And to see whether they be in the True Faith that the True Christians and the Holy Men of God were in, and if you be not, then turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Author and Finisher of the Holy, Divine, and Precious Faith; and then by this Faith your Hearts may be purified, and with your Hearts ye may believe, and with your Mouths ye may make Confessi­on unto Salvation, Rom. 10.

And Christ saith, Every one that is of the Truth heareth his Voice, John 18.37. And now every one that is not of the Truth heat­eth not his Voice, and say there is no hearing of it now adayes.

And here you may see how Christ called Fisher-men and Sea-men to be his Disciples, as followeth: And how Christ commanded the Winds and they obeyed him; and how that the Lord God holds the Winds in his Fist, and raiseth a Storm and makes a Calm, so that all are to serve and fear him. Take unto me saith the Lord, all the ends of the Earth be saved.

Reprinted the Second time, with an Addition.

By George Fox.

Quench not the Spirit, dispise not prophesying; prove all things, hold fast that which is good, 1 Thes. 19, 20, 21.

Who quench the Spirit, and dispise Prophesying are not like to prove all things nor hold fast that which is good.

Printed in the Year 1677.


AFter that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and saying, the time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent ye, and believe the Gospel, Mark. 1.

From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent; for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

And Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee saw two Brethren, Simon called Peter and Andrew his Brother casting a Net into the Sea (for they were Fishers.)

And Jesus said unto them, Follow me, and I will make you Fishers of men, and they straitway left their Nets and followed him.

And Jesus going on from thence he saw two Brethren, James the Son of Zebedee and John his Brother in a Ship with Zebedee their Father mending their Nets, and he called them.

And immediately they left the Ship and their Father, and followed Je­sus, Mat. 4.17.18, 19, 20, 21, 22. Mark. 1.15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

Now here all ye Sea-men and Fisher-men, and all people may see, these four Disciples of Christ their Call, and what trades they were of, Fisher-men and Sea-men, these and such were more like to follow Jesus then and now, then the High-Priests that had the Tythes, and such as have great Benefices.

But Christ is the same to day, as he was yesterday, and so for ever; for it was not many mighty and rich, but the poor that received the Gospel:

And when Jesus was entered into a Ship, his Disciples followed him, and behold! there arose a great Tempest in the Sea, insomuch that the Ship was covered with the Waves, but Jesus was asleep.

And his Disciples came to him and awoke him, saying, Lord save us, we perish. Mark, in the time of a Storm these Fisher-men came to Christ, and so should all Sea-men do now. And he said to them, why are ye fearful, O ye of little Faith? Then he arose and rebuked the Winds, and Sea, and there was a great Calm.

But the men marvelled saying, what manner of man is this, that even the Winds and the Sea obey him?

Now all ye Sea-men and Fisher-men, let your Eyes be to Christ, and your Faith in him that hath all Power in Heaven and in Earth given to him; and can still the Storms and Tempests and Waves of the Sea, and make it Calm.

And so Christ it is that saves you from perishing outwardly, and eternally, as you may see, Mat. 8.23, 24, 25, 26, 27. and Mark 4.36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41. and Luke 8.22, 23, 24, 25.

For both the Winds and the Sea do obey Christ, by whom they were made; therefore fear God, and let your faith stand in him, who is the author and finisher of it.

And Jesus began to teach by the Sea Side, and there was gathered unto him a great Multitude, so that he entered into a Ship and sate in the Sea (to wit, in the Ship,) and the whole Multitude was by the Sea on the Land, as you may see, Mat. 13. Mark. 4.1. and he taught them many things by Parables, &c.

Now would not many say, that it was not a consecrated place to teach the Word of God in; but I must tell you, Christ consecrates and makes all things and places holy.

Now Peter who was a Fisher-man, Christ said unto him and the rest of his company of Fisher-men, that he would make them fishers of men, and bid them follow him, which they did.

And you may see in Acts 2. how Peter the Fisher-man by one Ser­mon that he preached converted Three Thousand Souls, as you may see from the 14th verse to the 41st the Beginning and End of his Ser­mon.

And now all ye Sea men and Fisher-men consider this Call of Christ, who is the same to day as yesterday, and so for ever to you, if you [Page 5]will hear hear his voice; for he stands at the door of your hearts and knocks, and if any will hear my voice, faith Christ, and open his Door (to wit, of his Heart) by joyning to his Grace, Light, Power and Spirit, he will come in and sup with you, and ye with him, Rev. 3.21. And so the Sheep of Christ hear his voice and fol­low him, John 10. for Peter the Fisher-man said to the Jews, how in the last dayes God would pour out his Spirit upon all Flesh, and your Sons and Daughters shall prophesie, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; and on my Servants, and on my Hand maids I will pour out in those dayes of my Spirit, and they shall prophesie saith the Lord, &c.

And now if God hath poured out of his Spirit upon all Flesh, and you grieve it, and quench it, and vex it, then how can you prophe­sie, or have any of these spiritual Dreams, or visions, or believe or receive this fisher-mans Sermon, who was a Disciple of Christ?

And again in Mat. 14.24. &c. And Jesus constrained his Disciples to go into a Ship, and to go before him, &c. But the Ship was now in the midst of the Sea tossed with Waves; for the Wind was contrary. And in the forth Watch of the Night Jesus went unto them walking on the Sea; and when the Disciples saw him walk on the Sea they were troubled, say­ing, it is a Spirit, and they cryed out for Fear, but Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid: And Peter answered him and sald; Lord, if it be thou bid me come unto thee on the Water, and he said, Come; and when Peter was come down out of the Ship, he walked on the Water to go to Jesus: But when he saw the Wind boysterous he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cryed saying, Lord, save me: And immediately Jesus stretched forth his Hand and caught him, and said unto him, O thou little Faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? And when they were come into the ship, the Wind ceased: Then they that were in the ship worshipped him saying, Of a Truth thou art the Son of God.

