his Commands; and his Indignation will be known upon thousands of them that hate him, and keep not his Commands; For if any say, they love God, and keep not his Commands, such are Lyers, and do not the Truth: So these are his Commands, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength, and thy Neighbour as thy self; so to fear God & to keep his Commands is the whole Duty of man, as say the Scriptures of Truth. Now, I say, they who take away Goods from any, would not be so done unto; they who do imprison any when what is done is for the Answer of a Good Conscience towards God, such would not be done so unto; such as go about to Kill with the Sword or any carnal Weapon, they would not that another should do so to them; but Christ saith, He which killeth with the Sword, shall be killed with the Sword: So all his Followers or Disciples must not take up any carnal Wea­pon; for their Weapons are spiritual, and mighty through God, to the pulling down of the spiritual Wickedness; they must take his Yoak, which is easie, and his Burden, which is light, they must take up the Cross daily, which is the Power of God unto Salvation unto [Page 4] all that believe and obey the Truth; they must walk in the Light as he is in the Light, and so become Children of the Light and of the Day, by putting off all the Works of Darkness and of the Night: and these are Christ's Commands to all his little Flock, for whom he said that a Kingdom is prepared; yea, he said, Walk in the Light while you have the Light, and work while it is called to Day, for the Night cometh wherein none can work; yea, the Night cometh, I say, upon the Children of the Night, in whom the Prince of this World ruleth, where the Wars are, and Rumours of Wars within and without: But blessed be God, there are many Chil­dren of the Day who can truly say, Greater is he that is in us then he that is in the World; and Christ said to his Followers, If ye were of the World, the World would love his own; but ye are not of the World, even as I am not of the World; but I have chosen you out of the World, therefore doth the World hate you; but they hated me before they hated you; and for this cause they hated me, because I testified that the Works thereof are evil. So now consider what is of the World, Evil Thoughts, Envy, Malice, the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eye, and the Pride of Life, with other such like things, and the Love of the World, which is Enmity with God, as saith the Scripture; for where the Love of the World is, the Love of the Father is not. And so, I say, turn to the Light of Christ Jesus in your Consciences, that with it you may see how it stands between God and your immortal Souls; for that is it which stands all people most in stead, that is to say, how it shall be with us when we go hence and be no more, even to our long home; for our time here is but a moment in comparison of Eternity; and all Souls are immortal, either ever to live with God in Joy & Happiness, or else in eternal separation from him, in perpetual Misery & Torment, in that Fire which can't be quench­ed; as for instance, you may read how that Dives when he was in Hell was not dead, but living in that place of Torment, where he saw Lazarus in Abraham's Bosome, and how Abraham said, Now remember how thou in thy Life-time had thy good things, but Lazarus evil things; but now he is comforted, and thou tormented: and further he said, There is a great Gulf between, that those who would come from thence cannot come; so his Day time was gone [Page 5] over his Head. O therefore I warn you in God's Fear, lay these things to heart, before it be too late, and your day of Visitation pass over your Heads; and let not these things be to you as a Tale that is told, but, as I said, turn to within, to the Light of Christ, and every one deal truly with your own Souls, while you have a time and space given you; for God will not be mocked, such as every one sows, such shall they reap; they who sow to the Flesh, shall of the Flesh reap Corruption; but whoso soweth to the Spirit, doth from the Spirit reap Life everlasting. Now what can any sow to the Spi­rit? I say, Nothing but Obedience to its Requirings; for so is Life reaped, and Joy and Peace, that none can take away; blessed and praised be God forever, doth my Soul say: and as saith the Scripture, so we say, All have a Measure of the Spirit given to pro­fit withal, as to God-ward; and by it all may know a profitting in the Knowledge of God, whom to know is Life; and some have more and some less, as it is testified: but he who hath least, if he come to improve it, he shall find it sufficient for Salvation, for Re­proof, for Instruction: and the Reproof of Instruction is the Way of Life; and so herein it is that God's Grace hath appeared unto all, in that all are enlightned with a measure of the true Light, which as the Apostle said, The Grace of God