Something in ANSWER to a LAW Lately made at the first Sessions of the General Court held at Boston in New-England May the 28th, 1679. And published by their Order, Edw, Rawson Secretary
The Title of the LAW, viz. Meeting-Houses not to be Erected with­out Licence, &c.

Answer. VVHat would the New-England Go­vernours and Priests have done to Christ and his Twelve and Seventy Disciples, if they had been in their day?

For doth not Christ say, (to encourage Meetings) Where Two or Three are gathered together in my Name▪ [Page 2]I will be in the midst of them; to exercise his Offices in the midst of them, as he was a Prophet and a Priest, &c.

And did Christ or his Disciples go to get Licence of the Free-men of every Town where they came to meet in? or did they go to the Jews for Licence to meet in such and such Houses? or must they not meet except they had Licenced Houses from the Jews, or Herod, or Pontius Pilate the Governour?

Now you say, That the Scripture is your Rule; then what Scripture have you, that the true Christians must not meet, and have Meeting Houses on their own Ground, except they have a Licence from you? Have you not this from the Papists or Heathen? And would not you have pluck't down the Houses and Places where Christ and his Disciples met, or take away and sell and demolish them, if you had been in their day? and do not you manifest your selves to be more like Jews and Heathens than Christians?

Now New England's Presbyterians Law is as follow­eth.

‘FOrasmuch as it hath too often happened, that through Differences arising in several Towns, and on other Pretences, there have been Attempts by some Persons to erect Meeting-Houses, although on pretence of the Publick Worship of God on the Lord's Day, yet thereby laying a Foundation (if not for Schism and Sedition, for Error and Heresie) for perpetuating Divisions, and weakening such Places where they dwell in the comfortable sup­port of the Ministry, orderly settled amongst them. [Page 3]For Prevention whereof for the future, it is order­ed by this Court, and the Authority thereof, That no Person whatsoever, without the Consent of the Free-men of the Town where they live, first or­derly had, and obtained at a publick Meeting assem­bled for that end, and Licence of the County Court, or in Defect of such Consent, and Licence by the special Order of the General Court, shall erect or make use of any House, as abovesaid: And in case any Person or Persons shall be convicted of trans­gressing this Law, every such House or Houses, wherein such Persons shall so meet more than Three Times, with the Land where such House or Houses stand, and all private Wayes tending thereto, shall be Forfeited to the Use of the County, and dispo­sed of by the County Treasurer, by Sale or Demo­lishing, as the Court that gave Judgment in the case shall order.’

Answ. So hereby we understand, that none shall erect any House to keep them from the Wind and Weather to Worship God in, without your Licence and Authority. But will your Court or Free-men grant any Licence in these things to the People of God in Scorn called Quakers, if they desire it?

And did ever Christ and his Disciples or Apostles Take, Sell or Demolish Meeting-Houses, and the Ground and High-wayes of any other People, that w [...]re not of their Religion, because they had not a Licence from them? Prove this by Scripture, who say, It is your Rule, and call your selves Christians? Or hath the King of Old England given you any such [Page 4]Authority in your Patent to make Forfeiture and Sale of, and to Demolish the Meeting-Houses, Lands and High-wayes of God's People, that they have e­rected to Worship him in? We do not believe that your Patent will justifie you in this thing; but contra­ry to it is your Practice, and contrary to the Scriptures of the New Testament also.

But as Solomon saith, When the Righteous are in Au­thority, the People Rejoyce; but when the Wicked bear Rule, the Righteous Mourn, Prov. 29.2.

But are not you in the steps of the Gentiles, with your Authority? Read Mat. 20.25. and Luke 22.25.

And did not the Elders, and the Chief Priests, and the Great Professing Jews, ask Christ, By What Au­thority he did those things? and Who gave him that Au­thority? shewing that he had not that Authority from them. And did not he and his Disciples often meet together? Mat. 21.24. & Mark 11.28.

