From our Half Years Meet­ing in Dublin, the 9th 10th and 11th Days of the 9th Month 1691.
To all Friends in this Nation of Ireland, or elsewhere.

Dear Friends,

WE being met together from several parts of the Nation according to our usual manner, and the Lords blessed Power and Presence with us to our great comfort and confirmation in our Duty and Services to him.

We have had an acount of Friends from several parts of the Nation, and cannot be un­mindful of the Providential hand of God that hath so Wonderfully preserved us in these times of great Cruelty and Calamity, and hath given us our Lives for a prey: and opened a way for us to come together and enjoy one anothers company, and the Lord in the mid'st [Page 2] of us according to his Gracious Promise to our mutual comfort and great satisfaction.

We have all cause in due Reverence, Dili­gence and Faithfulness, to serve the Lord with our lives whilest we have them, to the utmost of our abilities.

We have account that Friends, which were drove from their Places by the general Calamities, many of them are returning a­gain to live in the Country: And Friends of Leinster Province have taken care to supply the Necessities of poor Friends there; it's the desire of this Meeting, that Friends in all other Parts of the Nation do take the like care to supply the wants of the poor now in their Settlement.

We have also an account that Friends in most places do continue their Labour and Care for one anothers good, and that their Service and Labour of love is acceptable.

And they are satisfied and comforted in it; and that things are indifferent well concern­ing superflueties in Apparel, Household-stuff, Trading, and things relating to Gospel Or­der, according to our tender advice given formerly in several Epistles from our Half years Meeting for the good of all.

And we desire that your Care and Labour with all diligence may continue, that all who profess the Holy Truth; their lives in all [Page 3] things may answer their Holy Profession.

And dear Friends, We being in a weighty Sense, and Concern for the Lords Name, Truth, and Testimony, do desire that all Friends who Profess our unspoted Religion, may keep clear of the spots of the World in all their Commerce, Dealing and Concern: And that all Friends be circumspect to keep their Word and Promises; and perform them punctually at the time appointed, that their Yea any Nay may not be violated, but may stand Firm as at first, when the Lord called us to be a People; and let their words be few and savory, and not take liberty to mul­tiply unsavory Talk in their Concerns on any account, but know a Bridle, and their words seasoned with Grace, and keep to the plain Lan­guage, and train up their Chidren therein: And shun and avoid unnecessary Company, least any thereby be drawn into Tempta­tions; and take heed of being overcome with Strong Drink or Tobacco, which many by custom are brought into Bondage to the Creature; and the Mind craves it, & is brought under the Power of it, that should be after the Lord, and should use all his good Creatures to his Glory in their places, uses and services for which they were created for Mans good, and Man to have Dominion over them and subdue them; and not them to have dominion [Page 4] over Mans Mind or Body, but Sanctifie the Lord in your Minds, Bodies & Spirits, which are his.

And let your moderation appear to all Men in plainness in your Dresses and Apparel, Men and Women both young and old, and not in costly Attire, foolish Dresses, and new Fashi­ons ruffling Periwiggs▪ needless Buttons, wide Skirts, and long flap sleeved Coats, which ap­pears to answer the Fashion rather then Service.

And that Friends keep up their former Testi­mony against Strip'd and Flower'd Stuffs, in Making, Selling or Wearing.

And that Friends refrain from Decking, or adorning their Rooms with needless things, and their Kitchens with flourishing needless Pewter and Brass, which the mind that goes from God into the world desires and gets, and is never setled nor satisfied.

And that all Friends be careful that they in­volve not themselves in the things of the world, which may prove as Tares, Briars and Thorns to entangle them and corrupt their minds, that they cannot serve the Lord in their Day as they ought to do, but consider we brought no­thing into the World, and we are sure to take nothing out, and having Food and Rayment be content.

And that all Friends be careful and dili­gent to keep up their week Days Meetings for the Worship and Service of God: And that [Page 5] all Heads of Families be examples and further­ers of their Children and Servants in that Re­ligious Duty: And keep your Hour appointed for Meeting, which is both Orderly, Com­mendable and Profitable: And if any be back­ward or negligent, let them be Admonished.

And that all Friends may depart from Meet­ings in the Sense of the Lords goodness, and Meditate therein; And not immediatly after a Godly Meeting fall into discourse of Worldly things, which is too frequent, and seems to be the work of the Enemy that Picks out the good Seed that was sowed in the Meeting.

And in all your Men and Womens Meet­ings, be Sollid and Grave; refrain all needless discourse, neither speak above one at a time; for if otherwise, it is neither edifying, nor an­swers the service of the Concerns before you.

And all young Men & others in Riding to, or going from Meetings, or other occasions, re­frain Galloping and Riding after an aiery flurt­ing manner, but let your moderation and gra­vity appear in all things as lights in the World.

And Friends are desired not to Travel upon first Days about their worldly occasions, where­by they are hindred from coming to Meetings to worship God; which is unprofitable to them­selves and offensive to others.

And that all Friends keep to their antient Godly order relating to Marriages, and take [Page 6] heed that Earthly ends prevail not to break it, but let the Lord and his Truth be minded and Preferred above all: Yet where Occasion appears let Parents on both sides know the mind of each other about Portions, to prevent difference or Misunderstanding, before their Children make any progress in that case of Marriage. And that all Children first acquaint their Parents, and have their Consent and Ad­vice before they make their minds known one to the other.

And We tenderly Advise all Friends, ac­cording to our former Testimony, that they take not Lease, or meddle in that kind with Gleab Lands, or Bishops Lands, appertaining to their Function, some having been hurt thereby,

And that all Friends that goes to settle on Farms in the Country, endeavour as much as in them lies, to settle as near together as they can; for the ease and benefit of Meetings, and Educating their Children in the way of Truth, for by living and remote from Friends, many have suffer'd loss, and found great Inconveni­ency thereby.

And that Friends of every Monthly Meeting have Books of Records, and keep a true Re­cord of Births, Marriages, Burials, Wills, and Inventories and give account of them all to the next Half years Meeting.

[Page 7]And we desire that Friends of every Province Meeting according to the first Institution of our National Meeting, do appoint Six Friends of each Province, such qualified Men as can Answer the Service of the Meeting, and can give a Full and True Account of the State of Things in that Province, relating to Truth and Friends.

These things in particular We Recommend to your Godly Care, with whatsoever else you may see appear against the Truth, and to the hurt of Friends: Also all other Things that we have formerly Recommended to you in our Epistles may be performed to the Honour of God, and Good of all Friends.

And that such Faithful Friends take the Concern upon them, as may go in the Lords Wisdom, and Authority of his Truth, which may answer Gods Witness in all Concern'd, and the Work they have in hand. And, That every Meeting give an Account to the next Half-Years-Meeting of their Proceedings herein.

Signed in behalf and by Order of the Meeting, by

  • William Edmondson.
  • Abraham Fuller.
  • Amos Strettell.

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