A Free and Full Parliament. OR General MONKS restoring of Englands an­tient Liberties.

To the Tune of, Fill up the Parliament full.

WHat maketh the Souldiers
To stand to their armes?
Tis for what they profest,
To kéep us from harms,
The M [...]b [...]s Seclud [...]d
Come now in by Swarms,
To fill up the Parliament Full, full, full,
To fill up the Parliament Full.
You know that the City G [...]tes,
Late were thrown down,
The Walls too were order'd
By Parliament Frown:
But General Monck, [...]as pleas'd
Souldier and Gown,
And fild, &c.
A dispute there was had,
By the Members Secluded,
Brave Monck was the mpire,
And found them Deluded,
But Englands great ioy,
Is now wholy Concluded,
For He's fild, &c.
Sir Arthur she Valiant,
Must make his Spéech large,
Lest the Members Excluded,
Lay Treason to's Charge,
Hée d better t have dealt,
Wich his Newcastle Barge,
Than to see the Old Parliament full, ful, full
Than to see the Old Parliament full.
The Aldermen Grave,
And the Commons o'th City,
Imprisoned were,
The mor [...] is the pity,
But Genral Monck said,
That I will acquit ye,
For the Parliament now shall be ful, ful, ful
For the Parliament now shall be full.

THe Parliament now will
come into their Géers
For secl [...]ded Prin [...]
(that once lost his ears)
Ma [...]cht in witth his Rapier
for Commons and Péers,
To fill up the Parliament full, ful, ful,
To fill up the Parliament full.
Whose often declaring,
Has furnisht the Nation
With Parliament Arguments,
Of the old Fashion,
And would have bo [...]h
Commons, and Lords in this nation,
To fill up, &c.
Our brave General Monck,
We bound are to thank,
The Honest Lord Fairfax,
Has plaid (to) his Prank,
No thanks to be given,
To the Rump nor the Shank,
To fill up, &c,
Had the City ne'r moved,
Nor the Prentices strove,
They'd lost their Old Charter,
But Monck had a love,
To challenge the Grand Ones,
Which Mischiefs old move,
And so fil'd up the, &c.
But now our brave Members,
Have taken their seats,
The very first day,
They did Honorable feats,
For the good of this Nation,
Which will prove no cheats,
To fill up, &c.
The Citizens ith Tower,
At Liberty they have set,
A more gallanter déed,
Was never known yet,
Then the setting them frée,
And th' brave Prentices to quit,
For the Parliament now shall be ful, ful, ful
For the Parliament now shall be full.
Now to God let us pray,
That all may be mended,
That fréedom may flourish,
And all strife may be ended,
For Generall Monck,
Hath us hugely befriended,
In filling the Parliament full, full, full,
In filling the Parliament full.

LONDON, Printed for W. Gilbertson in Gilt-spur-street.

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