And in Luke 20. The Chief Priests, and Scribes, and the Elders came unto Jesus, when he was preach­ing the Gospel and teaching the People, saying, Tell us by what Authority thou dost these things: or Who is he that gave thee this Authority? And Christ asked them, Whether the Baptism of John was from Heaven, or of Men? And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we shall say, from Heaven, he will say, Why then believed you him not? And if we say of Men, all people will stone us; for they did believe that John was a Pro­phet; and so they answered, They could not tell: And so it seems the Chief Priests, and Scribes, and Elders did not believe in John's Testimony for Christ, though many others did.

And also, did not then the Chief Priests send Scribs to watch Christ, to take hold of his words, that so they might deliver him to the Power and Authority of the Governour?

And had not Saul Authority from the Chief Priests, to bind all that called on the Name of Jesus? and did not he breath out Threatnings and Slaughter against the Disciples of Christ Jesus, and went to the High Priests, and desired of them Letters to go to Damascus to the Synagogues, that if he found any of this Way, whether Men or Women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem? And have not you gone on with your Authority in the Way of Saul, breathing out your Threatnings and Slaughtering the Disciples of Christ, and bringing them bound to your Courts at Boston, instead of Jerusalem, and Prisoned and Hanged them on your Gallows? But is not your Authority and Commission larger than Saul's? for though Saul brea­thed out Threaning and Slaughter against the true Christians, yet we do not read that they gave him such Authority, as to make Sale of, and Demolish their Meeting-places, and Land, and Wayes to them; read Acts 9, & 26.

And doth not Paul, when he was Converted, call this Madness in himself? then is it not the same in you, and not Soberness? Acts 26.

And did not the Dragon give the Beast Power, and his Seat and great Authority? and did not he cause all, both Small and Great, to worship him; and them that would not worship the Image of the Beast, should be Killed? And all did worship him, but those whose Names were written in the Lamb's Book [Page 6]of Life, slain from the Foundation of the World, Revelat. 13.

And so now try your selves, whether you are not like the Beast, and Jews, and Papists, and worse than some of the Heathen Romans, who let Paul preach the Kingdom of God, and those things that concerned the Lord Jesus, in his own Hired House, and no man forbidding him, and received all that came in unto him (to wit, his Hired House.) So Paul had a Meet­ing-place in his Hired House, for all that came unto him. But the New-England Priests and Governours, it seems, would have forbidden him, if they had been in that day; and not let [...] an House to Hire, for Paul to preach Christ in; no more than you will now let the People of God called Quakers have Meeting-Houses, and Wayes unto them.

And was not the Church in Philemon's House? so was not his House a Meeting-place? see in Philemon.

And doth not Paul say in Col. 4.15. Salute the Bre­thren which are in Laodicea, and Nymphos, and the Church which is in his House? Had they not a Meeting-place then in his House to worship God in?

And Priscilla and Aquilla the Church was in their House, Rom. 16. and had they not there a Meeting-place then in Priscilla's House to worship God in?

And the Apostle Paul saith in 1 Cor. 14. When the Church is met together in one Place. Now though the Church did meet together in one Place, or in a House, yet the Church is built upon Christ the Rock, which the Gates of Hell cannot prevail against, as in Matth. 16.

So it is not like for the New-England Magistrates [Page 7]and Priests for them to prevail against this Rock, nor the Church that is built upon it; neither can they sell this High-way of Light and Righteousness that leads to it.

But what if the New-England Governours & Priests had lived in the dayes of Philemon, and Priscilla, and Aquilla, and the Romans, and the Corinthians, who kept the true primitive Christian Meetings in their Houses, would not the Horn of their Law have pushed their Houses down, and thrown them out, and have made Forfeiture and Sale of, and Demolished the Houses, Lands and High-wayes to them, and yet professed themselves Christians, and the Scripture their Rule herein? Oh! that ever men should make a Profession of God, and Christ, and Christianity, and yet Themselves, who did flee in the time of Persecu­tion for the Liberty of their Consciences, do perse­cute others for their tender Consciences, that cannot bow to their Image, that they have set up in the Wil­derness of America.