And now here all Sea-men and others you may see it is Christ that saves, and stills the boysterous Winds and Waves, and makes them to cease; and therefore ye are not to doubt, but be stedfast in Faith in all Storms and Tempests, and see and feel Jesus to lay hold upon you, as he did upon Peter, to save you from sinking in time of storms, who stills the Waves of the Sea, who is the same to day, as he was yesterday, and so for ever: A Rock of your Age, and a Foundation of your Generation, as he was of former Ages, as you may see Mat. 14. from verse 22. to verse 33. and John. 6.17, 18, 19, 20, 21.

And again in Mark 6. from 47. to 51. there you Sea-men may see, When Christ's Disciples entered the Ship, they had forgotten to take Bread, neither had they in the ship with them more then one Loaf.

And Christ charged them, saying, Take heed of the Leaven of the Pharisees, and of the Leaven of Herod.

And the Disciples reasoned among themselves, saying, It is because we have no Bread.

And when Jesus knew it, he said unto them, Why reason ye because ye have no Bread? Perceive ye not, neither understand? Have ye your Hearts yet hardned, having Eyes and see ye not? And having Ears, and hear ye not?

For do you not remember, when I broke the five Loaves among five Thou­sand, how many Baskets full of Fragments took ye up? And they said, Twelve.

And when the seven (to wit, Loaves) among four Thousand how ma­ny Baskets full of Fragments took ye up? and they said, Seven. And Je­sus said unto his Disciples, How is it that ye do not understand?

Now consider ye Seamen and Fisher-men, and others, that are not Disciples of Christ; for sometimes in your Ships ye have been in scar­city of Bread; and now here was Christ and his Disciples which had but one Loaf in the Ship, and Christ convinceth them that they had enough, by his former Miracles.

And therefore they that have Christ, they have enough, they have him, by whom all things were made, who gives the Encrease, as you may see by his Miracles.

And therefore it is good for every one to see with the pure Eye, and hear with the Pure Ear, so that they may perceive and understand with the pure Heart what Christ did and doth do; and what he is able to do in all Necessities, and to take heed of Herod's and the Fair-sayers Leaven, which are not the Doers, but resist Christ, who doth not only say, but doth the Will of his Father, and so do all them that follow him, Mark. 8.13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. Mat. 16.6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

And again Christ saw two Ships standing by the Lake, but the Fisher­men were gone out of them, and were washing their Nets; And he entered into one of the Ships which was Simon's, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the Land, and he sate down and taught the People out of the Ship. Now when he had left speaking, he said un­to Simon, Lanch out into the deep, and let down your Nets for a Draught.

And Simon answered and said unto him; Master, We have toyled all Night, and have taken nothing; nevertheless at thy word I will let down the Net.

And when they had let down the Net they enclosed a great Multitude of Fishes, and their Net brake; and they beckoned unto their Partners which were in the other Ship, that they should come and help them; and they came and filled both the Ships, so that they beg [...]n to si [...]k: And when Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus's Knees saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.

For Peter was astonished, and all that were with him at the Draught of Fishes which they had taken; And so was also James and John the Son of Zebedee, which were Partners with Simon; And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not, from hence forth thou shalt catch men. And when they had brought their Ships to Land, they forsook all and followed Jesus.

Now here all you Seamen and Fisher-men and others may see that you may toyl all night to catch outward Fish with the nets, and take nothing.

And you that call your selves Fishers of Men, you may toyl all the night and catch not a manin God's Net to him, except it be with the Power of Christ, and know his Voice and obey it and follow him, by whom all things were made.

And so there is not a Sparrow that falls to the Ground, nor a Fish in a Fisherman's Net, but by the Will of the father.

And therefore all ye Fisher-men and others are to stand in the Will of God, who gives the Encrease, and fills the Nets and the Ships, and therefore let him have the Praise and follow him.

And here you may see the Fisher-men and Seamen James and John, and Peter and Andrew, were Fishermen and Seamen, and Partners to­gether in Ships, and Preachers of Christ Jesus, and catcht a Multitude of outward fish, and a Multitude of men, which they fish'd out of the great sea of the World, by the Command and Power of Christ, Luke 5.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. and Mat. 8.18.

And after Christ was risen, he shewed himself again to his Disciples at the Sea of Tyberius, on this wise he shewed himself, There were to­gether Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didimus, and Nathaniel of Canaan in Galilee, and the Sons of Zebedee, and two other of his Dis­ciples.

Simon Peter said unto them, I go a fishing, they say unto him, We also go with thee: They went forth and entered into a Ship immediately, [Page 8]and that Night they caught nothing; but when the Morning was come, Jesus stood on the Shore, but the Disciples knew not that it was Jesus: Then Jesus said unto them, Children, have ye any Meat? And they answered him, No; and he said unto them, Cast the Net on the right Side of the Ship and ye shall find, and they cast therefore; and now they were not able to draw it for the Multitude of Fishes: Therefore that Dis­ple whom Jesus loved said unto Peter, It is the Lord. Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his Fishers Coat unto him (for he was naked) and did cast himself into the Sea, and the other Disci­ples came in a little Ship) for they were not far from Land, but as it were two hundred Cubits) dragging the Net with Fishes: Assoon then as they were come to the Land, they saw a Fire of Coals there, and Fish laid thereon, and Bread; And Jesus said unto them, Bring of the Fish which ye have now caught, and Simon Peter went up and drew the Net to the Land full of great Fishes, &c. And Jesus said unto them, Come and dine, &c. And Jesus then cometh and taketh Bread and giveth them, and Fish likewise, &c. And this was now the third time that Je­sns shewed himself after he was risen from the dead, John 21.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

And now all ye Fishermen and Sea-men and others, consider what kind of Disciples and Ministers the Lord Jesus Christ chose; and you may see that Peter and the rest, though they had been Disciples of Christ Jesus for some Years, and such that Christ had sent forth to preach before he was crucified, and after that he was risen, Christ appeared the third time unto them; and Peter had his Fishers Coat, and the Dis­ciples which were Fishermen and Seamen they were Partners together in a Ship.

