A WARNING To all the MERCHANTS IN LONDON AND Such as Buy and Sell.

WITH An Advisement to them to lay a­side their superfluity, and with it to nourish the POOR.

By G. F.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate, 1658.


FOR them to keep to yea and nay to all people in their common occasions, for whatsoever is more then these, cometh of evil; and to take heed of de­ceitful merchandize, and cozening, and cheating, and de­frauding one another, and dissembling one with another; and to take heed of deceitful Merchandize in all their buying and selling, and in all their Exchange; away with all deceitful Merchandize, for as a swift Witness is the Lord come to plead with you, and against you that use deceit­fulness in your Merchandize, and use it in your buying and selling, and Sir, and bow the Hat, and scrape the foot, and make the coursie, and Master, and Mistris, in your ser­vice, and forsooth, this is your vain custom, and ask ma­ny times the worth double of the thing to some people; and under this complementing way, and in it, lies the de­ceit and over-reach, and lurks to cozen and cheat, telling a falshood, a flattery; so by fair speaking and flattering words, oft times the simple is deceived: Therefore this is a Charge from the living God to you all, Be true, be faithful to God, be just, be innocent, and ask no more for the thing then you would have; be at a word, so say, and so do, when you ask more, then you will have, or almost double, and say you will not take it except you have so much, and then send your boyes after them, and so take [Page 2] it, you are not here at so say, and so do; and here are you judged with the Law of Liberty to be out of it, far off the life of Christians, like Heathen in life and practise; there­fore be at a word, and then you will be a good savour, for the Lord is come near to judgement among you; for while you are not at so say, and so do, you are not in the law of liberty, you are not in the Prophets, you are not in the Gospel, you are found out of them all.

And again ye Merchants, great men, and rich men, what a dishonor is it to you to go in your gold and silver, and gold Chains about your necks, and your costly attire, and your poor blind women and children, and creeples, crying and making a noise up and down your streets, a dishonor to your City, shewing that you are not under the Law, nor under the Gospel; for under the Law they had tythes and tenths to feed all the fatherless and stran­gers, for tythes was for that work and end; for how can you go up and down in your superfluity, and abound in your riches, and see the poor, blind, and creeples go about your streets? which of all other, the blind should be taken care of; therefore let these things be minded and consi­dered, and fear God, and do that which may be an honor to you, and Christianity, and your City; and in all your Shops, and Ware-Houses, and Exchanges, keep to your words, and so say, and so do, and that you may not co­zen and cheat one another, nor no people; for this City hath a name and a bad report of deceitful Merchandize, which deceives the Countrey people that deals with you: O therefore blot it out, and do so no more, but judge one another in these things, and be a good savour, and com­mend your selves to the innocent and simple, that a child may come among you and not be wronged, and that will be pleasing to God that you do righteously, and to the just God, that you do justly; and then to the righteous just God you will be a good savour, and to the countrey peo­ple, when you are turned from the bad to the good, so that you may be trusted for faithfulness and honesty, [Page 3] which on the contrary doing, it is dishonesty; and you that scrape, and cap, and coursie, and Sir, and Master, and Mistris, and flatter one another, with the deceitful titles, and ask more for your commodity then it is worth, and are not at a word, so say, and so do; but tell people you wil not take it, and then have your Boys and Lasses to fetch them back again; this is the way to make the simple fear you, and the innocent to stand afar off, and to keep up a bad savour, and a bad name; therefore this is the word of the Lord God, and a charge to you in the presence of the Lord God, and to you all, That you charge your servants not to cozen and cheat any, nor to ask more for your things then you'l take, and to keep to yea and nay in your common occasions, and to keep to a word, and that will be pleasing to God, and a good savour to all sober people.