And as for the Differences arising in Towns, and on other Pretences, as you say, there have been Attempts by some Persons to erect new Meeting-Houses, &c.

Answ. Now have not your Governours, and Priests and Elders been the Cause of the Differences? and is not every one to be fully perswaded in their own Hearts and Minds? For whatsoever is not of Faith, is Sin.

And by what Law of Old England have you Power to take peoples Lands, High-wayes and Houses from them, and make them Forfeit, Sell and Demolish them, if that you do own the Laws of England, which [Page 8]are to preserve people in their Houses, Lands and Pro­perties. But your Laws will take them from people, and Sell and Demolish them, with their Lands & High­wayes, because people worship God in them really in Spirit and in Truth, which the Devil is out of; this is more than Pretence: And because they cannot own nor joyn with you Persecuting Rulers and Priests in your pretended Worships, no more than the three Children could joyn with Nebuchadnezzar's. For if that persecuting spirit in the Priests & Rulers of New-England can worship God with it, that do Whip, and Hang, and Burn in the Hand, and Banish upon pain of Death, and Cut Off Ears, and Spoil the Goods of the Servants of Christ; and now to make Forfeiture and Sale of, and to Demolish their Meeting-Houses, Lands and Wayes to them: If this persecuting Spi­rit be a Worshipper of God, then Pharaoh, and Nebu­chadnezzar, and Herod, and the Beast and Whore were Worshippers of God; and the Chief Priests and Jews that Crucified Christ, and Saul with his Authority and Licence from the High Priests to persecute, were Worshippers of God. But Paul will tell you, whilst he did such things, he was a Mad Man; and so your Madness hath been known herein, and not your Mo­deration and Sobriety.

And the Truth (which we have received, profess and practise) layes no Foundation for Error, nor Heresie, nor Schism, nor Sedition, nor for Perpetua­ting Divisions, nor Weakening the Places where they dwell in the comfortable Support of the Ministry settled amongst them (as you say.) For there is no other Foundation to be laid, but what is laid already [Page 9](to wit, Christ Jesus) who was the Foundation of the Prophets and Apostles: And all the Believers in the Light, as Christ commands, build upon him, the Foundation which the spirit of Schism, and Error, and Heresie, and Seducing cannot build upon. But the preaching of Christ and his Gospel disquieted Diana's Worshippers, as now it does you. And the Jews Priests and Elders, Scribes and Pharisees were disquieted; yea, the very Birth of Christ made such an Uproar in Jerusalem, where was the highest out­ward Profession and Worship in the World. And also Herod gathered the Wise Men and Priests toge­ther, to know where Christ should be born; and they said, At Bethlehem; and then Herod slew the Young Children for his sake.

And did not you the Herods of New-England, Whip and Banish, and after HANG four Servants of Christ, when he was manifested in his people in New-England, Herod-like?

And so, hath not the Forming of Christ in his People made the New-England Magistrates, and Priests and Professors all of an Uproar; and that by your Law now, the people of God shall neither have Land nor Houses to meet together to worship God in his Holy Spirit and Truth, who cannot live under your persecuting murdering Priests spirit? For Christ saith, Such as destroy Mens Lives, though it be even their Lives who would not receive him, they do not know what Spirit they are of themselves. And therefore, how can we trust our Bodies, Souls and Spirits in the Hands of such Uncomfortable Mischie­vous Ministers? For they preach War, and Bloodshed, [Page 10]and Persecution; and that is not the Gospel of Peace: And the Wars, and Strivings, and Fightings arise from your own Lusts, and not from the Truth, nor Gospel of Peace. For would you think it well, if the King should send over some Bishops, & set up his own Religion among you, which he judges is better than yours, and make a Law, that you must all come and hear the Common-Prayer; if not, you must he Hang'd on the Gallows, as you did the Quakers, and have your Ears cut, and branded with a Hot Iron, and have your Bodies (both of Men and Women) stript to the Waste, and Whipt until your Bodies are made like a Jelly, and your Womens Paps cloven in the midst with whipping, and your Goods spoiled, and Houses taken from you and forfeited, and Land, and Houses and Wayes all sold, and given to the use of the Country? what would you say to this? Have not you served the King's Subjects so, only for their Tenderness of Conscience, you that pretend Liberty of Conscience? And this was never the practice of true Christians, nor the Apostles, nor Ministers, nor Messengers of Christ Jesus. And so the Strife is from that inwardly Ravening Spirit, like Wolves in Sheeps Clothing, and Lust in your selves, from whence ari­ses your War, who will not let peaceable People meet to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, as Christ hath commanded.