And now, was this a fit Coat think you to preach the Gospel in, and to meet Christ in, and to dine with him in? I say, Yes, as good as any of the Canonnical Garments.

And consider ye Fishermen and Seamen and others, how all these Disciples had been fishing all the Night, but had caught nothing.

But when the Morning was come, and they saw Jesus, after he was risen, at his Command they cast in the Net, and drew it full of fish to the Shore: So it is by the Will of God and Christ that every one doth catch, who made all things, and upholds all things by his word and pow­er, and fills all, and knows what all have need of; for as Christ saith, A Sparrow shall not fall to the Ground without the Will of the Father, so a fish cannot be caught in the Net without his Will.

And likewise you fishermen and seamen and others may see, that Jesus by whom all things were made, had provided these fishermen and seamen, who were his Disciples, a Fire, and Fish upon it, and Bread upon the Land, when they had been fishing in the Sea.

And therefore you may see, how that Christ that upholds all things, and hath all power given unto him provides for his Disciples and Sea­men, and Fishermen; for he gave them both Fish in the Sea, and Fish [and Bread] upon the Land, whom he sent forth, and gave Commission to preach, and said, Freely ye have received freely give.

So here ye may all see, how the Disciples of Christ were encou­raged to trust in him, and that their minds might be carried over all Distrust of carnal things and outward victuals.

And now ye Fishermen, and Seamen, and all others may see Christ's Words fulfilled unto his Disciples, who said unto them, Follow me, and I will make you Fishers of Men; for Peter at one Draught caught three Thousand in God's Net; and ye may read Peter's two Gene­ral Epistles which he freely gave forth.

And also ye may see John the Fisherman a Disciple of Christ, his Evangelists, his General Epistle, and his two Epistles, and his Re­velations: Come ye Seamen, and Fishermen, and others, and see what ye can say for Christ, that is the same to day, as yesterday, and so forever; and come let us see what Nets ye have, if it be the Pow­er of God, that will pluck them out of the Sea of Wickedness.

And if the Seamen had taken Paul's Counsel, when he said, Sirs, I perceive that this Voyage will be for Hurt, and much Damage, not only of the Lading and Ship, but also of our Lives: But neither the Centurion, nor the Master believed Paul's Words, but his Words came to pass, as you may see in Acts 27. But the Lord preserved Paul and their Lives.

And so you may see it is not the seamans skill, but the Lord's Power, which all are to have faith in, and to obey him, by which they are saved and preserved.

And James one of the fishermen, and an Apostle of Christ, in his General Epistle to the Twelve Tribes he saith, Behold we put Bits in the Horses Mouthes, that they may obey us, and we turn about their whole Body: Behold also the Ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce Winds, yet are they turned about with a very small Helm, whither soever the Governour listeth; even so the Tongue is a little Member, and boasteth great things: Behold how great a matter a little Fire kindleth; and the Tongue is a Fire, a World of Iniquity, &c.

And now mark all ye seamen, and all ye bridles of Horses, and all others that tame other Creatures, see that you can bridle and tame your own Tongues. and turn about your Tongues in your passion, assoon as you do your Horses; and assoon as you do your great Ships, when you turn them about: so see that you can so soon turn your Tongues when the fierce Winds of Passion are up; and tame your Tongues, least that unruly Member defile your whole Bodies, and Set on fire the Course of Nature, and it is set on Fire of Hell, James 3. For can you tame Serpents, and all kind of Beasts, and of Birds, and things in the Sea, and not tame your Tongue that unruly Member that is full of deadly Poyson? Bridle it I say with God's Bridle (his Pow­er.)

For The Tongue of the just is as choice Silver; and the Tongue of the wise is Health, Prov. 10.20. & 12.18. The Tongue of the wise useth Knowledge aright; and a wholesome Tongue is a Tree of Life, Prov. 15.2, 4. And in a Virtuous Woman's Tongue is the Law of Kind­ness, Prov. 31.26.

And Paul an Apostle of Jesus Christ, who made Tents with Pris­cilla and Aquilla, and wrought with his Hands that he might not be chargeable to others, and he did not only maintain himself, but he also helped others, with his Labour, who had received his Gospel, not from man, but by the Revesation of Jesus Christ, which he preached freely, as he had received of Christ freely, after Christ was risen; for Christ had given his Command to his Twelve Disciples be­fore he was crucified, Freely as they had received, freely give. And now consider Matthew, who was called from his Custom, and Luke, who was a Phisitian and John the Fisher-man, and Peter, and the rest who were Disciples of Christ; did not they give forth all their Evanglists and Epistles freely, as they preached freely?

And did not Paul the Apostle of Christ who was a Tent-maker, who said, of the Jews Five times I received Forty Stripes save One; Thrice was I beaten with Rods; Once was I stoned; Thrice I suffered Shipwrack; A Night and a Day I have been in the deep, in journying often, in Perils of Waters, in Perils of Robbers, in Perils of my own Country-men, in Perils by the Heathen, in Perils in the City, in Perils in the Wilderness, in Perils in the Sea, in Perils among false Brethren; in Weariness and Painfulness, in Watching often, in Hunger and in Thirst, in Fastings often, in Cold and Nakedness, &c. as you may see in 2 Cor. 11.24, 25, 26, 27.

And this you see was the Condition of Paul an Apostle of Jesus Christ that made Tents, besides all his Imprisonments.