And all you Merchants whatsoever, and Shop-keepers, take heed of cozening and cheating of people with your dark back-windows; for truth is risen that will keep out all deceit; therefore be sober, and take it patiently, and live in it, for truth will make you free; therefore if you will be made free by truth, give over your deceitful Mer­chandize, and give over your many words, and keepe to yea and nay; Mark, you must be judged by the Law, and all your profession and crying up Ordinances, and your notions and experiences, while you live in deceitful mer­chandize, and above yea and nay in your common occa­sions, you are in the evil, and are not at so say, and so do; you are all judged by the law of liberty, that are deceit­ful in your merchandize, in your buying and selling, and cozening and cheating poor country people in your mer­chandize, you are not to name the Name of Christ but as you depart from Iniquity; and the truth hath not made you free who are found in the evil, Judged by the Law of liberty, and all your deceitful merchandize; therefore come to a word, come to yea and nay, all you young and old whatsoever, so by the Lord you will be received into his Kingdom; least you be turned out with the rich Glut­ton, [Page 4] and the poor Lazarus taken into Abrahams bosom: Therefore take in the blind, halt and lame, and obey the things that Christ commands you, ye that call him Lord, take in the blind and the creeples that cries up and down your streets, and feast them when you make your feasts; for the rich feast the rich, and not the poor that cannot feast them again; and see now if you will take up the Cross of Christ, and obey his command, then you will become like unto them, when you obey Christs command, and shew that you have his spirit and minde in you, and are Christians; for while you are not made free by truth, all your Religion and Profession of Christ and the Apostles words, is vain, and your conversation is below in the earth, and not with Christ in Heaven. And again, all the while your poor, and blind, and lame creeples, and wo­men, and children are crying up & down your streets, and Steeplehouse-doors, and alleys, and corners, after you that call your selves Christians, and yet they Christians as well as you, and so members of the same body; so you may say, Be clothed, be filled, be warmed, and be such a people the Apostle speaks of, yet let them be crying up & down the Streets not provided for; so this is to hang gold on one arm, and let the other go bare; or hang gold on the back, and let the leg go bare; for all are members of one body, the poor as well as the rich; and this declares that you are out of the law: For the Lord took the tythes and gave them to the strangers, and fatherless, and widows, and gave all enough, that there was not a beggar in Israel among them, Now judge your selves, and see how short you come of them in life and practice, which say you are Christians, and profess the Gospel; these things are a grief to many sober people in the City, to see that Magistrates hath no more feeling of these things, and yet so much profession of Re­ligion, and preaching among them, and so much riches that men never knew want of; and thereby many comes to be hardened, which they might think if it were but to keep the honor of their City, they would not let above all [Page 5] things, blind men, and creeples, and lame people, and poor fatherless children make a noise up and down the streets, and Steeplehouse-doors; but out of their abun­dance they would lay a little aside, and have a place pro­vided that all the poor, blind, lame creeples should be put into, and Nurses set over them, and looked to, cherished, and seen unto that they do not want, and thus them that could work, to work; and this would be a good savour of the City, and of the Magistrates, Aldermen, and Merchants of the City, and to the sober people, and to the Lord God, that there should not be seen a beggar walk up and down the streets, but that there might be a place where they might be maintained with a little out of their superflui­ty; yea, before there should be such a noise with the poor, the blind, the lame, and the fatherless, every one lay by a little out of their abundance, and spare some off of their backs in gold and silver lace, or their chains and rings; for who considereth not the cry of the poor, but turneth his ear from them, them their Maker will not regard; and all who do not visit the fatherless, and the poor, and the sick, and feed the hungry, and clothe the naked, and are of a profession of Religion, and makes a talk of Christs words, and the Prophets, and Moses; such are in the wisdom be­low, which is earthly, sensual, and devillish, not preservers of the Creation, not in the wisdom that is from above, which is gentle, easie to be intreated, by which the crea­tion is to be preserved, by which it must be ordered again to the glory of God; you going in your gold and silver, yea in your very shooes laced, and the poor want bread, want stockings & shooes; & you your many dishes, change of di­shes, and that you call novelties, and the poor cannot get bread; spare one of your dishes, and let it be carryed to the place for the poor, and do not let them come begging for it neither, but let them have a place where they may be kept, and that will be for your honour and renown; for consider what abundance of riches is in this City, & what good you might do with it, or how soon you may be taken [Page 6] from it, or it from you, by fire or sea, and yet for all this ye will not consider your poor brethren which are made of the same blood and mould, to dwell upon the face of the Earth: Therefore mind truth that makes free from de­ceit, and from all cozening and dissembling, and wil bring you to a word in all your common occasions, and to so say, and so do, and to worship God in the truth, and to worship God in the spirit, that the Devil is out of, & come to the pure Religion, which is, to visit the fatherless, to visit the sick, and relieve the hungry, and clothe the na­ked, that brings you to practice and to do the will of God; and give over your living in words, and your hearts afar off, surseiting in riches, iniquity, and deceit; but come to honesty and plain dealing, & mercifulness, & take heed of pride, and loftiness, and wantonness, and haughtiness, and walk humbly before the Lord, that you may come to the life the Saints was in, the Prophets, Christ, and the Apo­stles were in.

For the mighty day of the Lord is coming, wherein e­very one of you must give account of his deeds done in the body, and every mans work must be tryed by fire, and every mans works shall be brought to the light, and ma­nifest by it. So your day is not past, while you have time, prise it.

G. F.
The End.

has defiled his Heart, his Soul, his Mind, his Conscience, his Spirit; that which purges this out of him, is the Blood of Christ, who by his Blood and fiery Baptisme hath purg­ed out our sins, and sanctifies us.

So they that be without understanding, Pharisee like, knows not that which purges all meats; for whatsoever goes into the mouth, and so into the belly, and so into draught the Purger of all meats.

And also knows not Christ, and is without the understanding of him who purges with his Blood, the Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit, and Conscience, with his Blood, through which they come to serve the Living God.

And all they that pleads for a Purgatory when they are dead, to purge them; & they that pleads for a body of Death and Sin to the Grave, and forbids meats, as if they should defile them, that goes into the belly, and so into the draught, the Purger that purges all meats, they are as blind as the Jewes, chief Priests and Pharisees, and are as ignorant of the draught which purges all meats, and of Him that purges the Conscience, to wit, Christ Jesus, the Seed in whom all Nations is blest, and therein Sanctified and Reconciled to God, and all things in Heaven, and all things in the Earth, and receives his Blessing and Promise in the Seed, and sees all things is blest and clean to them, as they were in the Beginning, by Christ Jesus.

G. Fox

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