By ANDREW FRASER (design'd) of Kinmundie, Sheriff-Deput of Aberdeen.

ADVERTISEMENT for Collecting His MAIESTIES Revenew of In­land Excyse, within the Sheriffdooms of Kincardine, Aberdeen and Bamff.

WHereas the High and Potent (his Grace the Duke of Queensburry) Lord high Thesaurer of SCOTLAND, by his warrant of date the tenth day of Octo­ber instant, hath Commissionat Me to regulat and appoint the manner of Collecting the In-land Excyse of Aile, Beer, Brandie and strong Waters to be browen and vented after the last of this instant within the Shyres of Kincardine, Aberdeen and Bamff, and to give Advertisement that no Brewer presume to leave off their brewing and venting upon any pretext whatsomever: and also that I should appoint Collectors and Overseers, and give them reasonable allowance in each Shyre or parts thereof as I shall find needfull, for taking notice of the quantities browen and vented, and in-bringing the Excyse thereof to the Cass-keeper, not exceeding two Merks for each Boll of Malt browen and vented conforme to the Acts of Parliament thereanent, and with power to call the present Collectors or Tacksmen of Excyse and others concerned to give a clear account of the Condition and State of the cur­rent Excyse, and that I send Parties (if need be) for ordering these matters, as in the said Commission at more length is expressed: In Obedience to which, These are Intimating to all Brewers and Ventners within the said Shyres, that they continue their Trade of brewing and venting as they will be answerable, wherein if they failie they will be punished to the out­most rigour that Law will allow, and to be looked upon as disaffected and seditious persons, and imbase­lers of His MAIESTIES Revenew: And to the effect they may be incouraged in their brewing, These are signifying that discreet and understanding Collectors will be immediatly appointed in each Presbytrie, and these Collectors will receive such Instructions as may be most conduceable for the orderly in-bringing of the Excyse, and with most ease to, and equalitie amongst the Brewers, who may in this expect as much fa­vour and fair dealing as any others within the Kingdom, and judicious Persons will be appointed to hear and redress their just Complaints if any be: And therefore, seeing that such equal and fair wayes will be taken for Stenting and Collecting the said Excyse in these Shyres, and that there is no impediment why the Brewers may not take such competens Pryces for their Aile, Beer, and strong Waters as may answer the value of the Malt, with the Excyse and reasonable Profit, they can pretend no just excuse for not con­tinuing to brew and vent these Liquors, which if they fail to do, it will be inquyred into, and looked upon as contempt of Authority in those that give over brewing, or yet shall advyse any so to do: And further, to the effect his Grace my Lord High Thesaurer may be truely informed of the present state of the current Excyse, and the manner of Collecting thereof at any time thir three years last by past; Therefore these are requyring all Magistrats of Burghs, all Collectors or Tacksmen of Excyse within the said Shyres, that they immediatly bring in to Me subscrived lists of all Brewers within their bounds, whether those that be ordinarie Brewers, or those that be extraordinarie Brewers at Mercats, Weddings, or other publick Oc­casions, and the Quota that each Brewer payes weeklie, or in set, and after what manner, and to whom, whether it be to the Collectors or Tacksmen, or to their Masters in whose Land they dwell, or others ap­pointed for that end, where the Excyse is laid upon the Land-Rent; and that the lists be so exact as that they may make faith thereon, and that if their Books be not clear thereanent they may yet take pains there­on, by calling for lists of their respective Parishes within their bounds, and all Heritors and others concer­ned are requyred to give concurse, and that either by themselves or Chamberlanes they give up the Names of the Brewers, and Quota of their payments when ever they shall be requyred by the Tacksmen and Col­lectors thereanent, and that the whole Tacksmen and Collectors give account of their diligence to Me at my House in Aberdeen, betwixt and the twelfth day of November next as they will be answerable, or else Parties will be direct for that effect. And that none pretend Ignorance thir presents are furthwith to be Printed, and Published at the Mercat Cross of the head Burghs of the respective Shyres, and Copies sent to each Parish Kirk thereof, direct to the Conveener and Reader of these Parishes to be publickly read the next Lords Day immediatly after Divine-Service, and that the Conveener or Reader returne executions of the publications thereof to the nearest Collectors of Excyse, to be transmitted to Me within eight dayes thereafter, as they will be answerable to Authority.


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