OH People! my Bowels yearn, my Bowels yearn towards you, whose de­sires in any measure are after the Lord: O that you would now (I SAY, THAT YOU WOULD NOW) return with all your hearts unto Him, and obey the Voice of his Power in you; then should you be made able to stand, and endure the fiery Tryal which is come and coming. Oh! the Day hastens wherein all Profession that is not grounded in the Life and Power of the Lord Jesus Christ (what ever the shew of it be) will be so shaken, that an utter (I SAY, AN UTTER) blasting and withering shall come upon it; and for that cause the Lord doth, and will yet suffer Great Tryals (YEA, I SAY, GREAT TRYALS) to come both upon the Professors and Possessors of his Name; that so his Children (the Possessors) may be manifested unto all, and discerned from all that are but Professors, though never so fair and seemingly covered: for all Coverings, but what is of the Power and Spirit it self, shall be too narrow; and all that are not covered with the Spirit and Power of Emmanuel, their shame and nakedness shall appear more and more.

This is the Testimony which the Spirit and Word of Truth giveth; therefore he that hath an ear to hear, let him hear, before the Day of his Visitation be wholly past, and the things belonging to his peace be hid from his eyes: for yet a little while and the voice shall be, He that is filthy, let him be filthy still; for the Spirit of the Lord shall not alwayes strive with flesh, but his Plagues and Indigna­tion shall be poured out upon such as will not be gathered in the Day of his Pa­tience, Long-forbearence, and Free-love; and he or she that loveth Father, Mo­ther, Husband, Wife, Children, House or Land, Liberty, Honour, or any thing more than the Life of the Lamb, shall be counted not wortthy of Him, and plainly manifested so to be. Reade this who can; and he that can receive it, let him: for the time draweth nigh (YEA, I SAY, THE TIME IS COME) that these Say­ings must be fulfilled.

These words were formerly conveyed through G [...] [...]he younger, only the words, viz. I SAY, with the word▪ [...]n [...] Ca­pital letters, within several Parentheses)▪ [...] have added, who am required thu [...] the [...] is

John Pennyman.

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