For it is not the Work of you Herodian Caesars to prescribe God a Worship: For Christ hath set up a Worship above sixteen hundred years since. But God be thanked, that your Beasts Horn reaches no farther than New England; for if it did, it would soon pull down our Meeting Houses in England, and [Page 11]other Meeting-Houses also, that are contrary to you, in all the Kings Dominions, and make their Houses forfeited, and sell them, and the Land and Wayes too. And though you say the price of them must be given to the Country; but is it not very likely, that the Beast after he had pushed them down with his Horn, would swallow down the price of all?

And did not Ananias the High Priest tell Felix, That Paul was a Pestilent Fellow, and a Mover of Sediti­on among all the Jews throughout all the World, and a Leader of the Sect of the Nazarenes, Acts 24.

And so are not you found in the very same Lan­guage and Spirit, against the Life of Christianity, and such as walk in it.

And did not the Jews ask Paul, What he thought of that Sect, to wit, of the Christians? and they said, They knew it was every where spoken against, Acts 28.

And so we know, it is not only spoken against now (by you that are of the Birth of the Flesh) but they are persecuted that are born and led of the Spirit, and walk in Christ the New and Living Way.

And doth not the Apostle call Strife, Wrath, Sedition and Heresie the Works of the Flesh, with Envyings, Murders and Revellings; and they that do such things should not inherit the Kingdom of God? Galat. 5.

And have not these Fruits of Error, and Heresie, and Sedition, and Division you speak of, been found in you, with your Wrath, Strife, Envy, Murders and Re­vilings, which is a Work of your Flesh, and not a Work of the Spirit of God? as witness your envious Revi­ling and Murdering of the Servants of God, whom you [...]nged.

For when it was asked Broadstreet, one of your New-England Rulers, By what Law he Hanged the King's Sub­jects and Servants of Christ? He said, By the Law that they put Jesuits to Death in England. And farther, he was asked, Whether he did believe they were Jesuits? And he answered, Nay. And he was asked, Whe­ther he had a Hand in Hanging them? He said, Yes: and from that time we could not get a sight of him, but like a Wild Beast that had worryed the Doves and Lambs of Christ, hid himself in his Burrows.

And are not you them that seduce people with vour fleshly Minds, and preach Peace to the Birth of Flesh, to which there is no Peace, and not to the Birth of Spirit, but war against it; and one builds a Wall, and another daubs it with Untempored Mortar; but when the Storm, and the Over-flowing Shour, and the Hail­stones of God's Fury shall fall upon your Wall, it will destroy it, Ezek. 13. where you may read and see how he marks you out.

And as Solomon saith, The Righteous is more excellent than his Neighbour; but the Way of the Wicked seduces them, Prov. 12.26. Examine your selves, if you be not in that Way.

And did not the Heathen look upon Jerusalem and the Jews to be a City and a People of Sedition? Ezra 4.

And so was not God's People alwayes branded with such Calumnies, and persecuted, as you have done in New-England, by the Birth of the Flesh, that perse­cutes them that are born of the Spirit.

And did not Paul confess to Felix, when Ananias the High Priest and the Jews accused him, That after the Way which they (to wit, the High Priests and El­ders, [Page 13]and professing Jews) called Heresie, so did he wor­ship the God of his Fathers, believing all things that are written in the Law and the Prophets, &c. and herein did he exercise himself alwayes, to have a good Conscience, void of Offence both towards God and towards Men, Acts 24.

And so can the People of God called Quakers say now concerning the Persecuting Priests and Gover­nours of New-England.