Now did not this Apostle preach freely, who saith, He laboured with his Hands that he might be an Example to others that follow him; so you may see that he did not sit down in a great Benefice? And did not he give forth all his Epistles freely? And did not he give forth his Epistle to the Romans, and his two Epistles to the Corinthians, and his Epistle to the Galatians, and his Epistle to the Ephesians, and his Epistle to the Philipians, and his Epistle to the Colossians, and his two Epistles to the Thessalonians freely? And saith, I charge you by the Lord that this Epistle be read unto all the Holy Brethren, as in 1 Thes. 5.27. And Paul's two Epistles to Timothy, and one Epistle to Titus, and his Epistle to Philemon, and his Epistle to the Hebrews, and how that God in these last Days hath spoken to us (the true Church) by his Son, whom he hath appointed Heir of all things, by whom also he made the World.

Now consider all People, did not all the Holy Prophets, and all the Holy Men of God give forth all their Books freely, from Adam to Christ, to be read, believed, practised and fulfilled; And did not all the Holy Apostles, and all the Holy Evangelists give forth all their Evangelists, Epistles and Revelations freely? and to be read, beli [...]v­ed and practised? Or did they give them forth freely, that men after the [...] should make a Trade of them, and to have so much a Year for preaching of them, which they prophesied and preached freely, and gave forth freely?

And the Apostle doth not say, Preach his Epistles, but Read them, as in Col. 4.16. 1 Thes. 5.27. and likewise the Lord said, Thou shalt read my Law to all Israel in their Hearing, Deut. 31. And Isaiah saith, Seek ye out of the Book of the Lord and read, &c. And Jere­miah sent Baruch to read his Book or Roll, Jer. 36.4, 5, 6. &c. So both the Old and New Testament were given forth to be read, and believed, and to be obeyed, and fulfilled, as you may see in Ezra. 4.18. Nehem. 8.3. Jer. 29.19, Ephes. 3.4, 5. Mat. 1.22. Luke 4.16. Mark 13.21. & 14.49. Joh. 19.24, 28, 16. Acts 1.16.

Now is there more Money gotten by any one thing, then by preach­ing of the Scriptures, and some old Authors with them? Let it be cast up in all Nations in Christendom, and see how much their Reve­nues come to yearly, of such that do not obey Christ's Doctrine, who saith, Freely ye have received freely give; nor fellow the Apostle Paul's Example, To keep the Gospel without Charge. And the Apo­stle [Page 12]saith, 1 Tim. 1.19. where the exhorts Timothy, To hold fast his Faith and a Good Conscience, which some having put away (concerning Faith) they have made Shipwrack. Now consider this ye Seamen and others, when your Ships are wrackt what Condition you are in, you are fallen to pieces, you are broken, and many times in the Sea; so that ye have not Victory: And when you have made Shipwrack of Faith and a good Conscience, then where are you, but split in the Sea of the World, and the Wayes of the World go over your Heads, that you have no Victory: And therefore censider what Condition all the World is in, that say they have not Victory on this side the Grave; and they that must have a Purgatory, when they are dead? Have they not made Shipwrack of Faith and a good Consci­ence, and are split in the World the Sea who see no Faith, nor Victo­ry out of it and over it on this side the Grave; when as the Apostle saith, The Holy and precious Divine Faith, which Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of, it purifies their Hearts; and by it they are justi­fied, and in it they please God; which Faith is their Victory, by which they have access to God, over the World and out of its Sea.

And in Jer. 16.16. there ye may see, when the jews transgrest the Law of God, and became worse then their Fore Fathers, how they were then as in a Sea; For, Behold, I will send for many Fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them; and I will send for many Hunters, and they shall hunt them from every Mountain, and from every Hill, and out of the Holes of the Rocks.

So here you may see, men are called fish, and men are called Fi­shers; and then consider, where is the fish, and where is the Sea; Is not the Sea the World which lies in Transgression, and Rebellion against the Spirit of God? And such as make Ship-wrack of Faith and a good Conscience, are they not in it? Jer. 16, 17. chapters.

But saith the Prophet, Thou art (to wit, the Lord) of Purer Eyes then to behold Evil, that canst not look on Iniquity: Wherefore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously, and holdest thy Tongue when the Wicked devoureth the Man that is more Righteous then he, and makest Men as Fishes of the Sea, and as the creeping things that have no Rule over them: They take up all of them with the Angle, they catch them in their Nets, and gather them in their Drags; therefore they rejoyce and are glad; therefore they sacrifice unto their Net, and burn Incense unto their Drag, and because by them their Portion is fat, and their Meat plenteous, &c. Here is the wicked mens fishing, and the wicked mens Sacrifice, which is not to be followed.

And in Jonah 2. there you may see Jonah's Prayer, and the stedfastness of his Faith, which he had, and prayed to the Lord God out of the Fishe's Belly, Jonah 2. thoughout.

And you may see the Cause of Jonah's casting into the Sea, how that it was for his Disobedience; for when the Lord commanded him to go to Nineveh, to preach Repentance to it, he fled away, and went to Joppa, and found a Ship, and so paid the Fare thereof, and went down into it to go from thence to Tarshish, from the presence of the Lord, But the Lord sent out a great Wind in the Sea, and there was a might) Tempest in the Sea, so that the Ship was like to be broken: and then the Mariners were afraid, and cast Lots, and the Lot fell upon Jo­nah to be cast into the Sea; and when they had cast him into the Sea, it ceased from raging.

And now all ye Mariners, and Seamen, and Fisher-men and others, whose Faith stands not in God, and Christ Jesus the Author of it; when ye have Storms, and great Winds, and Tempests in the Sea then do not thou say, That some Witch or ill-tongued People have bewitched your Ship, and raised that Wind, or some ill tongued Body hath raised this Storm and Tempest.

