A Full and True RELATION Of a Maid living in Newgate-Street, in London: Who was Buried on Saturday, the 27 of this instant December, and taken up (supposed to be alive) the 30 of the same, being Buried near Christ-Church Hospital, in the Church-yard of the same.

STrange and Wonderful are the Workings of Almighty God, as this present Example may Testify, of a person who lived in Newgate-Street, in the quality of a Servant, whose Name was Grace Ashburne, a Hartfordshire Wo­man, who was bound an Apprentice to the Wife of one Mr. Beachcroft, a Taylor, who now lives in Kings-head Alley in Newgate-Street. The Wife of the person aforementioned was to Instruct her in her Art and Trade, which was to the Calling of a Hood and Scarfe maker, which she did for a considerable time, although by relation of the Neighbourhood, with many dry rubs and blows (which might possibly hasten her untimely End) although I shall not affirm it. This person, the Subject of my Discourse was Buryed on Christmas Eeve last, and was heard by several Neighbors most lamentably to Groan and Cry out in her Grave, to the great Astonishment of the Neighbourhood; who upon Complaint occasioned her to be taken out of her Grave, after she had been (like Lazarus,) Buried four days, being taken up on Tuesday the 30 Instant: Upon her first taking out of the Grave, several Credible persons affirm, That she was not only warm, but breath­ed, to the great Astonishment of the Beholders; Upon which her Father (who is now a Prisoner in the Fleet) caused her to be taken up as aforesaid, where [...]ome Hundreds of Spectators have been to view the Dead Corps, amongst the Multitude I my self was one, who dare affirm this, That she had a Colour as fresh as a Rose, nay more fresh than can possibly be conceived, yet on her Arms she hath several bruises, and a Scar on her Head, which was Reported to have been given her by her unkind Master (through her Mistresses perswa­sion) some Months before her Death (as they would have it believed.

Having been exposed to publick view for several Hours, at a penny a piece Charge, at a Smiths Shop in the Long Walk, near Christs Church Hospital: She was once more carried to her Last home (the Grave,) where the Jury sat on her, who found the Case so foul, that through some means, (what I will not say) they were contented to defer their Evidence, or bring in their Verdict until the Twenty Third of Janu­ary (next ensuing,) which is the utmost day limited for their Verdict.

Her Father (or at leastwise, the Father of this Dead Corps) (now in the Fleet) having formerly taken No­tice of the ill usage of his Daughter, although he could not be active in his own person (being confined) yet he employed several persons to enquire after the same, who brought him such a Relation that the Corps was im­mediately taken up for satisfaction of the World, who will not (as is supposed) be so easily confirmed in the belief of her Master and Mistresses Innocence, but that it may be proved further next Sessions.

The Jury who sat upon this Maid being Sixteen in Number, knew not what to say in the Business; but whe­ther through favour, affection or otherwise they have de­ferred there Verdict for so long time let the Reader Judge,

This is certain and nothing but Truth, That in the time of this Maids Servitude she was much abused, but being no Judge my self, I will no ways determine whi­ther this hastned her end, or shortned her days; I refer this to God Almighty.

Although both Master and Mistriss were very harsh to her, as themselves cannot disown, unless they will Contradict the whole Neighbourhood, yet going under the Repute of an honest Man, and a Taylor; I shall not be so bold, as to tell the World he sent her to her Long Home, though all the whole World besides should so.

But to conclude, for certain the poor Wench is Dead, and her Master is living, and her unkind Dame too, who each of them live in one House (for it is pity they should be par [...]ed) in Newgate Street, in Kings head Alley, where any person may be Informed of the Truth of this Relation, if a Lye do not give Check to their Conscien­ces.

For a Truth, this I dare affirm, the poor Girl was abu­sed, and many times hath in the hearing of several, wish­ed her self Rather to be buryed alive, than to live under such hard and severe usage, and how her Prayers have taken ef­fect let the World Judge.

Reader, this in a Word is the Naked Truth of this Relation, I might (I Confess) Lengthen it out to a far­ther pitch, but not being willing to deviate from the least Tittle of Truth, I have given thee in short the whole Business at large, if it like thee, so; if not, tell me so, and I shall be satisfied.


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