And in 1 Pet. 2. there you may read of the Damna­ble Heresies of the Covetous False Teachers, who with feigned words made Merchandize of people, which denyed the Lord that bought them, which went in the Error of Ba­laam, who loved the Wages of Unrighteousness. And was not Balaam hired to prophesie against Israel, and to Curse them? And are not all your Priests hired? Read Numb. 13. & Deut. 23.

And so have not your Teachers turned from the Command of Christ? who saith, Freely you have re­ceived, freely give.

And do not you deny the Lord that has bought you in your Lives and Practices, though you confess him in words? Christ, who hath given himself a Ransom for all, and tasted Death for every man; and saith, He came not to destroy mens Lives, but to save them: But you de­stroy the Lives of them that Christ dyed for: Here do not you manifest your selves to be in this Heresie, and pernicious Wayes? And are not your Teachers such as covet after Money, and have erred from the Faith, &c. which Faith the Apostles were in, which coveted no man's Silver, nor Gold nor Apparel? And are not you all erred from this True Christian, Catho­lick Faith, who have made Laws to Banish, Hang and [Page 14]Whip, Spoil Goods, and take away the People of Gods Meeting-places to make Merchandize of their Houses and Lands, and High-wayes to them?

And the Apostle saith, A man that is an Heretick after the first and second Admonition reject. Here the Apostle doth not say, Whip him, and Banish him, and Hang him, and pluck down their Meeting-Houses, and sell them, and their Land and Wayes, though he was an Heretick: But such you have not proved us, the Peo­ple of God called Quakers to be; but have made a great Noise (like a great hollow Cask that will hold no Water) about Error and Heresie, Schism and Sedition; but have not defined what any of these things are, nor wherein they are guilty of these things, whose Meet­ing-Houses you make Laws to forfeit, pluck down, sell and demolish, with the Land and High-wayes to them belonging.

And you may also read your Error in 2 Pet. 2.17, 18, 19. and in Jude 11. such as went under the Name of Christians, like you, but out of the Faith and Love of God: For is not your way Cain's, who kill about Re­ligion? and in Corah's, that gainsay it? Now where did ever Abraham, Isaac and Jacob kill any because they would not be of their Religion, and pluck down their Meeting Houses, and make them forfeited, and sell them, and the Ground and High-wayes to them?

And where did ever Christ (who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who sent his Disciples into all Na­tions to preach the Gospel to every Creature under Heaven) give any command to his Apostles and Di­sciples, that them that would not receive their Gospel some of them they should Hang, & others they should cut off their Ears, [Page 15]& others they should Whip & Imprison, and spoil their Goods, and brand them with an Hot Iron, and some they should Ba­nish upon pain of Death pluck down their Meeting-Houses, & make them forfeited & sell & demolish them, & the Land & High ways to them? Now shew us a Law from Christ and his Apostles for this your practice; or else acknowledge your selves to be no Christians: And the Scriptures of the New Testament are not your Rule, neither have you an Example for this your Practice in all the Scrip­tures of Truth. And will not ye for a piece of Bread transgress the Command of Christ, who saith, Freely you have received, freely give? Prov. 28.21. And do not your Teachers eat the Bread of Idleness? But the Apostle saith, They that will not work, shall not eat.