And let New-England Professors see if they be not guilty of this; and whether or no they have not sometimes cast some poor simple people into the Sea, in pretence of being Witches: And so let them and you see, that hold such things, and believe such things, if you be not in Disobedience to the Power, Spirit and Faith of God, and in the Sin of Witchcraft your selves; For you may see, it was the Lord that sent out the Wind, and raised that mighty Storm in the Sea, and not your witches, nor ill-tongued People, as you vainly imagine, as you may see Jonah 1.14. For if you were in the true saving Faith, which Christ Jesus is the Author of, that Faith gives you Victory over the Devil, the Head of all your Witches, and brings you to have Access to God, who makes a Storm, and makes a Calm.

For, Lo, He that formed the Mountains, and created the Winds (mark, the Winds) and declareth unto Man what is his Thoughts, this is the Lord, that created the Winds, not your Witches, Anos 4.13.

And It is the Lord, who layeth the Beams of his Chambers in the Waters, who makes the Clouds his Chariots, who walketh upon the Wings of the Winds, Psalm. 104.3.

And the Lord commandeth and raiseth up the stormy Wind, which lifteth up the Waves thereof, and not your Witches nor ill-tongued People.

And David saith, They that go down to the Seain Ships, that do bu­siness in great Waters; these see the Works of the Lord, and his Wonders in the Deep; For he commandeth and raiseth the stormy Wind, which lifteth up the Waves thereof: They mount up to the Heaven, they go down again to the Depths; their Soul is melted because of Trouble: They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their Wits End; then they cry unto the Lord in their Trouble, and he bringeth them out of their Distresses. He maketh the Storm a Calm, so that the Waves thereof are still; then are they glad, because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired Heaven. O that men would praise the Lord, for his Goodness, and for his Wonderful Works to the Children of Men, Psalm 107.

So ye may see it is the Lord that commands and raiseth the Winds and the Storms, and allayes them again, and not the Witches, or ill-tongued People; and that brings men to their desired Haven both outward and inward.

And again, David saith, He (to wit, the Lord,) causeth the Vapours to ascend from the Ends of the Earth; He maketh Lightnings for the Rain, He bringeth the Winds out of his Treasure, Psalm. 105.7.

And now mark all ye Seamen, when ye have Wind that maketh a Storm in the Sea, the Lord hath brought it out of his Treasure: But the disobedient and rebellious against God's Power, Spirit and Faith, and Enemies to his Truth and People say, when a Storm or Wind is raised in the Sea, some Witch, or some ill-tongued People have raised it; and these are erred from the true Faith as David was in, who said, Whatsoever the Lord pleaseth, that does he, in Heaven, and in the Earth, and in the Sea, and all deep Places, Psalm 105 7.

And God causes the Winds to blow, and the Waters to flow, Psalm 147.18.

And David saith, Fire, and Rain, and Snow, and Waters, and Winds fulfil God's Words. Psal. 148.8.

And now if the Witches raise the Storms and the Winds, then the Winds and Storms must fulfil your Witches words, and ill-ton­gued People; But the Storms and the Winds fulfil God's Word; and he raiseth up a Storm or a Wind, that walks upon the Wings of the Wind. And your Witches cannot come into Gods Treasure, to fetch his Wind out there; for they be out of his power. Nay have not some of your Faithless Seamen, and you that think so, pretended to buy winds; Oh Darkness and Ignorance, and a Shame to Christianity! You are like to the Coluds and Winds without Rain, [Page 15]and wells without water, and Trees without Fruit, as you may see in, Prov. 25.14. and in Jude

Who hath gathered the Winds in his Fist? Who hath bound the Wa­ters in his Garment? Who hath established all the Ends of the Earth? What is his Name, and what is his Son's Name, if thou canst tell? Prov. 30.4. Who with thy dark Spirit imagines, that the Witches can fetch or pluck the Wind out of God's Fist. Oh abominable! It is much if the Lord doth not let his Wind fly at you, and raise a Storm against you, who are erred from the Faith of the Holy Men of God: For Christ commandeth the Winds and they obey him, Luke 8.25.

And where do you read in all the Scriptures, that the Witches raised Winds; or that any Seamen, did go to buy Winds of them? Let us see the Chapter and verse for it; either among the People of God, or among the Heathen? and if you cannot, stop your Mouths of such practises, and be ashamed, for dishonouring Christianity, who are contrary both to the Law and Gospel: And turn to the Lord, who walks upon the Wings of the Wind, and holds the Winds in his Fist, and can let them fly out in Blasts to terrifie the wicked; but the just live by Faith in God and Christ, who is the Author of it; who makes the Storm a Calm, and commands the winds, and brings them out of his Treasure at his Pleasure: And the Righteous know, that the stormy Winds obey and fulfil God's Word.

And so the Righteous can praise the Lord that created the Winds, and all things in the Heaven and in the Earth, and in the Sea; and and renews man, by Christ, into his Image, and gives him Domi­nion over all; Praise and Glory, Honour and Thanks be unto the Lord, who is over all, from Everlasting to Everlasting.

And all the Faithful know, that A Sparrow shall not fall to the Ground without the Will of the Father, much more a Man, who is of greater Value then many Sparrows.

And therefore be not Faithless, but believe in Christ the Light, who commands the Winds and Storms; by whom all things were made and are upheld, by his Word and Power, Heb. 1.

The Law of thy mouth is better unto me, then thousands of Gold and Silver, Psa. 119.71.

G. F.

Concerning how the World is called the SEA.

ANd God will dry up Babylon's Sea, and make her Springs dry; for God brought them like a Sea over the Jews, when they transgress'd his Law, and went from the Lord their Rock and Salva­tion.

And again it is said, The Sea shall come upon Babylon, and she shall be covered with the Multitude of her Waves. — So when the Medes and Persians came upon Babylon, then the Sea came over them, and the Jews had their Liberty, Jer, 15.42.

