The Famous and Renowned HISTORY Of the Two Unfortunate, though Noble LOVERS, Hero and Leander:

Giving an Account of all that happened from the beginning of their Loves, till both of them Ended their Lives in the Sea, for Love of each other.

Their Various Adventures, and the Renowned Atchivements of Leander, in his many Glorious Victorys & Successes, till he was forbid Access to the Fair Hero, by her Cruel Father, upon his killing his Rival in a Combat. Also how (she being Imprisoned in a Tower) he Swam over the Sea to Visit her, & in a boistrous Storm was drownded, for the sorrow of which, she leaped into the waves & drownded herself.

[depiction of Hero and Leander in a garden.]

Printed by A. Milbourn. for J. Blare. at the Looking-Glass on London-Bridge.

To the READER.

THe Famous Story of the Loves, and Ʋnfortunate Deaths of Hero and Leander, has been so much the Subject of Poetry, and other Learned Authors, that I think there are but few People that have not heard little or more of it: Though indeed, the particulars of the begin­ning and end of their loves, has, to many, been left in the dark, as being written in Foreign Languages, who have celebrated their Memo­ries as the most Constant Lovers, that ever were. Wherefore, that our English Nation may not be left in Ignorance, I have though late, drawn it into a small compass, though very much to the purpose, containing much variety and delight, so that it may be accounted the perfection of History, dressed in a Method, that cannot but please, wherein the Pas­sions of Lovers are expressed to the heighth, and the various dangers they meet withal, and strugle with, and although Virtuous Love be some­times Ʋnfortunate, it never misses of praise, and due commiseration, and moves a generous compassion in the hearts. Wherefore, not doubting but it will do so in those that shall, as well as those that have heard of it; I commend it to your perusal, as the choisest of Historys, and remain

Your very Humble Servant, to Command, J. S.

Licensed according to Order.

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At the Place above mentioned, Country Chapmen are Furnished with all sorts of BOOKS, Bound or Stitch'd, small BOOKS and BALLADS.

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