These Queries are given forth for any, Either Priest or People To Answer, IF THEY CAN.

1. HAve any of you the same Spirit and Power as the Prophets and Apostles had?

2. Or have you the same Revelation and Inspiration, and Spirit of Prophesie, and pouring forth of the Holy Ghost; or do you own the pouring forth of the Spirit upon Sons and Daughters; and is not this the last time, in which it should be poured out, and the Sons and Daughters should Prophesie, and Old men dream Dreams, and Young men see Visions?

3. Or have you heard Gods voice, and Christs voice immediately from Heaven, or are you some of them the Lord never sent, nor spake unto? Answer me these Queries.

4. Do you own that Christ that died at Jerusalem to be the Light that Enlightneth every man that comes into the World; and are not all Enlightened by him either to their Salvation or Con­demnation?

5. What and where is that which must give the knowledge of God, is it within people or without them? Answer me according to plain Scripture.

6. Do you teach or preach, that whilest a man is upon the Earth, he may be freed from sin, and the body of death, and Imperfecti­on, and shall be perfect whilest he be upon Earth; or do you keep people in the state of your Father Adam and Mother Eve in the Fall, or do you bring them to the state before they fell, and so to Christ that [Page] [Page 1] [...] [Page 2]shall never fall; which of these states do you bring them to, and keep your flock in, in Adam and Eve in the fall, or Adam and Eve before they fell, or in Christ that shall never fall, you must keep your flock in one of these three states, and which of them is it; have you brought any of your Flock whom you have driven to that condition and state, they need no man teach them, that is to the anointing in them, the Law in their hearts, whereby they need not say to one another know the Lord, that is to the Light of Christ that shines in their hearts to give them the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus, and how many have you brought hither?

7. What is the Mother of Harlots, and what is the Beast she rides upon, and what are the People, Nations, and Multitudes, and Tongues the Whore sits upon, and what is Mystery Babylon, and what is the Woman that went into the Wilderness, what was her time she was to be there, and what is the Beast and Dragons worship, and what is a Will-worship, and what is it to worship Angels, and what is that which leads Nature into its Course, and so to the glory of the first body, and what is the glory of the second body; and what is that which leads Nature out of its Course, and so sets the whole Course of Na­ture on Fire?

8. What is the ground of that which keeps in good manners, and what is that which corrupts them, and what is the Righteousness the world is reproved of, and what is the Judgments, and what is that which lead the Saints into all Truth; and hath every one the Spirit of God; and whether bowing, bending, doffing hats, scraping, cringing, saying you to one, be the honour that comes from above, or what is it, and whence comes it, and whether this before mentioned do not stand in that Nature, part and principle, which is on fire, if it hath not these things, and therefore whether or no these things do proceed from that which leads Nature into its Course, or out of its Course, and what is it that defaces the glory of the first body?

9. Whether or no do you own Trembling and Quaking at the Word of God?

10. Seeing you look upon your selves to differ from many, and to be above them, let us see wherein, and in what it is manifest?

11. What is self-Righteousness, and what is mans Righteous­ness, and the Righteousness that is as filthy Rags, distinguish these one from another, or whether they be all one, for our Righte­ousness [Page 3]is that which was before Adam was, whom ye in scorn calls Quakers?

12. Whether ever any came to see so far as Balaam's Asse, who saw the Angel of the Lord?

13. What are the Graves, and the Tombs, and the Sepulchres, and the Fowls of the Air, and the Nests they sit in, which Christ spake of? Answer.

14. Whether or no to pay Tythes or receive Tythes is not to deny Christ Jesus to be come in the flesh, and to deny Christ to be offered up, the offering once for all; and was not theirs of the Tythes a heave-Offering, and was not that Offering to be ended by Christ offer­ing up himself, and had not the Priests a Commandment to take Tythes of the people, of their brethren; and do not you transgress the Law of God which takes them of those you do not call brethren; and was not the Widdows, Fatherless, and Strangers to have a part of the Tythes, and was every Priest and Levit, and them that was to have a part of them, to have a particular Tythe-Barn, and was Tythes to be sold, and was there any Impropriators, and whether they do not hold up the Priests of the Jews, and their Law and Commandments that take Tythes and give Tythes, and so denies Christ the Priest, in holding up the Jews Priests?

15. And whether or no Melchisedeck did take Tythes of all other Nations that were under him, or any other spoil but once of Abra­ham, and whether he had a command for doing it, or whether it was an Example?

16. Whether the Jews did take Tythes of the Canaanites, or any of those Nations that lived amongst them, or of any people where ever they came that they had the power over, that was not of them?

17. You that speaks so much of Christ Reigning, whether or no Your Swords are beat into Plowshares, and your Spears into Pruning­hooks, that you do not learn War any more; that Nation shall not lift up a Sword against Nation; and whether or no this Ministration should be amongst Christians, seeing that it was Christs Doctrine, That they should love one another, and love Enemies; and he bid Peter put up his Sword, and the Apostle said, their Weapons were spiritual: Secondly, Doth not Peter say That the Heavens must receive Christ Jesus until the time of Restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of his Prophets since the World began, Acts 3. Now do you look at re­storing [Page 4]of things, then by what doth Christ restore, whether by his Light and power within people or without them, seeing the sin is with­in them, and whether or no Christ doth not remain in the Heavens until all things be restored, and whether or no Christ do not now Reign, and whether or no he is not restoring; and then by what (as I said be­fore) doth he restore seeing he is in the Heavens, and must remain in the Heavens until all things be restored, and whether or no some was not restored, when they sate in the Heavenly places in Christ Je­sus, Ephes. 2. And whether or no he that remains in the Heavens, be not also manifest in man, that is restored, and lives, and walks, and Reigns in him? Answer this you that talks of a personal Reign.

18. What is that voice of Christ which his Sheep hears and knows, from all false voices, and all that hears cannot no more endure to hear the voice of a Stranger, Hireling or Thief?

19. What or where is the Word that people shall hear behind them, saying, thi [...] is the way walk in it, when they turn to the right hand or to the left, or what is the Word of Faith that none needs to say, who shall ascend to Heaven, or into the depth to seek Christ from above or below, but was nigh in their hearts; and is it not the same now? An­swer in writing the thing Queried?

G. F.

Reprinted for E L.

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