So Spiritual Babylon is the Mother of Harlots, she sits upon the Waters, which are Nations, peoples and Tongues; But God will dry up her Waters, which have overflown since the Apostles Days; who hath persecuted the people of God: And out of her Sea hath risen the great storms of persecution, and the Beast which rose out of the Sea, with his storms of persecution.—And it is the power of Darkness, which keeps the people in spiritual Aegypt, Sodom and Babylon, in this Sea.

But in Christ's peaceable Kingdom, and on his Holy Mountain, the Wolf shall dwell with the Lamb, and the Leepard shall lie down with the Kid, and the Calf, and the Young Lyon, and the Fatling together; and a little Child shall lead them.

And the Cow and the Bear shall feed, their Young Ones shall lie down together; and the Lyon shall eat Straw like an Ox.

And the Suckling-Child shall play on the Hole of the Asp; and the weaned Child shall put his Hand on the Cockatrice Den.

They shall not hurt, nor destroy in all my Holy Mountain, for the Earth shall be full of the Knowledge of the Lord, as the Waters cover the Sea.

And in that Day there shall be a Root of Jesse, which shall stand up for an Ensign of the People; to it shall the Gentiles seek, and his Rest shall he Glorious.

And this is Christ, who sets up his Ensigne for the Nations, and shall assemble the Out-casts of Israel, and gather together the disper­sed of Judah, from the four Corners of the Earth.

So he gathers them with his power, Spirit and Light: and his En­signe is not set up for the Jews, or a Nation only, but for all Nations in general; Who enlightens every Man that comes into the World, that with his Light they may see him and his Ensigne, Christ the Hea­venly and Spiritual Man.

So the Gathering of all Nations is unto him, by his Heavenly Light which he enlightens them withal.

And the Lord shall utterly destroy the Tongue of the Aegyptian Sea, and with his mighty Wind shall he shake his Hand over the River, and shall smite it in the seven Streams, in the Perfection of it, and men shall go over dry-shod, Isa. 11.

And the Lord will destroy in this Mountain, the Face of the Co­vering that is cast over all people, and the Vail that is spread over all Nations (mark, all Nations) not a Nation: That all people may see the Salvation of God, which the Light which comes from Christ their Saviour; and if they do not believe in it, it will be their Condemnation.

And this Covering must be taken off all people before the Know­ledge of the Lord covers the Earth, as the Waters cover the Sea.

For the Beast had his power from the Dragon, and the Whore is erred from Christ the Truth: And Aegypt in the Spirit, and the spi­ritual Aegyptians will say, Who is God, or his Son the Light, that they should obey him? (like the old Aegyptian) and Christ was crucified in spiritual Sodom and Aegypt.

So here the Jews, Scribes, Pharisees and High-Priests, who cruci­fied Christ without the Gates at Jerusalem, are called spiritual Aegypt and Sodom, who are the greatest professors in the World. But Christ is the Ensigne set up to the Nations, who stilleth Myste­ry Babylon's sea; and after Babylon is fallen, and the Seas dryed up, then the New Heaven, and the New Earth is seen; for the First Heaven and First Earth were passed away, and then there was no more Sea. So when the first Heavens, and the first Earth are passed away, then the New Earth and the New Heavens are seen; and here is seen the Holy City, New Jerusalem, prepared as a Bride for her Husband Christ.

And here is the first and last seen, their Husband Christ; and the Marriage of the Lamb is come.

And the force of the Gentiles shall come to his Light, and abundanc [...] of the Sea shall be converted unto Christ, Isa. 60.

So here is Abundance of the world, which is called the Sea, that shall be converted to Christ Jesus; for the Gentiles are the Nations, and the Gentiles shall come to Christ's Light, from the Sea the world: For Nations and Tongues are called Waters.

And The Sea saith, Wisdom is not in me, Job. 28. Now the Wis­dom that is pure, is from above the Sea, and them that fear God receive it.

And he shall pass through the Sea with Afflictions, and shall smite the Waves of the Sea; and all the Deeps of the Rivers shall be dried up: And the Priae of Assyria shall be brought down, and the Scepter of Egypt shall depart away.

And Christ's Scepter shall be set up, his Scepter is a Scepter of Righ­teousness, Zach. 10.11.

Thu [...] saith the Lord, which maketh a Way in the Sea, and the Path in [...]h [...] mighty Waters, that this People may pass, Glory to his Name for ever, [...]. 43.

A [...]d the Lord saith, When I came, was there no Man? When I cal­led, was there none to answer? Is my Hand shortened at all, that I can­not rede [...]m, or have I no Power to deliver? Behold, at may Rebuke I dry up the Sea. And here the great Power of God and Christ is seen, Isa. 50. The wicked are compared to a troubled Sea, when it cannot rest, whose Waters cast up Mire and Dirt; their Waters are foul.

There is no peace to the wicked, saith my God, for they are always roaring, and wallowing, and making a Noise, Isa. 1.57.

And the Cruel People that have no Mercy, their Voice roars like a Sea, as in Jer, 6.23. This Sea, this Merciless cruel People, which is like a roaring Sea, was to come over the Jews for disobeying the Lord: and therefore for all People to believe in the Light, that Christ hath enl [...]ghtened you withal, and walk in the Light that you may see Christ the Rock, and build upon him, who is sure against all weather Storms.

And Christ will bruise the Head of the Serpent, for the Lord with his sore and great and strong Sword, shall punish Leviathan the pierc­ing Serpent; even Leviathan that crooked Serpent which makes the World (both men and women) crooked.

And he shall slay the Dragon that is in the sea (mark, in the Sea) for his Habitation is in the wicked like a roaring Sea, and they plead for him and his sin till they go to the Grave, and not for Christ that bruiseth his Head; and the Lord that destroys him with his great sword.

But they that plead for Christ, Can sing unto the Lord of his Vine­yard; for the Lord doth keep it, and will water it every Moment, lest any hurt it: I will keep it Night and Day, saith the Lord, Glory to his Name for ever, who is the Keeper of his People, and this we witness who are his Vineyard, as in Isaiah 27.