And do not you Workers of Iniquity go about to eat up God's People as you eat Bread, and devour them? as David saith, Psal. 14. & Psal. 53. And have not you Gnashed upon them with your Teeth? And do not you think but the Lord will break the Long Teeth of the Ungodly, Psal. 58. & Psal. 35. And have not your Teeth been like Spears and Arrows? Psal. 57. But see what Christ saith in Mat. 13. how in the end the Wicked shall wail and gnash their Teeth, who in their Life­time have gnashed them against God's People, and haled them before their Judgment-seats, as Christ fore-told his Di­sciples. And have you not condemned and killed the Just, which have not resisted you, and baled and drawn them before your Judgment-seats? as in Jam. 5. And did not James pronounce Wo against such? And have not you lifted up the Fists of Wickedness, & smote them with it? And doth not Isaiah testifie against such Fists and Fasters? Isa. 48. And doth not the Apostle [Page 16]exhort the Christians to pray, and lift up holy hands with­out Wrath and Doubting? 1 Tim. 2. And are not you Breakers of this Command with your unholy hands and fists of wickedness? who in your Wrath have Hang­ed and Whipped, and now would make Forfeiture, pluck down, sell and demolish the Meeting-Houses of the People of God, with their Land and Ways to them? And doth not John say in the Revelations, The Beast with his Horns was like a Leopard: and don't you know the Nature of that spotted Beast? And his Feet were like a Bear: and hath not your Bears Paw, with your Claws been felt and seen? the Marks are seen on the Backs of the Righteous. And hath not this Beast a Mouth like a Lyon to devour? and the Dragon the Destroyer gives unto this Beast his destroying power, and the Dragons Seat and great Authority, which is to destroy, and not to save. And hath not he given you in New-England this Seat and Authority to destroy the Lambs of Christ, and to make war against him and his Followers? but the Lamb will overcome, Rev. 13, & 17. And your Faith is not the true saving Faith that works by Love, but a destroying: nor your Gospel is not the true Go­spel of Peace and Glad-tidings, who destroy mens Lives, but a destroying one: and your Religion is not the true Religion, which is, to visit the Fatherless and Widows, &c. who destroy mens Lives, and make Fa­therless and Widows: and your Church is not the true Church, but the Whore, who drinks the Saints Blood, which the true Church of Christ never did: and your Worship is not the true Worship of God, in his holy Spirit and Truth, but from the foul unclean spi­rit, that is out of Truth, which destroyes men in their [Page 17]Estates and Lives, and not save them: and your Way is not the true and living Way, Christ Jesus, who ne­ver hanged nor spoiled the Goods of any that could not follow him, as you have done to such as could not follow you: and your Foundation is not the true Foundation, who have hang'd, and branded, and whipt, and spoiled the Goods of them that would not build upon it, which Christ and his Apostles never did, though he was a Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World, and at last crucified by your Generation.

And what a dreadful Fear are you in of your False Religion, and Faith, and Way, and Worship? for what Fines have you laid on Masters of Ships that bring over the Servants of the Lord, and Fines upon them that do receive them, and Fines on them that do bring or receive a Book, as your Laws declare! Oh, what a pitiful, fearful, evil Spirit you are of! And the Apostle saith, Quench not the Spirit: and why should you quench the Spirit in any? And he saith, Despise not Prophecy: & is not this despising of Prophecy, who will not suffer such to come among you to prophesie? And how far from the Apostles Doctrine are you, who saith, Prove all things, and hold fast that which is goode 1 Thes. 5. And the Apostle John saith, These things have I writen unto you, concerning them that seduce you; but the Anointing that you have received of him, abideth in you, and you need not that any man teach you, but as the same Anoint­ing teacheth you of all things, and is Truth, and is no Lye; and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. Now are not the New-England Governours, Priests and Elders these Seducers, that hang, banish, whip, prison, brand with an hot Iron, spoil their Goods, make their Meeting-houses forfeited, and sell and demolish their Houses and Lands and [Page 18]Wayes to them, of such as cannot forsake the Anointings Teachings within, according to the Apostle's Doctrine, which Teachings of the Anointing within brings them to continue in the Son of God, & in the Father, which Anointing they cannot forsake, to follow the seducing spirit of you and your persecuting Priests, who have hanged some, and branded some, and banished others, and whipt and spoiled their Goods; and now made a Law, to forfeit their Meeting-Houses, and Lands & wayes to them. But all these things cannot separate them from the Love of God, which they have in Christ Jesus. And as the Saints have formerly said, Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ? shall Tribulation, Distress, Persecution, Famin, Nakedness, Peril or Sword? as it is written, For Christ's sake we are killed all the day long; we are counted as Sheep for the Slaughter: and you Slaughterers, who have your Slaughtering-place to slaughter and hang God's People in. But in all these things we are more than Conque­rors through Christ who hath loved us. And the Devil and his Angels, with all his Principallities and dark Powers, are not able to separate and seduce God's People from Christ, and the Unction which they have from him, by which they come to continue in the Son of God, and in the Father, through which they feel the Love of God, by which they are kept above the fear of man, and what he can do unto them, which Love bears and endures all things, and envyes not. So blessed be God through Christ for this Love, who hath shed it abroad in his Peoples Hearts.