hath appeared to all men, which teacheth us, that denying all Worldly Lusts, we might live soberly, righteously and godlily in this present evil World: so it hath appeared to all, but all do not turn to it, to be taught by it. And Christ saith, I am the Light of the World: and John saith, That was the true Light, which enlightneth every man that cometh into the World: So we say this is the Grace, the Light, which manifesteth all that is to be known of God, for by it God hath shewn it unto us, and by it God will shew it unto all who believe in it, and no other way but by the measure of his Grace made known in the hearts of all Believers, whereby a profitting is known, and a growing from one degree of Grace to another degree of Grace; for, By Grace are we saved, and that not of our selves, it is the Gift of God, as said the Apostle, who was taught first to live soberly, then righteous­ly, then godlily, and to do unto all as we would have all do unto us; for so it teaches, and brings into Righteousness and true Holiness, without which none can ever see God: So all that do run this Ra [...]e [Page 6] which is set before us faithful unto the end, shall surely obtain the Crown of Life, which God the Righteous Judge shall give at that day: So the Way of Life and the Way of Death is set before every Man and every Woman; so they who love the Light, they bring all their deeds to the Light, that thereby they may be tryed whether they are wrought in God, who is Light, with whom there is no Darkness at all; for God will render unto all according as their Works are, whether good or evil; but they who hate the Light, love their evil deeds, and will not bring their deeds to be tryed, lest by the Light they should be reproved; for that which manifesteth is Light; so while it shines in Darkness, the Darkness cannot comprehend it; but as it shineth out of the Darkness, then shall all see how it is with them; that is a measure of him who told the Woman of Sa­maria all that ever she had done, who when she had met with him, she ran and told them of the City, and said, Is not this the Christ? so when we had found him, by turning to the Light, for that is his Name, we cannot but tell you of him, that you may wait to see his Day-star arise in your Hearts, which gives the true Knowledg of God and of his Glory in the Face of Jesus Christ; and his Name is called The Word of God. So to the Word of Faith, which is near all, in the Heart and in the Mouth, that all may obey and do it; for Obedience is better then Sacrifice, and to Hearken better then the Fat of Rams: yea, this Word is a swift Witness, as it is given heed unto, against every Evil Way, and Evil Word, and Evil Thought; and as it is minded it saith, This is the Way, walk in it, when thou turnest to the right hand or to the left; and so as Christ said, This is the Condemnation of the World, that Light is come into the World, but men love Darkness rather then Light, because their deeds are evil: so that which shews the Evil, the same gives power against all Evil, and purifies the Conscience from all dead works, and makes alive to serve God in the newness of his own Spirit; to whom be Praise and Glory, even to God, who is over all in Hea­ven and Earth blessed forever and ever, Amen.

So this is a Testimony and also a Warning from one who hath ob­tained Mercy through Christ the Lord of Life and Glory, that now ye may seek God, that ye may find him to your Joy; for he is not far from any one of you; and this is the way to keep God's [Page 7] Judgments from a Place or Land, even by keeping his Commands, for it is said, that a man's greatest Enemies are those of his own house. And also consider if Iniquity doth not greatly abound in your I­sland, and even the Sins of Aegypt, Babylon and Sodom; first Ae­gypt, Hardness of Heart; for as Pharaoh said, having hardned his Heart against the Servant of the Lord, Moses, he said, Who is the Lord that I should obey him? and then the Sins of Babylon, Whoredom and Confusion of Tongues, as Cursing, Swearing, and not Plainness of speech one to another; whereas Christ said, Let your Communication be Yea, Yea, and Nay, Nay, for what is more co­meth of evil: and then the Sins of Sodom, Pride, Idleness and Fulness of Bread. Now let that of God in all your Conscien­ces answer if these things be not so, which are herein testified, and that by the Movings of God's Spirit in my Heart; and indeed, it is for no other end then to clear my Conscience in his Sight: So if you would have God's Anger turned away, and his Hand of Mercy stretched out towards you still, and towards your Island, it must be by turning to him, who will then turn unto you, and to lie low under his Mighty Hand; for if God keepeth not the City or Place, all the Watchmen watch but in vain. So this is in true Love to your Souls, from one who is known by the Name of


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