DAvid saith, in the Lords hands are the deep places of the Earth, the Strength of the Hills, and the height of the Hills his his also, and the Sea is the Lords, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry Land, O come, let us worship, and bow down, let us kneel be­fore the Lord our Maker; for he is our God, and we are the people of his Pasture, and the sheep of his hand; hear his Voice this day, who speaks to you by his Son Christ Jesus, Psalm 95. Heb. 1.3.

David saith, The Floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their Voice. The Lord on high is mightier then the noise of many Waters, yea, then the mighty waves of the Sea, Psa. 93. So in all outward storms, floods, and waves, whether they be from the outward Sea, or the seas of the World, you are to look unto the Lord, who is mightier and higher then them all, and can deliver from them all.

The Lord he commandeth and raiseth the stormy wind, which list­eth up the waves thereof; then do men cry unto the Lord in their troubles, and he brings them out of their distresses: for he maketh a storm and a Calm, so that the waves thereof are still; then are they glad because they be quiet, So he brings them unto their de­sired Haven; for God can turn Rivers into a Wilderness, and the [Page 20]water springs into dry Land. So in all storms and winds, whether they be the outward Sea, or seas of the World, or troubles with­in, you are to cry unto the Lord who is able to bring you out of all distresses, and save you, and bring you to your desired Haven. For the Lord may raise up a stormy wind, and to try his people may make a storm a Calm; and they that go down to the Sea in Ships, that do business in great waters: these see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep. O that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the Children of men, Psalm 107.

And again, in Psalm 89.8, 9. O Lord God of Host, who is a strong Lord like unto thee? &c. thou rulest the raging of the Sea, when the waves thereof arise, thou stillest them.

So all are to look unto the Lord, and trust in him who is the strong God all sufficient, who ruleth the raging of the Sea, when the waves thereof do arise, and stilleth them.

And David saith, The waters saw thee, O God, and they were afraid, and the depths were troubled, Psalm 77.16.

Here they that trust in the Lord may see his authority, and pow­er, for the Lord he brought streams out of the Rock, and caused the waters to run down like Rivers to refresh his People; and he di­vided the Sea, and caused his people to pass through, and he made the waters to stand on heaps, Psalm 78.

And again David saith, Thy way is in the Sea, (namely) the Lord, and thy path is in the great waters: therefore all are to mind the Lords presence where ever they are, Psal. 77.19.

And David saith, Praise him (namely) the Lord, ye Heavens of Heavens, ye waters, and all deeps, storms, winds, fulfill his word, his glory is above the Earth and Heaven; For his name alone is excellent, Psalm 140.

And David saith, the Lord by his strength setteth fast the Moun­tains, being guided with power, which stilleth the noise of the Sea, the noise of the Waves, and the tumults of the People, Psal. 65.6, 7. Therefore are all your eyes to be unto the strong God, who can still the noise and waves of the Sea, and the tumults of the people, whose power is over all.

And in Psal. 33.6, 7. By the word of the Lord were the Heavens made, and all the hosts of them, by the breath of his Mouth he gathered the waters of the Sea together, as an heap, he layeth up the depth in store Houses.

Here you may see the mighty God in his eternal power, and trust in him; for he ruleth by his power for ever. His eyes beholds the Nations, who turneth the Sea into dry land, by the greatness of his power; that his people went through on foot, Psal, 66.6.

Therefore, O that men would trust in the Lord God, that chang­eth not, for upon the wicked, the Lord shall rain Snares, sire, and Brimstone, and a horrible tempest; this shall be the portion of the Cup of the wicked, for the wicked and him that loves violence, Gods soul hates, and therefore take heed of violence and wickedness.

And Elihu saith in Job. 36.26.27, 28.30. Behold God is great, &c. he maketh small the drops of the water, and poureth down rain, &c. and covereth the bottom of the Sea, therefore it is good to be­hold the Lord in his works.

And the Lord shut up the Sea with doors, &c. Job. 28.30. Who hath divideth the water course for the overflowing of waters, Job. 38. and Job saith, He bindeth up the waters in the thick Clouds, and the cloud is not rent under them, he compasseth the waters with Bounds; he divideth the Sea with his power, and by his under­standing the smiteth through the proud, Job. 26.

And again, Job. saith, Which alone spreadeth out the Heaven (namely) the Lord, and treadeth upon the waves of the Sea, Job. 9.8.

Here you may see the great and wonderful God, Heaven is his throne, and Earth is his Footstool; and he treads upon the Waves of the Sea, who dwells with a humble heart, who beholds the Lord, and can say, Heaven is his throne, and the Earth is his Footstool, who treads upon the waves of the Sea. So they are not afraid of the waves, or storms, or winds, that may arise upon the Sea, or Land; but fear the Lord that hath the winds in his hand: and makes a storm a Calm, and treads upon the waves of the Sea, who made it and the Earth, his footstool, Glory, and Honour, be unto the Lord God almighty forever; who reigns over all his works, and they praise him.

And Solomon saith (Prov. 8.29.) God established the clouds a­bove, he strengthened the foundation of the deep, and gave to the Sea its decree, that the waters should not pass his Commandment, &c. And so here you may see the great and mighty God, his decree and Commandment over the waters, who is to be se [...]ved, worshipped, and feared, Prov. 8.28, 29. Gen. 1.9, 10. Job. 38.10.11. Psalm 104.9.

Who hath gathered the wind in his fist? Who hath bound the waters in a Garment? Who establisheth the ends of the Earth? Prov. 30.4. And again David saith, Who laid the beams of his Cham­bers in the waters? Who maketh the clouds his Chariots? VVho walketh upon the wings of the VVind (namely) the great God? VVho is cloathed with honour and Majesty, Psalm 104.