And the Lord forgive you all your Persecution of his Peo­ple, and that you may Repent, if it be his Will, who desires not your Destruction, but your Salvation. G. F.


AND whereas Joseph Shaddeck writes to William Croutch a Letter, dated the 30th of the 4th moneth, 1679. That one John Higginson preach't at Salem the 29th of the 4th mon. 79. and in his Sermon said, That Fox, and Penn, and several others of the Quakers, were now found out to be Jesuits, and had a great hand in carrying on the Plot in England; and that the Wandering Qua­kers were the Cause of stirring up the last bloody Wars by the Indians in these parts.

But these are all invented and forged Lyes, as it is well known in England, that are cast upon Fox and Penn; but Fox and Penn abhor their Slanders, and the forged Lyes which the said John Higginson preach't at Salem for Gospel: It is like he wanted something to make up his Hour-Glass. And those are also forged Lyes from a slanderous Mouth and Tongue, to say, That the Wandring Quakers were the Cause of stirring up the bloody Wars by the Indians in New-England. Nay, these are the Wandring Stars, that forge these Lyes, and cast up their Mire and Dirt against the Innocent: For the very Records of the beginning of those Wars give the New-England Priests, with the Raisers of the Forgeries before, those Wandring Stars, the Lye; and that they are For­gers of Lyes against the Innocent People of God called Quakers: For their very Innocent Principle, and the Nature of their true Christianity, who are Partakers of the Divine Nature of Christ, doth abhor and deny such Practices and Plots of the Jesuits, of stirring up Bloodshed and Wars. For, our Lord Jesus Christ came not to Destroy mens Lives, but to Save them. So it is contra­ry to the Nature of Jesus Christ our Lord, and contrary to the Nature of the true Christians, that receive him, as Fox and Penn do; and such receive him whom the Priests of New-England call [Page 20] [Wandring Quakers] with their slanderous Tongues and For­gers of Lyes, who make Lyes their Refuge, and are the Preach­ers of Lyes to the People instead of the Gospel; & we do believe, that the Magistrates, Priests and Agents of New-England would have had it so; and therefore endeavouring to make people believe Lyes, that they might be damned; and this is to stir up Wars: and it is the Devil's Wo [...]k in them, who is their Father, and a Lyar from the beginning, to stir them up to Lyes, Envy, Malice, Wrath and Evil-speaking against the Innocent. And therefore, as Paul saith to Timothy, Such Evil Men and Seducers as you shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived, whose latter-end is worse than your beginning; which are Wells without Water, and Clouds carryed about with Tempests, though you may speak great swelling words of Vanity; to whom is reserved the mist of Darkness and Blackness forever. But the Proverb is upon you, The Dog (the Biter) is turned again to his Vomit, and the Sow to the wal­lowing in the Mire; who throw your stinking Vomit and silthy Mire upon the Innocent People of God in scorn called Quakers: So you have eaten of the Fruit of Lyes, and are compassed about with them, as you may see in Hosea 10, & 11. And a False Wit­ness wi [...]l utter Lyes; a Deceitful Witness speaks Lyes, as you may see in Proverbs. And have you not bent your Tongues like Bows to utter Lyes, and taught your Tongues to speak Lyes? Jer. 9. And have you not caused the people to err by your Lyes? Jer. 23. And a Lying Tongue is but for a moment; and Lying Lips are an Abomination to the Lord, Prov. 12. And so have not you like Ahab, sold your selves to work wickedness, as in 1 Kings 21.20. in your Lying, and Slandering, and Persecuting the Servants of the Lord? and what you cannot do with your Hands, you do it with your Tongues.


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