TO THE HONOURABLE, THE Knights, Citizens and Burgesses, in Parliament Assembled.

IT is now almost seven years since I endeavoured to set right his Majesties Revenue of Excise, both as to the Management of, and Accompting for it; but hitherto have met with many obstructions, which almost discouraged me from ever medling any further in it: But having observed in his Majesties most Gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, at the opening of this Session, that his Majesty takes notice that the Funds already esta­blished are deficient some Millions, I am induced to offer to this Honourable House to discover some hundred thou­sands of Pounds paid by the Subject for Excise of Beer and Ale, which are diverted from their proper Chanel, into private Pockets; And if I shall be required thereunto, and Encouraged by this Honourable House, I will shew by whom, and upon what Pretence these Summs are so di­verted, and are still like to be, if proper means be not ap­plied; which I think my Duty at such an Exigency of Affairs humbly to propose to this Honourable House, ha­ving been Employed in the Excise, not only as a Sub-Com­missioner, but also spent many years study as well as Con­siderable Summs of Money in the improvement of that Revenue.

The Consideration of this is humbly submitted to this Ho­nourable House, by John Farthing, late of Long Ditton in the County of Surrey, now of Chelsey in the County of Middlesex. Subscribed,

John Farthing.

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