And Isaiah saith, the Lord who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meteth out the Heavens with a span; and comprehends the dust of the Earth in a measure, Isaiah 40.12.

Here you may see the infinite, glorious, eternal, incomprehensible God, in his infinite power. And the Lord saith, to his faithful people to encourage them, when thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee, and through the rivers they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burnt, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee, thus saith the Lord, who makes a way in the Sea, and a path in the mighty waters, Isaiah 43.2 16. verse.

Here you may see how the Lord comforteth his people with his promises, to belive and trust in him who is God all sufficient.

The Lord saith, wo to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the Sea; and to the rushing of many Nati­ons that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty Waters, the Nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters; but God shall rebuke them, and they shall fly far of, and shall be chased like the Chaff on the Mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing be­fore the whirlwind, Isaiah 17.12, 13.

Here you may see the end of these Chaffy rushing noises like the Seas, and waters whom the Lord rebukes and Scatters; and the Lord is a strength to the poor and needy in their distresses, and a refuge from the storm, and a shadow from the heat, &c. Isaiah 25.4. And therefore it is good to trust in the Lord.

And Isaiah saith, Wo to the crown of pride, to the drunkenness of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is as a fading flower, &c. Be­hold the Lord hath a mighty and a strong one, which as a tempest of hail, a destroying storm, as a flood of mighty waters overflow­ing shall cast down to the Earth with his hand, Isaiah 28.2.

Here you may see the tempest, and storm, and the mighty over­flowing waters, God brings upon the Drunkards, Proud, and Wick­ed, though they be upon the Land; and likewise you may see the same in Isaiah 19.6.

But they that hearken to the Lords Commandments, and obey him, their peace shall be as a River; and their righteousness as the waves of the Sea, Isaiah 48.17,

And Amos saith, seek ye the Lord and ye shall live, least he break out like a fire, &c. that calleth for the waters of the Sea, and pour­eth them upon the face of the Earth; the Lord is his name, Amos 5.6.8. Here you may see the waters of the Sea obey the Lord, there­fore surely man ought to seek him and obey him.

And the Lord saith, though they dig into Hell, thence shall my hand take them; thence they climbe up to Heaven, thence will I bring them down: and though they hide themselves in the top of Carmel, I will search and take them from thence; though they be hid in the bottom of the Sea, thence will I command the Serpent and he shall bite them.

And here you may see the wicked and disobedient, and rebelli­ous, cannot hide themselves from the Lord, who searches the hearts, and tryes the reins and will find them out, and reward every one according to their works, Amos 9.2, 3.

And Nahum saith (Nahum 1.4.) the Lord rebukes the Sea, and dryes up all Rivers; here the wicked are compared to a Sea, and Rivers, and the Lord will not acquit the wicked who hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.

Here the Lords people know his way in the whirlwind, and in the storm, let it be in the outward sea, or the storm and whirlwind, the wicked raise; or the storm and whirlwind the Lord brings upon the wicked. His people can praise him, who is over all and above all, and can say thou art Lord alone, that hath made Heaven, the Hea­ven of Heavens, with all their host, ye Earth and all things that are therein, the Sea and all that is therein thou preservest them all, and the host of Heaven worshipeth thee, Nehemiah 6.

And you may see in Joshua 3.15, 16. and Jos. 4.23. How the Lord dryed up the waters of Jordan, and made them stand on heaps as he did the red Sea. So the Lord can dry up the Rivers of Judg­ment for his People to pass to the Land of the living; as he did who did dry up the red Sea and the River of Jordan, for his people to pass into the land of Canaan.

And in Gen. 1.26.28. You may see what dominion God gave to Man and Woman while they obeyed, served and hearkned unto him. And the Lord reproved the Jews for their Idolatry and perversness, [Page 24]and corruption; and told them they had eyes and saw not, and [...]ars, and heard not, and called them a foolish people, and said unto them fear ye not me saith the Lord; will ye not tremble at my presenc [...] Which hath placed the sands for the bounds of the Sea, by a perpe­tual decree, that it cannot pass it, and through the waves thereof toss themselves; yet can they not prevail though they roar yet can they not pass over it, Jer. 5.22.

Here you may see the decree and bound that God hath set on the outward sea, and his decree and bound is set to the world, the sea of wickedness that it cannot pass over his elect and chosen people in Christ Jesus.

And the Lord God said, O Tyrus I am against thee, and will cause many waters to come up against thee, as the sea causeth his waves to come up, and was not this sea the King of Babylon, which the Lord did bring upon Tyrus for their insulting against Jerusalem; and you may see what a destruction the Lord brought upon them, and upon their Mariners, and men of War, in Ezek. 26.28. And what judgments God brought upon them for their height and pride. And in Ezek 30. you may see the desolation of Aegypt and her help­ers, and the Lord saith, they shall know that I am the Lord, when I have set a fire on Aegypt; in that day shall messengers go forth from me on Ships, to make the careless Ethiopians afraid, &c. Here you may see how the Lord doth terrifie the Ethiopians, and Aegptians for their Pride and Carelesness; therefore it is good to be diligent, and serve the Lord in humility, and live in his fear.

He that formeth the Mountains, and createth the winds, and de­clareth unto man what is his thought, &c. the Lord of Host is his Name, Amos 4.13.

And John said, I saw another Angel fly in the midst of the Heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the Earth, and to every Nation, and Kindred, and Tongue, and Peo­ple; saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him, for the hour of his Judgment is come, and worship him that made Hea­ven and Earth, and the Sea; and the fountains of waters, Rev. 14.6.7. And so here you may see it is the Angel that preaches the ever­lasting Gospel, to them that dwell upon the Earth (which the Apo­stle calls the power of God, in Rom. 1.) to every nation and kindred, and tongue, and people; and therefore every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, must receive and obey this everlasting Gospel of Salva­tion.

G. F.

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